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the media focused on the church thanks to the luther year and gave it a lot of coverage i've read that you didn't like one media description of luther as the first example of a so-called angry citizen why not. now. that was what it was a series in the magazine dish be good. but the media tends to oversimplify. calling a loser the first angry citizen associated him with the wave of right wing populism we're seeing in germany and i didn't like that association luther was passionate he was extremely polemical he could be very hurtful but he was also willing to compromise he had a gentle side he wasn't a right wing populist but what is the main thing you would like germany to take away from the luther year so. an awareness of that time in history that has marked germany profoundly missed even in terms of the german language. and the question we should all ask ourselves how do freedom and faith go together. as the
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lutheran churches spokesperson on cultural affairs what do you think is luther's cultural legacy is it perhaps that the reformation is not just a german but a european idea oh. yes that's such an interesting aspect of the reformation. lutheran germany but this year's events show that the reformation has a european context and peace and context that gives us a different understanding of our european neighbors france sweden switzerland and poland with their experience of the reformation with. england henry the eighth in the anglican churches split from the catholic church helps us understand britain and breaks it down the hatred of rome then today's hatred of brussels so many associations that give us fresh insight into today's diverse and very turbulent continent and. that leads in neatly to our part of the interview where we ask you
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to finish three sentences from my take home message from the luther year is an awareness of the freedom of faith as an amateur footballer i'm envious of full soccer stadiums because. because of all the people singing in public like in church in places in germany where people sing together churches and stadiums. people tweet more than they read to me as an author that's. not you know. you're close in thanks for talking to us. in good shape hepatitis the silence can. every type just a b. c. . in many patients don't even know that they are in fact i'm so the liver goes on strike. because do let the talks with experts about new treatments and typical
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risk factor is. good she's next. my first boss i was a sewing machine. where i come from women are bound by this motion towards something as simple as learning how to write a by side though it isn't. since i was a little girl i wanted to have them by cycle of my home and it took me years the money might have. finally they gave up and went on buying me and my cycles but returned because sewing machine sewing i suppose was more appropriate for girls than riding a bike as now i want to reach out to those women back home who are bound by their duties and social rules and inform them about that basic rights my name is the matter of the home and i work eat i'm.
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good at the bit that w. we speak your language our spanish program on your. own was willing for us to put my soon again which is always close to the action but i'm not all by makoto the folk ever wonder what you can get that up to the minute news and opinion of the background to political developments with d.w. we bring you. on the way. welcome to in good shape coming up. slimming down getting rid of love handles by freezing the. bread and irritated the symptoms of rose asia and how to treat it and liver threat hepatitis
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a dangerous disease that often goes monday tactics. and here's your host dr constantly go top. the liver disease hepatitis is a worldwide problem especially in africa and in southeast asia many patients don't even know that they are infected until the liver goes on strike how you can prevent hepatitis and how you can treat it this is what i'm going to talk about today with dr you get here at the sheraton in the in welcome to in good shape. if you have elevated liver enzymes go see a doctor because many problems can be treated. hepatitis a b. c. d. e. there are different kind of viral agents causing the liver disease and some of them
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are quite harmless our liver can deal with it but especially in hepatitis b. and c. the disease is really really dangerous because over time it destroys our liver. even to has been through a lot she was diagnosed with hepatitis c. her liver had become irreversibly damaged she was fortunate to get a transplant although only after an agonizingly long wait. couldn't enjoy life at all i was just living one day to the next hoping that i'd survive too often. the name hepatitis is derived from the greek words for liver and inflamed some forms of that disease those caused by alcoholism for example are not contagious but infectious liver inflammation is triggered by pathogens hepatitis a through each type of virus is transmitted and treated in a different way if the body can't fight off the infection on its own patients have to take special medication if the disease remains under tech to it can cause
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scarring in the liver. and we can get rid of the virus then. the patient is no longer infectious. but once you reach a certain stage of liver disease it can no longer be reversed. and. that was the case with gabby vinter happened titus c. remained undiscovered for thirty five years and destroyed her liver the virus can't be seen or felt only a fraction of those affected develop jaundice a symptom where the skin and eyes turn yellow many people misinterpret the symptoms . exclaiming exhaustion and a complete lack of drive everything seems so incredibly difficult and requires an immense physical effort. that's what always left me so dry and this for this first show i also felt before my. sometimes patients
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experience stomach pain to arise in the liver values can be an early indicator of hepatitis if doctors suspect an infection they conduct an ultra scan examination of the organ. blood test is required for formal diagnosis definitive results can only be provided by the lab. vaccines are available for hepatitis a and b. but not c. appetite or c. isn't passed on during normal social contact usually it's transmitted only directly via blood and certain parts of the world risks are higher in india and. in developing nations where hygiene standards and not as stringent as in the industrialized world you should avoid invasive procedures for a name and so that even includes having your beard shaved because of the risk of injury. that clinton once
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a year or so that's for those who do get infected there are new drugs that appear to be capable of beating the disease in most cases but gabby venter had to have a liver transplant although she too is now enjoying life again. the drugs that cure hepatitis are very expensive but they work and it is what i'm going to talk about with dr benguet here at the surety in berlin thanks for having me today what are your experiences with those new drugs these drugs are really a revolution in medicine. it's now possible to cure this form of chronic disease in almost all patients also they already have. liver silos and it's really. extreme benefit for all patients to have these medications that have less side effects are almost no side effects a short period of time to take them can be a minister or really so really great development in medicine you have to admit
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that pretty safe for all patients but this is not quite true because those drugs are very very expensive so not everybody worldwide can afford them why are they so .


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