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it's about moments that. it's all about the stories in so. it's all about george chance to discover the world from different perspectives. join us and inspired by distinctive instagram or years at g.w. stories new topics each week on instagram. thing. tell isn't. healthy and i'm telling the famous potato.
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everybody it's time for you oh daily dose of european culture and lifestyle here at euro max let's take a look at what's coming up in the show. tonight of the stocks we present you the winners of this year's european film awards. talk of the town and new taste sensation arrives in london. and christmas is coming the german town of laotian is a winter wonderland. well let's start off with the european film awards which took place here in berlin over the weekend the german capital hosts europe's oncet to the oscars every second year and films from all over the continent competed of the last thirty years of awards ceremonies british and french
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films have scooped up the most honest but this year the three thousand members of the european film academy cost the votes different way. european comedy two thousand and seven seem the square thanks. to thank. god we've come a bit repetitive here this square thank the un doubted star of the evening with sweden's the square it took home prizes for best european film best actor best screenwriter best director and best comedy. director reuben aslan's work takes a satirical look at the art business. the competition is fierce. if you place an object in a museum for instance if we took you bag and placed it here. but that may get out.
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ok. the awards are seen as europe's answer to the oscars winners are chosen by the more than three thousand members of the european film academy which is led by german cinema legend them bentos this year the ceremony took place in berlin. the best actress award was taken by alexandra barbie for her role in the hunger arean romance on body and soul. thank you motional both on and off the silver screen. thank you i can speak. thank you. german director focus on doors presented the achievement in world cinema work to french american actors julie delpy.
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we almost had to have dealt. he rose to international fame in the one nine hundred ninety s. with before sunrise which costarred ethan hawke. the first film of what would become a trilogy. her most recent role was as a teacher in the comedy drama the bachelor this is very bad. this year's winner of the lifetime achievement award is russian director aleksandr sokoloff thank. his film russian ark from the year two thousand and two was shot as one single sequence.
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loving vincent won best animation the polish british biography brings paintings by artist vincent van gogh to life. to do so seen shot with real actors were painted over frame by frame with oil paints. a european film awards a gala event for europe's film industry. and the dark comedy the square will be in the running for an oscar nomination next year to. now let's take a look at what else is happening around europe right now our express features a three ton christmas cake but first a look at some of the german nominees at next month's golden globes. german director. in the fade has been nominated for a golden globe in the best foreign language can't agree the film is about
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a woman who seeks justice for her kurdish husband and son killed in a neo nazi attack. german film composer hands him a also has a good chance of winning another prize. his school for the war drama duncan is nominated for the best film music award he already has two golden globes. the nativity scene made from sand is now on display in the northern italian town of years alone. it took artist eleven days to create using some one thousand cubic meters of sand. little by little to very nice very beautiful last year there were a lot less sculptures this year there are many more years old up against the first time i come to a really good i'm amazed that most exciting also because it's the first time for me to work with its traditional motifs will remain on show until feb eleventh.
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perished on the fest a traditional christmas cake festival in today's down. took place last weekend thousands watched as a huge cake weighing almost three thousand kilos was paraded around the city afterwards the cake was sold for a good cause at a local christmas market. the seventy's instead of the giant stalin which is composed of three hundred seventy five different parts that's our christmas cake. the first huge down then was banked in today's then back in the seventeenth and. now staying in germany we travel west to the city of bone for some beethoven it's almost two hundred fifty years ago that the composer was born in the city and his legacy is still celebrated to this day pianists from all over the world came together for the bi annual beethoven competition for an incredible ten days they've
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played it out for the prize money thirty thousand euros the w is the competition's media partner so we took a closer look at the bass hovan bonanza. and outstanding performance as alberto federal plays loued big van beethoven piano concerto number four. the twenty one year old italian wins one of the most prestigious awards for young pianists in the world the international telecom beethoven competition bombed.
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in believe this year this is the final. it's like the dream for it's the first and the first place in an international that's going for british always good to say the it is a lot but here it's it's even more so the speech. a few hours earlier the tension was running high among the finalists. along with carol there was whole chong lee from south korea she would end up taking third. and japanese pianist tamaki kitamura he came in second. the jury was made up of nine experts from six different countries. birth of.
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a lake with alberto federal has all the qualities needed to succeed professionally as a musician. so good. it's his playing was wonderfully stable stability itself. from the first round to the last he was an excellent form even in the form of. some of the most talented young players in the world have participated in the by annual beethoven competition that was created in two thousand and five. this year there were twenty four contestants from seventeen countries the competition takes place over ten days there are four rounds in all the finalists play for a full house the crowning achievement. will never get enough of it right and it has its own atmosphere it's a magic i even if that sounds a little kitschy to say it's the truth i must but for those who are familiar with
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the house where beethoven was born i think about the kind of situation he was in when he read these pieces i think it's a special experience it's a privilege to experience this. luke van beethoven was born in this house and barn in seventeen seventy today it's a museum the composer left bon when he was twenty two but he still ever present in bon statues employers commemorate him. there's even one at the end where he was a regular guest. the city puts on a music festival dedicated to his work every year in late summer. make a bogner directs the event which partners with the piano competition. plus the whole set and i think the public's general enthusiasm for it is very infectious and i have to say that i think that what these youngsters accomplished is simply sent asked in surprise.
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alberto farrow takes on thirty thousand euros in prize money and that's not all i think will get more concert and anyway. i just feel like playing for smaller for the audience and trying to enjoy its performance. claim for a young pianist in bonn where once the young beethoven himself played. the craft beer trend here in europe has been taking beer brewing to the next level creative and innovative flavor combinations include chili porter chocolate stout and cucumber ale and the boundaries of what's possible are being pushed further
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than ever by so-called beer wrist and london's shoreditch district a local brewery teamed up with a neighborhood cafe to create a blend of beer and coffee which they've dubbed lap tail perhaps not suitable as a substitute for your early morning cup of joe. smells of coffee here in the london to speak to shortage. and they certainly doesn't look like a down the list for. the something quite different about it it sounds good hauling . level the hybrid to be a coffee drinks and also here the most popular is not ale. the big coffee consumption was the brainchild of kieron gillen in the meantime for a it's a combination of espresso coffee porter that contains coffee and nine percent alcohol at the cold cream of the crop the full percent.
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of the idea behind this is that we've got a nice light beer with a little bit of luck has it which gives it the body and the feel of the milk to in the cream is that. you a nice bit of a hazy view of it that's the the most there and then there's just a quarter and this is what we have out of the coffee so we we work with. the suspect design as the being that's going into this to roast it ok to really discuss porter. back in huge coffee rows does. this is where the tube is a combines in different ways to create family s.p. arista coffee growing. cane stanton is a risk stone and he thinks the coffee beans from el salvador optic he says. to the board. looking for coffee that had lots of body lots of power and chocolate flavors and that kind of compress the pool to
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really well. this is a band that should be enjoyed to moderation. not only did the espresso polar to have much more on dolphin your average pint it's also packs quite a caffeine punch. i would estimate around about two to three hundred milligrams so quite a lot of the would be a bit more than double espresso. but the customers he did seem worried about high on calling the caffeine levels. i don't know if. you know what to call the. most made of what you know you can get like coffee stouts in the public that i've almost been forced such a rush job on i think use these to taste not really see me doubt about it they can combine enough good way to get them to do this is the only thing you drink i'm not going. to do that you don't want to go to bed in which case the sale is
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perfect it will certainly keep you going through the night. now it's time for this week's series home for christmas we're taking you on a tour through europe hunting down the origins of some of the biggest christmas time traditions and we're starting off in germany by traveling to laos which is situated in the highlands of the state of tubing in the town was founded in fifteen ninety seven when two glass blowers sought permission from the governing jews to build a village workshop and with all the resources in place the picturesque town became a hotbed for glass production. but it was christmas ornaments that really put laos on the map one hundred sixty years ago the christmas borehole was invented the becoming a huge success all around the world so let's take a look at the delightful decorations that are produced in the town to this day.
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in the bubbles are still blown by hand. in the run up to christmas the fragile artworks can be seen wherever you go. the lotion christmas tree decorations market takes place on the first two weekends of advent. visitors come from far and wide. is that in all my it's a feast for the eyes each building is more beautiful than the last it was johan's really beautiful. many customers prefer handmade christmas ornaments to mass produced industrial ones. i think you point out there's a lot of competition but these remain very popular many customers want reassurance that they really are made in laos. alongside bubbles class birds are also extremely popular. but the gnocchi through its income puts on
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traditional i remember when they were put under the christmas tree when we offered by. all kinds like these on the nuts as well. the friends tell you i think it's great here but we just need the snow adds to the lovely atmosphere. and the unusual items the m o g s which in his. name all the way from the north pole to see the real craftsmanship here if you. you know how the bottles are blown by hand the group. deprives them to be out in. crafts people have been working with glass for over four hundred years the village grew up around the glass works christmas ornaments were first made in the middle of
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the nineteenth century. the town's museum of glass art has many old treasures on display. exports began early many went to pennsylvania in the u.s. . but why did the people here start making christmas ornaments. their legend has it that. apple's own nuts. people back then used to decorate the tree. he couldn't afford to buy and so he made his own ornaments from . last christmas ornaments came about right here in the. us. today there are five glass blowers here who are specialized in christmas ornaments . just one of them. he still uses molds made by his grandfather. but if you know my grandfather made many birds in his life. my mother always said that if all those birds were to wake up and fly
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away it would darken the sky. a mixture of silver and ammonia is put into the glass mold. then the works are dried and painted. on produces mainly birds but he has many other shapes as well. there's a huge variety of christmas ornaments on sale of the glass works in love and they're there all year round even when it's not cold and snowy outside. we've already found christmas bulldoze these are the ones on the short list here for i like this and is best tied to the glass once in a special i don't anstice to get these and she wanted something from laotian government to live with you know a flower shop. christmas is coming and the glassblowers of lotion will help make it a season of light and good cheer.
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and we'll be showing you plenty more of where christmas customs come from in upcoming programs now we'd like to know where you like spending the festive season have a look on our website d.w. dot com slash lifestyle and tell us where you'd most like to spend christmas at the end of the week one of you lucky participants will win this euro max wrist watch now you can also get in touch with us to find out more about european holiday destinations today euro max extra two seasons exploring the swiss city of zero. joycelyn from guyana told us she wants to know more about switzerland largest city which is situated in the north of the country with snow already falling now it looks like syria will be enjoying a white christmas this year. so we went and took
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a stroll through this winter wonderland. zurich in december sparkles like a giant christmas tree the city's cathedral defines the skyline and at this time of year the atmosphere in switzerland's largest city is quaint and cozy. even the opera house is lit up for the occasion. for third year running the opera house is offering free daily christmas concerts in the late afternoon we do not say immoral ways trying to attract a new audience to the opera house and get them excited about what we have to offer and i thought about how it's too bad that with the christmas market and so many people rights front door the door is closed that just come be so i thought about it and came up with the idea of a music oriented advent calendar. today french composer diaries meo is on the program. the musicians choose the pieces themselves for the fifteen minute
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concerts they might be short but they always draw in a big crowd. that was stupid it was super good everyone played really well see so super it's a great way to relax after a hard day's work it's. just a stone's throw away from the opera house and the christmas market is the city circus which only takes place during the advent here and circus conelly has been performing for over two generations director robbie gusta a former las vegas performer says his family circus has become something of a zurich tradition. with us our circus has been in the middle of the city on an island for twenty six years the bright lights and stars in the tent show the residents of zurich that it's almost christmas artists from all over the world take to the stage in various acts which last about ten minutes each one more impressive than the next.
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for many people a visit to zurich isn't complete without cheese fondue the city's oldest fondue restaurant is located in the historic part of town chef tashi has been working here for over twenty years preparing the restaurant signature fun to. the french make their fondue with just cheese and wine like i'm doing here to the cheese melts. the swiss or we here at hotel adler add a bit of cornstarch and cherry liquor. the restaurant uses four different swiss cheese is in its fondue giving it a rich taste the cheesy treat dates back to the seventeenth century and has changed little since. then finally told us christmas tree
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belongs to the superior class hotel which has turned its front yard into a winter wonderland the hotel dates back to eight hundred forty four and boasts a long line of prominent guests including german composer richard wagner but also does its part to give back to the community. and of course we do plus. we have a large douglas pine tree outside in our park which we decorate with many lights were peace and this year we've installed a new technology which lets the light shine more brightly and beautifully. as there are now seventy thousand lights making it the biggest christmas tree in switzerland and on the friday before the first we offer a gifted circs residence and that is an open invitation to the hotel. festive lights and the scent of spiced wine makes zero a truly magical place at christmas time. well looks like zurich is well. visit to get into the festive spirit that's all from us
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