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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  October 23, 2017 6:15am-6:30am CEST

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where i come from a lot of women like me have fake hair sometimes the hair style takes up to two days that's a lot of time that needs to be filled so people at the salon talk about what's happening in their lives. i became a journalist to be a storyteller and i always want to find those real authentic stories from everyday people who have something to share. with all the time i spent at the salon i know good quality here when i see it and a good story when i hear it my name is elizabeth chong and i work at c teller. and the first day w. that i may speak your language does that. for content in dari pashto and. specs for returning our web special pleading that the refugee journalists like germany and the prospects for those returning home. join the discussion on g.w.
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dot com and on facebook. prospects for returning to. w make my. european stocks deliver rousing performance a. live concert every weekend. in concert. with. hello and welcome to the bundesliga here on detail but you must stay nine it is.
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done and dusted and there's plenty to talk about joining me in the studio my two sunday guests former but in this league of player b. shield and say hello to our very own mike meadows let's take a look at what's coming up in the show. to woefully underperforming teams cologne and brennan go head to head with one shared goal to pick up their first win of the season. tipline hoffenheim traveled to vote for a good with the championship aspirations on their mind. hi i'm foti and yes i'll be coming to my guests in a minute but first it's been an absolutely pathetic start to the season for cologne heading into match day nine side had lost seven bundesliga games and drawn just one and leaving them anchored at the bottom of the table their fifth place finish last season is almost hard to believe their funds are growing angry the republicans this weekend braman another club that don't have much to sing about they haven't won
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a match in the bundesliga since april desperation was in the air for this early relegation battle. clear support for under pressure cologne coach peter shergold but he suffered a blow before kick off the form of braman strike a cloud ruled out after an injury in the warm up. with john carter also out he's out of was replaced by reserves striker said give us. the frenchman must have an eventful day in the basement battle his first half misses with there for all to see . but nothing came close to what happened after the break the twenty one year old somehow failing to hit the target here it will go down as one of the misses of the season. bizzaro scored dozens of those over the years and his old side braman almost snatched it at the death constantine a viral shocking thomas delaney's header off the line. a goalless draw was of
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little use to either coach. it is groundhog day every day seems like we want sympathy or self-pity is not what we need. but after his raft of misses it certainly felt like groundhog day for hapless. so an absolutely terrible result for both cologne and braman really with both still stuck at the bottom of the table it's time to discuss many topics and let's start with you michel did you expect really this result i mean did you not expect a little bit of a better performance from two teams who were struggling so terribly so far this season no. eighteen and seventeen is playing against. it's bad it's bad since the weeks and everybody they start coming out better better better but there's nothing i can see any any better performance since day one and that's very very tough to see for everybody especially the supporters friends and.
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george these guys. before i turn to our very own mark meadows mark i want to take a look at a tweet which is quite telling it's from colognes official. twitter account and they say it was an encouraging display now i would call that often is. to the extreme almost what do you think is going wrong at cologne and i mean seeing tweets like that i don't think it's it's really like they're really in reality i mean they're not seeing what's really going on oh yeah i mean if if last season and it's all going wrong when the main problem is is they haven't got a striker i mean if you let anybody go to china and you don't replace in them what do you expect i mean the fact that they brought him to zero a thirty nine year old injury prone strike outside the transfer window just shows what desperation they're in so it's not really peter struggles fault because he can only work what he's got is the club's fault for not planning properly and not
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giving him a squad especially when they're playing in the rope league as well this season i mean he said in his press conference look i'm still up for the fight i still believe we can get out of this but you have to worry now i mean it's been so long we're going to wait until january. and try and get a striker in just someone who can bang the cult ball net where they want to really get things moving quickly when they michelle and you see cordoba is injured now so you have the problems coming bigger it's unbelievable what's going on at the moment and we call on desperate times you know what we've been talking about cologne but let's talk about braman i mean you know there's a lot of pressure on sugar but i mean what about nori. cruz and your two they have to. same problem like cologne and for me i said both both cultures they don't have more time to stay in this club so i think in the few weeks there. are now you heard it first from our very own michelle now guys don't go anywhere because we have
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plenty of other action so let's take a look at some other games unlike cologne and braman the freiburg and had to boston seem well set in their jobs despite average starts to this season's campaign they both made the europa league places last season but this term is looking trickier homesite freiburg went in front through this penalty from yannick have a at the start of the second half. to the spot after seventy seven minutes. just four minutes later that's right lou hand and no other chance this time he scored one all in finish a looking point for the berliners and certainly a frustrating one for freiburg. now hosts evolves burger having a less than impressive start to the season they'd only won one game heading into much day nine but since martin schmidt took over the wolves have avoided a defeat at least hoffenheim on the other hand have their sights set on joining the
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pack fighting to win the bundesliga title union side were on a high after picking up the club's first ever european win in the europa league during the week but could they keep up the tempo let's take a look. yulian not goldman's hoffenheim were aiming to stay in the mix at the top of the table as they paid a visit to the hungry wolves but the home team blew a big early chance when maximilian arnold saw his penalty stopped by all of about a man who somehow managed to get a boot on it. the encounter could charitably be called a slow burner until the seventy second minute that's when myself brought down benyamin who have now in the box. no doubt about the decision penalty for hoffenheim kerim demi did the honors and showed how it's done. one nil. cone castille is moving the wrong way on this one.
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but spork sprang to life and added time a corner from danielle and félix powered it in with his head. an athletic effort from the german defender and that's how it ended the wolves snatched victory away from not goes munns team dropping off and time further away from the league's top three. well the much day nine conversation continues i'm going to go straight to michelle on a quick word on hazard of course your old team what is going wrong there why are they not firing. so many points are there in the world but there's no quality in the team they have no strikers and no no the body language of appalled that i don't like it at the moment it's totally different and. in the beginning of his career as a coach of how to blend and that's the point of everything in this for the moment
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no one knows what's going on the next weeks when you're concerned that's for sure michel look sad i'm concerned with mark but i'm going to bring we're going to talk about health and i'm never second another point drop they've slipped up they had that chance really to kind of move even closer to the running back to the leading pack should their fans be worried a little bit too much to ask that yeah i mean therefore they finished last season and they're still in dreamland they're up there but i think the problem is. it's a little unfair what's going on there because obviously everyone's kind of off expecting to go to buy and munich and he's got all this pressure and he's like an old dition it's like a season long oldish and i think someone needs to basically come out and say from by munich we want him we don't want him and then he knows either way well he doesn't know he's kind of thinking god if i drop a point here of a point there my chance is gone and maybe that's transmitted to the players but as we say fall for isn't too bad at this stage of the season it's not really that but now i want to bring you in quickly on what do you are you worried do you think that
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they're going to manage to stay up there with the leading packer early going to slip up maybe a few more times they're going to stay they're definitely yes union he's doing a tremendous job and they're all the players they are happy and we will we will see it on different games don't worry about this ok well that's some positive words there and that concerns are at an end because now it's time to look at the results from the weekend as a whole so let's bring those results up and as we know we've already seen that cologne vetter braman still without a win this season will all freiburg drew with had their berlin for. you know their draw there and that was with huff and time homburg slipped up against a barn you need to have a dreadful run of form they're actually against bar munich or rb leipzig beach guard glad terrible result for them against laver koos and frankfurt drew two all with dortmund slipped up against hanover and a good result on friday for shall beat months now go it's time to take
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a look at the table at the end of match day nine and there's no change at the top dortmund remain top of the table with biron in second tied on points in third hoffenheim are just a few points behind in fourth shellac and hung over move up after their respective victories and the other end absolutely no change at the bottom with cologne and braman still without a victory this season. now guys i want to ask you something really quickly to think there's going to be any change then the body you think alone are going to manage to do something about this dreadful reform briefly. it all hangs on and johnny doesn't care they have to bring a proper strike or an injury or try and get modest back i don't think he's happy in china to be honest answer might go back to no i don't believe that i don't believe that but what i think is maybe is taken some players under seventy under one
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thousand nine hundred something fresh is not thinking in the box something like that could be a point i'm off of the time. because well let's. is the home of german football and we want to share the experience with you all the time every much day and in between too there's all sorts of ways you can keep in touch be it on our website at d w dot com or on facebook or twitter and here all the addresses please write to us with your comments and questions and tell us your big talking points to make an interest in the show that's all the time for us on the bench in this league thank you to our guests michelle didn't say these markets . beat us in. reporting on a world filled with hate it is spreading across the planet. german
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