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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 11, 2017 2:00pm-2:16pm CET

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migration and asylum seekers remain hot topics in europe. but european politicians struggle to provide answers while those who fled wait for what might come and worry about family members back home i feel very shame because i am to germany save europe and the refugee crisis inside outlooks and i'm sure that the cops. are sweet on d. w. . this is deja news coming to you live from berlin the israeli prime minister arrives
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in brussels with tensions brewing over the status of judas them. jerusalem as israel's couple no one can do it goes i'm pleased that makes peace possible because recognizing reality is the substance of. being in the knesset hotels e.u. foreign ministers the nations the like the u.s. should recognize jerusalem as the israeli capital we can get an update from brussels. cd a german politicians condemned the burning off israeli flags in berlin that's often causes demonstrated in the german captain against president tom's jerusalem decision. also coming up win tickets to europe with a vengeance heavy snow ford brings travel chaos but it's a ring to wonderland for some.
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i know i'm under thought she'd be good to have your company. we begin with some breaking news coming in from the united states the new york fire department says it's responding to an incident at the port authority bus terminal in midtown manhattan police in the city also say they are responding to reports of an explosion off an on known origin you're seeing live pictures there coming to you from new york the n.y.p.d. said it had evacuated a number of subway lines the incident appears to have taken place at the intersection off forty second street and eighth avenue not a far from times square as you can see the traffic has been brought to a standstill the video is coming in a what appears to be a major evacuation of the area by police and first responders as you can see that the traffic has been brought to a standstill the area has been cordoned off you have ambulances you have police cars but what the nature of this incident is we're still not sure but you are
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seeing live pictures coming to you from new york and of course we have more on the story as soon as more details become available. israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu has said european governments should follow the united states in recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel netanyahu is in brussels for talks with your foreign ministers but the e.u. has condemned the u.s. decision and is expected to put pressure on the israeli leader to do more to revive the peace process here's some of what netanyahu and the e.u. foreign policy chief. had to say earlier today. you know where the european union stands we believe. that the only realistic solution to the conflicts between israel and palestine is based on two states which are those eleven as the capital of both the state of israel and the state of palestine along the sixty seven line this is our considered position i believe that or or most of the rupee and no countries
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will move their embassies to jerusalem recognize them as israel's a couple and encourage robustly with us for security prosperity. and peace. and joining me now is mark thinks of the konrad adenauer foundation which is link the chancellor methods conservative see c.d.u. party welcome are you in gamala and palestinian territory remorseless are running high what are palestinians think to you. well on the one hand they're not really surprised they're not surprised because there were no clear hope in the you know the new us. trumpeted very clear during the campaign already where he stands and we got to this really conflict but at the same time we saw some demonstrations most of them very peaceful because of the rockets fired from gaza of the general atmosphere is rather because people have a very realistic understanding of the situation and the israeli prime minister
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wants here countries to move the embassy to jerusalem from the television do you see germany taking such a step. no this will not happen i cannot speak on behalf of the german government but i think all statements coming from president and burton there are very clear international consensus as it was a consensus on wednesday you will remain sane both parties israel and the palestinians have to negotiate on the plan and structures and jerusalem is one of the powers that is so i think very much convinced that jim uble stick to this position and like netanyahu said recognizing reality is the south of peace and i'm quoting him now is the recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital just acknowledging reality which could put negotiations with the palestinians on a more realistic footing. no other palestinian perspective here's a different one president trump recognized one reality which was this really
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reality while ignoring the palestinian perspective on the city there is also arab history their emotions their religions all of this also brings the palestinians very close to the city where three hundred thousand palestinians live i rather see the opposite happening now because he's not also challenging the palestinian strategy to his peace that israel if you say has not synchronized its today's realities that also the palestinians could do the same job arguing that the chances for buyable institutions no longer given and for that i'm a bit afraid that no new strategy or at least new discussions with the rocks here in the palestinian territories arguing that one state or maybe more video as to that is might be an hour back to strategy and does definitely will be can the moderates will definitely rican president abbas who so far did not express a clear message to his own people and i think we are on this level as the west will lose our very important partners here mark things from the cloud right out in our
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foundation into my life thank you very much for that assessment thanks for having. there you. see the german lawmakers have condemned the burning of israeli flanks here in berlin at the weekend medal says she rejected any kind of anti-semitism and xenophobia and that a government must fight such incidents with full force three flags were burned when thousands of troops on the scene and protesters took to the streets of the german capital. burning israeli flags in the german capital prompted by u.s. president donald trump's controversial decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital thousands of propellants demonstrators gathered in berlin over the weekend prompt an outrage from the german government. it's absolutely shameful that such open hatred against jews is present on the streets of german cities germany has
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a particularly close link to the state of israel and all people of the jewish faith . or freedom of expression and demonstration guarantees everyone the right to peaceful protest but this is not a license for empty semitic excesses for hatred and violence. more than one thousand people gathered at berlin's iconic brandenburg gate near the u.s. embassy on friday where on to semitic slogans were heard from some protesters ten people were arrested with charges including assault in violation of the law of assembly. at the second demonstration on sunday tune a half thousand demonstrators marched through berlin's night on district where one made flags bearing the star of david weber and. for historical reasons germany is always particularly vigilant when there are protests against israel fares are also never far away that anti semitism could fuel violence. russia's president putin has ordered a partial redrawing of russian troops from syria president putin made the
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announcement in a surprise visit to an airbase in syria where he met with the syrian president bashar assad russian media is reporting putin told that he wants to kick start the syrian peace process by working together with iran and turkey and then traveled on to egypt for talks on the middle east crisis. let me now bring you up to date with some other stories making news around the wind global arms sales on the rise for the first time in seven years the stock homebase international peace research institute says was wide arm sales total more than three hundred seventy four billion dollars in two thousand and sixteen u.s. based companies account for more than half of those sales funneled by the united kingdom and russia though at a significantly lower number venezuela's president nicolas maduro has banned key opposition parties from next year's presidential election he claims the move was based on the party's decision to boycott mayoral elections on sunday the opposition
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has protested against what it claims is a rigged electoral system. saudi arabia is to end its thirty five year ban on cinemas the first one will open early next year the movie spot of change is being introduced in the conservative country by mohamed bin cell mon the powerful crown prince. a major flare up in southern california's largest wildfire has triggered new evacuations the blaze has been moving closer to the city of santa barbara fires in the area have forced two hundred thousand people to flee their homes and destroyed hundreds of houses. large parts of europe have been covered in a blanket of snow a visa drawn images you're seeing from the netherlands but the reality for travelers around europe was far less beautiful and tranquil there was chaos on the
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roads in britain of the heaviest snowfall in four years and germany also got its first heavy dusting of the year here to the destructions but for many it was also an opportunity to have a bit of fun that day is going nowhere fast however intrepid. this the site for thousands of passengers at germany's frank fat at board. pounds and the ice is unable to stop the cancellation of more than three hundred flights there on sunday. widespread destruction across britain to tens of thousands of passengers left without flights at europe's busiest airport london heathrow. while police advised those attempting road journeys to stay home unless travel was critical the heaviest snowfall in four years created treacherous conditions. could i be surprised to get shredded that is just horrible to be stuff like this is that absolutely freezing very. harmful and scary
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very yeah and. northern europe has been covered with snow with temperatures dropping well below zero. the cold front brought with it high winds this passenger ferry was stranded for several hours after running aground near the french port of cali weather warnings are in place across much of the country. but for those who didn't have somewhere to be the freeze provided ample entertainment. your source a perk it's great for the children finally we have snow. hope it'll be as why does this come christmas. does after all to.


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