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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 25, 2017 9:00pm-9:16pm CEST

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commemoration ceremony in vietnam there. will be documentaries magazines and talk shows focusing on music and the groundbreaking events help set in motion. refrigeration day october thirty first though. this is the only news live from berlin on a knife's edge kenyans brace themselves out of a disputed presidential election rewrite opposition leader raila odinga calls on supporters to boycott the vote opposition backers take to the streets protesting
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after the supreme court threw out a petition to delay the poll where in kenya with the latest also coming up a german human rights organizer goes on trial in turkey his case another flashpoint in an already strained relations between berlin and uncorrupt and the german president talk about the shrine meyer says he wants better ties between berlin and moscow steinmeyer meets with president vladimir putin as part of his visit to russia i'll ask our correspondent there what kind of reception he received. as a pleasure to have you along i'm well iraq we want to start off in kenya where the supreme court has dismissed a last minute petition to delay thursday's highly controversial presidential election the chief justice says not enough judge just turned up to hear the petition the now. means that tomorrow's vote will go ahead as scheduled president
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kenyatta defended the decision to hold the poll saying every kenyan whether they decide to vote or not is protected by the country's constitution but opposition leader raila odinga urged his supporters to boycott the election and called for a new vote within ninety days he also said his opposition movement will be transformed into a resistance movement against the government opposition supporters have been protesting in a number of cities around kenya where they've been calling for the vote to be postponed thursday's election is a rerun of polls nullified by the supreme court a month ago. and sadly since then dozens have been killed in election related violence catherine wando joins me now from the kenyan capital nairobi she has extensively covered this story catherine the chief of the electoral commission says the vote is going to go ahead no matter what how do you justify this decision.
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well the electoral commission has always said that it was operationally ready to prepare an election although it did have hiccups prior to the announcement last week so they say that they have the materials that are needed they have the stuff that i needed to go to all the polling stations and they're basically ready but the but the chairman of the of the commission still can say whether he can provide a credible and free and fair election they also say that police have given their word that they will not engage protesters all will not engage to infringe on anybody's democratic rights tomorrow that he was speaking to those who opting to boycott the vote so he says he is ready and he he he says is ready now we've also heard from the opposition leader or lower earlier on and he issued a very ominous warning i'm just going to read to you what he said if there is no
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justice for the people let there be no peace for the government what does he mean by that. it's very dicey because people are looking at his his announcement in very different ways there are those people who are just saying they're resisting. the kenyans democracy going down the drain and they're trying to fix it as you know right lo duca has been part of the democratic movement since the early eighty's and ninety's so the people are looking at it as that as as another liberation but people also looking at this as a call to arms they're looking at this is people to go to the streets to people to violently resist the government and that's why i present to who was categorical in his statement just now saying that he he will not let the country slip into anarchy . is also calling for people to boycott any business or services that give the regime money or the trim it to the regime so that's what we're seeing seeing people
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trying to resist the government saying that it is a dictatorship now catherine in the meantime we've also we're heard from incumbent president hu kenyatta he weighed in. he has waited he said that he will not let this country slip into anarchy he said that the polls will continue tomorrow and anyone who wants to vote can vote and those who don't want to vote won't vote he did not talk about and this is what he has come under criticism for he didn't talk about police brutality and in recent days he didn't talk about police restraint tomorrow and days going forward and he also talked about kenya being united as ever after the election which a lot of people are saying that that can't be true because the country is literally split in the middle but he said that since he agreed to the supreme court ruling that knowledge of his presidency that. you know the opposition should accept the
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election and take part in the election so basically he is he's pushing forward a fish pushing the country forward to the election tomorrow and very briefly if you care and catherine set the scene for us where on the eve of the scheduled vote what's the atmosphere like where you are. it's very tense in nairobi it's very tense you can tell from the conversations people are having you can tell from the people who are in the shopping centers doing their shopping you can tell from conversations being had in church. so far what we know is that we saw some youth burning tires in kimbrough which is one of the opposition strongholds here in nairobi in western kenya we're getting reports of at least four people shot and are receiving treatment in hospital so the situation right now is a bit tense heavy police presence heavy police presence especially in opposition strongholds so tomorrow morning everyone is just at home waiting for tomorrow
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morning to see what happens catherine wander reporting from nairobi kenya thank you . all right we're going to turn now to turkey where a german human rights activists is standing trial and estimable peter starting or was detained back in july during a meeting with other human rights activists he is being accused of having links to terrorism and of having ties to the men to the man allegedly behind last year's failed coup the islamic cleric. is stumbles palace of justice as the trial began activists demonstrated for the release of german. and ten other defendants including the head of amnesty international and turkey for holding a workshop the rights group says the charges are trumped up workshops music paid by the workshop in question is like those held around the world but here it's being treated like a gathering of conspirators and criminalized it shows just how much turkish law is
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being instrumentalist. ustedes here in instrumentality at that. page and the other defendants were arrested in july show it was conducting a seminar in data security at the time turkish prosecutors allege that their actions aided the girl in movement and the kurdish p k k which are considered terror groups in turkey. and had been lecturing about encryption methods at the time of his arrest. if convicted he could face up to fifteen years in prison. if the indictment sounds like a collection of conspiracy theories. and his friends are not acquitted today that will further strain german turkish relations this. forenoon. the german human rights commissioner along with german politicians are urging the immediate release of short now they say the move could help improve strained german
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turkish relations. are going to shift our focus now to some of the other stories making news around the world. kalau leader carlos jamaat has turned down an invitation to address the spanish senate in madrid this week the senate is set to debate and vote on possible penalties for the callout government put forward by spanish prime minister marianna their response to the region's push for independence. in austria coalition talks are underway between the center right people sparty of incoming chance most of us don't courts and the far right freedom party the affair led by. came early in elections earlier this month kurtz has promised zero tolerance on anti semitism and said future partners must be pro europe. saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin song mom has pledged to restore a moderate form of islam in the kingdom at a conference in riyadh he said he wanted to end extremism and to make saudi arabia
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a country that is open to all faiths based on what he called quote the true values of our religion we'll take a look at what you know. during president steinmeier has told the russian president vladimir putin that he is unhappy about the state of relations between germany and russia he made those remarks while on an official visit to the russian capital moscow steinmeyer also met with human rights activists after his talks with the russian president it's the first visit by a german head of state to russia in seven years. and only sure when has been covering this bilateral meeting and she joins the make me now from the russian capital moscow good to see emily we've heard from president steinmeyer and president putin after their bilateral talks.
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yeah we have and steinmeier emphasized again that relations are really far from normal he particularly mentioned the crisis in eastern ukraine and the annexation of the crimean peninsula and he also mentioned what he called recent arrests no he didn't say what he meant by that but he could have well meant the arrest of a prominent and critical theater director city biko and also the arrest of opposition politician. so he did have human rights and ukraine were on his agenda and putin agreed that there are difficulties in the relations but also both both men emphasized the importance of carrying on a dialogue so they both talked about difficulties but also also emphasized had an optimistic tone there so there was an optimistic tone what kind of reception did president. or we see from how that the two men appear at their joint press
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conference. well in general throughout the day has received a rather warm reception in fact put in invited him to come on this visit and during the day there was this handover of an evangelical lutheran church the congregation at that church is largely has german roots so that was a symbolic gesture the church was handed over from the russian state to the congregation so it is symbolic gesture of openness of readiness for a dialogue there and ahead of their meeting ahead of their meeting today putin told cameras spoke to spoke to journalists as well and he he said that frank steinmeyer is is a expert an expert on bilateral relations and he said that you know he pointed out that he had been the foreign minister so that he really knows his stuff when it
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comes to russia so he seems happy that she seems to be ready to keep the ball rolling on dialogue and on relations there and we sure went to moscow thank you. rock n roll pioneer founts domino has died at the age of eighty nine the iconic rhythm and blues singer songwriter and pianist sold over one hundred million records starting at the end of the nine hundred forty says dynamic performance style helped change the face of popular music and drew crowds for decades domino was one of the first an artist named to the rock n roll hall of fame all the stuff despite becoming a global star he continued living in his hometown of new orleans. that's common out there while out to south africa now where a man has sailed overhead for two hours in a camping chair held up by
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a bunch of balloons he lifted off near the city of johannesburg the british adventurer spent days inflating the balloons and head of the island which he described as magical while after reaching a height of two and a half thousand meters he popped some of the balloons get low back down to earth and they're. very courageous all right and now to the birth of a baby black rhinoceros in a zoo in the czech republic which is bruce ting hopes for the survival of this endangered species only a few hundred black rhinos are left in the wild in africa while on the campus born at the beginning of this month but doesn't have a name just yet her keeper says she is in good shape she'll stay with her mother for the next four years and it's possible that she may one day join four other rhinos from the zoo which have successfully moved back to africa.
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are you watching you know in news so here's what's still ahead. times as earnings are soaring and the german airline is using its might to go on a buying spree in europe. going to be telling you all about it when we are back then face on is up next with the latest business news and one and i'll be back at the top of the hour. the whole g w one. for in.


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