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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 21, 2017 10:00pm-10:16pm CEST

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only. for now catalonia is government and barcelona is still standing the spanish senate will decide on friday whether to approve prime minister royce decision to trigger article one fifty five his conservative people's party holds a majority of the senate seats. let's hear about how catalonia is reacting to these new moves from madrid. of a zone now joins me from buffalo in a proper it's good to see you so the couple and president is delivering an address right now what's the mood in boston. or the mood of the crowd here that has assembled and front of pushed him on the palace the governing palace here has been really festive just as some minutes ago people were shunned thing and singing and clapping and seemed largely to enjoying a sort of river lucia near you spirit that had gripped this crowd here it's a rather similar to what we saw earlier the large demonstration in the center of
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the city where a few hundred thousand people had gathered very peacefully but sort of really strongly emotional in their support for independence and now everybody is waiting here they have fallen silent on the awaiting full pushed for what puts them on has to say to them so far he has largely just accused the government in madrid of sort of taking over power in you have to lonia and they say here that this is a coup d'etat that madrid is delivering and so can't push them on deliver what the people there want. he can pretend to deliver a tease can still sort of get to the point where he unilaterally re declare is independence because we remember he did this already a week ago however he cannot sort of implemented he will be out of office shortly there is no doubt that the senate will sign the declaration and. the
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the will of the on o'hoy and so he will be out of office he can't deliver this he cannot really implement independence of course because madrid will take over here in catalonia and this is just the beginning of a long standoff of this crisis i suppose it will drag on for weeks and months to come there is no real solution in sight opera faisal joining us from barcelona thank you well barbara has described a revolutionary mood in barcelona let's not cross over to the spanish capital madrid where journalist martin roberts is standing by martin it's good to see you sir what do you think the consequences will be for the catalan government if push for more presses ahead with the independence plan. well if he tries to do us in the next wait or in a row before the senate actually analyzes. as expected for him to carve out two
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more drinks then the attorney general has said that he's prepared to throw the book as in the prosecutor charges against him rebellion carries a jail sentence of between fifteen and twenty five yes so last something but he will try to consider on the other hand if the parliament's amasses not to get the power it will still be allowed to make all the government figures out of. these if they are trying to vote for independence and about that because my job or the change in bahrain is simply the service any other matches the current attempts to discuss such an example we have today forestry a fine independence is i'm seeing to it and so what does madrid hope will come out of fresh elections in catalonia well so you think they don't want to see it obviously isn't her independence majority because. well what is what i want them you know we have a standoff especially as well yes it's
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a. rather err independence referendum base very difficult to tell what will happen today here i mean whatever it is is the current defendants who are actually government in a minority and they need a very small. to actually carry votes forward so it's a very shaky coalition from now on there's no certainty that we would actually have a program dependent majority but again from our own severe it's a risky strategy arms are just sense of we face a lot of uncertainty about sent a lot of uncertainty indeed journalist martin roberts in madrid thank you. time now for some of the other stories making news around the world brazilian police have arrested more than ninety people connected to an internet pedophile ring the raids followed a six month investigation involving u.s.
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authorities more than a thousand agents took part in the operation which police say is the biggest ever conducted in latin america. afghanistan's defense ministry says a suicide bomber killed at least fifteen army recruits as they were leaving their base in the capital kabul four others were wounded now this latest incident comes at the end of a particularly bloody week in afghanistan seven major attacks have killed almost two hundred fifty people since tuesday. police in the german city of munich have ruled out terrorism after a man with a knife attacked. earlier today and all four people suffered minor wounds police arrested a german national who they say appears to be suffering from psychological problems . results in the czech republic's parliamentary election show a clear victory for populist billionaire andre. and his movement is to secure almost thirty percent of the vote says his party is ready to negotiate with all
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parties to form a government has pledged to stamp out corruption boost investment and he felt my grounds the election results show a shift to the right before the top five finishes challenging the traditional mainstream. joining me now is usually the director of new york university's academic center in bragg thank you for joining us so we've seen a lot of anti-establishment rhetoric in the election campaign ending a reputation for this guy as the czech trum who exactly is this man. well mr bush is an oligarch he is sort of the second richest person in the czech republic and in many ways it is similar to ghana of trumpet because he also came from the outside to politics promising to our create in the czech political. system but at the same time i would argue that it is also
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similar to silvio berlusconi because unlike donald trump mr bashir old saw some important media outlets in the czech republic and so he's got the tools to promote his promote his views so quite the character you're describing but in reaction to election results is that his party is pro europa during his campaign he thinks very critical of the european union how does this go together. well i expected mr published to changes. shortly after the election so his views on the european union because obviously he sort of crafted his message show is european a message to me. has some sort of political clientele his electorate because those are mainly older people now who are not and virally.
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friends related towards the european union and sort of integration and so mr bush was trying to speak to them and it seems that the succeeded but for him personally very strong and the european stance is not something that. would promote his business interests because his empire stretches from the czech republic to germany france so they're not relents and certain and it is not in his interest to create a deep divide between the czech republic and the european union so i fully expected that shortly after the elections he will start modifying he is european message so to speak and i wouldn't be surprised to be know of portrays himself assessment of the pros bro european politicians all right so what about the far right s b d know that putting received more than ten percent of the votes how big is the fear that you know this pot to could push an n t e u n anti immigrant policy into the
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mainstream. well i think that it could happen only if this fire to becomes part of the government qualification led by mr bob is sure he's on a movement but it is not very likely because there are some deep differences between those two parties and in fact to lead this twenty it's on. the issue of the european union mr come where out is an extremist and so and i think that mr bob is doesn't want to be portrayed as an extremist so it will be very difficult for those two political movements to find a common language when mr bush will have to look for support elsewhere and will not be easy either because sir the leaders of all other parties say they would not mind going to a coalition with onil but they definitely mind being in the same government with to the prime minister who is going to prosecuted like mr bobbitt. here's
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a paper thank you for joining us. with. time now for some football news.


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