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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 28, 2017 11:00am-11:16am CEST

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down. the. teacher moira samuels belongs to the group demanding justice for grandfather to them that means getting timely help for victims and their families and punishing those responsible. this painting project was set up the day after the fire mara samuels has been involved in local politics for years she says the fire is only the most tragic example of the problems here she wants political change and an end to austerity measures we'll take the astaire it see and you'll take the wealth you know and you'll continue to make decisions which will deprive us of decent education decent health service decent housing you know public services have been really attacked over the last. social worker jamie so will also knew many of the victims he's involved in youth projects in the area around grenfell town they offer young men an alternative to drugs gangs and violence he says the authorities with the problems here under the carpet that are
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violent crimes unit entry to violent crime unit want to accept as a gang issue. so they couldn't call it gangs to go to gang then the people at the other end of history might get a bit of a upset might affect house prices. negron full time residents have created an improvised community center here people can read a book chat or play chess and forget their troubles for a while. it's especially important to give the young people here something to hold on to that was tough enough even before the fire. when you bring things like drugs into it and you say we're an area where you can make an easy buck and youngsters are already feeling deeply resentful because they're very aware of what they don't have because on the other at the other end of the street there's people who have so much. it's just a very strange place tied of two cities entirely i think. this is the other side of
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kensington and chelsea the local. rotary club is holding a meeting at a luxury hotel you must be successful to be a member of this organization those here are aware of the barriers huge gap between rich and poor there's always been a situation of rich living with poor and and get along fill in fairly well because i think there is a commitment from people in this country that we help each other. so after the terrible tragedy in their barra they feel it's their duty to pitch in. graham thomas a former diplomat is coordinating the club's efforts to help ever since the fire has been flooded with offers. personally just going to their i being i being rather proud of how people have responded they've responded in small ways responded in big ways but they have responded they haven't just walked away from the whole thing. yet despite that response that grenfell's former residents and neighbors feel have been abandoned most had lost faith in politicians long before the fire to them the
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towers burnt out shell is just further evidence they'd been right all along. it begs the question whether such a basic rights are only accessible to the privileged few who can afford to pay for them and now to switzerland where a farmer is fighting to as he puts it give cows a voice aren't capello has made it his mission to curtail a practice he considers under sara lee cruel and based on all the signatures he was able to collect it seems many of his fellow citizens agree with him. you know you're going to get sleazy. seeing me with no link i mean count one farmer i mean couple has never followed the crowd. he's a free spirit who has always done his own thing. and he's someone who usually gets what he wants sooner or later. and what he wants now
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is that cows get to keep their horns although they are all born with more nubs in switzerland eight out of ten calories are de horned this is often train full of the cattle. it's clearly cruelty to animals. this is the creator equipped cows with horns for me it's only natural that they belong to the animal this is all you can. also get it here. so he started campaigning to let swiss cows hold on to their horns for years he tried to do this through petitions but the authorities and the politicians wouldn't listen. so he launched his own cool horned cow initiative and against all odds collected more than one hundred fifty thousand signatures enough for a referendum on the matter. in
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a few months switzerland's more than five million voters will decide and arm income power stands a good chance of winning despite opposition from the government the parliament and the association of swiss cattle breeders. and scientists of us can't be that something like whether cows have horns or not becomes part of the constitution i was looking scouse here how they're all standing around us so calm and peaceful atmosphere i don't think these animals are lacking for anything else and cows with horns significantly raise the risk of accidents i know i have been here almost all of your thought. i mean composes the notion that cow horns increase the risk of injury is nonsense he says that in his stall the cows used their horns to communicate. on through she offered the tip of her horn to another cow so it could clean dirt out of its high. but the dog was black crowes
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a clip of you had she stuck out her horn and the other one went like this. compound knows he can't bend the horning entirely he jokes that if he tried to do that someone might set fire to his cow stall instead he seeking financial assistance for farmers who let their cattle keep their horns. that's because these cows need more space in the stalls and d. horned ones. his opponents say couple's initiative would cost thirty million swiss francs. it will be at these scales where the money come from it have to be taken out of domestic agriculture there certainly wouldn't be any more direct payments or subsidies and that would mean more discontent amongst farmers in one of them. but the battle against horning is really about creating more nature oriented agricultural policies something armen couple plans to keep fighting for now he must find funding for his referendum campaign he
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paid for everything himself so far but now his wife has taken the bull by the horns and forbidding him from doing it again that's it for today thank you for watching seem next time.
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