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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 7, 2017 9:00pm-9:31pm CET

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who found a new home in a foreign land. with their stories books and music they've built bridges to the past to the future. after these games are starting to simmer seventeen t.w. . this is d w news live from berlin tonight the middle east on the edge u.s. president trumps move to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel sparks hamas to call for a new uprising. as
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international condemnation grows palestinians protest in the west bank in gaza and the israeli army reinforce his troops in the west bank we'll speak to a prominent palestinian lawmaker about where things will go next also coming up can this man song germany's political world social democrat leader martin jol refused to consider a coalition government with uncle americal after his party's election defeat but now in a huge turn his party has said yes to kicking off talks with americans conservatives again. i bring golf it's good to have you with us in response to u.s. president donald trump is controversial decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel the palestinian group hamas has called for. uprising
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a new intifada israel's president a while fish freeze on president trumps decision today but the palestinian president says he is rallying international opposition to the move which he calls quote an unacceptable crock. it was a day off unrest in many parts of israel thousands of palestinians took to the streets to protest against u.s. president almost trumps decision to officially recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. and in many parts of the country protesters clashed with security forces. israel is preparing for more violence in the coming days and is deploying additional troops to the west bank but many fear that the situation could escalate as the islamic militant group hamas its followers to start an uprising a first intifada against israel. we
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demand resistance in the west bank so we can answer this shameless aggression and i repeat shameless aggression the american decision is an act of aggression against our people a declaration of war against the palestinian people and the holiest sites of islam and christianity. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu in contrast hail trumps announcement as a historic landmark and said other countries were considering following the u.s. lead. we are already in contact with other countries which will issue is a meal of recognition i have no doubt that the moment the american embassy moves to jerusalem and even before then there will be a movement of many embassies to jerusalem the time has come.
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but the u.s. decision also prompted a brought a diplomatic backlash turkey russia and the european union condemned the move saying that recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel and hopes of resolving the conflict peacefully and that it's divided the international community the u.n. security council has an emergency meeting about the matter amass declared friday a day of rage and many fear that the conflict about jerusalem could spark a new bloody war in the region. all right we want to pull in now our very own schwager she is in jerusalem on the story for us good evening to you my out we are talking about jerusalem as if it's a you know you'd city it is not describe for us the facts on the ground what you've seen today. so the facts on the ground are that not
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a lot of people are in a good mood today brant what you see behind me is the damascus gate where just hours ago this afternoon a large group of hundred two hundred or so many and young people were gathered shouting slogans like death to israel and jerusalem as palestinian jerusalem is arab clearly not happy about the situation here what we are preparing for really is tomorrow however friday when it's friday prayers at it there's an expectation that things will get serious we've already seen some of this happening with violence in the west bank there were some scuffles here i saw some arrests one man injured in front of me and the police really just not not a good mood as i said treating people out very tersely really controlling who could go in and out of the area we'll have to see what some are bright and we had also heard reports maya that the of the number of skirmishes and and clashes had not been as high as people had expected considering this call from hamas for another
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uprising did you get the sense today too that were you expecting it maybe due to be worse than it was and does that then lend credence to the fact that many people think tomorrow will be much worse. so there was a bit of that i will say the situation here was tense definitely but it it seemed to be under control and the people who were here and protesting were very passionate vocal about their feelings one hundred matter really making it known where they stood but no big outbreaks in jerusalem at least now we did see some violence in the west bank with the i.d.f. and police sending out reinforcements to certain areas where there were clashes happening but there's sort of a sense that really could go either way either it's going to be much much worse than people think or perhaps even overblown and before we run out of time i oh did you get a sense of where people were putting the blame for this i mean are they talking
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about. the u.s. yahoo i mean where are they you know firing out. well the focus for the palestinians is really on israel and there is a sense that trump is not making things better certainly in terms of the peace negotiations declaring that jerusalem belongs to israel will throw a monkey wrench in those already stalled negotiations by a lot of the sentiment here was anti israel shouting death to israel fighting with the police shouting at the police and there's a focus really on the people who are in their vicinity i will say there was a much heavier police presence here than there usually is there's always some soldiers and some police around the old city but they're just sort of part of the scenery and here we had lots of mounted police on a horse is people with their guns right in their hands pointing at people very aggressive tactics stopping people here and there it was not a pleasant situation for those involved so we'll see to whom the aggression is
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directed tomorrow if in fact anything happens ok or correspondent mike chinoy there on the story for us in jerusalem and we will be talking with you a little bit later on in the day thank you. well for more on this story we want to bring in here at the big table beside me a beer called t. a palestinian ph d. student here in berlin it's good to have you on the show and if you're a drop me former israeli government spokesman and now the director general of the jerusalem press club mr amin good to have you on the show is well let me start if i may with you of your the u.s. says that the status quo has not changed with this announcement yesterday. and it has it has it i mean east jerusalem is still occupied did you as a palestinian when you heard president trump say that he recognized jerusalem and the capital of israel did you feel did you think that he was also referring to east
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jerusalem i don't think that's the issue here i think the issue is more. it concerned the whole issue off by the stein being on the occupation i think referring to the status quo it's just so up sword because the status quo has been fired for two decades by the israeli government the only people who the only people who the that the school apply to is the palestinians while in the twenty is the. number of settlers has more than doubled in the west bank and do that in itself there is a continuous evictions demolition orders of people are being displaced from their houses people are being devoured that is the can see is being devoured it evoked as well so there is no thought to score that has never been effective school would it have made a difference to you if the u.s. president had said that he was recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel and east jerusalem as the capital of a future of palestine no because i don't think it's the issue of you know is it and
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it's far beyond the issue of do was the limits the issue of backing the israeli government and its practices and its aggression against the palestinian people it has been the u.s. has been backing is the. and it will continue to do so whether i think an embassy or not the policy on the ground shows that the u.s. has been backing backing that's a legacy and again the against the palestinian people and there's a feeling that you're here and ask you what what's the situation then for is israel tonight i mean you have a new fancy fanta intifada that has been declared you have allies around the world condemning what the u.s. president did yesterday how can the german netanyahu say yesterday was a good day for israel well you have to ask him that i don't know. i think you know we're all in the middle of thought speculating in the press is the media is hyping up the tensions here you're losing them is not very common and i
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think we're going to face some unrest in the future. and you. don't think any of the way we're going to face i mean i don't think we're going to face a new intifada you know. very well not to speculate too focused on especially about the future but because i think. the palestinians are those who remember that. i have a lot to lose and nothing to gain from. i don't think this team for new intifada . but i think if i may i can refer to your question. to be in the end a show of head trump to declare that jerusalem is that. cup that look both
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states i think it will come later i think we're still waiting for the second shoe to fall the second what look what was what purpose there was served yesterday that i mean he said that this was a new approach to peace did you feel that way that his declaration yesterday of jerusalem as the capital of israel was that being done in the name of peace. first of all with dealing with trauma the one thing you expect from him is to be unexpected so. he broke the rules he said everything goes before me didn't work oh try something else i would. and i think if you serious about what he said. which is a quote from memory i'm offering the idea of the low. end for
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the israelis. reading his own the book well yes the must go after the. jerusalem there must come something i was not going to say and i think that's a good offer that's a good point because yesterday he gave away something in israel and so far we don't see any sign that israel is giving him back anything i mean what do you say about that i mean if this is a deal in the making then. when is or how should the us the us president how should he approached the palestinians now about restarting peace talks candy. you see bronc like that has been twenty years of talking about peace process a peace process that has only been used to cover up for the israeli creating facts on the ground and let me also being an on the table the issue of that with this solution as well that has been like in the end all the time and i don't know and i
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don't understand why the international community still believing in that it's too late even if even then i think it's that i think anyone who goes to the ground and look at what's going on on the ground is that because of the settlement it's because of so many things that has been creating on the run it's because of the policy is continuing policies where the international community has failed to pay the full of finn and people and failed to say anything and i think the question now is not what is going to do. i think the question is why did what the international community is going to do about putting special it's about time to put the especially on isn't it we we know they didn't they didn't do well and maybe this is a question that should be on that they will and maybe that is something we will see because we know that mahmoud abbas he is pushing for the u.n. to take up this action by the u.s. president and will have to see you know maybe that is where your head it's time will tell be a cop the palestinian ph d. students here in berlin and you're in germany former israeli government spokesman
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director general of the jerusalem press club to both of you thank you for being on the show we appreciate it. here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world russian foreign minister sergey lavrov says north korea wants to hold direct talks with the u.s. in order to seek security guarantees from washington now a russian news agency says that lavrov passed on message to us secretary of state rex tillerson today on the sidelines of a conference in vienna the european union is taking the czech republic hungary and poland to court for failing to take their fair share of refugees under a distribution plan in two thousand and fifteen the countries have taken in almost no refugees in the last two years despite an e.u. agreement to relocate one hundred sixty thousand people from italy and greece their governments accuse brussels of limiting their national sovereignty. with only two
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weeks to go to catalonia holds fresh elections more than forty thousand pro cattle on protesters have gathered in brussels to urge the e.u. to support their drawing for independence from spain they're also voicing support for their deposed leader. he was there he says that he will stay in belgium because he fears that he'll be arrested if he returns dispair. or germany could be one step closer to forming a new government and the country's center left social democrats have voted in favor of talks on continuing the governing coalition with transfer i'm going to conservatives now the social democrats the s s d p s p d rather originally ruled out entering a coalition with the conservatives after a disaster is election result in september in the end the social democrats followed the proposal of their party chief martin schultz reluctant but with
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a clear majority they gave their ok to open talks with. you previously at the s.p.d. had struggled with this decision following the worst election result in decades many s.p.d. members felt the party should no longer partner up with an lemaire call and her conservative party in a grand coalition. has been from the bottom of my heart i am against another grand coalition it has not served us at all in the past years and yes we do see a spirit he is the oldest democratic party in germany and it would be disastrous if we refused to talk. with the social democrats have been into grand coalitions in the recent past that left us with only twenty percent of the polls we did not end up winners martin schulze had initially agreed with the sentiment after the election he had ruled out any government participation but then the party establishment stepped in now he had to sell this turnaround to the delegates. we are most in need we must not govern at any price but we must not go into opposition
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at any price what matters is what policies we can push through this must be a thought since. then lined out what kind of policy he means gender equality in the workplace and a relatively liberal approach to immigration he rejects the idea of the maximum number of refugees to be allowed into germany schultz also wants germany to be at the heart of a much more integrated e.u. . we're going to get most of these comrades the europe we want does not exist right now we will have to create it if we want europe to stay strong we need to make sure it remains capable of acting people must realize that europe can make a noticeable difference in their everyday lives this is pretty conventional was widely seen as a test to the authority of martine schultz as s.p.d. leader. and indeed martin jol has passed that test in just over eighty percent of this fifty
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delegates voting to keep him as party chairman we want to put in our own show all the parts now she's at the convention good evening to you so what does all of this mean will there be a new government in germany soon. well we are definitely one step closer but we are nowhere near actually having a new government if anything this day really shows that it's going to be a very lengthy process and the devil here is in the details we're talking now of the vote here the social democrats voted on having preliminary talks after those preliminary talks might be successful with mantles conservatives they will have another party convention where they vote on going into coalition talks and after those coalition talks might be successful they will have the paci membership which is four hundred and forty thousand people so nearly half a million people vote on the results of those coalition talks so it's going to be
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a very lengthy process until germany has a new government in place and this vote today that we've seen at the party convention on the social democrats does not at all mean that those talks with michael's conservatives will be successful you know that's a very good point because the social democrats are not excited to begin with about going into a coalition again with the conservatives and they have some conditions that they want to be met right. actually they have pretty bold demands for this and they are going into these coalition talks or into these preliminary talks with the upper hand they know that the conservatives need them and they for example want to abolish private health insurance they want to allow family reunions for refugees want to reform pensions and overall it wants to create how the party leader thirty day he is a very strong european a united states of europe in the long term so a very bold dimanche not. meant to hold the chancellor does not
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agree on all of them and it's going to be very tough negotiations but she is willing to show she will be willing to make compromises because the chancellor has already said she does not want a minority government no new elections and those would be the other two options if this grand coalition does not work out all right a correspondent of all apart from the story of words tonight show of the thank you very much. already javier is here with business news an ugly word in the world of business and that is the structure of the words we don't like them in the news business either do or you don't get anywhere really because when you hear the word you can almost always link it to an even uglier concept job cuts at general electric has confirmed its axing twelve thousand jobs at its global power business it's trying to become what they call a more focused company and if that story sounds familiar look no further than here
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in germany. g.e. decided on the cuts it says to save over a billion euros in twenty eighteen the company's stock has plunged forty four percent this year and the downturn is not only affected g.e. rival siemens is cutting about six thousand nine hundred jobs its power and gas division has also been hit by the rapid growth of renewables like wind and solar the worldwide trend is towards finding renewable energy solutions like this when park in china which generates clean energy and doesn't contribute to climate change and solar has become a more realistic alternative since the dawn of battery storage solutions to store daylight energy the u.s. company says it expects dwindling demand for fossil fuel power plants to continue g.e. said the job cuts would primarily take place outside the united states but nearly a third of the company's swiss workforce is set to go and sixteen hundred employees
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in germany are also likely to lose their jobs. staying in the end of just sector mexico might fear the possible end of the nafta free trade agreement but so far investments felt the pinch on the contrary the opening of state monopolies has spurred direct foreign investment in many areas including oil exxon is the latest company to rush it. a new market has opened on the world's largest oil major exxon mobil the opportunity to expand this is just the first of fifty stations it wants to open by early next year the fuel is delivered by rail from the u.s. . supplying these stations we've made a strategic decision to work with the mexican terminal owners to bring forward if you made interim refineries in texas down to mexico to ensure that consumers can experience the brand experience. and the quality guarantee that goes with.
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market reforms in mexico recently ended the monopoly that the national oil company pemex once enjoyed in everything from crude production to retail sales. this is a key step for the mexican economy especially with nafta negotiations and deadlock casting a shadow trade. b.p. also opened its first gasoline station in mexico earlier this year investments like these are worth hundreds of millions of dollars and mean jobs for mexicans. now if there's one lesson learned from the financial crisis it's that taxpayers shouldn't be bailing out banks after years of haggling central bankers and financial supervisors have come up with new rules for lenders the so-called basil committee reaching the compromise e.c.b. chief mario draghi calls it a major milestone until now banks in the e.u. were allowed to assess themselves on how much capital reserves they needed to
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survive a crisis the central banks only performed stress tests now it will be up to central banks to determine the necessary buffer most of the rules come into effect from twenty twenty two. but it was not an easy task to get an agreement we spoke to our financial correspondent in frankfurt and asked how difficult it was for regulators to find common ground and the new banking rules. well of course this is a compromise and long lasting comp a compromise where took a long time until it was really forged out of course you always find pundits who will tell you this is not enough who will tell you that for example the capital of buffers of banks should be higher but also i think we shouldn't forget that this compromise was forged out by supervisors and central banks of twenty eight different jurisdictions you know the eurozone america china countries like
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singapore turkey switzerland i think it's remarkable that they ended up finding a compromise this is not a given in a time where many governments think that national a criticism is more important than finding common ground. that was kind of booze and frank for that's all for business it's back to read for some sports and news brand that i think we've heard before i think you're right christiane of an elder he has won of course yes we've heard it before the but one door for a record time the fifth time the real madrid forward retained his crown as the world's best player ever helping reality the spanish league and the champions league titles last season were all though has now drawn level with his eternal rival barcelona's messi. and brussels has lost the right to his games at the euro twenty twenty following delays in the development of a new stadium you wafers as the four matches is set to be played in brussels will
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now be moved to wimbley stadium in london wimbley is already scheduled to host both is in my finals in the final euro twenty twenty is a pan european showcase event with matches being played in twelve different countries. and here's a reminder of those top stories that we're following for you israeli troops have used tear gas in the west bank as palestinians protest u.s. president drums recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital the palestinian group hamas has called for a new authorising against israel. and germany social democrats have voted to hold talks with chancellor angela merkel's conservatives on continuing the governing coalition chairman martin initially refused to consider that option but now he says he's willing to. after a short break i'll be back to take you through the day stick around.
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quadriga the international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week russia has been banned from the upcoming winter olympics in south korea made
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allegations of widespread state backed dope they now will most of the respondents impact of the announcement have on russia's hosting of next summer's so-called world cup find out on quadriga. quadriga in sixty minutes on d w. the top stories followed across social media and share your comments and content welcome to. news. there black and living in germany. she's reminded what that means on a daily basis presenter young up like this not being able to blend in and i was. taking a holiday. you know different than the way. she travelled across germany to meet other black people and to hear their stories. it seems that. i grew up in a white family in a white neighborhood it was definitely
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a challenge. she decided to put me up for adoption. so the main thing was to keep your head down and your mouth shut of course of the face like this i could never completely disappear if you see all these stereotypes about it because it gets you. to do something for your country but you're still the black guy with an. afro germany starting december tenth d.w. . yesterday donald trump called jerusalem the capital of israel and threw a torch into the powder keg of the middle east hopes of peace replaced overnight by predictions of war hamas calling for a third intifada a third uprising against israel u.s.
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allies from saudi arabia to turkey to germany all condemning.


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