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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 7, 2017 10:00am-10:15am CET

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this is the w. news live from berlin hamas calls for a new intifada uprising after president trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel palestinians have been protesting in the west bank and gaza where hamas a strong and there's been international condemnation of decision so far only israel
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has welcomed it will be live in jerusalem also coming up wildfires sweep through california shutting a major highway and destroying hundreds of homes with record high winds the worst could be yet to come. and greece rolls out the red carpet for wretch of time ever to one he is the first turkish head of state to visit the country in sixty five years. i'm sumi so misconduct good to have you with us widespread condemnation today of president donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel the palestinian group hamas has called for a new intifada an uprising against israel the united nations security council will hold an emergency session on friday trump said his decision marked the beginning of a new approach to the conflict between israel and the palestinians.
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with the stroke of a pen donald trump turned the middle east on its head. i have determined that it is time to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel the u.s. president throwing decades of diplomatic caution to the wind he dismissed warnings that his decision could light the fuse of one of the world's most explosive powder kegs this decision is not intended in any way to reflect a departure from our strong commitment to facilitate a lasting peace agreement we want an agreement that is a great deal for the israelis and a great deal for the palestinians in jerusalem many israelis celebrated trance announced minutes long overdue the flacks of the two allies waving side by side on
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the old city wall. prime minister benjamin netanyahu praising the move as the beginning of a new era this is a historic day the president's decision is an important step towards peace for there is no peace that doesn't include jerusalem as the capital of the state of israel. but far from all israelis share that optimism but it shows a lack of understanding of the sensitivities in this region and i think it's a dangerous move right now that sentiment echoed by the palestinians top peace negotiator the seasoned diplomat visibly shaken warning that trump's move could play into the hands of islamists i think president tonight this qualified the united states of america any or all you know if it's a process i think tonight he is thinking the forces of three months in this region as no one has done before. and there is reason to fear the washington's u.
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turn could provide fertile ground for radicalisation many palestinians see them with a in a sense of betrayal. i tell donald trump you're crazy crazy. you've opened hell's gate behind. the white house is set to unveil a peace plan sometime next year but after trump's latest announcement the question is if those needed to secure peace will listen. let's go right to our correspondent tanya kramer she's standing by for us in jerusalem following the very latest hi tanya just in the last hour hamas has called for a new intifada an uprising against israel a tell us more. yeah the reactions are coming in here as he said to mustard it's not a hand he has given of a theory speech in gaza and he calls for launching a new intifada and the question will be what will be the response of the
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palestinian street and also you have to understand that there is a very consolation process going on between hamas in gaza and who are basically donates to palestinians are to the west bank so what will say they say to that so we have to wait and see what the responses will be there at the moment what you can say there is a general strike called for in the occupied west bank but also in east jerusalem also in gaza this call for demonstration there have been some but not really organized ones and the leaders are all supposed to meet again to clarify the next steps also the palestinian president mahmoud abbas is expected to go to jordan to meet with king abdullah he has jordan has a high stake in that as well because jordan is the custodian of the holy sites in east jerusalem and also there were reactions from saudi arabia coming through there already had one to before. mr trump made the decision against the steps and he said
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they expressed deep regret and that they call it an unjustified and irresponsible decision tanya what about israeli leaders are they bracing then for violence well certainly is rent is high and there is but i have to say everybody on all sides they're praising him for the fall out of what will happen next and nobody really knows i think all eyes will be certainly on friday prayers especially in the complaint is to do so then there is a sense of uncertainty here right now what will happen next. you know the trump administration in the us tanya has said it is simply acknowledging what is already reality on the ground that you are asylum is the capital of israel other presidents have already proposed moving the embassy why are palestinians hearing a different message but from what i understand from harvesting this is that they are saying well he didn't acknowledge our reality of living here in our part of the
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city it is to resume palestinians want to see the. pandas used to serve as to future capital of the future an independent state and what mr trump did is he just walked away from international security council resolutions from a common international understanding that this is ok prime territory i mean he didn't distinguish between east and some address to islam so this is highly problematic for the palestinians and they don't quite understand it because he wants to come up with a new peace plan but how can this happen after this decision. on your cramer with the very latest from jerusalem thank you tanya now to some other stories making news around the world australia as parliament has passed a bill to legalize same sex marriage paving the way for gay and lesbian couples to tie the knot as early as next month all but four lawmakers voted in favor of the change which defines marriage as being
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a union of two people. in turkey the trial of a pro kurdish opposition party leader has begun. tosh has been accused of links to kurdish militants charges he denies the leader of the people's democratic party was first detained under the state of emergency that followed last year's failed coup his supporters say the case is politically motivated use a leonardo da vinci painting of christ that sold for a record three hundred eighty million euros is heading to a museum in the united arab emirates the newly opened louvre says it will be holding the renaissance master's rare work the announcement follows reports the pieces mystery buyer was a little known a saudi prince wildfires in southern california have destroyed hundreds of homes and are forcing thousands of evacuations people have shared a striking pictures of the blazes on social media of this video posted to twitter was caption not your typical morning commute it was filmed there west los angeles
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and topanga state park it has been shared hundreds of thousands of times a one person commented some of these images coming out of l.a. give actual meaning to the term hell scape l.a. friends please stay safe where the fires have been raging in bel-air home to some of southern california's most famous mansions media mogul rupert murdoch's thirty million dollars property is set to have suffered damage turkish president reza typer to one has begun a two day official visit to greece the first by a turkish head of state in sixty five years after arriving in the capital athens he is due to meet prime minister alexis tsipras to discuss relations between the neighboring countries both are members of nato but their relationship has been rocky for decades occasionally even going to the brink of war greece and turkey have tried to normalize relations in recent years but there are still thorny issues to resolve. greek turkish relations have been tense if not adversarial for
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decades the two countries have disagreements over three major issues the island of cyprus control of parts of the aegean sea around the two countries and recently the migration crisis. cyprus was granted independence from the british in one nine hundred sixty years of violence between the island's greek and turkish communities followed. when greek nationalists tried to unite cyprus with mainland greece in one thousand nine hundred seventy four turkey invaded and captured land in the north. today the two halves of the island a still separated turkish northern cyprus is recognized only by turkey the republic of cyprus and the island south is an e.u. member state protected un buffer zone keeps them apart greece and
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turkey are also at loggerheads over the aegean sea located between the two countries they've been contesting sovereignty and other rights in the area since the one nine hundred seventy s. tensions have run so high since then that the dispute has twice almost led to the outbreak of military hostilities. the migration crisis has further strain ties between the two countries greece and turkey have become the landing point for many migrants hoping to reach europe from africa and the middle east a deal between turkey and the e.u. to return refugees that arrive from the greek coast has helped ease tensions but a long list of grievances remain. correspondent and the carousel is covering the story for us in athens the first visit by a turkish head of state in greece in sixty five years what are greeks expecting.
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well for starters on the face of it the government wants to build more bridges so there will be talks about intensifying bilateral. trade and communication and travel even between. both sides but as you've said there are a lot of stormy issues that remain and in fact even before the price of the turkish president set foot here in athens he has stunned greeks who some pretty controversial remarks demanding that. an agreement that outlines existing borders between greece and turkey would be revised and also outing the greek prime minister for allegedly not handing over eight turkish servicemen who fled to agree in the wake of last year's coup in. the ease. not that these remarks definitely do not bode well and they
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eventually bruising meeting and the government has already come under strong political fire by political parties here right correspondent at the curse of our reporting from athens thank you andy. to sports now and the europa league seems giant killers and action tonight they've already left tonight's opponents have to berlin in their wake in advancing to the knockout stages the tiny team from central sweden a set itself apart not only with that success on the pitch but also with its work promoting intercultural dialogue to stay strong the they sing together. take literature classes and they even dance together as the sions f.-k. are prepared to do plenty of unusual things to promote integration. but when i came to the club this summer and we started practicing this show where we were supposed
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to dance it was different. this year that working on swan lake and also rehearsing the musical performance. this week dishcloth has more than fifty percent foreigners on their books mainly from africa and the middle east one of the secrets of their success is the strong bond within the squad. there for a moment as well you get a better understanding for other people in the beginning a lot of things are weird but then you get used to it. as the show and in central sweden is a winter sport stronghold but the multicultural side has won over a lot of new fads. you know today you have it's wonderful indeed they really fit in the boys are great. it's fun and great for integration. the harmony in the team has also lead to success on the pitch they've already booked their place in the knockout stage in the europa league. and they finished fifth
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in the swedish league. great group and i like it. yeah like family would do everything to get it right now they're big goal is to keep the european dream alive and see how far the journey will take them. ok. thanks for watching telly will have more headlines for you at the top of the hour. the whole d w one up. for.


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