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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 7, 2017 8:00pm-8:15pm CET

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us and whoever can control these feelings has great power over us even possible algorithms instead of feelings measuring emotion starting december sixteenth on t w . this is d w news live from berlin tonight germany's political stalemate may be near and then in a u. turn these social democrats and their leader martin short have said yes to kicking off talks with until america's conservatives will bring you the very latest on this plus. us president drums
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move to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel pushes hamas to call for a new uprising we'll get the latest on the violence in jerusalem. i'm burnt off it's good to have you with us tonight germany could be one step closer to forming a new government the country's center left social democrats have voted in favor of opening talks on continuing the governing coalition with chancellor angela merkel's conservatives for the next parliamentary term the party chairman of the social democrats martin schultz you see him walking up on the stage there he asked his party members to give the green light for those preliminary talks he says the success of the talks will depend on what parts of the party. platform can be
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adopted as government policy in another vote childe was also reelected as the party's leader. ards let's go now to our show lots of points as she is covering this story for us tonight good evening to you joe lawless so so tell us how close are we now to actually being able to say we're looking at a new government a new grand coalition. yeah good evening friendly one step closer but definitely no one near having a new government in germany if anything this day showed that it's going to be a very complicated and lengthy process and the devil really lies in the details so the social democrats decided to take up these plate preliminary exploratory talks with medical conservatives but after that they are going to have a party convention and vote on possibly taking up coalition talks with the conservatives after that and if those coalition talks reach
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a successful conclusion then they will have half a million votes this half a million of them membership of the s.p. deep membership vote on those negotiations papers that come out of that so a very lengthy process and we're very much away from having a new government we're talking about sometime next spring probably sometime next spring and there's a lot of how important is it for the party to get the members the base to sign off on this a repeat of a grand coalition. it was experience stream of the important to them they said they needed the grassroots support of the party membership was extremely important to the party leader who just got reelected as you said with a eighty percent vote which is not as good as he started off in the beginning of the year he got one hundred percent of the vote in on her number so he was punished
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a little bit for the really bad election result that the social democrats scored in the last election and september the west results in the modern history of the social democrats but still. pretty good results from watching schultz and this election. our rights our correspondent to other parts on the story for us tonight on the possibility of talks to form a new government here in germany show it to thank you the palestinian group hamas calls for an uprising after u.s. president donald trump recognized jerusalem as israel's capital dozens of palestinians have been wounded in the gaza strip and across occupied west bank during protests today protests against trumps decision now israeli security forces used tear gas and water cannons to disperse protesters both the palestinians and the israelis see jerusalem as their capital and the city has been a key issue in decades of conflict but president trump is ignoring international
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warnings about the possible consequences of his decision he says it is time for a new approach. our correspondents schwager is in jerusalem for us tonight good evening to you miles so we're talking about jerusalem as if it's a unified or a united city it's certainly not i mean describe for us right now what it's like on the ground there. everyone brant is sort of on his head there hooks waiting for tomorrow and what friday will bring the situation on the ground today it was not great to put it mildly what you see behind me is the damascus gate where earlier just hours ago this afternoon a few hundred palestinian young people were gathered shouting slogans like death to israel jerusalem is arab jerusalem is palestinian and the police there were not in a good mood they were very very tense and very restrictive as to who they were
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letting in and out of the area several arrests were made one young man was injured in some scuffles so things were flaring up but generally held under control we have to wait and see what tomorrow brings that's what everyone is focused on now to more being friday the day of prayer usually when we're talking about the day of rage that is when you actually see the rage manifest itself in public to that home loss calling for a new uprising in intifada have you been hearing people there talk about a call to arms against israel. there have definite those that have been a lot of energy on the street up put it that way the people who we saw today at the damascus gate were highly motivated very loud very passionate in what they were calling for and even if they're just standing around shouting it was and to mating scene for on lookers to see so many people out there shouting against this policy that trump has just put forward jerusalem is
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a sticking point in these negotiations between israel and palestine and always has been it's a city that's not easy to divide there's no river or a big road or any sort of clear delineation between east and west except what was somewhat arbitrarily drawn when the map was laid out and so it's really unclear how this would even play out now with the u.s. making this declaration and this very sensitive subject and what about the notion of the u.s. disqualifying itself as a peace broker in the middle east after yesterday's decision by the u.s. president i mean do you hear people there saying that the u.s. is suddenly very small. it's interesting the monkey wrench that the u.s. has has thrown into this situation jerusalem was always sort of the the biggest thing that everyone was going for everyone wanted a piece of it and it's such an important historical cultural religious city for so many people and we have to remember that when the partition plan that the u.n.
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drew up for israel was first drawn up your islam was supposed to be an international city it was supposed to be available to everyone and the u.s. now coming forward and declaring that no it belongs only to israel no one else can have it certainly doesn't make the negotiation process easier and anyone who's been involved in these negotiations will likely say so our correspondent my us waiter on the story for us tonight interracial and lyon thank you very much and stay safe. here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world the european union is taking the czech republic hungary and poland to court for failing to take their fair share of refugees under age twenty fifteen plan the countries have taken in almost no refugees in the last two years despite an e.u. agreement to relocate some one hundred sixty thousand people from italy greece the government accuse brussels of limiting their national sovereignty with only two
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weeks to go till catalonia holds fresh elections and more than forty thousand pro cattle on protesters have gathered in brussels to urge the e.u. to support their drawing for independence from spain they're also voicing support for their deposed leader carlists puts them all he has said that he will stay in belgium because he fears that he'll be arrested if he returns to speak. turkish president retire or one has begun a two day official visit to greece the first by a turkish head of state in sixty five years the two neighbors have normal lives their tense relations in recent years but there are still disagreements over major issues such as the island of cyprus control of parts of the aegean sea and of course the migration crisis. russian president or russian foreign minister sergei lavrov says north korea wants to hold direct talks with the u.s. in order to seek security guarantees from washington. russia's news agency or
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i.a.e.a. says that lab passed on pyongyang's message to u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson today on the sidelines of a conference in the. well people on twitter are fleeing virtually to right here to germany this week to take advantage of this country's entire hate speech laws now it's all thanks to a tweet from an american journalist who advised people to change their twitter location to germany to avoid seeing content from near nonces who would have thought to try to escape the first amendment carl prognathic is here for social media to give us the lowdown so people are actually escaping the u.s. so to speak virtually digitally i mean this is all from a journalist her name is virginia heffernan she's a digital expert she's got a big following on social media and let's just start off by showing you the message that she sent out to her followers this week and it is in the form of a tweet and she writes
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a public service announcement for anyone to be sent by nazi and brown shirt buttons i changed my twitter address to germany at the suggestion of a shrewd friend and they vanished germany has stricter hate speech laws just to clarify for those who don't know she's talking mayor brown shirts nazi bots these are these automated twitter bots that tweet out hateful content it's a big problem on twitter anyway you're a big twitter user i am as well we see this a lot right well this was a tweet that was shared by tens of thousands of people seems like it's catching on we're already seeing people that are taking hard vice take a look at this brand this is another journalist he writes a pro hip biased switched my twitter location to germany which doesn't allow nazi hate bots and look twitter experience seems much better better after just one day. is a new this is a strategy that has been discussed with it before but i mean hate speech is still such a big problem on twitter that it seems like this twitter hack is now really catching on people starting to do this changing their location to germany and i guess it
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doesn't matter where you are in the united states people think ok we've got the first amendment so you can say whatever you want it's not exactly that way here in germany i mean the galaxy or effect or right yeah i mean we wanted to see is there even a difference what happens when you do this so we decided to give it a try test it out so here's exactly what we did we logged in here in berlin in germany and we searched on twitter for national socialist here's what comes up you see some self-proclaimed white nationalist india of nazi accounts lots on there but as you can see most of them are blocked about half of them in fact they come up with this message here that says this account has been withheld in germany interesting right ok we went to my profile settings on my account here b. change the location from germany to the united states and well what happens ok the search results you get when you type in national socialist it's very different none of those accounts are blocked and including even the same one that we just showed
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you it's open you can access it in the united states i mean there's still plenty of offensive content on twitter and in germany brand but there is a difference if you log in the u.s. versus germany and it is it is because of the war right i mean at the end of the day it's because of the first amendment in the states and because of the you know the ban on certain physical universe and the but if you look at germany i mean this is a country with much stricter hate speech laws right and there was even a new one that was in acted in october and this directly effects the internet take a look this is just the basics of that new law here in germany it's called the network enforcement act websites a social media sites like twitter they have to remove blatantly illegal content that includes hate speech insightful speech holocaust denial nazi iconography sites of twenty four hours to do that. base of fifty million euro fine so we're talking about money here i mean that is a lot of money look twitter is a private company mention the first amendment and they can do whatever they want they can make something stricter than the first moment if they want there's no
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requirement that says that twitter follows the first amendment it's a private company that means people in the u.s. are asking this question why don't they do this in the u.s. they can do it in germany why not in the united states or anywhere well it costs money to do that you need a team of people to review the requests of the complaints that users send then you take resources away i think it's not something we'll see in the u.s. unless you have this fifty million euros hanging over your head you know we've talked about this before there's this fear among social media platforms that if the the the level of distrust right now in the public if that is not addressed then what's going to happen is governments are going to come in that they're going to regulate we're going to be doing right now exactly regulation i mean do you think that this could be then a model for other countries what we are seeing here in germany i think so i think if you see the u.s. and some sort of laws as you need to take care of this or else i think that's the kick that twitter needs all right congressman as always thank you very much ugh.
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all right here's a reminder the top story that we're following for you israeli troops have been used in tear gas in the west bank as palestinians protest u.s. president trumps recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital the palestinian group hamas has called for a new uprising against israel and germany's social democrats have agreed to hold talks with chancellor merkel's conservatives on continuing the governing coalition the s.p.d. chairman initially refused to consider that option but he has since changed his mind. i'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day to see that. the whole d w one out. for in the.


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