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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 26, 2017 5:00pm-5:15pm CEST

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the soviet union's heritage where does russia stand today and moscow's in our series starting november fifth. this is you know we use live from berlin the polls are closed in kenya's rerun presidential election president hu kenya plans voters to give him another term but take two of this contested poll has been marred by clashes in a lower turnout after the opposition called for a boycott where nairobi. also coming up confusion in catalonia the
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region's leader is due to address the regional parliament shortly he's expected to call the snap election in an attempt to avoid madrid imposing home rule so does that leave the deadlock with spain over in the pendants square in barcelona. and a war of farewell ties pay their last respects to the late king point part symbolic commission ceremony in bangkok is marked by a lavish ritual it's all part of a five day farewell to the long leading monarch. thank you so very much for your company i'm leyla iraq we begin in kenya where kenyans have cast their ballots for the second time in nearly three months polls are now closed but voting is not yet complete. eaton kenya's presidential election
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the government delayed a rerun of the vote in four counties after at least three people were killed in election related violence in the capital and supporters of opposition leader. through stones at people trying to enter polling stations and disrupt election proceedings well what can you supreme court in all the results of elections held in august because the voting and counting irregularities. and indeed correspond to either come on is in nairobi either how is the situation at the moment well it is as has been the whole day it's a country that has been split into two on the one half we do have people who participated in this election because great of those he has him so much so that we saw the president being handed gifts at his polling station because it also doubles as his birthday today as of this is the kind of enthusiasm we saw in the regions where he enjoys a lot of support but on the other half it's what you've already mentioned we've seen running battles between opposition supporters and police most of them saying
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that this election is a sham they're not participating and not just that they did everything in their power to ensure that people in those we just don't participate in the election as well located in polling stations with stones and as i mentioned the police reacted very aggressively lobbying tear gas at these opposition protestors and at times even using live bullets and either twenty we expect to hear what the results are. well that's something that's still up in the air the election commission as you mentioned big come up to speak to the public a few moments ago and saying that they've postponed elections in four regions what this means is that even if they begin counting today that will not be able to give an official final result until these regions have cast their vote and of course it's yet to be seen whether the person who will be leading in this vote will get the numbers that are required constitutionally in order for anyone to be declared president they have to have gotten at least fifty percent of the votes cast and
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more to that they need to have gotten at least twenty five percent of half of the regions in kenya as to whether or not this will be possible is again something that kenya is awaiting to see all right well let's hear your point there because of course this is the second time the kenyans have had to go to the polls in nearly three months time with opposition supporters boycotting the selection so could kenya possibly conceivably be headed for a third election if today's vote is considered not representative certainly and if you're speaking to the opposition leader raila odinga he will say definitely in a statement that he issued today he did say that he would convene a people's assembly where they would be calling for free and fair elections but most importantly fresh elections so as far as the opposition goes this election didn't happen for them and they want something new something credible but if you ask supporters of the government they'll tell you that this election followed all the constitutional points that it was followed to the letter and that if we were emerges victorious as is expected at the end of this vote then he will be sworn in
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in no time so again the jury's still out as to whether or not the country could face another election come on reporting from nairobi or thank you very much now we want to bring you some of the other stories making news around the world. an explosion and fire at a fireworks factory in indonesia has killed at least forty seven people and injured dozens more police say the initial blast occurred at a warehouse complex at the factory on the outskirts of jakarta it caused the roof to collapse before spreading to knead green buildings. the fight against america's hope your drug epidemic is getting a boost from president donald trump such a declare the crisis a national emergency the us is battling insurgent opioid related deaths including thirty three thousand lives were lost as a direct consequence of opioids in twenty fifty made fighting opioid addiction
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a priority of his election campaign but as a way of us former national assembly speaker henry ramos and the country's democratic opposition have been awarded the european union's sackcloth prize for human rights the european parliament said it wanted to reward the courage of politicians and students fighting for freedom in the face of the country's repressive government. german peter and seven other human rights activists have been released on bail after spending three months in a turkish prison they were arrested in istanbul and jailed on terror charges mr starters case is one of many diplomatic flashpoints between turkey and germany and his release could signal a thaw in relations. wednesday night in istanbul for paint a nightmare has ended after more than one hundred days behind bars the human rights worker for amnesty international is once again a free man after his release from prison his comments on what happened made his
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ordeal clear. i'm really grateful and i can say we are really grateful. for everybody who supported us legally. diplomatically and with solidarity. and we know it's going on but we do it together. case and those of other german citizens arrested by turkey have severely strained relations between the two countries in berlin there is palpable relief over his release from prison. we were very pleased when the news came yesterday that peter storrie now was to be free to recall he was wrongly imprisoned in turkey for three months but now is the time to bear in mind that there are still german citizens being unlawfully held in prison in turkey for. you know if he had to. give if it does then that this is
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sensational and we should encourage turkey to take more of these steps to release the other prisoners especially the journalists where the accusations were made up out of thin air this former german chancellor gerhard schroeder played a decisive role and does release media reports saying chancellor merkel knew about churches mediation efforts this was confirmed by his social democratic party colleague foreign minister. one german citizen may have survived a hard time in a turkish prison but others still behind bars are waiting to see what german diplomacy can do for them this week chancellor merkel met the wife of imprisoned german journalist uneasy a clear show of solidarity by the german government with those being held illegally in turkey's presence. thailand has become the main part of
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a five day funeral for the country's late king poop on and bangkok family members and dignitaries from around the world waited for the arrival of an urn representing the king's remains as tens of thousands of mourners lined the streets music written by the late monarch played alongside the procession and gunshots greeted the urns arrival. aren't we want to take you now to catalonia where thousands of protesters are demonstrating in barcelona the capital of the spanish region of catalonia as its separatist leader has just finished making near an address. president of the carlos was first expected to make an announcement that was widely expected to to announce the breaking of the deadlock with spain earlier but to that speech was delayed on this comes of course the day before the parliament is due to decide whether to impose direct rule in the region
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while he has since spoken and we can take you now to barcelona to w.'s charlotte to chelsea on the pill who is reporting from there what are you hearing. the one way hearing is that it produced one is said it's up to the parliament to decide on a new ad elections there's been a lot of advice which influence on this issue today was initially thought that he would cool these elections and then he oppressed by and then counsel the same and he was and then to be making out there is a store that he did that while he was still in school with members of his coalition government behind me i'm sure you can hear protests that are going on it's students seven university and high school students as well bill cooling for independence a lot of people here and indeed a lot of people within peers runs coalition government say that they'll accept nothing short of independence so the suggestion of
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a new elections is going to come as a disappointment to a lot of people ahead with this at telus joe i mean is there just no unity when it comes to seceding from spain. that does seem to be the case that i appreciate his face a lot of backlash within his own government on exactly how to proceed here i mean the two left wing parties. so approaching our kids coalition government had said all along that they won independence in fact several alyea today at the suggestion the new elections were going to be cooled stepped down and saying that they would not be party to a decision to this decision and that they had nothing to do with it spews from all they has been under pressure to try and calm the situation there's a very real risk that it could get out of control if he did cool independence was the threats of violence on the street in fact was something that
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a lot of people here were very worried about up now i'm seeing and reading here are reports coming in from agencies that he apparently said that there guarantees are not in place to call elections is he trying to back down a little bit now. i didn't quite hear that i did if you can hear behind me later there's a lot of chanting going there's a lot of charity we're pushing it. and there's lots of crowds there as well i was just wondering if this is an indication that is actually. backing down a little bit from his so hard to core stance that he took on at the beginning of this sir crisis. that somehow a lot of people here will view it yes they they will even say that he's he's making a huge time and in fact before he spoke there were a chance here outside the regional government office from pro independence support is calling him a traitor just before we had officially heard from him the argument. for him would
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be that he is trying to calm the situation down because tomorrow the the senate in madrid is shuttle to vote on imposing direct rule of a couple enya that would mean that madrid would take charge of the regional government its finances even its police and that's something that a lot of people here would find extremely decide on satisfactory they are fiercely defensive of cattle and autonomy of its language of its culture and there would be a lot of anger here on the streets barcelona if that does go ahead as it stands is not yet clear whether or not madrid will now impose on us a cool one five five now with a fed these elections do go ahead there are some within the government in madrid who say that it needs to happen. they need to hear from the regional government that they will step back from calling for independence remains to be seen what's going to happen tomorrow all right to charlotte's all simple reporting from
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a very tense catalan capital of barcelona thank you. and moving on to some sports now in soccer the german cup has been in full swing this week while the most hotly anticipated game of the round saw r.b.i. lights and hope play host to by munich well both clubs are near the top of the women's league table and their cup match was a tight encounter that went all the way to the penalty. rb leipzig and barr in munich had silverware on their minds after i go in this opening half the game is rhythm changed after the break is filed by lights it's not b.k. down on robert evans lead to his second yellow card of the evening and an early trip to the dressing room. playing with ten men didn't slow down the hosts after sixty eight minutes mrs bolton was brought down by jerome boateng and forsberg stepped up to the spot when they. put their lead was short lived just five minutes later boateng found thiago alcantara his perfect tatar level to score.
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higher dominated into extra time but there was no getting past life see keeper a paycheck. a penalty shoot out back in the barn put away all their spot kicks. unfortunately for leipsic team of ana couldn't convert the visitors and fans to the next round was. thank you so much for spending this part of your day with us when we're at the top of the hour see that. news on d w make. the famous stars emmy and. when the kim and fi god's house of music should. be there. and unplugged.


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