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a lot longer than many people but yes i yes i am i want to be if i want to make history i have to wait for it. whenever you want to do or say a school like this one they'll ask you for before you go off thirty years of experience doing education building as a young architect if you don't have that project to begin there or you're never able to accumulate that thirty years so it's a me personally i really like your designs and then to see see them all printed and see oh you kind of greens and all that stuff looks amazing on the other side as if i'm limited in money and stuff it's like am i really able to kind of realize something here you're imagining this like is that too far off or is that realistic to do something the short answer to your question is that it is actually sometimes cheaper to do what we designed ten years to do a transition of building such as
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a fine light green technology that's a few money in the long run so sometimes we can just look at our front cost but that we have to look at the life cycle of the entire building to see how much money you can save so one other thing which really interests me is. the huge project you competing with them and probably it's like you sometimes you win morning and sometimes you don't win for a longer time so it's a kind of feed use the young for all this is hard to sustain the financial base for your family or is that. i think. the way i said wife in hong kong is just like the way my parents wife here we live minimally. we rarely buy any new stuff for even from our own kid ourselves. or second hand. i believe that this go in the ring at the same time just makes a lot of financial sense.
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out so you have to mention do it with the royal engineers i'm just going to have the mail on this machine and want to know the story must first be a metal sleeve. come out all i'm taller than the taj and force it on the nest up on the. country. i'm sorry to one of the flock that's like a business and it's my home. but when is the only time you'll meet the necessity for the storm for mention of walking. on the my modest through the bush for the storms of this and all forms of the shell.
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for local heroes. creative. paul paul. paul.
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hero max. beat the germans. and so. culturally. us american music takes a look at. missy's at their traditions every day lives and language doesn't just come out of my lungs i'm a sock so i. could just. pick a fish big guy a d w dot com make the germans. go to the big w. we speak your language our spanish program on youtube. on ways we'll informed wasn't what listen i can like to always close to the action but i'm not part of the
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this is deja vu news live from berlin spain's state prosecutor seeks rebellion charges against catalan leaders this as madrid takes control of catalonia to snuff out its independence that will go live to barcelona and to to brussels where the sacked regional government is believed to be now. also coming up donald trump's former campaign manager paul metaphor turns himself into the f.b.i. he set to face the first charges in the probe into russian meddling in the u.s. election the big question is was there collusion between trump's team and moscow.
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the suspense builds as kenya's electoral commission prepares to announce the winner of a rerun the presidential vote we'll get the latest from nairobi. plus another hollywood star faces allegations of sexual misconduct this time it's kevin spacey a fellow actor says spacey tried to seduce him when he was only fourteen spacey says he has no memory of the incident. and c o two levels in our atmosphere are rising at record breaking speed fast the stern warning issued by the un's weather agency will ask scientists there about the impact. i'm sumi so misconduct to have you with us a further twist in spain's constitutional crisis as catalonia begins its first week under direct rule from spain central government spain's top prosecutor has called
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for charges including rebellion to be brought against couple of leaders after they declared independence from spain now among those facing charges as catalonia is later karla's bruised among who was sacked by the central government while spanish media are reporting that he and other members of his cabinet have left the region and are now in brussels. we have our correspondents on the ground covering the story for us we have a band record for us in brussels and charlotte shell some tell with the latest from barcelona good to see you both but let's start with you we mentioned that spanish media say that bush tomorrow and other members of his cabinet are in brussels what have you been hearing there this to no official confirmation about the lab outs of mr putin moment and five of his cabinet members. we've talked to the cut a lot and representation here in brussels they tell you they have no clue the president. is right now but they also sources here in belgium that say he's already
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in the country and he's about to meet some lawyers in the afternoon and he's supposed to give a press conference in the afternoon but all of this is rumors and we also talked to the spokespeople of the european commission and they told me there's no evidence or no hint that there's a request for official meeting on something by mr putin mond and the european commission so we have to wait until he shows up actually in brussels all right charlotte let's come to you in barcelona you know if these reports are confirmed this seems to come as a surprise what about the rest of the sacked government. we're hearing these reports here as well that he is with five other members of his dissolved government now this really is a crisis that's been defined by its twists and turns have been a lot of shocks in this process but as shocks go this is quite a big one here i mean let's bear in mind crucial and has said that he in the past
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that he's willing to go down for this cause and it was only on friday that thousands of people here were gathered in this squad celebrating independence so if there's any suggestion here that he could be looking to stay in brussels in belgium longer term i think a lot of people here will feel extremely led down as van mentioned though it's still very unclear exactly what is happening in brussels and exactly where he is i think a lot of people here are going to be looking very keenly to see when he speaks to the press we're hearing now that it could be tomorrow rather than today confirmed all eyes will be on him charlie you mentioned over the weekend there were thousands of people there in favor of independence took to the streets in barcelona meanwhile the catalan parliament canceled its session today what do we take from that does that mean that this body is backing down from this push for independence.
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i think people here are starting to look at it that way we're also hearing that all parties in this in the cafeteria ball one has said that they're willing to stand in the election in december the any party not to confirm that they want to stand is coop's as the far left party that was propping up. government they've not said anything it's cool but the fact that everybody seems to be willing to play along with these elections that have been cooled by madrid does suggest that some of the of the energy is pulling out of this independence push that of course will be extremely disappointing for people here some of whom were chanting hero about pushed him on and what they thought he'd achieved here on friday when he declared independence for others the course must repeat to be pointed out. extremely divided on this issue for others i think they'll be a real sense of relief that we're not seeing any violence on the streets and it
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looks like we're going to progress with fresh democratic elections. come back to you in brussels now if it is indeed there didn't the e.u. say essentially that this is pains business what are couple on leaders doing there what can they hope to achieve and what can be used to. god is the mr putin moment and his government is. is. the viewpoint of the commission or the european union has no change this is a spanish method to be resolved in spain and mr putin moaned is of course a spender citizen free to move to belgium as long as he wishes because he has he enjoys the freedom of movement within the european union he can of course apply for asylum in belgium but is quite sure that is the case and to be turned down so and the european union says it's not our business what they're doing now in spain and the cuttle and leader as i said has no not made any request to meet
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somebody here in brussels officially so we have to wait what will happen next right both in of brussels and barcelona waiting for some sign of carlos for tomorrow our correspondents there are boundary correct and charlotte charles and phil thank you both very much. living on to our other top story a president donald trump's former campaign manager paul man of ford has surrendered to the f.b.i. he and his business associate rick gates have been indicted by a grand jury on charges of conspiring against the united states matter for it was seen leaving his home this morning in alexandria virginia before surrendering he's been under investigation in a probe led by special counsel robert mueller and at that probes into the potential coordination between russia and trump's two thousand and sixteen presidential campaign. let's go right to washington our correspondent carson phenomena is standing by for us there high cost and good to see you tell us more about what has
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been happening this morning and what how pomona for it is a big charged with. well there's a long list here in this thirty one page indictment signed by the special prosecutor robert muller. one charge of course is conspiracy against the united states as you just mentioned but also there is working as an unregistered foreign agent for the then pro russian government of ukraine of president viktor yanukovych who the country until two thousand and fourteen when he had to flee to russia after the euro ma done pro vest uprising and metaphor actually worked for this government for an agent here is a technical term which means you work as a lobbyist or advisor or propagandist for a foreign entity and then there's money laundering and tx evasion for that money
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that he and his associates richard gates earned from the ukrainian government and we're not talking about a few thousand dollars here we're talking about tens of millions of dollars that have been. those two tried apparently according to these indictments to hide from the american states we have to say once again he had these only charges he's innocent until proven guilty but it certainly doesn't look good for manifold and gates have very long list of charges they're cast and how close does this actually come to the president tell us more about metaphoric at the former campaign manager and his connection to donald trump. well donald trump and his allies have been trying to distance the president from money for for some time now saying that he didn't work for donald trump's campaign for a long time wasn't very important there well that's simply not true and paul
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manifolds was the compay in manager for five months was donald trump's right hand man and a very important phase of the complain when he sees the republican nomination and richard gates also stayed with the complain or at least was connected to it and was reportedly even going in and out of the white house for much of this year. to be clear of course those charges that we've seen today are not connected to russia or any conspiracy by his campaign to russia but still of course at least donald trump has to that he's not really good at judging people he's always said i know the best people i have the best people that's clearly not true. and phenomenal reporting on the very latest developments there in washington thank you custom. now kenya's election commission is preparing to announce president hu kenyatta who ran without a significant challenger as the winner of last week's rerun in the last hour the
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commissioner said the presidential call was free fair and credible despite widespread violence and a big drop in turnout schoolchildren were caught up in clashes today between kenyan police and opposition protesters in the capital nairobi turnout has been estimated as low as thirty five percent after the opposition leader. called on his supporters to boycott the proceedings kenya's kenyatta's mystery in the first poll held in august was unknown because of irregularities. let's talk to the at it t w eat at the c'mon issue standing by for us in nairobi hi edith we heard that the election commission says this was free fair and credible this rerun of the presidential vote how are right loading and its supporters reacting to that. well the first indication of that is coming by way of social media there a lot of people who are you don't putting out laughing emerges basically laughing
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at him and this entire process because from the beginning the media very clear that they do not recognize the election and therefore they certainly don't recognize the outcome on the other side however president kenyatta supporters are reacting very differently in fact in the in the headquarters where the election board chairperson is announcing the results every time he announces a who cannot test results people clap and they're cheering so it's quite a divided country as far as how what people think of the election and the two men who are at the center of it. supporters they boycotted this fall because of that we also saw a very low turnout doesn't that undermine the legitimacy of this announcement in favor of all. that certainly what a lot of people are saying especially those who do support opposition leader right saying that yes while half of the country did participate you can't ignore the fact that half of the country did not and that raises doubts as to whether or not this announcement is just made in itself whether the president will be considered to
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have been legitimately elected but as i mentioned the country is very divided on this as well and so on the other have people say that the constitutional scholars or the elector and everything that is happening in kenya right now is nothing suspicious and nothing to talk about where do we go from here if his supporters do not back down could we see this ask a lake once again could we see more violence. that is definitely what a lot of kenyans are worried about social media there is a big push for peace at the moment but that's not what we're seeing on the streets earlier on i was standing near where which is a slum has seen a lot of clashes between opposition supporters and police and i'm a student who has even said that they must of course by the police as richly disproportionate to what they're meeting on the ground and the fear of course is that after the who can now has officially been declared president the supporters of opposition right now it didn't go to the streets and we might see
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a repeat of what happened in this country in two thousand and seven our correspondent for us in nairobi thank you edith. let's take a look now at some other stories making headlines around the world forest fires in northwestern italy air force more than one thousand people to evacuate reports an italian media said that the blazes near the french border are believed to have been started by arsonists. and officials in saudi arabia say women will be allowed into three major sports stadiums for the first time next year the landmark move will open up the previously male only venues to families the announcement comes days after saudi crown prince mohammed bin salman pledged to restore moderate open islam in the kingdom. academy award winning actor kevin spacey has become the latest star to face allegations of sexual impropriety that's allowed to go after anthony rapp
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told buzz feed spacey had put him on a bed and lay on top of him when he was only fourteen years old rob said he felt compelled to speak out after a recent cascade of sexual assault accusations against powerful men in the entertainment industry spacey issue an apology in which he denied any memory of the incident and also came out as gay. never social media editor carl nasmyth following this story for us i call give us some more background about what's been happening i mean as you mentioned anthony rapp he says this powerful wave of stories being told by the survivors of sexual assault such abuse that's kind of what gave him the courage gave him the strength to tell his own story and he discussed his motivations on his own twitter account last night and here's some of what he wrote he wrote that i came forward with my story standing on the shoulders of the many courageous women and men who have been speaking out. to shine a light and hopefully make a difference as they have done for me
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a rap he's receiving of course lots of praise for telling his story on the other hand though as is kevin spacey a very powerful actor in hollywood and he responded to the allegation last night on his own twitter account and this is what he wrote he basically issued an apology he writes i honestly do not remember the encounter it would have been over thirty years ago but if i did behave as he describes i owe him these and serious apology for what would have been deeply inappropriate drunken behavior he then goes on to write that this story has encouraged me to address other things about my life i have loved and had romantic encounters with men throughout my life and i choose now to live as a gay man so kevin spacey as we heard coming out now is gay the same time addressing these allegations issuing a somewhat of an apology there somewhat of an apology that seems to have backfired definitely he's getting a lot of course as criticism not only for his alleged actions but also for the way
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that he's addressing them linking these actions with his sexuality and many people actually speaking out about that many gay people as well openly gay here's one from american author named mark harris and he writes you know i keep rereading the statement getting angry or coming out as a beautiful part of being gay and attaching it to this violence is so wrong again rights activists even in australia riots. i think kevin spacey sarcastically for heroically throwing the gay community under the bus by conflating homosexuality and predatory at ophelia some even say he's using this to distract from the accusation itself using his sexuality that as a comedian he writes the classiest way to come out of the closet is as a p.r. smokescreen to distract people from the fact you tried to him bless the child so we'll see what the fallout is from this this story definitely not over yet right duties that carlson from our social media desk thank you carr very much for bringing us that story. now awaiting another big announcement in the us today on
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this one from the federal reserve ben. u.s. president donald trump took office there's been a big question mark hanging over the position of head of the fed janet yellen is term expires february and there's speculation trump will appoint someone who favors a foster pace of interest rate rises. there's no business like show business they say but what about the business of running the world's biggest economy it's a blurry ninety washington u.s. president donald trump clearly hasn't forgotten the tricks of the trade honed on his show the apprentice in an instagram video posted on friday he proved he was a man well versed in the art of building suspense people are anxiously awaiting my decision as to who the next head of the fed will be it will be a person who hopefully will do a fantastic job and i have somebody very specific in mind i think everybody will be very impressed but most of bordley i think at the end of eight years you really
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will be impressed because things are looking good might that very specific someone winning the keys to this prime piece of real estate the favorite jerome powell the former investment banker republican is already a member of the fed's governing board markets would welcome his nomination believing he would continue with yellen fiscal policy gradually tightening the reins after a period of extremely loose monetary policy then a stanford economist john b. taylor his chances are slim though insiders believe he would raise interest rates too fast and don't forget current chair janet yellen in theory she could serve another term but it's the trunk will be looking to turn his back on any obama administration appointees meaning sometime this week she might well find herself on the receiving end of that well worn catch phrase you're fired and let's go over to all the ballots are standing by for us in frankfurt to give us the european perspective on this story only does the frankfurt traders have
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a favorite. yes they should certainly do i don't think anybody would like to see janet yellen leave the fed i think there is almost universal acclaim for her term in office it's been a little bit of a bumpy ride she's not always acted the way people thought she should have that goes for both sides of the in london for asia as well because for numerous times she announced a tightening of monetary policy and then a further tightening but wavered and delayed this and not upset markets a little but all in all the fed has started tightening now interest rates have risen the buyback program has been stopped the fed is starting to shrink its balance sheet so she's doing the right things in the right time she's a sensible reflective personality with an excellent economic background but people agree here it's probably going to be jerome powell ok and i guess that's because
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a lot of people criticize yellen at least in the united states for being too slow in the shift in policy in the u.s. . that could be part of the picture but of course if you hear donald trump janet yellen should be his candidate as well he would like to see low interest rates but the thing is he would also like to see a republican that he can nominate and jerome powell is that he's a former investment banker he's a lawyer but that doesn't really matter because he has so much experience and investment banking and in the financial world and he's been sitting for five years on the board of the fed so he'll be a candidate that should be easy to pass through congress where democrats also play a role probably in this nomination and don't forget something that's very important . powell has also come out for easing banking regulation and that should be up trumps leave as well. if powell were to get the position and did start pushing up
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those interest rates a little faster what what would that mean for the eurozone which isn't budging from its. historically low interest rate. that's right that's what mario draghi said let's last week and it's boy the markets here it's put pressure on the euro and that's probably going to continue and the problem is if the spread gets too far the new europe becomes really under pressure the economy in the euro zone is doing all right one could see an acceleration of the process but whether the e.c.b. will actually do it for political reasons we don't know that yet but it will be a development that will have major impact on the markets here in the coming months and years all the balance of the expectations of the u.s. and the pressures on the yours i thank you very much. for business to come including a strong rally in the tech sector thanks to apple thank you ben well the un's weather agency has warned carbon dioxide concentrations in the earth's atmosphere rose at record breaking speed last year the world meteorological organization
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secretary general said rapid action is needed to cut emissions of c o two and other greenhouse gases to avoid dangerous temperature increases the animal report found human activities as well as the weather phenomenon el nino are to blame. let's talk to oksana tarasova in geneva she's from the world meteorological organization of the agency that released that report oksana thank you for joining us tell us more about the findings in this report the finding is an industry or are actually the same bad news as we report every year or so this year we break the record with our carbon dioxide levels anything that all. levels and also what our knowledge is that last year we had lunch and were seen increase in carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere. so it's going to if there are no
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major cuts to greenhouse gases what are the risks here. well but we also want we would cover a knowledge of the greenhouse gases into perspective so if people understand where we aim and if we ever observed anything like that then he started off the year of the earth so basically we compared the current concentrations with what we've seen last eight hundred thousand years ago and there was no such concentrations as soon as we can judge where there are the current our measurements and then we have to go back to three to five million years and that we can see the concentrations of ppm of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere but during that time the temperature was two to three degrees warmer and the sea level were just ten to twenty metres higher so when we make those changes with their current system when we see what we are doing and how much carbon dioxide we are pointing we should keep it in a perspective where the pos climbs so this is
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a call to action and world leaders are meeting in bonn next week for climate talks they're supposed to implement the paris accord but is there really any hope for the pact and because the united states quit. well there is there is always hope and actually if we look at where the carbon dioxide emissions and the other greenhouse gases are coming farm there's obviously coming from different they've given to his yeah and there was an activity is are on basically by private sector sometimes they're armed by the corporation in companies so it's not just the governments who has to take actions it's those sectors who have to take action and for example carbon dioxide the major source is all suited to are the ones who needed to force you combustion so if we can see that our the energy sector and transport sector are taking actions coming to renewables then we are all on a good sign all right a lot still can be than a done there okes on
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a terrace over in geneva from the world meteorological organization to thank you very much for joining us on the program thank you. switching gears a sports now lewis hamilton has been crowned formula one world champion for the fourth time at the mexican grand prix there mercedes driver started up field but he and title rival sebastian fattal were caught up in drama from the very start. a championship was at stake in the start of the mexican grand free was appropriately ferocious on the very first lap sebastian settles ferrari collided with lewis hamilton's miss eighty's. couples and was forced off the track and had to change tires. as did settle. max the strap and took advantage to race into what would be an unassailable lane. vettel was not giving up however he recovered from nineteenth but his fourth place finish was not good enough to delay hamilton
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celebrations. hamilton cross to seal his full formula one championship. it doesn't feel real man i mean obviously that's not the kind of race that i warm. when you're forty seconds behind of something but you know i never gave up and that's really i guess what's important is in my heart. hamilton now has his sights set on me his record of seven f one taught was. to bundestag a football news now better brahmins coach alexander nuri has been sacked after a disastrous start to the season brendan lost three nil to alex burke on sunday stretching their winless start to the season to ten matches under nori the club is scored just three goals this campaign and lie second from the bottom in the bundesliga table where he took over last season and steered brendan away from relegation but failed to build on his own promise. you're watching t.v. news still to calm the faltering hopes of iraqi kurds
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a month after they voted for independence today he takes a look at nationalist sentiment in the region as part of our series new national. that story more coming up in the next thirty minutes. overcoming disease and death. scientists around the world are still trying to unlock the secret of immortality we'll go from looking to floating down without fully looking at ways to reverse it. but what are the chances that this will actually happen. waiting for immortality. in forty five minutes. it tells us.


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