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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  October 30, 2017 6:00pm-6:16pm CET

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future which would be able to run the artificial intelligence. agency. calls it see form just a point the brain and artificial intelligence will have melded so much that it becomes impossible to tell them up. your me and a machine become one. day the jury of preschool so you more than jr frisco's ideas of immortality as we will during and fascinating. but i'm not convinced by the idea of uploading my consciousness onto a computer to the brain i think that i'm also a body not just a brain. but a that i'm not sure i could live without my body or. just say because i've got
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a functioning body and that's not true i'm going to say about. virtual life in a replacement body or a robot might be wonderful for that or. good about it. but find the quest to develop a suitable replacement for a diseased or no longer functioning biological body interesting. is there anything already available. are we close to seeing the creation of an artificial body. the record polytechnique. in switzerland is a leading institution in the field. a replacement body has to be able to interact with the x. journal world and have its own body awareness this robotic hand developed by doctors investor me chair and his team has been provided with a sense of touch a breakthrough that could bear old new advances in the field. and yeah. we're drawing on
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a typical thing is we all do. we think up an object in our sense of touch tells us have firmly we should grip it. we know that people who have had a hand amputated have great problems because that information is missing. in limits the use of the prosthesis with the broad market problems are tremendous from a psychological or neuro psychological standpoint too because the hand itself remains a foreign object for the patient. or. another key component for an artificial body is the ability of the brain to communicate and interact with a machine. that has many. conductors which except the signals. is transferred through the wire here and then you simply write it in the computer. professor millan's team is actually
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succeeded in getting an exoskeleton to move by giving it mental signals the brain provides the signals and the artificial legs move. ok. i think that this will not happen in the next two or three days will take a least five to ten. because different only to. their fear i don't think that the solution is to have it detach after i think that the dream is to have my own body with all its limitations being in power would do a min. that for me their real future their real wall their
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reality here i am back again for locking patients is not that some detach. do things for them but that their own body we all have any meat ations augment it with some kind of grow body suit. can do whatever they want to. my main motivation is to help people who have physical disabilities now it is clear that this same technology could be used to enhance your body or mind even if we don't have any kind of physical disability because they could have a third arm. if. that would allow me to do things that i you know be capable to do without those devices. you know. just how much can this interaction be perfected how precisely can the brain communicate with
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a mechanical electronic device because the mechanic would be wrong in the fusion of the difficult to say really difficult because on the one hand i don't know everything about our brains capabilities to learn new things and all the other we don't know where technology will take it. we hope to understand more about both aspects in the next twenty thirty or forty years. professor which is where that happened it was according to professor we're a long way from constructing an artificial body. i think he's right and i like his perspective. we shouldn't worry so much about the future. we should concentrate on helping the people who can benefit from mechanical it's not. from. a book.
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the transhumanist dream of liberating themselves from their bodies may seem strange but it's still fascinating and me even be valuable but it's far from being realized . the present day version of transmigration of souls as a way to immortality. it'll be decades before that happens and that may be too late for me. but there is a fourth story and is the idea that we can live all through the echo that we leave in the world and this is the legacy story. has two basic forms one is cultural legacy in and the other is biological legacy and for me the the icon of
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cultural legacy is a case we know that as he sat on the beach in front of troy he faced a decision he knew that if he stayed to fight a troy he would win eternal fame but he would die so he would have to sacrifice this life in this body here and now or he could go home and live a long and happy life as king of a minor kingdom hunting assigning children etc and famously he chose to to stay a troy and fight and and he died and here we are three thousand years later still talking about him so he was he got what he wanted. now the last many people prefer the more traditional form of legacy that is biological legacy this can be having children einstein said we are like leaves on the tree of life and one generation passes but we live on in the next. well it's
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clear that we can project ourselves into the future in a way through our legacy but we have to ask is it really immortality the fact that we're talking about a kid he's the father of statues of him or brad pitt is playing him in a hollywood movie does that mean he's reached a life is yet less of a corpse because he's a famous corpse. so that. i agree with stephen came that genetic material is not the way to immortality as woody allen says or you know i don't want to live on in the hearts of my countrymen i want to live in my apartment or face go even but i mean. i've got to confess for better or for worse the four routes to immortality even in their present day and scientific guises are an illusion eternal life is impossible for the moment but how can
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a person bear to live day by day in the ominous shadow of the fate that awaits them . is that every historical period no matter how powerful the immortality story there were also quiet voices who didn't believe who were skeptical and so when we look at these voices i think they make something of a fifth narrative the fifth story but it's very different to the others because while the other four stories before immortality stories having common is that they did night death they say death is not inevitable or death is not real and this big story it excepts the reality of death but it says even though death will come for us it is wrong to be afraid of it. this fifth of you says the fear of death is natural nothing could be more natural but it is not rational it doesn't make any sense the first person to clearly express this was the greek philosopher epicurus who said death is nothing to us because when we are here death is not and
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when death comes we are god. i'm trying to follow the wise words.


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