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ference to law. solidarity. they fall by the wayside when the gap between rich and poor grows. month in an equal societies. the divide starting november fifteenth on g.w. . this is deja vu news live from berlin catalonia ousted leader says he will oppose rule from madrid carlos pushed him all wants guarantees from the government before he returns from self-imposed exile in brussels spain's top court has cancelled
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catalonia declaration of independence and is preparing charges of rebellion for pushed him on to face also coming up former trump campaign manager paul metaphor is under house arrest so is his associate rick gates there the first man charged in a probe into russian meddling into the us election another is helping the f.b.i. with their inquiries and the asylum seekers stranded at australia's controversial detention center on man asylum authorities have closed the facility and told detainees they have new accommodation but hundreds fear they will be attacked by locals if they leave. i'm sorry so much going to good to have you with us we start with spain's political crisis as the central government has taken over direct rule of. catalonia the focus
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has now shifted to brussels the deposed catalan president carlos pressed him on travel there on monday at a press conference today pushed him on said that he has come to belgium to put forward the catalan issue and quote the heart of the european union it is understood pushed him on and other former cabinet members fled spain after prosecutors there said they would file charges against them but the ousted president denied that they stand accused of rebellion and other crimes which do carry long prison sentences jamal rejected those charges he said he would return to catalonia immediately if there were guarantees of a fair judicial process. let's go to our correspondent in brussels found record he's standing by for us with more hi there and you were listening in to that press conference earlier what's pushed him on essentially hinting at running a government in exile yes he said here in the five minutes as he brought along from us alone i will try to carry on their political activities whatever that means
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put him on does not accepting that he's no longer the president of the cut of the india and he says independence is still valid for him but no other country no other state to live alone in europe has accepted that there is an independent republic of congo and yet so this to put you on seems to live in a kind of a pound of the universe now and tries to carry on with something that is not existing and his refusing to return to cut a loony as long as he doesn't have any government he's from the european union what exact to him and we don't know then why did he choose to flee to belgium what is was it precisely as he said to put forward this issue of catalan independence in the heart of the european union. yeah that is what. maintains he says he wants to come to your to europe not to belgium as president of brussels happens
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to be the center of the european union but the e.u. has made it clear before he came that the e.u. will not deal with his case and that is the spanish conflict and it has to be resolved within the framework of the spanish constitution so in the eyes of the you this to put the moment has to stand trial in spain then what will happen here i mean pretty much says he's not claiming political asylum in belgium there but the spanish court says it is seeking these charges and what could happen next. the special prosecutor has to file these charges and to bring its claims and then of cause the spend this are authorities could issue an arrest warrant for mr putin money if he has to appear and caught and can also apply an international arrest warrant in the european union and then belgium would extradite mr putin month to spain but this is still far away and we don't know if mr bush one is really aiming
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to to do that if he applies for asylum he has only lived very little chance to get asylum in belgium because the unesco's normally don't have any chance to get asylum here so it's still unknown what mr put two months plan is he says he will return or you as his party will stand in the snap elections in december he accepted that but nothing else that is coming from spain so far all right brussels correspondent there and recruit following all the latest developments for us there thank you bad . now russia has joined the white house and denying any collusion between donald trump and moscow during the two thousand and sixteen elections the kremlin pointed out that it is not implicated by the first criminal cases against the us president's associates this comes after donald trump's former campaign chief paul man of ford and his associates were placed under house arrest after they were
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indicted in the special counsel's probe another former trump advisor george papadopoulos pled guilty to lying to f.b.i. agents well let's take a closer look at the charges that they're facing now at the center of the investigation is the man that you're going to see here right on the far left here on the screen george papadopoulos he's pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. about his conversations with russian officials trump's former foreign policy adviser may seem like small fish but his case could actually help answer whether russia tried to sway the two thousand and sixteen election now much bigger name is facing a separate set of accusations including conspiracy against the united states that's trump's former campaign manager her palm on a ford he is indicted on twelve charges including conspiracy to launder money and failure to register as a foreign agent and then there is a matter for a business associate reckon gates he is a facing the same charges he has also turned himself in and is under house arrest
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well let's get the very latest with our correspondent in d.c. kind of alina to moyes she's standing by for us hi carol you know we've seen of the three trump associates are facing charges there tell us more about the significance of these cases. peloso me the indictment of mine affording gates focus on their work at devising russia from the political party in a crane and money laundering is probably the most serious of the charges against them this could mean a potential prison sentence of up to twenty years. papadopoulos. to his time working on the campaign and involved efforts to set up a meeting with russian officials so this definitely puts more pressure on the white house and also about up close is the first person to face criminal charges that quote interactions between campaign associates and russian intermediaries searing the presidential campaign in two thousand and sixteen even though it was
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a member of the campaign. aides and also the press secretary of the white house have said that he played a limited role in the campaign and had no access to the president. you said it yourself this is putting the white house under pressure but just how do how much pressure is donald trump of himself under here. well the indictments of ford and gates are not directly linked to donald trump or his presidential campaign two thousand and sixteen as i already said but these charges definitely reveal strong ties to russia. to assist russia experts assume that this is just the first major setback in investigation into russian election meddling and into possible ties between the campaign and moscow so if this is just the first set precedent trump has definitely reason to be worried. about up lucy plays and
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willfully play a key role in the investigations although he is according to the white house he played a lower level campaign aide but he does that made he did it made a direct link to russia and profitable as pleads guilty and doing so he's also a reminder to other a sports in miller's investigations to consider whether they want to cooperate with the f.b.i. and to provide valuable information to authorities are not reduce the catalina to more reporting for us there from washington with the latest thank you could you know. now lawyers acting for asylum seekers at an australian run detention center in papa new guinea have warned that detainees there face a catastrophic situation authorities on manas island want to relocate asylum seekers they've closed the controversial facility housing them that has led to a standoff with hundreds of asylum seekers who fear they will be attacked by locals
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if they step foot outside. their refusing to leave the conditions at the detention center have been described as unbearable so many here fear what comes next could be even worse local authorities want to relocate them to nearby facilities but many fear for their lives following a string of threats and violence from locals. they are not going to give us a safety guarantee that's what i'm saying here but the odds are stacked against them on tuesday authorities are set to cut off water electricity and food supplies they're also warning they won't take any responsibility for those refusing to resettle even then many refuse to budge. what we do is this water we just put a little bit of sugar and salt and we drink this water we can as they maybe for a month with. the asylum seekers are caught in a limbo created by a stray strict immigration policy the island nation refuses to settle any refugees
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who arrive by boat instead it's been paying its neighbor papa new guinea to house the in silence seekers the last year that country's supreme court ordered the detention center to close meanwhile protesters gathered in sydney demanding authorities guarantee the refugee safety it's a human right to seek asylum these people the government just keeps banging on about illegal immigration when it's not illegal it's a human rights to seek asylum in the meantime many of the asylum seekers will continue to live in limbo as her lawyers seek a court injunction to keep the facility open. let's talk to elaine pearson she's the australian director of human rights watch and she joins us highland thank you very much for being with us on our program today australia's government has a very strict refugee policy as we mentioned in that report and it argues that this policy helps to crack down on people smugglers by turning back boats isn't that the government's duty. well look i mean the government acknowledges that this
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policy is harsh it says it's harsh but effective but honestly any policy that rests on a human sacrifice of two thousand people who have been stuck on menace island in papa new guinea and on over the past four years their lives in limbo some of them have committed suicide many of them. you know it's not worth it i mean you can't have this kind of policy that basically rests on sacrificing human life in order for its success so this is why it's extremely problematic and let's face it the majority of the people who are on menace i'm never happy thousand to be refugees that means they have a legitimate fear of persecution and they had every right to leave their home countries and to seek safety in other countries their only mistake was to try to come to australia by boat elaine trying to come to australia by boat the australian government says it is actually protecting human life by turning back boats because
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it's preventing smugglers from even trying that passage in the first place. well look there are lots of other ways that you could protect lives at sea that giant rely on treating them in the humane ways and keeping them on remote pacific islands where they've been vulnerable to violence and even in some cases where they've been killed so look you know we have recommended to the eastern end up time and again to set up reception centers in transit countries like thailand malaysia indonesia where people could be prosperous and honestly i think if people had the right to work in these countries that kids could go to school they wouldn't feel compelled to go on boats but that is the reason why they have got number it's to try to come to australia and you know unfortunately these people have ended up. i mean i was there last month i spoke to refugees from burma for instance who you know ranges
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they have no possibility to go back to their home country and yet they're stuck in this country that doesn't want them where they have no employment prospects and you know where quite frankly for the last four years it's been very difficult i strongly has accepted if you look at the year two thousand and fifteen sixteen more than thirteen thousand people through its humanitarian programs a legal status it also committed to a one time except of acceptance of an additional twelve thousand refugees that have been fleeing syria and iraq how much more can a surly a take in. well this truly is a very big country i mean yes i think it's great that a straight in recent people through the refugee resettlement program but the reality is a stranger is an island and unlike a lot of all the countries there are very people that are coming across its borders claiming asylum and so when that has happened in large numbers and i think it was thirty thousand people back in two thousand and thirteen over the whole city this
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became somewhat of a crisis the whole well is facing these crosses and just because those people are dying many journeys to australia it doesn't mean that they aren't leaving their countries to seek asylum in a lot of places ok elaine pearson the australia director of human rights watch a thank you for joining us on our program today you're watching news still to com era boss is in trouble in america after admitting some of the statements to the u.s. government were not completely accurate that comes on top of corruption charges here in europe. and has the details coming up in one minute.


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