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tv   Treasures of the World - Santa Maria delle Grazie and The Last Supper Italy  Deutsche Welle  October 24, 2017 11:15pm-11:30pm CEST

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i did not think what i saw i painted what i understood. i pictured jesus christ in idealised form. and myself to. forgive me for saying so but leonardo da vinci never looked like this i want to know. we all know the power of illusion and it may be because of that power that humankind so long as it's artists and gods and builds museums temples and holy places for them such as the former ministry church of santa maria delegates here in milan. the glory of the land is architectural genius it houses my last supper here in northern italy some five hundred years ago the two of us worked on this
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wonder of the ecclesiastical arts. for man to united the beauty of mathematics and the laws of nature in the aesthetic perfection of his architecture . the dome cloisters and sacristy are not in a gigantic or overwhelming scale a fit sense of proportion rules this is a true jewel in the crown of eternity. and . i did not spend every day in the refectory where i'd been commissioned to paint the picture of pictures instead i would have monday as judges it was built unsure of
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which to admire the more the graceful movements and physical strength of the workman who were my models obama and his gift for transforming humble stone and simple shapes into a higher unity. the cloisters to the right is the sacristy i should show it to you in a moment and then say no more its ideal proportions require no comment. for his searing pain to the universe i even lent a helping hand. opposite the cathedral itself is the sacristy.
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if you look closely you will see that the architecture in the painted panels munchies the arches. and vermont is closed his and his cuba. and. bremen tin myself and many other artists had the tomsk of making the name and piety
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of ah prince immortal but the fact is that the fame of our names his father outstripped his we live on in the glory of all works it is a mystery of ott and of face. it is not in the church problem where many expected to be but in what was once the monks refectory that you find my great painting.
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the east wall is new from there you and to the whole. the crucifixion to the left a trance a little attention the visit his eyes irresistibly drawn to the picture. am. the last supper. the monks sent on a raised davis it was as if they too were part of the group at supper jesus and his
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friends the disciples. the painting is five hundred years old it is in a sorry state overpainted ruined restored. scarcely a single detail remains that is still for my hand and yet the truth here unusually is in the home because i told a story in the painting and that story is still perfectly clear. to the fool is judas clutching the passive silver behind him is peter clear and a lurch and open spirit then comes john the disciple jesus loved i gave him the face of my madonnas and plant him in a blue robe and red cloak. christ is wearing the same colors reddish robe and a blue cloak. the landscape outside is my valley and the hills of vinci my paradise my jerusalem. christ has just said one
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of you shall betray me james seems to be answering tell us who and we shall deal with him and philip's gesture says not i lord. the right half of the painting has been fully restored. i love that shadow and the light. for five hundred years it was damaged smudged corroded and scratched the damp war rotted napoleon quoted troops in the refectory and an american bomb destroyed half the whole. what i can show you now the world owes to this woman senor ages a pin in. the decades she's been cleaning analyzing and delicately touching up the colors holding up the long slow death of the last supper. the.
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a new picture has come into being the original strictly speaking no longer exists but the few pigments that survive from my work have a power that generates new life even from the crumbling reminder. that.
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am. i am.
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the tale of this painting is a dramatic one and a love story like it's contant it is a miracle i scarcely understand myself like christ the painting has died a local death only to be resurrected now transfigured and more essential of them to cool to tell the ancient tale a new. pope .
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