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this is deja news live from berlin a final farewell to a beloved monk hundreds of thousands of time line that called streets to fire that lost his back to the like to come upon a symbolic cremation ceremony in fact called his bluff i'm not rich rich will top the five day i will do a king who ruled for seventy years and died
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a year ago also on the program. confusion in catalonia the region's president postpones a speech in which he is expected to announce not be elections so west as i think then begins deadlock in spain of independence a life to council or. we are really grateful. for everybody who supported us legally. of the german human rights organize a big tete a short nice freedom file from the to his president he and other activists on trial for terror related charges to see this being politically motivated. also coming up traitors in frankfurt taken by surprise the chief executive of the stock exchange operator resigned botha in allegations of insider trading take you to the trading floor to find out the latest. in the german company topsides fire and munich and abi leipsic no went the distance in last night's.
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i'm phil gayle welcome to the program mourners in thailand have begun the main parts of a five day funeral for the country's late king upon me paul in bangkok family members and dignitaries from around the world awaited the arrival of an representing the king's remains as tens of thousands of mourners lined the streets music written by the late model played alongside the procession and gunshots greeted the arrival bring you the latest from the city after the trip. correspondent passed in the heartache is that. welcome back walk us through what's been happening today. where you can see behind me phil this is the royal commission hall and there is a religious ceremony on the only right there at the moment maybe you can hear the
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chanting of the monks there are dignitaries from more than forty countries here amongst them former presidents of germany christiane wolf and also japanese prince and princes the king also photon royalty from germany and all from germany sweden from europe of course. the silvio. sweden's here for example queen marks him out of the netherlands also and they're paying their respects to the making right now in this ceremony that's going on behind right now they're putting down sandal with flowers which is. a custom here for a funeral and that's the spirit in thailand and i can see that road here behind this is where this elaborate procession passed through this morning that was led by now the king the next thing someone allegedly on who is now the king of that
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this is a procession which which has been here and what you cannot see is that to the left and right of there are tens of thousands of people who have been waiting for the case here braving the rain braving the heat to be part of this spectacle and to pay their respects to the king and bid him a last farewell to the past and i think in the badcock stay with us we're going to have a look back now at seven decades of king above me paula so will. king . the man who was thailand's monarch and head of state for more than seven decades . during his reign he still thailand transformed from poor rural society to prosperous modern nation he survived a number. of attempted coups appointed twenty governments and signed more than a dozen constitutions amid the turbulence the king was considered a rare source of stability. for many he was also semi divine.
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is traditionally seen as the reincarnation of a hindu god. king who. was born in one thousand twenty seven in the us while his father was studying at harvard tended school and university in switzerland where he met his wife after the mysterious death of his brother in one nine hundred forty six became king he was just eighteen years old. and had passions that were considered somewhat unconventional for a king he loved jazz music and even played in his own band. the king was also interested in seeing how his people lived he often visited rural areas and arranged development projects which led to many calling him a caring ruler. with his considerable moral authority to me ponder fused several political crises as a mediator one of the most significant was the deadly rioting against the government in one thousand nine hundred two when his intervention prompted the then
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prime minister to resign. although popular as a strict monarch his subjects were allowed to approach him only by sliding across the floor on their knees without looking him in the eye criticism of him and his family could be punished by years of imprisonment. but the threat of jail didn't completely stifle criticism. activists say he hindered the country's democratic progress by wielding too much power and often siding with military and conservative forces. after the coup in twenty fourteen the king was accused of legitimizing the rule of the military after he gave royal blessing to the army's transitional government. the king spent the final years of his life battling illness he died a year ago at the age of eighty eight. following his death his son must have achieved a long gone has taken over the rain but he does not share the same popularity
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assist father with a puny post stabilizing influence many thais are anxious about their country's future. let's go back to boston heartsick in bangkok and boston reverence for the king seems to go beyond just respectful of the office has that been your impression on the streets of bangkok today and briefly if you wouldn't mind. very much self respect to people before who were here to watch this to watch the procession and they were very emotional about the king and to them or to many thais they king is was just was like a father to them he was someone who had the interest of the people at heart someone they see as someone who. was pushing for the development of the country for the well being of the people there were many. there were on television a lot of pictures of him none of them crisscrossing the country. trying to look for
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that development and trying to for the well being of the people that's why many of him many of them really are him so highly and loved him dearly and the people that we spoke today were very emotional about this they said that they were they started keeping it when we even asked them about what it was like for them when that procession passed and what they thought of the king what they felt for the king so that's how deep those feelings go with many thais still present i think in bangkok thank you. now for some of the other stories making news around the world. an explosion and fires a fireworks factory in indonesia has killed at least forty seven people and injured dozens more for the saving initial blast off with a warehouse a complex of the fact you're not suppose of jakarta calls to move to collapse before spreading to neighboring buildings. the fight against america's opioid to drug epidemic is getting a boost from president trump he's set to declare the crisis a national emergency the u.s.
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is battling the surge in opioid related deaths including thirty three thousand lives lost in twenty fifteen president trump just make fighting not made fighting opioid addiction a priority of his election campaign. venezuela's former national assembly speaker henry ramos on the country's democratic opposition been awarded the european union sakharov prize for human rights european parliament said it wanted to reward to dig the courage of politicians and students fighting for freedom in the face of the country's repressive government. thousands of protesters are demonstrating in bus a lot of the capital of the spanish region of catalonia as it separatist leader prepares to make an address cattle on president carter's proved amount was first expected to make an announcement aimed at breaking the deadlock with spain an hour or so ago that was that delayed and then postponed it now is expected to speak in about an hour of this comes a day before spain's parliament is you to decide whether to impose
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a direct role in the region. that's joined. the pill who is end up boston and welcome charlotte some observers think that catherine the leading college post among will back down from declaring independence in this speech in an hour or so what are you hearing. yeah that was the one that we heard a couple of hours ago that he was going to pull back from declaring independence from spain and that he was going to cool regional elections as has been the case so far of the last few weeks of this crisis there now that's been thrown up in the end there's a lot of uncertainty initially when it was the regional elections were going to be cool we had hundreds of people behind me protesting against that move saying they wanted independence and now now it's looking more uncertain exactly what is going to do things have calmed down a little bit down people here just trying to white like cattle and his regional
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leader is in a meeting at the moment just behind me just here in the regional government office with his vice president. and confrontation between the two vice president very much for independence has been pushing for it all along pushed him on as we as we heard seem to want it to to cool recent actions so what happens in the next couple of hours is still anybody's guess at this point at this disunity is interesting is that they have already been resignations haven't. there have indeed yeah there's been a number of people who step down for him to john's posse in protest against this suggestion that he was going to cool regional actions for a number of the two left wing parties propping up pushing months party nothing less than independence will do for them they've been pushing for this all along and they do not want to see. back down in a sense take away this stream from them they say that they have the mandate to push
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ahead with independence they say that's what people here have voted for and they just constantly understand why he'd want to do liaison's now and cool these regional elections and indeed risk losing the government mandate that they have if the elections don't go that way if you couldn't you cannot track the question for them what would be the political guy calling these elections in december. well for a lot of people here who she is the prospect of independence triggering violence on the streets it's a big relief to think that perhaps we might see regional elections sort of a calming down of this crisis which really was coming to a head today what's it could achieve theoretically is that mage rates could step back from churchgoing article one hundred fifty five that would remove the temporary suspend cut news autonomy it would remove power from those in the coming
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government leading the charge for independence and it would take over some of the. government finances as well that wouldn't go down very well here in catalonia which is very defensive of its language and its culture and its autonomy so that would be very dangerous for people who say theoretically it could be argued that by calling these regional elections that would happen that isn't sussan. there are some in the regional government in madrid sorry that say that it's not enough to. cool reasonable actions for them not to trickle out to one five five piece moneys to say ok we are not going to call independence in the forseeable future and three back away from that threat chart shows some fill in barcelona thank you. this is d.w. news live from berlin still to come violence in kenya voters go to the polls in a rebound of the presidential election the opposition is boycotting the votes you'll hear from our correspondent and nairobi. i date of drama and i'm extremely
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carefully scripted plot in frankfurt there's been facilities reading stuff that will start with the drama though of course so much of both the bus cost is stepping down by the end of the year he's c.e.o. of the frankfurt stock exchange operator and came under fire for buying four and a half million euros of shares in his company shortly before announcing it was looking at merging with the london stock exchange. a shot up on the news merger never happened but can get it is being investigated the company has repeatedly denied its chief executive did anything wrong. let's get the reaction from daniel cope our financial correspondent who's in frankfurt so i can get it takes the trading floor by surprise what was his reason for resigning. well the reason he basically didn't have too many options and you know this week he
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wanted to agree on the settlement with the courthouse frank for the courthouse and frankfurt was saying though that this case is just too important so they didn't want to agree to this ten million euros settlement can get is now saying also that he just doesn't want to cause any more problems for the stock exchange and that he wants that the stock exchange can now really focus on the future of course those are the nice and official words but there was a lot of pressure on him they had a board meeting taking place here at the stock exchange talking about his future because also his contract was due in march two thousand and eighteen so now with this news of you know stepping down that it's his own decision he can you know kind of get out of this in a gentle way but where does that leave the company no successor as far as we know and allegations of insider trading here they haven't of announce
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a successor so far they were saying that they will do this announcement very shortly for the moment it's going to mean for the company you know getting out of this you know bad had lines that we have seen throughout the last weeks and you know also months but of course this case is still going to go on can go to it's going to be in front of a case with you know with a result that we don't know yet that you cope for us in frankfurt thank you. well the e.c. b. has announced a gradual withdrawal from post crisis stimulus it's caylee back its bond purchase program from sixty billion euros a month to thirty billion euros from the start of next year interest rates will stay where they are at their historic lows europe is slowly on the mend with the likes of portugal spain and greece all growing economically but many experts believe a new debt crisis could hit at any time that's why the head of the european central
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bank mario draghi says the eurozone still needs its financial support its purchases pumped newly printed money into the banking system in hopes of raising inflation from the current annual one of the half percent toward the bank's goal of just under two percent let's talk to daniel about this daniel first of all this is quite a balancing act mr draghi he doesn't want the euro to shoot up too high that would hit export if he does want to start easing the eurozone off its drip how's he actually doing well this is a very complicated process you're right he doesn't want the euro to be strong and this result we are already seeing after this news we saw again the euro dropping which as you know helping at the export business you can see it here clearly at this point we had this news of the reduction of the bond purchasing program shares
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here at the roots have in next export again rising we are all again of off this thirteen thousand point mark at the moment that is a slow process i mean he announced that you know there's going to be a change off the monetary policy of the european central bank a very slow though was also that we are going to see this bond purchasing program longer taking place now at least until september of two thousand and eighteen so slow and low as well as far as interest rates go. yeah exactly i mean we are we don't have to talk about higher interest rates at least until september of two thousand and eighteen that's also what he announced and when you talk to experts they are saying that they think that they're going to be high interest rate poverty only in two thousand and nineteen very interesting though a drug use contract is also a jew in october of two thousand and nineteen by that time he's most likely going
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to resign and it's most likely that he wants to be the one you know at the end maybe office korea to announce higher interest rates for the eurozone than you cope with all the analysis for us in frankfurt thank you and i'll have more business for you later on in the show including the economic fallout of this next story. thank you yes we're talking about kenya where at least three people have been killed in the election related to violence as a consequence the government has delayed a rerun of the presidential vote in four counties opposition leader rather are doing it as described today's vote as a shock to call for a boycott in the capital nairobi mr dangerous supporters of the throwing stones of people trying to enter polling stations can you supreme court to know the results of elections held in organs because of voting and counting irregularities. and responds to rather dangerous calls for boycotts of president to her kenyatta has
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called on kenyans to go out and vote here is casting his balance we're happy and. all we're asking is that kenyans turn out. to be. requesting them humbly that they should turn out in the large numbers that's their vote make their decision choose their leader. for our country to move on because i believe that we have. we're tired as a country of election year and it's time we move forward. it's going to pose a rather are doing because upon the commodity joins us from nairobi welcome if let's start without news of a delay in four counties what are you hearing well that's the news that we received shortly before the polling station polling stations closed they closed at the top of the hour but before that the election body the i.e. b c went to the podium issued their first press conference today saying that four counties which all happened to be in the region of support the opposition will be
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postponed and those regions will get a chance for a reelection again on saturday that's on the twenty eighth so that's the latest from the i.e.c. and shortly after all position a legislative members decided to come out and give their own press briefing saying they don't care what the i.e.e.e. b.c. says they don't believe in the process of electioneering in this country and their position remains the same they want to the g.o.p. government to resign from the position of power currently and for the country to accept that this is not a legitimate election and what reason did the ira basically give for suspending the votes in four counties well they were very very good about it saying that it was simply security concerns and that was clear for everyone to see since six in the morning opposition strongholds in western kenya and even here in the capital nairobi have been flaring up it's been a game of cat and mouse as my colleague described it because opposition supporters are hurling rocks at people holing rocks at even people who are voting and the
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police have decided to respond very aggressively using tear gas has been reports of live bullets being used on these protesters and this has been the scene in a lot of these parts of the country today so what we have is a situation where we have boycotts a low turnout voter intimidation violence and the votes suspended in four counties so one wonders once everything happens this beast these elections the big legitimacy of this election will surely be called into question. i think their legitimacy is already being cast in doubt there are a lot of people who even participated in the elections who have who have admitted me said that half of the country is being left behind and the opposition who do represent that half of the country who allegedly being left behind is saying that this is a sham how can you possibly go on and call this an election when half of the country is not participating the result of which has been a country that is sharply divided one which is supporting the current president who
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cannot and his party of jubilee or one which is help out also supporting the opposition candidate. and the interesting list of interesting little wrinkle in that role are doing your calling for a boycott but his name is still on the ballot it is still in the ballots and this was due to a technical issue he was meant to have presented one very specific document to the election commission but he didn't do that and a lot of people who support the current government say that this was you know this was very revealing showing that he wasn't truly going to ever pull out of the election it was just a stunt a chess move but he obviously proved everyone wrong he may not have given that technical piece of paper in order to do so but he wasn't at the polling stations today he hasn't been seen in public since morning and his supporters are remaining with a message which is that he left them with which is do not attend the elections stay home be peaceful if that's an option and on the most part we've seen that his
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supporters have largely he did his call and stayed out of this election process so these four counts is there's a. when do they get to vote. they get to vote on saturday according to the election commission but the opposition members of parliament who have spoken right now say that they see this as being very suspicious that the people in these regions have really made their message known that they don't want to participate in this and so for that election commission to say that we're pushing this for another four days is something that's completely moot because they're going to see the exact same low turnout or even none whatsoever come saturday if the money in nairobi thank you for those divisions around can you say rerun elections are also playing out online . social media just can tell us more welcome less so we heard from
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him on the opposition calling for a vote boycotts boycott are you seeing much support online. it will fill the opposition is definitely the loudest voice online in kenya today many people are using the hash tag election boycott. being kenya people saying ok stay at home do not go to vote and also giving reasons why they themselves did not go to the polling stations today for example we have a tweed a very influential blogger he calls himself you can bet the samet he is affiliated with the opposition he says as not supporters being right loading as the opposition coalition we are ready to go the long haul we are ready to bid time and wait and they want new elections in ninety days but then we are also seeing people asking whether this boycott is really the best way forward here we have another very
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popular blogger he says the boycott is giving kenya a bad name it is exposing us badly it should have been avoided and in fact abraham had gone to court wanting to day's election to be canceled because right had pulled out of party of the o.d.m. party is saying of the vote must count the votes a must have value and the vote will count and have a value so very confusing messages coming from different parts of kenya today there's a lot of uncertainty a lot of tension also among the people who have been tasked with ensuring that today run smoothly here for example you have these the security officers covering their faces as they are carrying of those ballot papers so it was a tense they had was a day of a lot of uncertainty in kenya opposition leader rather dangerous as he's forming a resistance movement kenyans reacting to the us. yeah he announced that
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yesterday he said that his opposition coalition will now become a national resistance movement and he wants the supporters to defy all government oregon saying that the government that will be chosen today is an illegitimate government reiterated that in a tweet from his coalition saying as from tomorrow this is something that was treated yesterday so a national resistance movement members begin a boycott on all products whose profits finance this illegitimacy about to many people are questioning how successful this will be let me just show you a skeptical voice here saying nasa is transforming into a resistance movement boycott to government service well good luck with that and of course phil we are keeping a close eye on what is happening in kenya we have updates on our website and also on twitter at news alicia thank you. and i will have more on
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the economic situation regarding that kenya in the show and business with this is day w. news still to come. a german human rights activist jailed him to fade after three months in prison so just is surprising to a small name if between the two countries is on the mend. the german cup topside by an munich adachi leipsic when the distance in last night's top notch. we'll have all those stories and more the days of world news and business in just a moment. when history books are brought to life. maybe the stories therein get a rewrite. the story of the russian revolution. from the perspective of writers thinkers and to covent garden just what did it feel like to live in times of the revolution the people. nineteen seventeen the real october
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forty five minutes. it's reformation day on d w. i have programs round the clock marking its five hundredth anniversary we're going live to the commemoration ceremony getting back will be documentaries magazines and talk shows focusing on luther and the groundbreaking events he helped set in motion restoration day talked to over thirty first d.w. . every journey begins with the first step and every language and the first word i looked in the eco he's in germany to learn german. physicist why not learn with him. it's simple online on your own mile and train. the stuff. d.w.b. learning course. because
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a german made easy. health. and here it's too long. solidarity. they fall by the wayside when the gap between rich and poor grows. like in an equal society's. divide starting november fifteenth on d w. this is day eight of the news of live from berlin i'm from ghana top stores their stock as though his present contest first of all are set to deliver a highly anticipated speech about his next move is sure to happen in the next hour or so local media report that he intends to call ice not the regional election it's received as an attempt to convince spain not to enforce direct role. in the
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symbolic cremation seventy four thailand's liking for me probably is under way in the capital bangkok foreign dignitaries from the forty countries joining the i want family for the occasion about a five day family to move in to save. our german national peter storrie and seven other human rights activists have been released on bail after spending three months in the prison they were arrested during a digital security workshop in istanbul and jailed on terror charges as part of a post can crackdown is destroyed in this case is one of many diplomatic flashpoints between to in germany is released that could signal a thaw in relations. wednesday night in istanbul for painting a nightmare has ended after more than one hundred days behind bars the human rights worker for amnesty international is once again a free man after his release from prison his comments on what happened made his ordeal clear. i'm really grateful and i can say we are really grateful.
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for everybody who supported us legally. diplomatically and with solidarity and we know it's going on but we do it together. case and those of other german citizens arrested by turkey have severely strained relations between the two countries in berlin there is palpable relief over his release from prison. we were very pleased when the news came yesterday that peter storrie now was to be freed he was wrongly imprisoned in turkey for three months but now is the time to bear in mind that there are still german citizens being unlawfully held in prison in turkey for. you know if he had to. give if it does then that this is sensational and we should encourage turkey to take more of these steps to release the other
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prisoners especially the journalists where the accusations were made up out of thin air from this former german chancellor played a decisive role and does release a media report saying chancellor merkel knew about churches mediation efforts this was confirmed by his social democratic party colleague foreign minister. one german citizen may have the revived a hard time in a turkish prison but others still behind bars are waiting to see much german diplomacy can do for them this week chancellor merkel met the wife of an prison german journalist an easier job a clear show of solidarity by the german government with those being held illegally in turkey's presence. as i member of germany's polman he joins us from istanbul where he's been a following this trial as an observer but welcome to day w.
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why is peter storrie case become such a barometer for relations between germany and turkey because peter is the eleventh chairman citizen. under custody unsurety and there are channels left and his case was so important because he was arrested for. a lot of conspiracy theories and we are very happy that he is released since yesterday and we hope that also the other ten jurors citizens will be in court soon and view be free as soon as possible and why do you think this has happened now because it's taken everyone by surprise. oh yeah you're absolutely right i mean there are a lot of background information about that we don't know really what happened specifically in the back maybe of the visit of former chancellor schroeder let's
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begin on korea had in fact mainly on korea it was finally interested to normalize. relations in germany but not with that case alone there is still ten other germans under custody and turkish jails and therefore there have to do more to normalize relations between our two countries i mean there's a lot of speculation in the room and i'm happy that kid here is now in a plain talk. to leaders family and that's what counts more so now peter storrie not is out of jail he's been released on bail but he's trial will continue in november so how does that work how will the trial continue will he go back to turkey to face trial. i don't think so you will somehow answer the questions of course about. i wouldn't tell him to go back to you so wholly
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get you never know what's going to happen we had similar cases very people source we were released but i was there were still there under custody again and therefore it's safe for him to stay home in berlin but we don't know how this. case is going to and all and in a normal country in a normal justice system this case would make it to look or because it's. like a hot plot tool business a lot of. controversy cheery. no evidence no proofs but in turkey unfortunately it's possible to put people in jail for such and such a case but unlikely in istanbul thank you in the united states president trump has announced that he will declare a national emergency to address
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a growing drugs crisis declaration releases more federal funds to local authorities many small town budgets and emergency crews to stretch to the limit because of a surge in overdoses the w six hundred phenomena reports from a small town in ohio on the front line of this epidemic it's raining in east liverpool a higher office to tell about has been on patrol for. like to think that the weather doesn't keep them from not wanting their drugs. to get on really bad it don't matter if it's fun rain snow or come out for. the policeman grew up here he knows this area well. tony it's on river road heading towards downtown. welcome and his colleagues have just arrested a woman she's wanted to connect charges. fight
4:38 pm
against looks like crack cocaine. is this your purse. this your wallet. this is your wallet. this rolled up here. was one of the sleeper crack for you. east liverpool was once called the buttery capital of the world but with the decline of the ceramics industry came joblessness and rockies. this used to be housing there.
4:39 pm
less one fake and. leaving no one lives there these are older weaker occupy but very rundown. you were given up just to tell what has considered it's moving away. if i moved away there be no one here to to take care of our parents saying that mother siblings had left town. for other jobs and sisters married and lived where their husbands worked at. so i made a commitment to the stay here and ride the storm out. the police received an imagine see call about a drug overdose and on the night shift office says aren't you to sure where she took you to claim began. and if they did. they
4:40 pm
know that she has attempted suicide god you know my granddaughter you want to know why i'm doing this because my daughter mia got that are not while this or that when it. was nowhere around you i was in the woods. here with. many people who live here say they feel like losers there are hardly any jumps or prospects whatever residents of east liverpool ohio. has in football the german has been in full swing this week the most hotly anticipated game of the round so i'll be leipsic by host to buy and munich both clubs and at the top of the bundles they get table on that cup match was a tight encounter that went all the way to penalties. rb leipzig and bar in munich
4:41 pm
had silverware on their minds after a goal it's opening half the game's rhythm changed after the break is filed by lights he cannot be kato on robert eleventh and that to his second yellow card of the evening and an early trip to the dressing room with playing with ten men didn't slow down the hosts after sixty eight minutes of use of polson was brought down by jerome boateng and forsberg stepped up to the spot when the right put their lead was short lived just five minutes later boateng found thiago alcantara his perfect tatter level to score. higher dominated into extra time but there was no getting past life see keeper paycheck do not cheat. a penalty shoot out back into a bar and put away all their spot kicks. unfortunately for leipsic team of then i couldn't convert the visitors and times to the next round was.
4:42 pm
the welcome for that let's get more from the president and from a dub there's also welcome chris a big win for buy in what the move the tough and lives and let me quote our coach of high case it was an extraordinary and very important win for the club and i have to credit luck because when you look at leipsic for what it was like a final competition two powerhouses in the league this season and when you consider the fact that life's a kind of man short and binder plan for over an hour and were unable to convert you had to lean towards luck a little bit but all in all you know byron did what life he couldn't and that was block a penalty attempt spit all right you know did what he had to do to get by on the edge but a little luck it was a tooth and nail fight to the finish fitting for a final more than the game that gets to the sweet sixteen ok so having quit is there any way that this could actually be positive the leipsic allowing the members and to concentrate on the league title well you know their coach who. hudl the head
4:43 pm
coach said they should walk away with their heads held high because when you consider the fact that they did fight to the very end it was over an hour in twenty minutes of action you know and when you look at what they have ahead of them you mentioned this is they are neck and neck domestically and these teams meet again this upcoming weekend in munich so i think that that confidence will carry over perhaps give a different ending to the outcome we just saw play out because ideally there will be eleven against eleven on the pitch and a couple of other teams got off the mark after some difficult weeks as well i'm talking about cologne and vertebrae and both of the teams are at the basement in terms of the table and they both had impressive wins cologne hansen in berlin that's a huge win when you factor in three goals ok three goals was all has been all of their output domestically they equalled that so that's good moving forward and then vertebrae men as well vertebrae and had a more impressive win when you consider their opponent hoffenheim hoffenheim right
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now sort of the top half of the table vertebrae i'm still searching for when number one and they had a win so both of those wins any time you win it carries over to motivational reasons into the next match day so it's always good to see that are always good to see you as well chris thank you very much first right now let's return to our coverage of the elections in net kenya been physical and has the economic fallout first of all feel any sort of violence is going to scare off vestas of course but add on weeks of protests and all the political upheaval in a nation that's deeply divided that's a recipe for a lot of uncertainty as to where the country is headed that is harmful to the economy. in the slums of nairobi opposition supporters are blocking the entrances to polling stations they're protesting on the streets although the demonstrations have been deemed illegal the police are using tear gas to disperse the crowds the presidential election is turning into chaos. it's taking a toll on motorcycle taxi driver david michael's business people are not in the
4:45 pm
mood to spend money. we can't earn enough money as people continue to demonstrate so it'll be difficult to take care of our families for me as. the wave of protests has weighed heavily on the east african countries economy kenya has taken in one billion dollars less in revenue in the past four weeks because investors are staying away construction has come to a standstill but many tourists are avoiding the country many fear a bloodbath like after the elections a decade ago twelve hundred kenyans died in the violence kenya's economic gains in recent years helped to keep the peace many companies have a stablished operations in kenya which became the strongest east african economy last year with six percent g.d.p. growth but the ongoing political conflict threatens to knowledge five the gains from all that success. catalonia as president is set to give
4:46 pm
a delayed address amid speculation he'll call a snap regional election the central government is reportedly prepared to suspend direct rule in catalonia if a vote is called the political turmoil and unrest have prompted many companies to move their headquarters out of spain's richest region not every business wants to or can't leave. a banner on the town hall of sub adele reads freedom for political prisoners this catalan city isn't just the stronghold of the region's independence movement but also its industrial heartland due to the city's wealth spain's fourth largest bank was founded here. even though the bank has now turned its back on the region most mid-sized companies are staying in catalonia. take this supermarket chain for instance right in the middle of the political crisis its management announced it would be making two hundred million euros in investment
4:47 pm
opening nearly thirty new stores creating one thousand new jobs. they want to know us and we're also building a company head office right here in the heart of catalonia we won't move our headquarters anywhere else that will keep the wealth in jobs in our region that's exactly what we want you to find out what's going on i think that as many see reports of companies leaving the region is cheap propaganda that's because the major corporations and banks are effectively only changing their registrations for tax purposes plants and jobs are staying here but the political crisis is affecting many companies orders are getting cancelled foreign investors are leaving add to that the regional government in barcelona is having trouble paying its bills. messes is put on the bible and waiting six months for the authorities to pay their bills. that's heard on my company. i have to get
4:48 pm
a loan to pay my workers. call the authorities about the payment they say their hands are tied. by. companies or can't between the two sides of the political crisis which continues to escalate according to business sources here the government in madrid is also putting pressure on folks not in subsidiaries say that this seems like an effort to push one of the biggest employers out of the cartel and region prime minister rudd seems also to be using economic leverage against his political opponents. a growing uncertainty about catalonia his future is weighing on the region's capital us alone or is one of europe's major tourist destinations while there are no official figures about a boy yet the word on the street is that the political crisis has hit tourism hot. would you like patrick smith works as a tourist guide just five people have signed up to his tour of the famous sucker out after me. not
4:49 pm
a good sign considering the church lies at the heart of barcelona's tourist trail. where city north country lation it's unusual for almost twenty five percent down since october people are afraid. with nowhere fishel figures available yet it's too early to know exactly how big an effect spain's political crisis is having on tourism overall but anecdotal reports suggest the problem is a huge restaurant owner carlos man rest has noticed a significant drop in clientele since september. we're thirty percent down compared to the year before work. let's start here with things go on like this. it's really bad but the problem is the situation is ongoing. hotel owners in barcelona appear reluctant to discuss the crisis but the word on
4:50 pm
the street is that bookings are down about ten percent since the referendum. eighty kilometers away in terra goanna hotel ownership is more upfront he says spanish tourists are boycotting catalonia and. to point out in the moment we're seeing a ten to fifteen percent reduction in tourists from spain out of the total your portion of tourists from spain is thirty percent less on those a bonus for them. but some more and that without official numbers there's a risk of the consequences being overblown and anecdotal evidence being used to inspire fear. tourism is a popular of both the spanish and catalan economy i mean people use information. overstate the consequences when kind of a warning to the castle and government while industry insiders await the exact figures it seems hard to dispute that spain's political crisis is hurting tourism
4:51 pm
that's especially worrying for people like patrick smith whose livelihoods depend on this one in five castilians work in the tourism industry. the sound on australian didgeridoo resoundingly around the austrian capital the other. countries developed moves at a foot of treasures from around the world it has just reopened just eleven days after an election in australia that is not to shift towards the immigrant rights robin metal from desk is here or welcome to rub it seems like quite an interesting juxtaposition to. the conservative people's party where the biggest winners in the election and we're looking at potentially the most the forming of the most right
4:52 pm
wing. government since the second world war as they've just started coalition talks with the freedom policy which is very far right. immigration policy openly anti immigration and here we see this sort of ration of cultures in the right in the center of the austrian capital and it's set a break in so many different ways and it's all about works from outside of all share from all over the world strikes me a bit as a triumph of culture over politics a little bit at the moment anyway let's have a look at more of the museum. freshly renovated the vet museum's grand rooms once again invite visitors on a journey around the world. the objects displayed in the fourteen rooms of the museum have been carefully curated as essential representatives priceless treasures
4:53 pm
from the four corners of the world. doesn't fall for that was a big surprise for me when i arrived in vienna five years ago seeing how incredibly good the collections were and how this quirky country beyond the hills know excuse me it wasn't that two hundred years ago back then it was a huge empire but it was a european empire and it was surprising to see how many collections from the whole world were gathered here. in. austria may not have been a colonial power but it was infected by the idea of world domination. collections from the south seas explorer james cook a continuing source of pain for britain to this day the haps books went hunting around the world to back trophies the archdukes maximillian and rudolph for instance. then there was the profound acquisitiveness of france found in and which led him to the south seas driven by what he called museo mania his assassination
4:54 pm
and sarajevo in one nine hundred fourteen sparked the first world war after which the hub spoke ceased to be a world power this piece was looted from china by austrians. these objects are from plundered mowery graves the museum now openly addresses the shadowy history of some of its collections that new approach also includes visits by people like these native mexicans paying tribute to append the feathered headdress of the aztecs the vet museum wants to encourage visitors to embrace the foreign rather than rejecting it. it's interesting they they they talk about embracing. just know that the shadowy history of actually addressing the origins of some of those collections that has become a bit of a topic here in berlin has yeah and as they mentioned that austria was in a colonial power whereas of course germany was in the nineteenth century rather
4:55 pm
like britain and spain and portugal as well and they were robbing the world really to stick treasures and now here in berlin what is being called the largest and most ambitious cultural project in germany is taking place it's the home bull form which we see pictures of his this vast place right in the center of town and it's meant to house collections from a number of museums including the ethnological museum and the museum of asian art there's a great discussion now going on here in germany about finding the provenance of these works from around the globe and i actually won just story in a just wrote a newspaper a prominent newspaper just a day ago i want to know how much blood is dripping from each of the work he records which is quite i mean even the institutions name say alexandr phone home you know the great explorer has been accused of stealing objects during his travels
4:56 pm
in the nineteenth century so it's also vienna and curators around the world that she had beginning to talk about this or that talk about it but no one in the back of more on the website to salute the d.w. dot com slash shop in fact this is the w. news life. of a lot of you get you get over license to use the information around the clock on the website e.w. dot com but the. are
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. this is you know it is live from berlin the polls are closed in kenya's rerun presidential election president hu kenyatta plans voters to give him another term but take two of this contest at home has been marred by clashes in a lower turnout after the opposition called for a boycott where nairobi.


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