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tv   World Stories - Football Fever Russia the World Cup  Deutsche Welle  December 10, 2017 6:15pm-6:31pm CET

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last season and i think he is the man to bring him back up to the top four spots i think if you saw his previous club cologne just last fall three after having a three goal late tonight against fraud so i think if we can sort out all this defense we can bring them back so we wish him and darkman to the best of luck many thanks to an expanded from sports department office nice to talk to you. a quick reminder now of our top story french president a monologue kron has urged israel prime minister to negotiate with the palestinians saying they must find a two state solution that on yahoo is on his first trip to europe since donald trump recognized jerusalem as israel's capital. you're up to date on c.w. thanks for watching. me. he's a doctor what kind of diseases can be healed this forms
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a reporter so what part of this is implied as inside the year book but it's also. draws on a wealth of insights totally different experts in all fields of medicine are. in good shape. we take food personally you went with a little bit wonderful people and stories that make the game so special. for all true fans far. more than football online. this week and world stories. taking on the big companies palm oil pharmacy
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in africa exploitation child refugees in istanbul but we begin in russia although no longer competing in next year's winter olympics russia is still gearing up to host the football world cup didn't use any chevon gauge the mood of the fans . but. it's minus seven degrees celsius in moscow but that doesn't stop. amateur football team a la push of a they play at least once a week no matter what the weather. alex on the morrow he has been playing with the team for two years he's a school sports teacher but on and off the pitch soccer has always been his passion . both around the world and here in russia football is the game of the people you have to strike shoot beautiful goals we may not be at the world cup but we definitely try to play an elegant game over seven hundred thousand tickets to the world cup in russia have already been sold so far about half of them have gone to
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the country's own fans including alex on the. list there are reminders of the upcoming event daughter it across moscow even a countdown to the kickoff. and the majority of russians feel positive about hosting the world cup this coming near. because it's in the crowd yes it's a good thing of course a lot of tourists a lot of guests will come and we're always happy to have guests. was nice but i likes on that and his team mates won't be needing any encouragement when it comes to the soccer spirit today they're watching a game at a teammate's local bar. the russian national team currently has the lowest ranked of all the world cup participants but no matter who wins fans like alexandre can still enjoy a month of the beautiful game.
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from cookies to bio diesel palm oil is everywhere but it has a bad environmental reputation. no foam is in sierra leone trying to do things differently. this is what palm oil production mostly looks like in sierra leone international companies grow large monocultures lundy for us to their areas using lots of chemicals in the process it's terrible for the environment. but palm oil can also be produced in less harmful ways sorry sesay runs a small family farm. the oil their fruit for twenty five years but they can't be harvested until three or four years after planting so it's a long term investment. and i mean it's gimmicky i decided to go into oil production my only as a go down but this will be my pension and we can harvest it until i die at that so
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much up and. his family is large and they can harvest the fruit all year round. what they've garnered here earns them around ten euros. and the parts of the plants that can't be turned into oil are used to make natural fertilizer. these oil plans are organically grown out of necessity. that the back. i don't use chemicals and besides i don't even have money to buy any i mean much so we rely purely on our own traditional methods. among side the palms he grows pineapples and cashews they not only provide food for his family the corrupt aversive is also better for the soil. today sorry sesay has a visitor it's mohamed come are a from the dutch palm oil company in natural habitats the group produces its own
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organic palm oil fruits but also buys from the farmers. embarking on their plan to show him in the form of developing them so their use supports all see will mean it's a really really advantage us how long does it take you to grow plantation and then start the process and so we decided to go straight to the from us who already have been to show ends and in our system develop the asking this ultimately do p.c.r. used. the company's oil mill is close by oil palms are high yield giving four times as much oil as some flowers perhaps there. that makes it cheap and widely consumed almost every other product in supermarkets from cookies to face creams contains palm oil most of the royal press here is exported but the amount is just a fraction of that produced by large companies can the organic palm oil compete can
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definitely be on people they've even been we have pretty different form of for auction we are going to get our convention out and being organic if you are premium and the market. fourteen hundred farmers like sorry says they are part of the natural habitats network of certified organic growers their number is set to rise as the world's hunger for palm oil continues to climb. children as young as six have to work in factories in turkey where they and their families have fled the war in syria child labor is illegal and the kids work long hours but their families depend on it. i the red ling noise of sewing machines has become the soundtrack of our us is childhood she works twelve hours
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a day monday to friday in this clothing workshop in istanbul the women here a sewing underwear and iris has to make sure they never run out of fabric i. she earns about fifty cents an hour. as the house and i have a room of course i would rather go to school but it's just not possible we have to pay a lot of rent and food the water bill everything is expensive and that's why i need to work and help my family in each. of us is eleven years old and not the only child in this workshop. has been working here for two years like out us he is from syria. from the moscow's is certain he is the oldest among the kids. the youngest here is only six years old. the turkish owner lets us film but only because we promised we would not show him in our report child labor is illegal in
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turkey fiona knows this but says the families would be much worse off without the work. many other children us and out by their parents to beg on the streets they can be seen everywhere in east onboard. alice has finished work for today she takes me home with her to meet her family. she has two little sisters her mother is pregnant and had to stop working they don't receive any financial support from the turkish state her father found a job but even with the money. they can still only barely make ends meet and here is that us we have to send her to work we don't have any other choice every morning she cries and tells me i want to go to score it's heartbreaking i
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know she is too young to work and many people would not offer her a job because she's still a child but i know the owner of that clothing workshop and he said he wants to help us. so he could live so it was a nationally in syria i was the only one working. and it was enough to support my family. even my parents. but here it's different rent the kids expenses i just can't do it all on my own. i meet. one of the stumbles district may as he admits the child labor is a problem in turkey one that has grown with the arrival of the syrian refugees. visit. our options are limited. do we try to get these children into our schools give them books and pens and school banks of course we do
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. but we don't always reach all of them. it's often the case that more help is needed and we are able to give. the talk. that's why others are trying to help in alice's neighborhood syrian teachers are giving classes even on weekends for children who otherwise wouldn't be able to attend school turkish arabic or math the basics at least. for arris these are precious moments when the sewing machine stop rattling and she can be a child again if only for a few alice. a promising development in a child the medication has been making headlines one a day pills to prevent infection known as pre-exposure prophylaxis the enter viral strategy is relieving fear of aids this report from britain tells us more.
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a manner is a professional musician he's gay and hiv negative and that's how he wanted to stay up that is why he relies on prep and anti-viral medicine against hiv infection it's mostly meant for the high risk group of sexually active gay men. this. until about two years ago i just used condoms but there were always risky situations of mine i started to mistrust condoms. then i heard about prep and it really sounded like a savior. i know that. people used to pay up to eight hundred euros a month or semi-legal the order a cheaper generic version from abroad but recent efforts by
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a cologne pharmacist drastically lowered the price to fifty euros a month today over sixty pharmacies in germany off of their medicine cloudy and i how store was one of the first in berlin. not. the demand has been very high since october we've heard two hundred to two hundred thirty patients here just in this pharmacy for a manual prep is already a success it finally means freedom from the once life threatening hiv. if you. want. to come.
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