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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 22, 2017 11:00pm-11:15pm CEST

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dive into the past with a book that's one of the world's greatest unsolved mysteries. for more than two years one course a garcia from bluegrass in northern spain has been studying the voyage manuscript thought to have been written some six hundred years ago it's off the reason known and the writing remains undecided furred the images sparked the imagination but no one's sure what they mean is that the comment of the sneer of theories that the book might have been written in a kind of encoded latin. or that an alien rode while being held captive in a monastery. or that leonardo da vinci wrote it as a child. and i think there are a lot of people in the world who are currently studying the wanted manuscript. in this the moment. scientists have determined that the manuscript dates from the fifteenth century that's
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a period of time that has always especially fascinated one plus a garcia he's always searching for rare historic books as was the book dealer with trade voyage who discovered the manuscript in one thousand nine hundred twelve in the library of a jesuit order in italy he was able to buy it but not to decipher it. i don't doubt that it was made of the script in many books written in the middle ages or the early renaissance there's the author's fear of running afoul of the authorities and that's why the focus of a partially written in a secret code. that's why some people suspect that the voyage manuscript says must be as well for those who don't leave the list goes on at the same time it exhibits so many peculiarities that don't confirm that theory as the. historical books are the specialty of the small spanish publishing companies. for.
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two years some twenty specialists have been working on a facsimile edition of the voyage manuscript the original is owned by yale university in the united states one jose garcia who is a phenomena just hopes his copy will be as authentic as possible some of the holes were repaired with thread and caught on thread and some of the holes were repaired with parchment thread this is very difficult to reproduce but there repairs some of them have lost the thread and the small of the small holes are made in the same place as the book. this is our plants that never existed in nature painted on the finest parchment old handiwork like this is a real treasure. the publishing house wants to sell the facsimile edition for some eight thousand euros
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a piece the print run is limited to eight hundred ninety eight and three hundred orders have already been placed. there it's possibly a treatise about a medicine pharmacy or maybe about chemistry. as about astrology and astronomy when the book when you touch the original it awakens so many emotions into questions you want to know who touched it who could have made something like this how many people were involved in any. of the thing but the author of the manuscript appears to have taken the answers to those questions to his grave with them possibly along with knowledge about the healing powers of plants or the synergy of the stars unless of course someone manages to crack the books code. i think that with this facsimile which is very close to their original. we can make a contribution towards this manuscript perhaps one day being fully and printed them
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and. perhaps there are the secrets of the past page hidden in these pages wherever they may have come from one plus a garcia aims to have the facsimiles finished in november when he will present them to the public for the first time and that might just be the beginning of a new chapter in the story of the voyage manuscript thanks. our next report takes us to the italian island of sicily necessarily capital city palermo not only has great weather all year round but also boasts a wealth of culture cullen they are a delight and exciting history so as the saying goes the early bird catches the worm so we start our voyage of discovery at the crack of dawn.
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that picturesque capital of sicily and nano is surrounded by mountains and crystal blue sea. and even the morning only fishermen are away bringing their catch in to the historic kaba. they themselves are convinced that this is the best place in the wild. oh. yes sicily is the most beautiful place on earth. the climate the people everything the vegetables the fruits the fish everything. we have everything including beautiful women. beautiful women are also visible in palermo in the form of statues. as stroll around the historic city center is best begun where they are at an intersection cold quite talk or full kaunas after the four richly decorated matching kona buildings the
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traffic hub is a high point of the rock. you can also take a tour around the city in a horse drawn carriage and mammo is geographically close to miss than it is to roam carriage drive a nick or lesser tag says that's reflected in the architecture of the old city center. area africans are normans helped build this a drill. and over to the south. from the ninth to the eleventh century banana was under north african rule the saracens used the old basilica as a mosque after them came the normans who built the present cathedral sun to see mass on into which is also known as the norman cathedral. cafe spin a time is a cup. spot for a lunch break. if you want to do is the locals do you eat while standing at the
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bound. feet off rings include can only perhaps the most famous sicilian does it it's made fresh every day so what is the feeling actually made up. to go to the back burner then adding to that we take reporter. add sugar. and then mix it all together thoroughly and then i go out when the recorder has reached the right consistency. we add little pieces of chocolate that normally i do the job that i want to drop a lot and then we feel they can really show us with a mixture so they can. see how does it tanks. what is it going only. after a bite to eat it's time to visit the nearby thomas e. mail from the area can us to luciano pavarotti many of the world's opera stars have
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sung han it's one of europe's biggest uprisings he. was. right. there. in the sand on the chan only loves the acoustics and the atmosphere of the theatre . i sing some fifteen years so i've sung. in every every time i sing in a new one with this kind of research i can feel the power of the room and the history that's beautiful. the best way to round off the day is on monday you know with its perfect view of palermo. ten years ago i was a tourist from russia she fell in love with the city and decided to stay. my own post on the review it's a marvelous place when you stand here with this beautiful panorama you immediately
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fall in love with the sea and with the land there is such a rich and profound history. it's just great. with views like this and then i was sure to in chance many movies it is. there was a clear distinction between art we see on the streets and the works in museums but more and more we are seeing a crossover between the two mediums and what this means is that street artists are displaying in galleries and museums and now in spain a group of contemporary artists have taken to the streets so to speak for the first time for the so-called truck art project now i traveled to madrid recently to see what this involves. at first glance this may look like an abstract painting on
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a wall but look again and it's actually a work of art on the side of a truck. this is the truck art project an initiative in madrid.


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