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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  October 24, 2017 7:02am-7:16am CEST

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player for the second successive year it features annual awards ceremony in london the portuguese forward helps round madrid to a spanish league and champions league double last season rails in indian sedan was named coach of the year. at the. test looks set to gain a foothold in the world's biggest electric vehicle market the call make it reportedly reaches a deal to build its first production facility in china. coming up bike sharing is gaining traction in big cities but in australia it's already hit a bump in the road we take a look at what happens when things don't go quite so smoothly in the sharing economy. and in agricultural cultural exchanges the african farmers go organic down on the farm just outside. they say is your business
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update on how to have free in berlin thanks for joining me tesla is looking to get a piece of the pie in the world's biggest electric vehicle market the wall street journal reports that the comic has reached an agreement with chinese authorities to build its first plant in china the facility would be in shanghai is free trade zone the details will still be wiped out but tesla reckons the factory could help cut production costs by that. our financial correspondent yens quarter is on wall street we can talk to him now yes how important is this news for tesla. well it could be a game changer because overall if you look at it one of the details of the potential deal would be that this production facility would be wholly owned by tesla so far all the foreign car companies they need a chinese partner that deal probably would not have that included and it would
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bring costs down quite a bit for tesla and china is the biggest market for electronic vehicles this year alone probably. more than double electric vehicles will be sold in china in comparison to the u.s. and if you look at tesla specifically about fifteen percent of their sales were generated in china so far china is not the big market for tesla but that could change even if the stock traded a bit lower here in the monday session now as a big week for the markets with earnings season open one hundred eighty nine companies on the s. and p. five hundred sets report ends. it's the busiest week of the earnings season by far and one reason that the stock market has risen so much in the past couple of months was due to the expectations that corporate earnings actually will come in
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a better than expected and we've just seen that recently that we had some misses and that actually could put some pressure on the market here on monday for instance the stock of general electric lost more than six percent in value after that company mr earnings expectations on for right it was the first earnings miss in about two and a half years specially the focus will be on thursday when the big tech companies will be out with earnings amazon google microsoft intel but then also on tuesday we will have general motors for instance or make donald out was number so a lot depends on those earnings if there's a rally that we've seen recently can continue all right plenty to look forward to dissuade the end of quarter in new york for us thank you for us wealth already said given a german com make a fox fog and the green light to repair around thirty eight thousand s.u.v.s with three to diesel engines that could potentially have access and we should never now
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this is welcome news for fox german car maker would have had to pay up to four billion dollars had the us authorities denied the approval for the vehicle fixes that means it's set to save around one billion dollars as a result of that decision that decision affecting its. seven and porsche cayenne models. nevertheless the clouds continue to gather over germany's car industry here in europe the european commission has announced even more raids on offices of comic saying it was looking for evidence they might have violated e.u. anti truss rules dine at the top and have confirmed they were targeted by those rights investigators visited b.m.w. offices on friday the raids aimed at uncovering evidence of the secret that might have an equally discussed industry mission controls and standards since the one
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nine hundred ninety s. . now getting around busy central london is a ready testing but now a drive is of old a pollutant because it just got even more expensive as well in a bid to tackle c o two emissions the british capital has joined the ranks of european cities make it harder for those polluted vehicles to take to the roads on veining a new tax on them drivers in central london are used to paying extra to be on these roads now another fee may be added for some to teach hardship or toxic charge would be an additional eleven euros on top of the ten year old congestion levy they already pay. and the idea is to encourage those who are the most pollution vehicles to stop driving into the heart of london and if they do drive into parliament they've got to pay an additional teachers with these the cost of driving into london the whole of that is twenty one pounds fifty but not everyone will come to the new levy some business leaders feel that it could affect small businesses
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especially those in london and near the british capital it's a big impact on business in london the southeast that effectively by extension the rest of the country so everyone's affected by this whether the new fee will indeed reduce traffic remains to be seen but what is clear is that london like many other cities is taking steps to lower vehicle emissions. the sharing economy is changing the face of business new schemes are popping up all the time founded on the possibility that it's more efficient not to actually own something especially when it comes to big ticket items like cars or bikes if you can access it easily whenever you want now that is the theory at least unfortunately as australia is finding out implementing sharing schemes can be a little bit more complicated and you might think. that seemed like such a great idea at the time cutting down on emissions and traffic helping people keep in shape but shared bicycle schemes in sydney and melbourne aren't quite working
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out as host the problem bikes known litter the cityscape because a lack of bike racks means users are just leaving them pretty much everywhere. there are things for the life of the place off to use as an uncontrolled plea for a shot of them in the streets i worry about that and any up on the road or any up in the tree or any about in a skip bin they already are and in local waterways as well many have been fished out of melbourne's yarra river the bike tire providers are scrambling to find a solution but when we see the bikes being made into a particular location more often. teams are going out there in a regular basis and redeploying them to a.v. is what we call as hotchpotch but it looks like the only way to make this schemes work long term will be to get the authorities involved we need. governments state governments in particular to step up to the plight but also like governments
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to put in place the cycle facilities including bike racks and places where people can be clear that they can safely store the boss it goes until that happens the residents of melbourne and sydney will just have to cope with an inconvenient side effect of the sharing economy. here in germany organic food is all the rage which means so too is organic farm and now accounts for more than six percent of the country you know much of the nation says that growing organic produce could be a lucrative export opportunity for africa and like anything it's a skill that can be taught and so we caught up with a young woman from cameroon who spent a year axonal gannett dairy farm. he will call on mungo and her colleague are setting up the livestock fences again rain or shine it has to be done the grazing cows have to be moved regularly or they'll destroy the pastor's that's
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something the twenty four year old has learned here in ca moon we just use the cyclist and we don't know that it's time to regenerate it's fertility but when it holds up in the train farmer has been volunteering here for a year driving the tractor took a bit of getting used to it first and she was amazed to discover that the fences around the animals are electrified also because i'm going to die if they're here that targeted their code they're going to die but then i learned that a vote that is not so high for the cult or die but then is just enough to keep the costs from running away although the callous don't seem exactly eager to leave anytime soon in fact they look quite content with their lot it will like the idea of dividing
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a pasture into smaller areas and rotating the livestock through them she hopes to convince farmers in cameroon to do the same. yeah in germany i've learned so much about caring for natural resources over it i think that is enough experience for me to think back home and share with me. in spite of all the positive experiences there were some things she doesn't like at all even on organic farms calves are separated from their mothers shortly after birth and housed in separate pens in cameroon they grow up in the herd industrialization comes with its own disadvantages like this like having color so you know stay out in the bun so when i go back i will like to you know share my own ideas about balancing both like balancing industrialisation as well as taking care of the animals and making sure that natural habitat. believes her country cameroon should get away from food
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imports she's convinced just because it's from the e.u. doesn't necessarily mean it's organic or healthy instead they cameroonians should rely on their own agricultural products. you're up to date with in ages from the wild business and will find us on facebook on us on twitter on this whole business i'm there as well and i see how great is my handle for business coming up on just watching.
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