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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  October 30, 2017 6:15pm-6:31pm CET

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the reality of death but it says even though death will come for us it is wrong to be afraid of it. this fish for you says the fear of death is natural nothing could be more natural but it is not rational it doesn't make any sense the first person to clearly express this was the great philosopher epicurus he said death is nothing to us because when we are here death is not and when death comes we are god. i'm trying to follow the wise words of stephen cave and epicurus and shake my fear of death but what about my fear of growing old. i returned to the nursing home to learn more about how my grandfather lived in his final years. but those are. to me this is where my grandfather spent the last years of his life
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or you could barely see or hear he was isolated from the world. i find that terrifying that devry now if if i mean that i see but only the know but there he was nearly blind and couldn't hear much what was in fact a kind of isolationism let me down and these are let me go. with thanks to his zest for life and positive attitude he compensated for that with friendships and a core base sas he often said now i am very a lot more than that but he tried to take every day as it came living day to day that wasn't a problem for him you know what though they were alive. that's a comfort to me and i'm happy for him. i thought.
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during my quest for immortality i've at least grasped that i won't be going anywhere with my body and i've come to realize that i belong to a species humans. i'm part of the human race i feel solidarity with them and the thought of making space for the people who come after me no longer seems so unbearable. yes in the end i'll probably end up here with my name engraved on the headstone under those of lance esther's.
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but still as degree says i've got a fifty percent chance of living forever. here it's all about one man. this time we're on the luther trail around. in the state's capital and. the historic town of ice enough. the former is being worshipped like a hot start merchandizing and it seems like we bump into him every way.
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why this nation meet you. the story join the conversation if you're going to dublin you on twitter i don't facebook. this is day two of the news live from berlin spain state prosecutor rebellion charges against catalonia as latest as madrid takes control of the regime to hold its independence but they say president has gone to ground believed to be in brussels also on the program. donald trump's former campaign manager turned himself into the f.b.i.
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old man a fourth is now facing the first charges of the investigation into alleged russian meddling in the u.s. election so was the collusion between team trump and moscow. kenya's president who wins last week's repeat election by a landslide electoral commission says the vote was free and fair despite street violence and an opposition boycott will bring you the latest from nairobi. i'm phil gale welcome to the program as the spanish ration of catalonia begins its first week on the direct rule from madrid the country's top prosecutor has called for charges including rebellion to be brought against the latest who last week voted for independence from spain among the accused his catalonia president. whom a trade has removed from office spanish media reporting that he and other full
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members of his companies are now in brussels. correspondent. pants regatta joins us from brussels welcome back spanish media. in brussels what are you hearing . the manhunt for collins push him on the sect president is still on there's no official confirmation hearing process that he has arrived in this city or that he is on the road to the city the cut alon representation says they have no clue mr put him on is a actually is but some spend his correspondents here in brussels who are reporting that he is already in the city in a. discreet and safe location as they say and it is said now that tomorrow morning is to put him on with address the press and the public here in brussels and tonight he is supposed to meet some lawyers and what he's exactly doing in brussels nobody knows there's also talk that he is about to establish
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a kind of a government in exile here in brussels but these us to the rumors ok let's so what have we heard that of the other members of the sat catalan government well we don't have a confirmation that he is accompanied by other members of his cabinet there's only some sources who tell us that the vice president is with him and also for ministers what they had intending to do here in brussels but he knows exactly and the e.u. commission told us there's no official request for any kind of meeting or something like that so the e.u. is staying out of this and also the belgian or thora teams have not issued any word what of what putin month and his fellow guys are doing here yet that the e.u. has been keen to stay out of this so i suppose while you're asking the question i'm asking cashmore asking why brussels. but mr putin months before
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the referendum and before he was ousted always applied to the european institutions that they should have a role in this in a spanish conflict that they should. try to to establish talks between the catalans and the spanish central government but the refused to do that you said this is a matter that spain has to deal with on its own and this is also as a stand point this afternoon the commission says we don't have nothing to do with that of course mr putin one can apply for asylum here in belgium if he wishes but is almost certain that this application will be turned down and mr put him on as a spanish citizen can move freely within europe so he can travel to brussels if he likes but what his motives are well we have to wait until he speaks. in brussels bandra get thank you the united states now president trumps of former campaign
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manager paul manifolds has surrendered to the f.b.i. he and business associate rate gates been indicted by a grand jury on charges of conspiring against the u.s. to mount a horse was seen this morning leaving his home in alexandria for.


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