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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 10, 2017 11:00am-11:16am CET

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a little bit of the law that they. were going to. be running on. the human rights. d.w. . as did every news coming to you live from berlin donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital must be reversed thus
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a message coming out of an emergency meeting of the arab league whose members had warned of more days of rage in the region will take it sure islam for the latest plus. rights groups in germany marked international human rights day with a call for the release of a turkish german journalist imprisoned in turkey and hear from an activist who's just been freed from detention their. boss it's the best film that europe asked to offer this is a group home of bitter if that is there the square. a dark swedish comedy wins big of the european film awards will bring you all the highlights from camera to the osbournes. and the top brass of the doormen may have had enough after another loss but coach peter bosch the team say they'll be making an announcement later today.
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and sarah harmon welcome to the program it's good to have you with us. arab league foreign ministers have demanded the united states reverse president doll drums decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital that decision has sparked violent protests not just in israel and the palestinian territories but also in other countries in lebanon security forces fired tear gas and water cannon the protesters near the u.s. embassy in beirut president trump a said he was only recognizing reality despite warnings that the move could jeopardize the middle east peace process. israeli police patrol over streets taking no chances hundreds of protesters turned out on this certain day of rage but numbers were said to be down on previous days. the focus is now shifting to the diplomatic stage the leaders from the region headed to cairo for an emergency summit of the arab league delegates there called for u.s.
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move a dangerous violation of international law. kalash overhead but in the selim we call on all of the world's peace loving nations to raise their voices clearly and to reject the u.s. president's illegal decision. we call on the world to recognize the state of palestine with east jerusalem as its capital shockley. andra president decision has already gone global hey a demonstration outside the u.s. embassy in indonesia who was most populous muslim nation most european countries have also condemned the move angering israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. while i respect here i am not prepared to accept a double standard from it i hear voices from their condemning president shrub's historic statement but i have not heard condemnations of the rockets fired at
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israel or the terrible incitement against it. to monitor them. netanyahu made various remarks before boarding a plane for a two day trip to paris and brussels for warts are expected to be tense talks. let's bring in our correspondent in jerusalem better why israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is now in paris he's set to meet with the french president and then one lakh crore later what is he hoping to achieve here. the thing that the israelis are saying right now is that netanya i was walking into the lion's mouth he is not expected to have a very warm reception either in paris or in brussels after this trump announcement but he has said that he is walking with his head held high and he's going to call out the european hypocrisy for condemning this unilateral move on donald trump's part but not condemning what he says are rockets coming out of gaza aimed at israel
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so he has sort of his own axe to grind here with the europeans as much as they have to grind with him over the arab league has called on president trying to reverse his jerusalem move is that going to have any impact on the situation. that's a big question definitely it's sort of seems like all the old players in the israeli palestinian peace negotiations falling back on their old positions the palestinians really feel like they've been cheated out of what was supposed to be their capital after giving up so much in these decades of negotiations and making compromises and now that's been unilaterally taken away from them but whether or not the arab league declaration that the international community should recognize a palestinian state will have any effect that does remain to be seen ok my what's the security situation like right now in israel and the palestinian territories today. well we know that there have been some more protests actually up
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in beirut in lebanon and outside the u.s. embassy that have turned somewhat violent in some clashes with police here in jerusalem there have been some scuffles around with police but generally things are very quiet now whether anything is going to escalate again also remains to be seen we know that there has been a call by fatah the ruling party in the palestinian territories for more protests this coming friday as well as possibly some israeli protests on saturday so those two sides might be tag teaming each other on the same side of this issue ok today is international human rights day when the world community marks the adoption of human rights rumi talking more about that in a minute but maya for now we'll leave you in jerusalem thank you so much. better reporting for us from jerusalem as we said today is human rights day and the world is marking the adoption of the declaration of human rights by the united nations today is also the three hundredth day that turkish german journalist and as
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usual has spent in prison in turkey hundreds of artists of calls for his release popstars bono and sting and several nobel prize winning authors are among those who signed a letter calling to free dennis he's accused of terrorist propaganda but the german government says usual has been detained on political grounds. and he's not the only one hundreds of human rights workers are behind bars in turkey the human rights activist peter stored in or as recently returned from istanbul after being detained there for months our reporter shall apos much jordan are in his berlin home. now on his way to germany to reunite with his family after spending nearly four months in a turkish prison and the weeks since his return he's been trying to readjust it's continuing in doing my relaxation exercises which i did before going into prison during prison and doing it still there's
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a lot of talking with friends with colleagues it's also just getting back into normal rhythms like taking care of the children etc they human rights activist was teaching a seminar in istanbul when he was unexpectedly detained by turkish authorities during his time in prison he learned to come to terms with the rules solitary confinement is maybe the strictest one had for several days but also there i was treated mainly was a respect for the work guards i had great great inmates in the way. who were passing through similar situations like i did and for me it was very important to feel the solidarity from the outside as well from the fellow prisoners activists and both germany and turkey demanded his release now despite not being back in germany the trial against him in turkey is continuing in his absence he's charged with having supported an armed terrorist organization many others are still imprisoned in turkey looking into the. judicial system and the judicial procedure
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is a see that for a lot of the political detainees that the situation is rather unfair there are the trials of who they are sometimes not even until know there's a lot of sort of guarantee from my side towards them and i hope that i can say the same that i would love to say the same that is you just said a few days before my release like you're going to be out know soon. now recently received a peace prize for his work as a human rights activist. has looked at some of the other stories that are making headlines this hour are wrong if prime minister hydrology body has declared victory of the so-called islamic state he says the army has driven the final remnants of bias from our rocky soil and more than three years of conflict is militants once controlled a third of iraq including its second largest city of laws. at least one person has
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died trying to escape huge wildfires raging through southern california around two hundred thousand people have been forced to flee their homes the winds that have been fanning the flames are finally starting to ease but firefighters say this situation is still dangerous. celebrities from galaxies near and far hit the red carpet in los angeles saturday for the world premiere of the latest star wars movie the last jet i opens in u.s. theaters on friday no formal reviews have been released yet but lucky ticket holder say this film more than lives up to the high. right here in europe a dark swedish comedy has scooped up the biggest prizes at the european film awards the square is a searing satire of contemporary society it one top prizes that kannan has been nominated for an academy award so last night's glittering ceremony here in berlin may put it one step closer to winning that coveted oscar. it can become
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a bit if we can become a bit directed it is the square. swedish comedy eva square sweeps for night scooping six prizes including the most prestigious you watch for best film the cast and crew chose to skip fair thank you speech and express their joy in a different way to get to know we have to do is to get it right. so let's do the countdown happy scream three a one. i. wonder if a square is a lighthearted look at the hypocrisy of modern society has centers on the trials and tribulations of christy and for curator of an art museum in stockholm. kristin drives an electric car and say's all the right things about poverty and world peace invest film his high minded idea was a put to the test and that's actually. how often rich people women
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they don't know very well and have sex with them. you know their names. yeah yeah. always oh yeah yeah so when i make. things go from bad to worse in another on forgettable scene a performance artist goes a that's a posh fund raising dinner. the best film of a european film awards often goes on to win the academy awards and in fact tradition holds up direct aruban ursula and could be picking up another prize the oscar for best foreign language film. well turning now to some sports news in germany has been
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a slow go dortmund coach peter bosh is in trouble his side went into matched a fifteen having picked up just three points in the bundesliga in the past two months that's the kind of run that can get a guy fired and dortmund have scheduled a news conference for later today bosh was hoping that a home match against lowly braman could lead to a turnaround but no such luck. don't wonder again far too passive and were pushed up to twenty six minutes with maximilian eg a star and getting brave in the lead. it was a superb effort which left dortmund keep a woman becky well they dortmund failed to muster a single shot on goal in the first half farms and club bosses were livid. they finally equalized on fifty seven minutes with pm rick obama and credited with the goal. is to get on strike it did get the final touch it makes him the fullness league's record african scorer with ninety seven goals. but braman a made of sterner stuff these days and just eight minutes later they were ahead
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again to your dog every selassie making it to one then to braman celebrate their first away win of the campaign well dortmund have now not one in eight in the league. it is my work my job and every game we turn up full of energy but we hoped we would see that on the pitch a small of the plot seems bush failed to get the win he needed to guarantee his job . saturday's other babe of the so your game saw soccer take on gladbach and both teams have been mounting steady climbs at the standings. the host started the match in control after twenty two minutes christophe karama coasted into the back post on mox one nil to. five after the break went for a second. but this time greater was the noise by ralph.
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shall cut took advantage thanks to a bit of luck yannick vestigal turning into a new color jury's cross from the wing. and go one one surprisingly shoka took control after the equaliser. missed the mark here. and then failed to find a white pass yun sama. it stayed one one affair results in the end. and have stayed have the news for all the winners thinking results you can find our coverage of g.w. dot com we'll be keeping a close eye on what happens to peter bosch i'm sara hermann at the news desk in berlin from our home team thanks for watching we'll see you again at the top of the . enter the conflict zone confronting the powerful average.


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