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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 12, 2017 2:00pm-2:16pm CET

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just for a robotic as a teacher night would have human empathy what does the machine need to do to create empathy and a medical context would i disclose more information to a person or to a computer in this case. if you listened let's feelings on the instruments that steer us and whoever can control these feelings has great power over us to the possible algorithms instead of feelings measuring emotion starting december sixteenth on t w. this is detail previews coming to you live from berlin trump under attack three
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women who saved president donald trump sexually assaulted them calling on congress to start an investigation into celeste actions also coming up. in the middle east this as the u.s. and israeli leaders insist strongs to slim decision is a step towards peace israel's ambassador to the federal public of germany talks about the fallout in an exclusive interview with g.w. . and back to the moon president trump pledges to send americans to its nearest nivo for the first time in almost fifty yes but there's no mention of how he paid for this ambitious plan. on unwelcome i'm on the thought she. he was president dollar trump is facing scrutiny once again over allegations. sexual misconduct three women who had
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previously accused trump of sexual harassment according for a congressional investigation to trump's alleged predatory behavior the white house has cooled the claims forwards but the women have pointed to the infamous access hollywood video in which trump traveling on a tour bus bragged about grouping and trying to have sex with them and now some of the women accusing trump of sexual misconduct are repeating their stories and calling for an inquiry into his behavior let's take a listen to what they're saying but it's when he put his hand started put his hand up my skirt and that was the last time i wore skirt traveling. and then i managed because i'm not a small person i. managed to wrestle myself out of the sea and stood up grabbed my purse and went to the back of the airplane i want to believe that as americans we can put aside our political inclinations and admit that some things in fact do transcend politics that we will hold mr trump to the same standard as harvey
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weinstein and the other man who are held accountable for their reprehensible behavior done for more disorder let me join scott lucas he's a professor of american studies at the university of come in the u.k. but this is lucas what are the chances offical rational investigation. i think that republicans in congress who hold a slim majority in the upper chamber and a larger majority in the house of representatives i think there will be watched any type of meaningful investigation however just making the calls for the inquiry especially from these women but also by legislators that will sort of keep the pressure on trump. what has really sort of changed this environment after trump was able to escape the allegations last year you'd like to this president has been of course the wide range of people who have been accused in hollywood the journalists who have been accused even senators representatives accused of sexual misconduct
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last week one democratic senator al franken resigning over the allegations and people are saying well if we are holding these people to account shouldn't we hold donald trump to account given that fifteen women are on record accusing him of sexual harassment so as i said don't expect a formal investigation but politically i think this could now be damaging again to trump it's a number of issues that he has faces of do you think the donald trump is feeling the heat from the need to move on because these allegations against him have been around for a while that the not to over this is seems to have changed as a result of this need to look linde. i think donald trump of course has this ability to think that he is always a ball of any type of criticism and that if you his challenge it must be the fake media and that these women are making up these stories that said i think probably you're going to see his frustration coming days that these charges have come back
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at him because he said it was self in a trap and that is when he commented on others who have been accused of sexual misconduct like senator franken that it simply put him back into the spotlight which is you can't point it others and that escape scrutiny yourself and of course on top of this and possibly compounding donald trump's frustration is that the republican senator candidate in alabama today one more is also accused of sexual harassment and that just increases the pressure on the party as well as the president so as you say that he supported this out of almost senate risk intended imo oneself is accused of sex who misconduct. about how this administration views sex or how this meant of women if you want me to be blunt it means morality be damned this is ministration priority is to keep a majority of senators for its attempt to get tax cuts through it is to preserve
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trump and any type of moral or ethical questions about the people who are in office inclusion in the president he so those are secondary the white house will just simply keep trying to say look other what look elsewhere don't look at on us. do not expect this administration to ever hold itself up toward a standard that applies to others they have to see where the story goes scott lucas thank you very much for your assessment. let's look at some other stories making news around the world in the u.s. a twenty seven year old man is in custody after detonating an explosive device in a new york sports authority bus terminal four people were hurt in the blast officials say the man was inspired by the islamic states president trump has called for tougher immigration. an explosion at a natural gas plant in austria has killed one person and injured more than a dozen others the cause of the blast at a plant in a town east of vienna is not yet known. in south korea robots are helping
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out as the host nation gears up for the winter olympics now this torch bearer gets a bit of human assistance before showing off his special skills and handing off to the next ronna in the traditional olympic torch relay the games open in the city of kung chong next february fresh clashes have broken out between israeli soldiers and palestinians in the occupied west bank to protest against the u.s. decision to recognize to use them as the capital of israel had since the u.s. president made this announcement last week they've been angry demonstrations in many parts of the was israel's ambassador to germany will be joining me in the studio for a talk but first this report. flanked by a symbol of peace violence flares again over jerusalem day six of clashes between israel and the palestinians with no end in sight. set off by donald trump who
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reversed decades of u.s. diplomacy in the mideast therefore i have determined that it is time to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. the backlash against the decision was swift deadly clashes erupted in the occupied west bank palestinian leaders called the move a kiss of death to peace efforts. and the unrest has spread worldwide here in bangladesh thousands protested last week in solidarity with fellow muslims in palestine israeli prime minister benyamin netanyahu hailed president trumps decision as a historic milestone. this isn't reflects the president's commitment to an ancient but enduring truth to fulfilling his promises and to
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advance in peace. but few countries have followed washington's lead german chancellor angela merkel said she couldn't back trumps move. if club the status of jerusalem needs to be negotiated as part of talks on a two state solution for israel and that's why we want this process to be revived evil in this context we do not agree with the decision. of and. says among christian. yet rage has also been visible on the streets of the german capital here in the shadow of berlin's brandenburg gate and just outside the u.s. embassy protesters burned israeli flags last weekend germany has condemned the flag burning calling them shameful. now in germany is shut off as reilly and ambassador joe may join me in this to do so short while ago i began by asking
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him how he felt at seeing the star of david being burned in the heart of violin. it made me feel very sad to see such an event in berlin in a city which has welcomed me most four months ago in such a warm way and i feel sure that it doesn't represent the feelings of the german government and the german people as a whole i think that this is a fringe element that tends to affirm one central thing they disagree with israel's policy but they don't agree with the fact that israel can have a position and then in that sense i think the burning of a flag is like burning one's own own integrity and one's own tolerance and in that sense i think it's something that should be condemned in in a very profound way and it has been condemned across the board in jail me talking about israel's position germany in israel have a close relations and good chance the anglo american has come out in strong
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opposition to donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel are you disappointed by that i can speak for the governments of visual when i say that any agreement between israel and the palestinians ultimately will include jerusalem as the capital of israel and divided jerusalem as the capital of jerusalem as the capital of israel the prime minister has said that we will continue to look to achieve peace with all of our neighbors including the palestinians as well and there is going to be no change in the present very steady past steadfast policy of freedom of access freedom of worship in jerusalem which has helped jerusalem survive and go through many different challenges the back to this new signs of peace in the region at the moment over this conflict would israel accept in a two state solution that is jerusalem should be the capital of a palestinian state look i come from jerusalem jerusalem is my home town i've lived
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in jerusalem for many years my family has been there for several general. sions i know jerusalem does not just polls trade in these headlines of this day or another i see jerusalem which has had a profound degree of coexistence between jews and arabs from many different many different is in over different times and i think that we should also appreciate that there's a lot more potential of coexistence in this city than otherwise and i always continue to believe jerusalem is a spiritual city its appearances says city of serenity of calm of spirituality and i believe ultimately people in the end can find their way to reaching an agreement . that was israel's ambassador gemini gemini i suck it off talking to me earlier since then we have reports coming in the two men have been killed in the gaza strip with balas in the parties blaming an israeli air strike but israel's military has
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denied the claim saying the army did not launch an attack there of course we'll bring you more details on that story as we get more details and confirmation. u.s. president donald trump has ordered nasa to send more american astronauts to the moon and beyond signing a policy order trump said this time we will not only plant off flag and leave a footprint we'll establish a foundation for an eventual mission to maz it's been almost half a century since the last manned mission to the moon. american astronaut neil armstrong the first man to walk on the moon in july one thousand nine hundred sixty nine. three years later in one thousand nine hundred seventy two the apollo seventeen mission this was the last time man traversed the lunar surface no humans have
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visited the moon since then. now u.s. president donald trump has signed a directive ordering nasa to return american astronauts to the moon i'm we will not only plant our flag and leave our footprint we will establish a foundation for adventure a mission to mars that perhaps someday to many worlds beyond. a return to the moon would make a strategic claim in space for the u.s. at a time when rival nations notably china are contemplating their own lunar missions but it won't be cheap easy or quick experts say it will take at least a decade and it will cost billions of dollars. russia's limbic committee has given its support for its athletes to compete under a neutral flag at the upcoming winter games in chunk chunk south korea and the
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country's a limping body formalize the decision on tuesday the news comes of rico after the international olympic committee had banned russia from the games but it did leave the door open for clean athletes to compete as. it would be up to them to prove that they have not doped he was indeed over it is coming up ahead the one planet climate summit begins in france the focus convincing leaders to invest in clean energy and make fossil fuel economies a thing of the past. that story coming up with ben fizzling from our business says forty do stay with the w. news if you can.
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