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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 7, 2017 1:00pm-1:31pm CET

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it's to the who will. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and triall a services. biala guest at frankfurt airport city managed by from a blog. this is the w. news a live from bar lead hamas calls for a new end to fatah uprising after president trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel.
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palestinians have been protesting in the west bank and in gaza and the israeli army is reinforcing its troops in the west bank there's been international condemnation of trumps decision so far only israel has welcomed it. also coming up greece rolls out the red carpet for red hook type air to want to use the first turkish head of state to visit the country in fifty five years plus. i hope your high score by. a very special performance here in berlin by the stars of the new two we will listen in as bongo and the edge entertain commuters with selections on their new album. i'm sorry. kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us the palestinian group
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hamas has called for a new and to fatah and uprising against israel this comes after u.s. president donald trump's decision to recognize to roussillon as its capital israeli security forces have used tear gas water cannon to disperse protesters on the streets of the west bank conflicting claims to jerusalem are at the core of the israeli palestinian conflict a trump has ignored international warnings by recognizing it as israel's seat of government saying it is time for a new approach. kramer is following events from jerusalem and joins us now tania tell us a little bit more about these clashes which we were just witnessing there. yes they're just reported all over the occupied west bank in bethlehem in hebron in the south and also in towns in the north also in gaza along the fence that closes the
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gaza strip and also some clashes here in east jerusalem these are usually the friction points you know between palestinian protesters and the israeli army in the west bank or over the border police in these two resulin now the person read question has said that there are reports from injuries from rebel. jiggers and rubber bullets in addition to that there's also a general strike in the major towns here to protest this decision by the u.s. president and we understand that even bigger clashes may be ahead tell us a little bit more about that. yes certainly is red will be on high alert in the coming days especially all eyes will be on friday for the friday prayers and everybody is bracing for a fall out of this decision i mean we don't know really yet what will happen. especially in these two after the pray prayer services you know they're expected
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that there might be clashes between palestinian protesters are coming back from praying and the israeli security forces here but you know there's still a sense of uncertainty how big this will become and what happened and just to tell our viewers you're looking at live pictures there coming in from bethlehem where as you can see a little bit of a fire is raging you see israeli forces there on the streets earlier we saw them shooting rubber bullets as well tanya just tell us the likelihood that this violence could escalate well i mean we heard the hamas leader ismail haniyeh speaking this morning in gaza and he called to long intifada an uprising against israel against also does to protest this decision by the u.s. . the question is what will be really the response on the streets now we're seeing
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already clashes today but how big will this become you know organize this will become and i think also the palestinian leadership on both sides hamas and fatah as they're also under pressure because they have been fighting each other for the past and use it didn't deliver nothing as well to their people so it's a question you're only the next days will tell us how big this will become this will become and if this call for a third intifada to be headed by the people. trying to claim or interest alone thank you. let's get a quick check now of some other stories that have been making news around the world with only two weeks to go until catalonia holds fresh elections more than forty thousand pro cattle and protesters have gathered in brussels to urge the e.u. to support their drive for independence from spain they're also voicing support for their deposed leader carlos pushed among he has said that he will stay in belgium because he fears arrest if he returns to spain australia's parliament has passed
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a bill to legalize same sex marriage paving the way for gay and lesbian couples to tie the knot as early as next month all but four lawmakers voted in favor of the change which defines marriage as being a union of two people. hot dry winds have been fanning massive wildfires in southern california the blazes have destroyed hundreds of homes so far and are threatening thousands more firefighters are battling to get the fires under control and reach the hardest hit areas so that they can assess the damage it is a decisive day for germany's efforts to end the country's political deadlock the social democrats are holding a party conference and have to decide whether to open talks on extending the governing coalition with chancellor angela merkel's conservative a speedy chairman martin shots at initially ruled out doing so after poor results of the general election but has changed course since then. in
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a speech at the conference schultz apologized for the devastating defeat that the social democrats suffered at the polls and said that the party had lost its course during the last few years he's standing for reelection as party chief. fitted sure something is also also responsible for our party we are responsible for what has happened we can't blame it on uncle america or the grand coalition the neo liberals or the media we are the ones to blame we have to reinvent ourselves them we will become strong again we are going to start. for more let's bring in our political correspondent thomas carroll who is standing by with the very latest from that s.p.v. party convention we just heard a bit of schulz's speech there tell us how have his words gone down and what are his chances of convincing party members to opt for coalition talks. he apologized but we just. missed the shows started to talk about shaping policy
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asking delegates asking party members also to be brave and that was in a way how he introduced his proposal to be able to have talks open talks as he put them with the conservatives to see whether there is a possibility of forming a new grand coalition he phrased it in a way that made it clear that it is not an automatic decision that they will join a grand coalition he mentioned the possibility of having open and date talks open results so that's the way asked and he presented his proposal the proposed that will also be debated here later today how it came down to where some members of the favor that's why did talking not least to the conservatives something that they should recuse off the german president but this time i asked mr schultz of those so there are those who say that the coalition should be rejected from the start that they may be willing to go into negotiations but that those negotiations should make clear that the social democrats will no into their will not enter
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a new round when they. come out in the case that the party decides not to take up coalition talks which has i'm going michael sitting there what is that likely to mean for scholz and has the leadership there the party. why would such a be the moment for mr shows especially after what we're hearing just now when he's asking about this possibility of having this open talks there are however all the possibilities where the s.p.d. the social democrats could play a role in a future government for example if there's a minority coalition a minority government led by the conservatives where the social democrats play a minor role for example by tolerating certain proposals in areas so that's something else that's being discussed here and that's one of the reasons why martin shows said that the results all. the rope on the floor to dos but now the tell it got support is to have those talks in the conservative vote their proposals on
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areas like europe will social justice even watch the stock form the s.p.d. might not join another government now he's just wrapped up his speech and as we can hear resoundingly applause there for whatever it is that he was saying so perhaps that's a bit of a gauge also in terms of his support among party members if they do indeed vote for a new grand coalition where i'm going marco see to give c.s.u. is this just business as usual tomas. writes not unusual you mention the up close yet not unusual that progeny leaders when they do these. speeches get this round of applause at the end although it is obviously important to stress that this is being a quite a long route over those now you ask about what they will be business as usual that something else starts all the party leaders have addressed saying if we join it that it could be business as usual they have to be changes for example when it comes to europe most social europe reforms in europe you also mentioned the
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environment you also mentioned social topics whereas employment talk pages the thing that got so it was a clear message from opt in she was saying even if we join something that's being discussed now they don't want it to be business as usual business as it was four years ago thomas barrow and peter headquarters thank you. it's time now for business news with chris tucker who joins us here on the set and we're talking a little bit more about volkswagen an employee is going to jail over days ok that's right sara the second one actually over these the gate scandal and it is a hefty sentence seven years behind bars that's the price all of us mint has to pay for lying to consumers is false flag and senior executives also find four hundred thousand dollars over his role in the company's massive emissions cheating scandal as requested by prosecutors both penalties represent the maximum that the u.s. court could have handed down. this wednesday was perhaps the worst day of all of
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a smith's life the engineer sentenced to seven years in prison the toughest possible sentence for perpetrating fraud against consumers he was emotional he apologized he regrets his decisions he said he takes responsibility it's his fault. schmidt was responsible for us environmental matters at v.w. from twenty twelve until twenty fifteen the time that folks wagon admits to manipulating emissions tests using software loaded into its cars. he knew about the test manipulation and testified in court that he simply followed orders the judge ruled that without doubt the v.w. board shared responsibility for the scandal prosecutors said schmidt was in the same room as the c.e.o. they all worked on their stories that they would tell viewer thora teams. it remains to be seen if former fox farden c.e.o. martin venter conte could face charges in germany he has repeatedly denied knowing
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about emissions cheating schmidt's sentencing comes months after that of another former manager james liang having cooperated with authorities and handed in a guilty plea from the outset he received a forty month jail sentence. the international monetary fund says china needs to do more to protect its banks against possible financial risks the i.m.f. says china's largest foreign banks pass. but the rest have a problem if there's three quarters of them were under-capitalized to one extent or another china has relied on debt fueled investment and exports to drive its economic growth but the i.m.f. says that model is no longer feasible. for more let's bring in our financial correspondent conrad bosun in frankfurt conrad we've been talking about the rising financial risks and china for some time how significant is this warning by the i.m.f. . you know christer of people here on the trading floors are not
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immediately concerned but they have to get prepared for a state of the credit bubble in china but for sure this report by the i.m.f. is shedding some light on the risks of the chinese growth model also you factor in this report is that the i.m.f. says that the banks in china are under-capitalized even though the basel three rules of safer bangs already should have been implemented in china and something else the i.m.f. is mentioning the systemic risk of shadow banks in china and this is of course wording that doesn't exactly encourage european investors to think about investing money in china now in other news bitcoin surged past fifteen thousand dollars earlier today but there's been reports about a hack of the cryptocurrency tell us more. well this hack occurred on the trading
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platform called net hash. operators of this trading platform saying that four thousand seven hundred bitcoins have been stolen from the platform and at this crazy exchange rate of fifteen thousand u.s. dollars for one bitcoin this amounts to a total of seventy billion u.s. dollars but that's only part of the story people here on this very traditional you know trading platform the frankfurt exchange are saying how one earth would you be able to sell such an amount without getting doty's and without that it comes out who the buyer and the salaries and the other question of course is what does this say about the underlying tell knology of bitcoin the block chain technology maybe it's not as safe as all those fans of bitcoin and block chain always want to make us believe conrad who is in frankfurt thank you. we're just
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receiving reports that general electric is to slash twelve thousand jobs from its power generating business that's more than originally anticipated it's part of the firm's major restructuring in a bid to shore up its finances the industrial corroborative recently announced it would cut the dividend to shareholders the first time it has done so since the great recession and now back to sarah in their store a trip of the turkish president absolutely he's in fact heading to greece it turns out that he is the first leader actually turkish leader to head to greece in sixty five years turkish president erica wanless official visit to the capital athens he has apparently met with prime minister alexis tsipras there to discuss relations between the neighboring countries both are members of nato but the relationship has been rocky for decades occasionally even going to the brink of war and greece and turkey have tried to normalize relations in recent years there are so thorny issues
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to resolve. greek turkish relations have been tense if not adversarial for decades the two countries have disagreements over three major issues the island of cyprus control of parts of the aegean sea around the two countries and recently the migration crisis. cyprus was granted independence from the british in one nine hundred sixty years of violence between the islands greek and turkish communities followed. when greek nationalists tried to unite cyprus with mainland greece in one thousand nine hundred seventy four turkey invaded and captured land in the north. today the two halves of the island a still separated. turkish northern cyprus is recognized only by turkey the republic of cyprus and the island south is an e.u.
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member state protected un buffer zone keeps them apart greece and turkey are also at loggerheads over the aegean sea located between the two countries they've been contesting sovereignty and other rights in the area since the one nine hundred seventy s. tensions have run so high since then that the dispute has twice almost led to the outbreak of military hostilities. the migration crisis has further strain ties between the two countries greece and turkey have become the landing point for many migrants hoping to reach europe from africa and the middle east a deal between turkey and the e.u. to return refugees that arrive from the greek coast has helped ease tensions but a long list of grievances remain. and for more let's bring in correspondent and the car star who is standing by with the latest from there we just heard about that while the list of grievances given that what the greats make of this visit. well on
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the face of it the greek government wants to build bridges as it says with its. traditional adversaries so we are going to be hearing a lot of talk about bringing these two countries together with more commercial truck ties potential travel between the two countries but there are as you say longstanding differences the government doesn't expect these differences to be settled in the next twenty four hours during the talks here with reject i don but in fact they are now shocked with some controversial statements which the turkish president made just before coming here namely he has contested yet again this agreement between greece and turkey outlining their borders he's also come down very hard on the greek prime minister for not
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handing over eight turkish servicemen who fled to greece last year after a coup so this is put the government in a very awkward position here and we may be seeing a bruising encounter in the next kind of day or or so because of these controversial statements but i mean ultimately the hope was to have an improvement in relations there how will a sick is that prospect would you say. well absolutely i mean as i said before the greeks do want to see a continued discussion between greece and turkey despite these lingering differences they also were hoping to kind of help turkey kind of anchor its way back to the west as it as we've seen it kind of drift more towards russia and iran and we were expecting some some some strong support from the
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greeks to to to the turks to kind of bring them back within the european realm were their designs to join the european union but all of that remains to be seen and we'll be getting more on that correspondent and the chorus of a thank you we have now to thailand in the case of an eighty four year old historian who has been charged with calling into question the heroic actions of a king who lived five hundred years ago ty law prescribes harsh punishment for criticizing the reigning king but critics say it should not apply it shouldn't apply so far back into history. facing up to fifteen years in jail for questioning the feats of a sixteenth century king eighty four year old historian so lax of iraq is charged under thailand strict code in less may just laws protecting the money from defamation the alleged crime suggesting that a famed jewel an elephant back won by
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a thai king against a burmese prince five hundred years ago may not actually have happened. one must have a very good sense of humor. because. if you cannot criticize history how could you be a human being. i criticize what happened quite an agenda but. the lesson just law doesn't appear to mention that monarchs but in practice the rules are interpreted more loosely critics say the law is more about controlling the country's citizens than upholding the reputation of its monarchy now headed by newly crowned and controversial king. long corn thailand's ruling military government has pursued more than two hundred fifty cases since seizing power in a twenty fourteen coup supposedly to protect the king and his family's dignity. of iraq's i got a temporary reprieve after a time military court delayed a decision on whether to prosecute him in order to consult historians my kids did not intend to go. to live with so much of the. very she was actually.
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before. that. because he had been the preacher of time he was the only one. who brought victoria but it's come to that but you cannot touch him so he become god almighty in a country where insulting royals has recently seen people sent to jail for longer than if they had committed murder many fifa thailand's political future if civil roxas prosecution goes ahead those worries could become even more urgent. the europa league group stage continues on thursday night this year's surprise club is off to have shunned they have already left tonight's opponents how to berlin in their wake in advancing to the knockout stages the tiny team from central sweden has set itself apart not only with its success on the pitch but also for its work
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and promoting intercultural dialogue to stay strong the they sing together the take literature classes and they even dance together as the sions f.-k. are prepared to do plenty of unusual things to promote integration. but when i came to the club this summer and we started practicing this show where we were supposed to dance it was different. this year they're working on swan lake and also rehearsing a musical performance. this week dishcloth has more than fifty percent foreigners on their books mainly from africa and the middle east one of the secrets of their success is the strong bond within the squad. there from monitors more you get a better understanding for other people in the beginning a lot of things are weird but then you get used to it. as the show and in central sweden is a winter sports stronghold but the multicultural side has won over
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a lot of new fans. you know and a you have it's wonderful indeed they really fit in the boys are great. it's fun and great for integration. the harmony in the team is also lead to success on the pitch they've already booked their place in the knockout stage in the europa league. and they finished fifth in the swedish lead. crit group i know i like you too we are all hype you are only . like family we do everything together. now their big goal is to keep the european dream alive and see how far the journey will take them ok. ok. and also in the world of football cristiana rinaldo is the favorite to win the long door which will be awarded in paris tonight the real madrid forward is looking to retain his crown after helping way out to the spanish league and champions league
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titles last season if fernando wins he will equal parcel honestly in all messi with five belong dollars between them the pair have dominated the award for nearly a decade. commuters in berlin got a pleasant surprise when rockers bono and the edge from the band u two gave them a musical ride it was all part of the band's for motion of their new album. i used to go on this subway ride it standing room only but these writers don't seem to mind. their rubbing shoulders with rock stars. and the edge. and it's a once in a lifetime moment thank you for making me a part of this. after a trip on berlin's you to line the pop legend's offered up a taste of their new album songs of experience.
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and i was so surprised to see them up close and i still can't believe it was that. what a great idea to meet them both in person. for these berliners truly an unforgettable commute. when the rock gods you too descended down into the you to for an unexpected moment. lucky writers quick reminder now the top story that we have been following for you israeli troops have used tear gas in the west bank as palestinians are protesting u.s. president donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital the palestinian
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group hamas has called for a new uprising against israel. you're up to date on the w. i'm sorry kelly thanks for watching. entered the conflict zone fronting the powerful for years now australia has faced a backlash of criticism over its treatment of refugees now it has a seat on the un human rights council and the pressure is intensifying my guest
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this week is alexander downer the country's high commissioner how does he justify a policy so widely condemned around the world. next d w. is it. or is it just a manhole cover. and then textile design a. ramp. and an inspiration fashion and accessories. patton's need to dine. with. your romex in sixty minutes. as you get when you come to life somebody and let's go right to our correspondent he is in central istanbul i'm joined by michelle a couple of you know just political correspondent on those stories in just a minute but first this news just in it's all about perspective closer to.
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say yes. i'm a mother like two billion other mothers around the world i have one wish the best for my child. but in a society in which breastfeeding is often frowned upon and ads for formula abound with profit is more important than my baby's well being how do i know how to make the right decision. no starting december ninth on d w. for years now australia has faced the barriers of criticism over its treatment of refugees and asylum seekers now it has a seat on the un human rights council and the pressure is intensifying my guest this week is alexander downer form australian foreign minister and now the
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country's high commissioner here in london.


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