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i mean. and i know he's my son. this is deja vu news coming to you live from berlin long a vicious warhead but has the wild given enough through hingle muslim exodus from
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mid march into bombing of the ish could soon reach the one million mark refugees desperately need food medicine and shelter a u.n. donor conference resists more aid money but for its short of the goalie also coming up the high price of victory off the five month battle the philippine says it has defeated i f linked militants in my robbery but has the look of a fight left the city in ruins. japan's prime minister blair just to get tough with north korea after a landslide election victory he's expected to reform the country's specifics constitution good japan's military take on more a muscular role in the region. plus as the new u.n. report says it will take one hundred yards to end the practices of child marriage in west and central africa we look at how one woman's fight to end the practice in malawi is being offered she's campaigning for girls to stay in school rather than
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marry young like she did. and. sport lewis hamilton takes aim at another major prize he was on to win his fourth formula one time at the u.s. growth prix in texas we see whether he managed to bring home the silverware. kind of a warm welcome to you i'm cheema. the united nations has called it a textbook example of ethnic cleansing hundreds of thousands of doing the muslim facing persecution and abuse in myanmar have fled to neighboring bangladesh every day there's a steady stream of refugees across the border and bombed at their needs urgent help to deal with the situation let me give you an idea of the numbers involved nearly six hundred thousand rohingya have fled man ma and coming to bomb the base they've
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left me in must a kind state since organist more than half of them are children and agencies were looking for more than four hundred forty million dollars from a donor conference in geneva they've just announced that they have raised three hundred forty million dollars that money i'll talk to have a look at what prompted so much giving the die applied. in bangladesh. thousands of people still flee myanmar every day nearly six hundred thousand have left for bangladesh in recent weeks almost all of them have experienced great suffering. not big home wanders through the refugee camp and cox's bazar clearly traumatized the eleven year old tells us what happened in myanmar. monday kana my father was murdered by me on mary's soldiers it is thankfully i wasn't there. neighbors had hidden me and then they brought me to bangladesh.
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a lot of their lives. janet is now searching for her mother she hopes she also made it to bangladesh doesn't even have a tent she sleeps out in the open more than half of the refugees here are children the relief organizations and the government of bangladesh aren't able to support them fully. everything is in short supply tents food and medicine there's just one hospital in the camp where a handful of doctors work around the clock. when they are on the run the heat and the long track are very hard going for those driven from their homes most people arrive here in very poor condition most of. the most serious cases are treated in the hospital in the provincial capital gong many refugees have been maimed by land mines or carry the scars of bullet wounds all of them accuse the myanmar is
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soldiers of brutality. we want for them just like. medical support and most of. that. at the myanmar these type of inhuman walks me and maher and bangladesh have formed a joint working group to discuss the repatriation rohinton refugees but very few actually want to return. joining me now from geneva is a linda deutch he's a spokesman for the international migration organization one of the bodies which was appealing for funds at that massive doing this conference in geneva today welcomed and how satisfied were you with the outcome of the donors meeting have you got enough to hit the road running the refugees. i think what we have is a huge international commitment to help and a recognition of the massive humanitarian need of what will probably be a million refugees in college just as our before the year is out so this is by far
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and away the biggest emergency we're facing on the planet today and i think the generosity of the donor community is there. the issues are more political and financial at the moment but the financial piece is crucial nonetheless absolutely that commitment international commitment has to translate into financial aid because what they're doing the refugees need at the moment in refugee camps is had what would be almost immediate priorities in dealing with them. i think the big thing is that they get organized aid and coordination is there for really important so that the various parts of the u.n. that respond to the international community and of the non-governmental organizations and of course good bye and additionally. organizations as well that they all don't go over each other don't replicate don't don't create more more mess than they do solutions and i think that's happening in cuts as does our last week
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and you can see there's a phenomenal aid effort to get things going and one thing that's important as if these people have lived effectively in a totalitarian regime for a long time so they're very self-reliant given the tools and they quickly build a house that is the government. giving you access to him go on instead of the so they can get to. that indeed is the big question and i think that's what needs to be sorted out it is to be any medium term solution for this problem that will allow the routing of the choice to return to safety feel a safe enough is going to require some humanitarian eyes and ears on the ground and that's not happening at the moment and then it may also getting reports even and. it often gets through but it doesn't reach the people who need it most what are the kind of challenges you're facing in getting aid to those people who need it most. i mean what you said just joe what i've seen i've seen the aid getting through indeed
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last week i stood on no man's land that were just on the edge of a creek i saw a blinded issue organization come up dump their eight and five kilos sacks create a human bridge and get across to the really. in the no man's land continent in about an hour and these were five kilos sacked being whipped across the river so the notion that aid is getting through i just don't buy a ride and then to do it from the international organization for migration in geneva thank you very much for talking to the. thank you very much. as a crisis grows the conflict is raging online as well the impact of social media is proving powerful something both the mainland government and minute since are trying to use to their advantage and is about show has a story for us and joins me now hi liz tell us how they are using social media first. well rita both sides are using social media to spread propaganda
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to blame the other side for the range of crisis that we're seeing at the moment and while the rest of the world is a supporter of the range we're seeing many calls for help for their own hinge in myanmar itself we see a lot of anti-roll hinge sentiment we see a lot of hate speech even online directed at the right hinge and some of the state speech is actually being fueled by the government in myanmar the government for example has a facebook page where it regularly posts crimes that were allegedly carried out by a militant group it is called our side is a group that says it is fighting for the rights and the liberties of the row him just let me just show you a couple of posts from the government on facebook here for example they recently posted a series of pictures saying that these warehouses of local people that were burned down by this are said group that is from there or him just saying that this is what
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they had done to the local people there in myanmar and let me just show you something else also on this official government a facebook page they said that from august address when the fifth the day that the arse extremist terrorists launched attacks to dozens of police posts and civilians eighty four people have been killed and they say dozens are still missing now the arce a group itself is also very social media savvy they have an official twitter account they mostly write in english there and they are using this platform to counter the claims that are being put out by the myanmar government so for example here they posted an official statement and they said that ours categorically denies that any of its members or kumba tents perpetrated murda sexual violence or forcible recruitment in those. religion is on or about twenty fifth this
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year now that date august twenty fifth is very important because that is the day where a number of police posts where attacked in myanmar and the government said that it was done by this our six remus group and that is when the crackdown on their hands began and that is when we started seeing this mass exodus of their hands into bangladesh so this from what you will saying social media is being used to push very different narratives that is very true amrita and the problem is of course always with social media that you cannot verify the things it is very difficult actually to verify the things that we're seeing especially the stories and pictures that we're seeing from myanmar where you only have things that i mean maybe being written by the government or you have some reports of eyewitnesses where you don't know whether they are telling the truth or not so it's really very difficult to know the truth about what is happening to their own hinge in myanmar and also outside the hate speech also a very big problem something that was also condemned by the u.s.
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state department here is an official from there patrick murphy he said in a statement one of the new what factors adding to the complaints complexities is the platform that social media now offers there is a lot of hate speech there is a lot of misinformation what we are doing is appealing to the many many populations and burma which is myanmar to remember their own experience and show some compassion regardless of the political complexities for the people so that is what we are seeing right now me said liz show from a social media desk thank you very much for tracking that story for us. listen take a look at some other stories making news around the wild a well known russian journalist is in hospital after an intruder stabbed turned the neck at a workplace. is a deputy editor of a call moscow one of the few architects for independent journalism in russia according to the radio station her life is not in danger. syrian activists are
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reporting that the bodies of these sixty five civilians have been found in a town in central syria this after the government forces regain control offguard theone in homs province from the so-called islamic state on saturday and most of the dead are believed to be victims. the coalition of argentina's president moderates you're magically has emerged as the country's strongest political force in midterm elections markley had been expected to lose votes over his government's human rights record but he dealt a blow to the opposition especially in the province of verna's eidos before president cristina kirchner was defeated by the pro-government candidate. if you please rich's regions have voted in favor of greater autonomy from the central government to enroll the non-binding ballots took place in the nato and the reach home to about a quarter of its release population division leader is unlikely to use the votes to
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demand more powers. today not of the philippines where the government says it has ended its battle against islamist rebels in the southern city of mud abhi the defense ministry claims its siege of the city defeated an extremist group like the so-called islamic state restrict control of the city five months ago more than a thousand people were killed and hundreds of thousands more displaced heavy shelling has left much of my job the center in ruins. and it took a while the story i'm joined by journalist jordan noir hope he is a journalist was reported from my dhabi welcome florian and the philippine government says that it has. removed all the extremists from the city of what i did us first what these people and what's the say there were a local extremist group who took over the city almost by accident when the police came in to arrest the leader of another terrorist group they then exploited the seeds are very hard to dislodge they've been fighting for months and months and
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there was very heavy destruction of the city and the amount a group exported out to try and radicalize the displaced population and turn against the government in the city of marjah is on mindanao and in the south in the southern philippines it's seen on grist for decades hasn't it yes for decades and. in recent years has been a ceasefire and negotiations between another big insurgent groups and the government which is supposed to lead to further autonomy of their muslim part of mindanao but the failure to implement this autonomy in a speedy way has encouraged radicalism in the autonomous zone and unfortunately. as of this crisis now we're looking at further delays which could cause further radicalize the population so using the island of mindanao has a significant muslim population in a predominantly catholic country yes we're looking at a promise of i'm not quite sure of the numbers but it's fairly small even on the
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island and the muslims are. fairly small minority in the philippines and they do feel discriminated against and that has of course also driven the radicalization of these of this population who so bitches of the city of marjah it's been badly so bombed and looks pretty good you devastated thousands of people have been displaced how much of footscray do extremists those in the region on the whole it's been a threat for a while and the problem is that the destruction of the city could of course drive regulation further and met in our i don't know where it's very easy to hide in the jungles and the autonomous zone it's very hard to govern so the threat the fear is that the seizure of market encourage further radicalization and mindanao could become a breeding ground for terror in the whole region field and no have thank you very much for that assessment japan's prime is the obvious go to resolving victory after
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taking a gamble with snap elections his coalition government decide to retain its two thoughts a super majority in bottom one that could give him a free hand to push through reforms and trying to persuade reluctant public to remove constitutional restrictions on japan's military. fresh from a distance of election victory japan's prime minister shinzo pledges to tackle what he's called the country's two main problems so it's an aging society a tense situation with north korea these are some of the national issues we face and i will do my utmost to lead this country as its prime minister out just like your. lot of us. putting up a race that for every state one conservative has many to paint his ruling coalition retained its two thirds majority in the lower house. these two thirds majority is important it gives are the numbers needed to revise japan's pacifist constitution
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which restricts the military to self-defense but abas do need to convince the japanese who have to pass any constitutional changes in a referendum. after the constitutional commission has come up with a concrete plan will need to explain the amendments to the public i don't see my party's win as reflecting public opinion about changing the constitution or. one of us. called a snap election less than a month ago pushing elections forward was a master stroke of politics. his rival yuriko quaker the governor of tokyo was rising in the polls but had little time to prepare the party only won a few dozen seats. as a leader but is deeply unpopular the anxiety about north korea on the weakness of the opposition has now played in his favor. joining me now is richard bits in there he is a coordinator of the military transformations program at the school of international
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studies in singapore welcome richard the army is expected to push to change the country's specific postwar constitution which limits the role of the army to be purely defensive how do you this will go down in the region. well i think he's going to have to proceed very cautiously and i think he will part because of the internal politics of japan i mean there is no will mandate to overturn or loose in the article nine but also i think you know something about the fact that if he starts looking like he's going to become more of a militarist maybe not the impression that he is this is going to upset things on the korean peninsula north and south. i really think that. the final dance can be a lot harder than they thought in fact in a fox reaction china has called for japan to stick to its going to agreements and to take steps to improve and stabilize relations between the two countries that's
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a good listen first to what the spokesman of the chinese foreign ministry had to say. china prioritizes developing relations with japan and hopes for an improvement in relations we also hope that japan continues to take the route of peaceful development and demonstrates constructive actions for the sake of regional peace and stability. so richard schiewe china really not be happy with this potential move which would allow the japanese military to flex its muscles. yeah well i mean what you just heard is really nothing new i mean the chinese constantly talk about the sort of court sort of put in the onus on the japanese you know there's also a responsibility on the chinese themselves to pull back perhaps on some of their more militaristic or aggressive actions and the just simply put all the blame so to speak on the chinese on the japanese is highly unfair and i don't think that will
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play very well in tokyo or rest japan for or my opinion and richard what about some of the other countries in the region they have some terrible memories of japanese occupation during the second world war one does obviously need to do to reassure its neighbors. well i think the biggest from the probably face would be outside china it would be south korea where the memories of colonialism are the most severe all the parts of asia taiwan south east asia i don't think you know klein that much concern if japan were to. loosen up on article nine if it were to do more in terms of operating militarily more more presence in the areas i think there's a general assumption the japanese are today or not japanese seventy years ago and
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in fact that there are a stabilizing force so i think you'll probably find that most of the opposition. or or foot dragging will be china south korea within japan itself right richard nixon had from the school of international studies in singapore thank you very much for that analysis. well i had enough from our businesses joins me now in four more years of shinzo and the markets seem to love it it went down really well on the trading floor amrita let's take a look now at japanese stocks actually hit their highest level since nineteen ninety six the nikkei climbing nearly one percent that's extending its longest winning streak in nearly seventy years so it seems that the markets have been celebrating the continuation of something called been omics of course since there are these three hours policy of monetary easing fiscal stimulus and structural reform now since the start of aben omics japan's nikkei index a blue chip stocks a sort by one hundred five percent and in mid october shortly before he called for
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those snap elections the nikkei jumped to its highest level in nearly twenty years but pumping billions of yen into the system has also boosted japan's sovereign debt and the third and possibly most important are of banal make structural reforms were but has not even been tackled yet now unemployment is down but wages aren't moving much and that's weighing on consumer spending and the international monetary fund warns that japan's growth could slow to just zero point seven percent next year well let's check in with our financial correspondent daniel corp joins us from frankfurt now daniel he's about victory starting to sink in now are investors still cheering the news of the reelection. oh yeah they left the news and you just mentioned this kind of effect that you know we are seeing already throughout the last years with this policy
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a very business friendly politics of the japanese prime minister and we got a boost this morning already here at the blue chip index tax because of the blue chip index stocks right now is mainly driven also with lots of concerns right now in the still ongoing crisis between spain and catalonia so investors were very much appreciating this all time. all time high the nikkei index in a talk you are today and investors are really expecting that the monetary policy off the japanese central bank is not going to change in the next years now with mr even having more seats in the japanese parliament don't you let's keep on the theme of monetary policy but switch our focus to the united states now we're getting closer to finding out who will have their hand on the tiller of u.s. economic policy we've a new chairperson of the fed who's in the running yet lots of rumors going
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on throughout the last weeks and this morning donald trump announce in a television interview in the united states that three candidates are still in the race we're talking about jeremy powell he is the current governor off the fed with very good connections also a university professor named john taylor and the current head of the fed janet yellen it seems jeremy powell is the is the man who is most likely going to succeed ms yellen in the job starting february two thousand and eighteen don't you call him frank thank you. now to a cold blooded crime here in germany and a sentence today amrita thank you anna it was a crime that shocked germany a police officer gunned down during a raid the suspect an alleged member of a shadowy far right group known as that i should say that believes that the german state is illegitimate today
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a court in nuremberg found the suspect being described as a was can be guilty of murder his defense lawyers says the trial was political it's been a little over a year since this bavarian hamlet became the scene of a cold blooded crime when police officers tried to confiscate some thirty guns owned by both gang p a so-called iceberg he opened fire killing one officer and wounding two others now nuremburg district court has sentenced both gone p. to life in prison for murder. it's going to touch the board is convinced that the accused shot through the partly glazed apartment door and that he knew that a police officer was on the other side of the store and intended to kill him. as this demonstration indicates that iceberg or right citizens movement council fairly large number of germans up to fifteen thousand according to experts among its members right wing extremists they issued their own ideas for example since they
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reject the legitimacy of the post-war german state like other high spirit of some self as a citizen of the german high as it existed in one thousand thirty seven this ideology appears to be a violent one authorities attribute thirteen thousand past crimes to the experience the defense disagrees with the court's ruling and suggests it was politically motivated you said from the very outset this trial has received an unbelievable amount of attention from politicians and the media it has also been suggested to us that the government and these gordie's at certain expectations as to the acceptable outcome of this trial i need. to use. condoms for its. strong allegations yet the evidence against wolfgang is overwhelming witnesses say that a few days before the slaying he said that he was expecting police action and would respond with violence since the murder and that the varian hamlet authorities have
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carried out several raids of the high spirit across germany. you're watching the news coming to you live from berlin coming up ahead six hundred thousand muslim to hang a high fence persecution and men mom and i are now in bangladesh after the break we'll talk to the head off refugee in migrant rights at amnesty international about the crisis last speech take a look at all of the go of the drama from this weekend's a bundesliga soccer action and all of the movie from a sports says will join me for that hear what you need to have been his i'll be back with you shortly do stay video if you. have the budget of sci fi and wins
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a championship and later no one in the club has. escaped with this club and there is never a moment when you can rest on your laurels. an exclusive journey into the sun of fire make to me a sun me a phenomenon. in forty five minutes on d w. when cities are engulfed by the sea. and all that comes walls and costly protective measures with. nothing. flames challenge now a future starting november ninth own. progress
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that where they start to divide the country a huge deal where they start to divide the language. blood will flow difficult. ninety nine the soviet union does play a part. of. the members of the russian federation would have to find their own way politically and economically with gloves on it was an incredibly difficult task not. just democracy was all my sister collections were frauds that's privatization was robbery. the soviet union territory where does russia stand today and moscow's empire our series starting november fifth. you're watching the japanese coming to you live from our top story nearly six
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hundred thousand have fled violence in myanmar to neighboring bangladesh today queen at rania of jordan visited refugees in a camp there as bunker the shia parties prepare for another surge of arrivals she was critical of the international community's femia to do more have a listen but. one passed on why is the plight of this muslim minority group the world why has the systematic persecution been allowed to play out for so long. it leads one to wonder that if the tables were turned and these acts of violence were committed by only seems if the world response would be would have been as muted as the response that you're seeing here today. and from on the story let's go to charmaine maha much she's the head of the refugee and migrant rights team at amnesty international in the jordanian capital amman not charmaine jordan's queen as we saw was visiting refugee camps in bangladesh why is jordan taking such
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a keen interest in their hang up crisis. i think i mean jordan obviously have gone through similar experiences in the past with the syrian refugee case load extremely generous in their support and open borders at least for the initial period welcoming in the hundreds of thousands of syrian refugees so i think there's a lot of lessons learned from jordan and perhaps it can be good for bangladesh learn from some of the best practices that jordan has shown over the last couple of years in how to support and respond to such a large refugee influx into the country so what a specific examples can bangladesh learn from jordan given as you said the country hosts millions of refugees. i think jordan it was more or less their first time doing it so they were learning as they went along as well a lot of countries in the region i think one of the things that they did from the very beginning with allow extremely good unfettered humanitarian access they've
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also allowed the refugees more or less the large majority of refugees in jordan to live amongst the who's community rather than staying in camps and they've also. pledged and are working on increasing refugees access to jobs employment and other services which is crucial for refugees and their ability to sell sustain and be more independent which will so then alleviate the burden on the on the host country to provide and also alleviate the burden on the humanitarian community to provide so bangladesh could do well by looking at those those kinds of lessons and having refugees not remain in camps for too long and too i cannot. access to employment services etc so but at the moment the vast majority of refugees are still in camps in bangladesh you've been visiting them what was the situation like
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at the scam stare. yes i just got back yesterday from week in camps in and around cox's bazar district in baghdad ash the situation is still extremely extremely chaotic there are a lot of people of arrived in baghdad over an extremely short period of time the humanitarian community is really struggling to respond but also to scale up massively to respond to the needs that people are still also arriving i saw a new arrivals on wednesday coming in extremely vulnerable carrying just what they can carry with them they need support for every single aspect of their life going forward and critical at the moment are really really basic things like shelter food health care but also going forward and also really quite quickly they'll need support on things like education and livelihoods and also support for the local bank and actually community who have been. population has now taken
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a lot of local land and also it will be a drain on local results is in a part of bangladesh that is already one of the poorest parts of the country. how much of amnesty international thank you very much. putting an end to trial marriage each of you visited a woman who's been fighting to end this practice in the eastern african country of malawi thanks to activists like her the malawi government banned the practice the seer nearly half of its girls well being wed before the age of eighteen. years. oh never the opportunity arises and glucagon vague comes to this school in corona in northern malawi she's very passionate about girls' education and i want them to stay in school and not get married at a young age so she uses her own story as
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a cautionary tale she dropped out of school at the age of thirteen when she got married something she's not so proud of. i made a. decision so one day i decided no it doesn't matter i have six today to go back to school then astonished and eight as for my so are you young girls where cadge encourage your friends to miss so that day one should depend on you we're all. in a has to take care of her children herself her husband doesn't have enough money to support them he has two other wives but she never gave up this makes her a role model for others. yeah i was a frist with a story in there i saw her be to hate. should continue it made and find fees made cation and i should achieve my cause could
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be someone better in the future. in the afternoon she meets with alina see occur. the girl is only fourteen but already has a child and would like in many cases she had to drop out of school. and our estimates that at least see. percent of the girls i'm allowing are married off at an early age there are many reasons for this such as cultural traditions poverty and a lack of education sometimes by who she was the fourteen is just bigoted gale force it is it in man in the city men men here and. then in this one she's just staying for. is a member of a group of young mothers who hope to return to school soon she can thank activists like inara who have spent years fighting against child abuse in the region we need first in making your we underscore said transition so that gives themselves the
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allies their rights are also parents really realize that girls got to be respected with their own rights to petition to hell for. us in our law is already instilling the value of education among her own children. they want to be in a school so that in issue is that they should be independent they're all natural they need to address. the long struggle against child marriages paid off this year in april a law prohibiting marriage before the age of eighteen was an actress in malawi. terms of business is that helen for whom farms have complained of access to the chinese market beijing seems to be loosening up in the certainly an interesting sign in a rather interesting development we've seen tesla set to get a stronger foothold in the chinese market and a major coup for the electric car making pioneer a factory like this one will soon grace shanghai's free trade zone now tesla has
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reportedly reached a deal with the chinese government to build a one of a kind production facility on the chinese mainland now the details are still being worked out but tesla reckons the factory could help cut production costs by a third there and it may also help the american company avoid those tariffs levied unfair foreign vehicles sold in china now the country's one of the biggest even ability markets around the world tesla sold almost a billion euros worth of cars there in twenty sixteen and has certainly been capitalizing on china's push to adopt electric cars throughout the country when our financial correspondent and that i hang is in singapore we can cross over to her and speak to her andrea how people are reacting to these reports of test they're building a plant in china well how they're obviously these are very exciting times in the auto shows so it isn't really. and we also see
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a lot of the buzzing around this is news that tesla sitting up in shanghai is the industry players as well as business in watching this very very closely and how will setting up in china specifically benefit tesla. well. as you mentioned it will though it has as production costs even in the wake of a twenty five percent levy that china will slap on foreign automakers the thing is china is not allowing people to all have holy orders that trees factories over there and if they do there's going to be a fine or a duty it will also however give access to a network of auto suppliers as well as more affordable engineering for tesla i think what we do have to point out is the fact that tesla isn't tending to invest in china without chinese participation i mean is that unusual or allowed
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even. you are absolutely right it is unusual it is not allowed as i mentioned earlier china does not allow foreign companies to set up wholly own factories in china however there is it catches something that has a can't bank on and that is a five percent stake in tesla by a ten cent holdings ltd and we all if we don't already know tense and holdings and it is a chinese company is so says that is banking on that for support in order to small the now the process is to set up in china hopefully by the target project the eight of the end of the year hang in singapore. now e.u. labor and social affairs ministers are meeting today to discuss the so-called posted work is directive now a post of worker is an employee who is sent by their employer to carry out a service in another e.u.
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member state on a temporary basis but the directive has come under fire in the past with critics saying it promotes wage dumping. equal pay for the same work in the same country the room pertains to all employees in the european union being sent from one country to another for example if a construction worker from warsaw is sent by his polish company to germany he has the right to earn at least german minimum wage in the future he'll receive the same money as his german colleagues including the usual benefits that's according to a european commission legal initiative the previous so-called postered workers act was from the year one nine hundred ninety six when the e.u. only had fifteen member states there was a pay gap of one to three the law was meant to bring payment parity then eastern european countries became member states know the e.u. is much larger the pay gap to its now at one to ten that means workers in luxemburg
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earn ten times more than those in bulgaria no wonder the posting of workers is increasing in twenty ten it was already one point three million people twenty fourteen already one point nine million an increase of almost forty five percent germany france and belgium other countries which have the most foreign workers from other e.u. countries most of them come from eastern europe most workers that came to germany in twenty fourteen were from poland at thirty six point five percent slovenia at twelve point one percent and hungary at eight point nine percent one in three works in construction one in five in industry and one in ten in the health care or senior care branch their working conditions should now improve. well european union directives tend to be foresee complex let's forget all brussels correspondent matters to unpick it now for us and shed some light on it today's meeting again break it down for us what exactly also szell affects ministers discussing today.
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ministers today are looking at a proposal by the european commission to reform that posted workers' directive and now there is particularly strong support for for this initiative by for instance the french president who wants to eliminate unfair competition on the european market and the reason for that is that he criticizes that cheap labor if you want to from the east of europe can work in the rather rich west and only be paid minimum wage while the taxes and the social charges are paid back home and this gives them an unfair competitive advantage now the balance the e.u. in these negotiations has to get right is on the one hand preserve the freedom of movement for these eastern european workers which what makes them attractive is that they are cheap while at the same time avoiding that you have the sort of wage dumping that many leaders in the west are criticizing and what results can we
4:45 pm
expect to come out of this today i think we're practically looking at a restriction of one maybe even two years for these posted workers that would be a sort of compromise things are looking rather good since the last summit leaders indicated that there may be a compromise may be reached if it's reached today it will still has to pass the european parliament and the european council so heads of state of government will still have to sign it off but given that they've all looked at the same documents things are a rather positive in the direction matters in brussels thanks for that. bundesliga time now and i'm joined in the studio by one of them would be from the deadliest for says welcome ali but first let's take a look at cologne and better bam and they've both had mediocre starts the season both are winless and occupy the last tooth pots on the table desperation was in the
4:46 pm
air as they faced off on sunday let's check out the action. clear support for under pressure cologne coach peter shergold but he suffered a blow before kick off with former braman strike a cloudy opie's out of ruled out after an injury in the warm up. with john cordova also out bizarre was replaced by reserve striker said give us see the frenchman must have an eventful day in the basement battle his first half misses with there for all to see. but nothing came close to what happened after the break the twenty one year old somehow failing to hit the target here it will go down as one of the misses of the season. bizzaro scored dozens of those over the years and his old side braman almost snatched it at the death constantine a viral shocking thomas delaney's head of the line. a goalless draw was of little use to either coach to decide it is groundhog day every day seems like we want
4:47 pm
sympathy or self-pity is not what we need. but arthur is raft of misses it certainly felt like groundhog day for hapless. so less deconstruct that match the on of on what if you must first says only what is going wrong with cologne they're in really looking desperate at the moment absolutely and their problem couldn't be simpler scoring goals i've only got three all season so far averaging one goal every three games that's never going to be enough and the reason behind it is pretty clear to say the antonym address the top scorer from last season i saw them in the summer he scored twenty five goals in the bundesliga last time out you look at the replacements junk and he scored five times last season not a like for like replacement in terms of quality then there's cloudier pizarro who is a wonderfully the legend a great player but he's thirty nine and age catches up with even the best players at some point and then has promised to give us the who's misses we've just seen a nice highlights a bit of a shocker in front of goal yesterday but he just doesn't look to be born is
4:48 pm
a good quality of cologne don't solve this goal scoring issue. it will stay down at the bottom remember they can't sign anyone now until january at the very least ok and of course football is all about goals and what alexander knew to really be him and keep it with him i think time is starting to run out on mr noir my friend it sounds strange considering he was brain savior in the second half of last season but his problem really is that he's just about one spectacular run where braman went unbeaten for eleven games and they won nine of those and it really got him out of trouble the thing is if you look at the rest of their form on the nerves that before and after that run they've only one four out of twenty six that's relegation form without a doubt and at some point you have to ask whether nuri can actually inspire the players motivate the players into another run of that type because if not it doesn't look like there's enough there to keep them up and ten games in it will be after the coming weekend and still haven't won a game by a point then really a panic stations absolutely ok it's the bye and leipzig both won the dortmund
4:49 pm
slipped up again when are these three teams that dotted contenders in your view are i think so yeah definitely and it's no surprise perhaps to see the same three teams that were at the top last season as well what's really interesting is that buy ins early season form the poor early season form has really opened things up you know so there is only one point now between those three teams off to dortmund a draw at the weekend and there are these fascinating kind of side stories to each team can leipzig cope with the commitments of the league in the champions league their first ever season in europe can dormand that they hit a stumbling block now they've only got one point from the last two games a poor draw in the champions league last week is well by and can your point is avoid the pitfalls that affected the so all of these questions are going to swirling around in my head at the moment and we're just waiting to see who comes out on top in the in the next one games up until christmas the fight series order is the most exciting on the road leading from us forces thank you very much. ok re
4:50 pm
stay with split who want to formula one and a misfit is revenues hamilton went into sunday's us corporate with a chance to seal the championship but a stern challenge from closest rival sebastian fettle on the often track postponed the celebrations. a fourth world title was just fifty six laps away for lewis hamilton if only he could manage to hold on to pope position. but ferrari driver sebastian fattal who would also have to finish outside the top five for hamilton to lift the title took the lead on the first corner. but it was short lived for the german driver hamilton managed to regain the top spot on the top six. the mercedes driver who is battling for his fifth win in six years at austin never looked back he held a clear speed advantage before winning the race ahead to fettle hamilton who was awarded the u.s. crown pre-buy former president bill clinton will have to wait until this weekend in
4:51 pm
mexico to try and win this year's championship. oh. my. god. i. let the sunshine one of the kids from the musical hit which is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary this week and that was the cost of the smash hit broadway show how luton wishing all the best because it is really did revenues does musical theater back in the one nine hundred sixty s. robin miller from our culture desk is here welcomed robin the musical and fact the music was quite going to shocking at that time wasn't where and indeed it was you're talking at that time musicals like carousel in oklahoma were playing in
4:52 pm
broadway and then along comes this show with rock music and hippies in it with you know and i loved it of course but it's hard i was a young teenager it was really important for me but you must believe me when i tell you it was more than a musical it was a movement it was a phenomenon and you just have to look at the post of the original poster of having this wonderful psychedelic poster of somebody with an afro half style that you didn't have posters like that for a carousel oklahoma and incidentally only couldn't go and see that i was forbidden by my parents because it had drugs rock'n'roll and indeed nudity. of course but as i like a bull in a china shop i wanted to go and buy today go into let it it's what remembering that it was an instant fame for the music no no it's not in a very small fish off broadway in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven then it went to a nightclub for a few performances and it really only got going in one hundred sixty eight on
4:53 pm
broadway itself and you mustn't forget the music that she's probably just sounds like the sunshine and aquarius and there is top and cold today actually as they were fifty years ago and that's why there's a new production in london let's have a look at that one. kind of full kaftan psychedelic parties and of course lots from lots of beautiful long hair. the new production sticks to the original formula the tribe a group of hippies from new york city fight for sexual freedom and against conscription and to the vietnam war it's the rebellion off a young generation ready to change the world and this sixties spirit is still alive today. i think we're at a stage now where young people have realized that they have to. take stock and take
4:54 pm
charge and if they want things to happen they've got to go out there and do it themselves you know it's not a time to be passive anymore. james raido co-author of the original musical updated some dialogue and song lyrics to comment on contemporary politics. so i think what jim wanted to do was just make it a little bit more. power and clear that america and the western countries including britain. haven't necessarily moved forward as quickly as we'd hoped. with a wigwam started bar and lots of flower power the audience can experience the real what start feeling. oh boy it's production it's more than a show it's a chance to become part of the parents sensation.
4:55 pm
sensation not a topical politically but in many other ways as well isn't it. i mean there's a lot in the music about feminism there's a lot about racism i mean up until then. the musical's black people were portrayed on the wrist slaves or as poor people i'm thinking of for your best friends and so on here they were on an equal level with white people i mean the environmental issues came up anti antiwar protest was look at north korea get into politics now in fact it's rather silent as as the direct to the asset that we have seem to have moved on ready in the last fifty years that's right in fact you mentioned the music and how wonderful it is so many times let's not end actually a program with some of the music and that's it for me on the thought she not and from robin met from death they did he leave you with their well known track aquarius have a listen enjoy. and
4:56 pm
4:57 pm
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