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tv   Close up - Myanmar - Atrocities Against the the Rohingya  Deutsche Welle  October 25, 2017 11:15am-11:45am CEST

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let's get you a quick reminder of our top story this hour the trial for the german human rights activists say their story has started in turkey he was arrested in istanbul last law on terrorism related charges this case has become a flash for the already tense relations between germany and turkey. this is the interview news live from berlin don't forget you can always get more of our website e.w. dot com for now though for me brian thomas in the entire team thanks so much for being with us and read up will join you again at the top of the hour by the. new on d w a make or leaves famous stars emmy and now. the dean jack came in vegas house of music your phone close to me this is the end of the day i love you and unplugged. you
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every night groups starting november third on t.w. . but. there were a hindu exodus from me on mar a seemingly never ending stream of refugees headed towards bangladesh since late august thousands have fled every day to escape me on mars military. they left behind apocalyptic scenes the muslim minority rahane just saw their homes burned down in what appears to have been an act of revenge by me on mars army after what hanjour rebels attacked a number of police posts. the army says all its actions were aimed at protecting the people against islamist terrorism. and.
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unsung suchi was once. the hope of a better future the nobel peace laureate embodied many people's longing for democracy for their hinges that has clearly not come to pass. now meehan mars de facto leader she condemned the violence but was not willing to criticize the country's powerful army. they were hinge on are officially stateless unwanted in myanmar and hated by many. now thousands have been driven out of their homes raped or even murdered. nearly six hundred thousand have fled to bangladesh since late august. some human rights groups are calling it genocide. going on my way there.
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but i will never know how to live your life. our houses were burned down we had nothing left but they came after us they cut people's throats and shot at us and that's why we had to leave. but i'm glad. the border guard gives them permission to come ashore. to look. they're covered in mud brown has become the color of their nightmare journey. when they fled they were forced to leave everything behind nourmahal and his brother and their families have just crossed enough river that marks the border between vine the dish and me and mar. god i love we no longer have a home out of the soldiers beat us. what are the last of us. why there was a little bit older than us what. my mother and father of disappeared to. when they
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burned down our village i took my wife and children and ran away as fast as i could for i know i can't find my son. therefore they got him on those on the wire and all along the river i saw the bodies of children so many are dead but we saw dead people everywhere you know leaded body yes jarred bodies a lot it. here in bangladesh the border guards are expecting the refugees from myanmar also known as burma they've been told to let them through. five of them but it would just hurry their shooting coming from the other side their burmese soldiers just across from here and often. after five days and four nights on the run and in hiding norma hamad and his family
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are exhausted. but they have to keep going. with their last remaining strength they trudge over to the other side of the rice field were a group of traffickers are waiting. in the by how many people there's five of those five adults. normal homage to shocked at the price he's told if he doesn't like it he can find another boat the family has little choice but to agree. communication is no problem as the range a language is closely related to bengali. so you sit down there. you go to the front. door. of. this last boat trip brings them a big step closer to their final destination.
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might i mean we're going to get ourselves better is not going to get. finally a chance to relax in safety. the right age is. going to buy the issue that this is the first time we've had a war since we left our village and we've been on the road constantly since then you know you'd in the hills to sleep. we could never rest much but in one month. that's how long we just wanted to stay alive. this five days are now over and we can finally have a break and we're in our new bed. and. now
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that head under the hood you get to keep going keep going i know we're doing good you'll find food and water over there so. as soon as they arrive the family comes upon all the other refugees right. right. right right then and aid worker hands them a sack of rice it'll be their first meal in five days foldable i'm going to if you've been given rice newborn the rest will still get some don't have enough of the right of normal home and immediately starts looking for his son in paris was that. you're. right about something. right finally he sees them they've been waiting for him and the rest of the family to arrive. a mile of my lot by this is my mother i'd lost her either you. know there's my father i found my get my mother now i feel better but my son is still missing by me but i still don't know if he's dead or alive if. is alive
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someone will bring him tonight if he was dead never see him again but it might have been a little mad if you only knew what i would do the for. the family is once again reunited just one typical family and made tens of thousands of refugees. a family that no longer has the strength to move any further. out and i did not there i didn't come here because i was hungry and i'm not sure i had a lot of rice you know for at least a year and i had thirty buffalo in myanmar and a fish farm i had four houses each one several stories are one for me and one for each of my songs whether for they burnt them all down now my soldiers torching entire villages look you can even see it from there yet i've found my weight is on doesn't allow you to. create plumes of smoke are visible from bangladesh rising up
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on the man maher side of the border villages are being burned to the ground. when it all began on august twenty fifth with a declaration from a militant group calling itself the are just salvation army or. the insurgents pledge to fight for their agenda and for justice after decades of discrimination. we are fighting a defensive war on our territory to liberate our people from the model burmese regime. that same day they attacked twenty police post twelve burmese officers were killed . me and my military called it a terrorist attack and moved to clamp down on the group. but clearly they also targeted the local civilian population. hundreds of thousands of people had no
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choice but to flee. these images were filmed by a rogue angel on the run. and all the people from his village hid in the jungle. from there they made their way to bangladesh. that. everyone travelling on this road which runs parallel to the border has just one goal the refugee camps. our arms.
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nor mohamed is also hoping to get help there after spending the night in an emergency shelter. it's still the monsoon season and he urgently needs to find a safe place for his family to stay. thank god after forty five minutes their driver refuses to continue. he demands more money. but when they refuse to pay he simply dumps them at the next village. found. all the other people i don't know how long will be eric could take a while we found a place for us on our normal hama talks to his father on the phone he's already gone ahead to the camps. get out of the box we have to buy bamboo and a tarpaulin you've got to find a place for us to stay in a camp. we.
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did. i don't judge you. don't have a place to stay yes or we're just friends and i hear on the other side of the road that the muscular you're going all of them tumble down when i heard the tarps are being given out in the camp over there. point one fine we don't have one yet another so we'll just set up here with us or rather you. spending the night here. but while he's trying to get things organized strikes once again. his son is hit by a passing car. not have a. crack at the side we were looking for a place for the night in a car drove into my son and nearly ran him over. i've already lost one child the burmese soldiers killed in. order to party with. his son is injured they need to
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find a doctor. the local takes to a mohamed to a nearby pharmacy. to get it over the one hundred i was. never checked to see that nothing is broken i do not want to the incident prompts the local mayor to drop by. fortunately norma hammad son appears to have suffered only scrapes and bruises. but like to be sure there's nothing else. don't cry about the. body of a bus is much worse than the row him to refugee crises of recent years obama some of them are injured and others are totally traumatized it's really bad this time they're going to have while i'm. gonna have a lot of land around here that's not being used and belongs to no one but we can
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take them in the. with the mass of refugees that has come this time the authorities are at a loss as it ought to have a month or so they don't know who to give the land to. do what a man does it just over well that's going about their normal i'm not going to go about how we're going to give. up. without a proper place to stay the family makes do as best they can using a plastic sheet provided by a local villager. foremost and so they spend the night next to the road. and.
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this is the promised land of the camps that norma hamad and all the other refugees are looking to reach. thousands of makeshift huts. a huge settlement on the border with me and hastily set up within just a few days. over two hundred thousand ranger arrived here within just two weeks. but despite the scale of the humanitarian crisis workers from international aid organizations are few and far between. many aid groups have been hamstrung by government bureaucracy bangladesh is not keen to have them working in great numbers among there were. women.
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in the first days of the exodus only a handful of aid groups were there to help the rohingya. some came from the capital dhaka to distribute food and clothing to the desperate refugees but it was really. no. it was total chaos. that was about what. he was. going to but the crisis was only just beginning. refugees continue to pour into bangladesh by river and by sea. the fun of the things that go to the morgue everyone take their back the tears
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yourself and. most of the refugees are women the elderly and children. and they all wear the same blank expression of traumatized people. of they killed my. father mother brother they're all dead. they cut his throat we didn't who did we kill the way i. love my son he was six years old. everyone has a story to tell but the stories are all similar. all the way hinge a tale of the same massacres not a spontaneous attack in the heat of the moment but a planned offensive. it appears to be
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a systematic strategy by me on mars military which rules the land. in the long long . first the soldiers came in and told us to leave our village at the thought that they told us to go away but we didn't want to only it was our home we wanted to stay in our village to get out of anything else only over our dead bodies we set. it on the door they returned it and took the leaders of our village and chilled them until they killed twenty men and one day got out of that i don't mind a little thing that you know that in our village the soldiers took men away in groups of five or six they herded them together and they killed him either with a bullet to the head or by slitting their throats and then they threw them into a ditch i would do you got a blood line and i knew i knew who were doing. after that the soldiers attacked the women and children. the policy of terror designed it seems to drive their hinge it away permanently. as little they're not going to let
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alone yet a boy like that so why did they catch up to them and slit his throat and then toss them aside god given a. little little male and the women were also treated savagely but they slit the throats of the oldest ones who were youngest and most beautiful were caught. in the rain over and over every little bit. thank. the united nations has called it textbook ethnic cleansing. after days of searching norma hamad has found a place for himself and his family it's just outside the camps which are expanding all the time. like i'm not going to go no doubt and together with his brothers and cousins he's now building a shelter to house them all. this
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land belongs to the elderly man over there you know there was a. he said to me if you're from me and mine and i've been persecuted and you can stay on my land. this man has given us permission to set up a place to live for. us from the middle so then you need more over here you. know here hussein is a respected man in the village there are no one hundred range of families living on his land. ok so if you do my land extends all the way over there and on the other side back there to the end and then they're up to the hill in the mud the word out to the. lord they're going to look at one of the others of course i can't promise anything will grow here but the government wants to help so i thought i should help to like the body i'm not looking to earn anything from them they have nothing one
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and don't know where to go and they've come a long way so if your course i will help and a lot will reward me a little. bit. that i was never got over. there. nor mohammed's family's. finally have a roof over their heads. for the first time in many days they can rest. now they also have a chance to talk about the future they still don't know whether they'll ever be able to return home. if they get out when government is a bill that will examine if myanmar accept their own enjoy and recognizes us. then maybe we will return one day it was. but it might if they continue to view us as bengali living illegally in their countries it would be easy then we can never go back because it is about mother wrangling mine to do to them is that i could have ready at
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a dinner yes in. the usa you know where it with the question is do we fight or not but how can we know they are in power we don't stand a chance. and know we will not go to war i have been persecuted many people have lost relatives some of lost mothers fathers children i myself have lost a son out of if we go to war against myanmar as well as anybody but are they willing to die here to overthrow again which is. better than most of the rain only want to live in peace. but many of the refugees are willing to grasp at whatever options are possible. to get here some are taking advantage of the desperate situation offering a little help to secure the gratitude of these vulnerable people.
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these men say they travel halfway across the country to offer support to their persecuted brethren. their members of half has not islam a very influential islamist organization in bangladesh. here. radical muslims who promote the strict segregation of women and the death penalty for anyone found guilty of blasphemy this man is a religious teacher for the group he organized the trip bringing thirty five men with him and he was. going to use that to go to the ok be patient just wait a minute. this morning he's giving out cough medicine to the hungry refugees of the doctor's house what about you what's your problem here ok the kids are going to we have to eat and we're hungry he's got a call yes. you probably i would give him one spoonful three times a day and i think that an understanding of how many days he the three hundred
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crisis as a good opportunity to increase their political influence and if you have money to. go i'm going to i'm sure you have loved it to the software saying to the government that if you don't have the courage to tackle this problem we'll do it we'll find you young fighters give them weapons and training camps we like all citizens are ready to go to war against me on the corner we demand on songs who cheat behave you could see it up it doesn't happen again are they all ready to go to war you just closer that it was over. a little further on we find another group of activists from the same organization like that ok you come here we go. again i feel the local government under the leader of the group is looking for new recruits so he's here to help these people in need. or you're ready to move along that's enough good go away. good hearted if as that islam plans
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to use this operation to appeal for donations among its supporters was a good general going about it i said go away that's enough so i don't doubt the solana during his own most of the money he's handing out. he's damaged and wouldn't be accepted by traders here in reality he doesn't really care about the fate of the ranger. was never told of the. murder so it will surround us and spread to the entire country they're looking for a bit of a boost for them so we don't want them here a long time but i'm good at it i'd rather not do that again we need to get them back to their own country to get out what kind of a little bit of a dozen are the authorities in bangladesh take a similar view they're worried that there are hinges might end up staying in bangladesh long term but. this is a public announcement. mobile courts will be set up to pass sentence on all those
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who give accommodation to the road by however many refugees that may be. right although the word is prohibited and it will be punished severely may or be broken joe will be arrested convicted and reported this is on order of the municipal authorities and the mayor. you can't gather here we don't want any crowds here. every day soldiers and police officers go into the villages looking for him just to send them away they want them all together in the camps. on sunday morning vaccinating the children in their room hinges here they have to go to a new camera there's one being set up right now it's on the other side of the road . for gambling.
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meaning. one. over half a million people have sought refuge here so far half of me and mars' range of population. for the refugees it's the start of a new kind of life. where it's all about surviving in the hope that one day they'll be reunited with their missing family members. i guess marshalls are still there yes and joined up with one of his last and more. to return home as recognized citizens in their own country that's the dream of nearly everyone here. yet i like the international community finds a solution we can go home out of that right but without that they would just kill us we've lost everything all we want is justice only justice you got on the right.
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