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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 9, 2017 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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on t.w. . so. the t twenty clip gave the dolphin. toes and i'm accustomed to. the famous potato. this is d.w. news live from berlin the global anger at donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel.
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demonstrators voice their opposition in cities around the world and palestinians keep their protests in gaza and the west bank as funerals are held for the first victims of clashes with israeli security forces go to cairo where the arab league is holding an emergency session also coming up a thunderous sendoff for the singer known as the french elvis presley paris plage pays an emotional farewell to johnny holiday the man who topped the country how to rock. american evanston it's good to have you with us. the arab league is holding an emergency session to discuss donald trump's controversial decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel on the move by the u.s. president has drawn global condemnation and sparked violent protests among
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palestinians in gaza and the west bank humoral zz have now been held for two hamas militants who were killed in the unrest. the. grief is rarely privates in the middle east. militia men with masks and guns patrolled through crowds in cars the city an angry funeral parade. the dead were killed in asterix by israeli planes retaliation for rockets being fired towards israel from the gaza strip. two others died during clashes with israeli forces. get the file it's remained relatively muted the real echo has been on the international diplomatic front. all along color come on let me look at this decision is entirely provocation let me speak clearly we will never give our consent to this decision that tramples muslim and christian rights on jerusalem
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will bizarre turn. the united nations security council also stood against trump's move. these decisions are helpful to the prospects for peace in the region a name that i know all of us in this council remain committed to this was welcomed by palestinian groups. it's very positive that many countries of the world came out to say that what america has done is not in the interests of the palestinians know the palestinian cause and not in the interest of the middle east in general. our you know there but anger at donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital has gone global demonstrations in london athens tunis and rome. scenes from around the welt echoing the cold of those living at the
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center of the tensions in jerusalem it sounds the. whole short levy arab league which is an umbrella organization of twenty two arab states will be holding an emergency meeting in cairo to discuss donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital i'm joined now by ruth michelson she's a journalist in cairo ruth thanks for joining us so i just want is the arab league hoping to achieve at this emergency session what seems most likely to happen in the emergency session that we will see see evening here entire. debate about the effects of donald trump's decision and it seems that the likeliest outcome is a statement of condemnation now how severe that kind of nation is and who it targets is what will also be very much on the table. you know statements criticizing israel coming out of the arab league on or on hurdles but
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a statement criticizing the united states and its foreign policy would be something of a perk from norms that we've seen from this organization. all right so if they do come up with a joint statement of condemnation and assuming that the united states is the target of this statement what kind of an impact will it have are they just words or will we see some policy changes the arab league has been criticized in the past for being a bit of a talking shop and often the statements that are made don't always have a direct impact in terms of the policy choices from individual member states but there's always the potential for that change i mean also their. code statements of condemnation have only been broadly in line with points of view that we know that member states already hold that for example the most recent statement of condemnation was condemning the lebanese group hezbollah and calling them a terrorist organization what we might see this evening if it is criticizing u.s.
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foreign policy seems unlikely to go for and business deals but if it's criticizing israel that could change things though there are things like gas deals in the works between. israel and egypt the gas pipeline that would go by jordan. this could potentially in danger that that that we've seen quite unlikely. for one direct response to trump statement is that the leader of the comp to church in egypt has now announced that he won't be meeting the american vice president mike pence who's due to visit egypt later this month now egypt is of course a key ally of the united states so just how much damage has trump's announcement made already. it finally done a bit of damage on the ground there were proposed protests outside the u.s. embassy in cairo i believe on thursday evening that did not actually go ahead because protesting on the ground to egypt is extremely difficult for egyptian
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citizens but in terms of damaging relations with the egyptians at a policy level each until now has reviewed itself as a key player and palestinian peace tools not just between the. palestinians and potentially the israelis down the line but also between palestinian factions and this really undermines the efforts that. egyptian relations with the trump white house have been an absolute high specially in comparison to trump speed excess of barack obama. this decision certainly puts that in danger and it's that it puts egypt she's in an awkward position when it comes to their relationships with the u.s. versus their relationships with their neighbors all right with michaelson reporting for us from cairo many thanks indeed now to some of the other stories making news around the world and iraqi prime minister hyder our bodies says his country's war with the so-called islamic state has been one he says the army has driven i-s.
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from the country and resa cured its border with syria that's after more than three years of conflict investigators are looking into the role that two german companies may have played in the disappearance of an argentinean submarine the firm supplied batteries for the stricken boat and are accused of bribing officials for recent repair work the last message from the crew suggested that a fire had broken out around the submarines battery compartment. all right now something for our cinema fans and they are europe's answer to the oscars the european film awards this year's ceremony is just getting under way here in berlin the home to the european film academy so who is going to scoop the top prizes here's a roundup of the favorites including a dark comedy from sweden. what are the biggest challenges of square
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a comedy about the art world and one man's accidential crisis has picked up five nominations a museum curator goes from one strange situation to the next and not completely without blame how often would you say the women say you don't know very well. and have sex with them you know their names. so what's my main. director reuben estland exposes the hypocrisy and immorality of the upper middle class a social satire a portrait of the president that you won't forget in a hurry after winning the palme d'or the highest prize at the con film festival it now has a good shot at the european film awards. the hunger area and love story on body and soul has been nominated for three awards it's a mythical romance between maria and director two introverts who work together at a slaughterhouse they slowly realize their soul mates they even have the same dream
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every night. the film demonstrates the strength of love with poetic often enigmatic images that earned it the golden bear at the berlin film festival. melancholic finish director aki chorus marquees entry the other side of hope follows the fate of a syrian refugee in helsinki a lonely restaurant owner decides to help him this is my bed. no way. for a time the two of them share a common destiny as always chorus maki believes in hope in the face of adverse conditions his film has been nominated for two awards. three films that ask big
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questions of of them would be deserving winners. all right to talk some more about the european film war as i'm joined on the studio by delays culture correspondent scott roxboro scott always good to see you so we've just seen three of the front runners but tell me who do you think is going to win tonight yeah i agree with the report i think they're all deserving winners and the other nominees as well this is a real open year i think almost anybody could win the top prize but if i had to take a bet if i'd put money on it i'd say the square incredible film it's got a lot going for a particular because it's both very very smart and very very funny i mean it's a satire but has a very serious message it's about how do you live ethically as a member of sort of a rich society like most european societies at the same time it really pokes fun at the pretensions of sort of the liberal elite a lot of people who are considered one of the members of the european film academy the liberal elite so if it really cuts close to the bone but i think it's got
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a really good chance and i think it is the film to be well of course many of the winners of the european film awards do go on to the oscars and so is l.a. watching tonight yeah definitely i mean addition to the square i think a lot of people can be looking at the french film that's nominated a b.p.m. beats per minute it's a fellow people are talking about in hollywood as maybe having a chance to get a couple of oscar nominations even outside the foreign language film category it's really interesting film it's set in the early one nine hundred ninety s. and it's about the act up movement the sort of militant. movement of gay activists who called for more action to combat aids the director was a member of this movement in paris and this draws on a lot of his own experiences i saw it in the camera premier very touching film a very powerful movie and i think if it does well tonight it could really help it's oscar campaign well scott last year the german film tony aired man swept the awards it's a fine. have prizes and yet this year we don't see a single german film nominated but well germany take any prizes this year in other
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categories yeah i think it doesn't look good i have to say the only person i can see coming home with anything tonight is polar bear she's a young german actors nominated for best actress think she might have a chance she was nominated for a role in a period drama called frogs she's really amazing she's twenty two years old but already at the top of her game the director of the whole is all as compared to robi schneider the great only schneider but i don't know she's up against a lot of competition i will have to see indeed we've both got ross perot many thanks indeed as always. to paris now where the city is saying goodbye to the singer known as the french elvis presley rock legend johnny halliday died of lung cancer on wednesday at the age of seventy four tens of thousands of people turned out to see him off ahead of his funeral. hundreds of bikers joined the funeral procession for a thunderous sendoff johnny holiday himself drove a harley he was
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a working class hero whose appeal adventure he comes across class divides. we got a trailer you didn't look around there are all sorts of people workers everything young people old people less young people we don't care we're always young for johnny the jungle journey. that would have been no johnny without british and american rock but he made it very much his own and he sang in french. on the steps of the madeleine church president manuel mccall paid tribute to the switch and told to a career spanning almost sixty years is a thousand songs fifty albums. you were with us still with us with us forever two national the. johnny holiday will be buried next week on the caribbean island of somebody telling me. things for it's news now and in saturday's
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bundesliga action there was another defeat for beleaguered bertha dortmund they lost two one at home to strugglers verda braman that's eight games without a win in the league for dorfman and the pressure is very much on coach payton vosh leaders byron one one nil at frankfurt i mean last week were held to two by minds while hamburg drew nil nil with both borg and friday laver couzin one two nil and that cart. you're up to date now on d.w. news will be back again at the top of the hour omarion evans dean from all of us here in berlin thanks for watching. well.


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