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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 12, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm CET

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toes and because of. the famous potato. this is deja vu news coming to you live from trump under attack three women who said president donald trump sexually assaulted them according on congress to start
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an investigation into celeste actions also coming up religion in the middle east this as the u.s. and israeli leaders insist trying to do slim decision is a step towards peace israel's a vast desert germany talks about the four without an exclusive interview with you . also coming up in the next sixty minutes browning in sewage manual scavenging keeps the muck flowing is illegal in india get the death toll of saturday should workers from the no cost communities keeps on rising. last financing the fight against climate change french president in london mccraw hosts international heads of state and business leaders for a one day summit aimed at finding billions of dollars to help poor countries reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and we look at china as a radical plan to cut pollution and when to shut down the factories.
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hello i'm under touching our pleasure to have your company u.s. president donald trump is facing scrutiny once again over allegations of sexual misconduct three women who previously accused trump of sexual harassment are calling for a congressional investigation into his alleged predatory behavior a number of democratic lawmakers are demanding his resignation trump himself says the allegations are fabricated. for these women investigating donald trump is both a fight for their personal honor as well as a matter of principle. but it's when he put his hand started put his hand up my skirt and that was the last time i wore skirt traveling. and i managed because i'm not a small person i. managed to wrestle myself out of the sea and stood up grabbed my
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purse and went to the back of the airplane i want to believe that as americans we can put aside our political inclinations and admit that some things in fact do transcend politics that we will hold mr trump to the same standard as harvey weinstein and the other man who are held accountable for their reprehensible behavior white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders has rejected the claims against trump or look as the president said himself he thinks it's a good thing that women are coming forward but he also feels strongly that a mere allegation shouldn't determine the course in this case the president has denied any of these allegations as have eyewitnesses and several reports have shown those eyewitnesses also back up the president's claim in this process but one of the highest ranking women in the trumpet ministration said the accusers had a right to speak out. when men who accuse anyone should be heard they should be
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heard and they should be dealt with and i think we heard from them prior to the election and i think any woman who has felt violated or felt mistreated in any way they have every right to speak up the women accusing president trump say this two thousand and five video which surfaced during last year's presidential campaign proves that trump made unwanted advances towards women i moved on or you know who the. owner of a field. i did. trump has dismissed the comments in the video as quote locker room talk and so far there's been little sign that. congress will open an investigation into his past behavior. and with the me two campaign gaining momentum on capitol hill trump may not get off as lightly this time around several congressmen and women have been forced to step down after allegations of sexual misconduct and following the latest accusations female lawmakers are now training their sights on the white house fredricka baggio has
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a story from our social media desk welcome frederica what are the latest developments there so fifty six members of the democratic women's working group have now called on the house oversight committee to open an investigation into this matter in a letter to the committee they wrote in the time of meet two women across the country are coming forward with their own howling stories of sexual harassment and assault we cannot ignore the multitude of women who have come forward with accusations against mr trump and now these women low a female low makers are also receiving a boost from democrats in the upper chamber. senator ron wyden tweeting these women are right if donald trump won't resign congress must investigate allegations by many many women that he sexually assaulted and harassed and harassed no one is
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above the law he says so far republicans have remained red remained rather silent on the matter meanwhile u.s. news site politico has reported that allegedly trump privately has been complaining that the me too movement is spinning out of control and pretty good these accusations come at a very difficult time for the republicans the important senate race in alabama today where the candidate the republican candidate is also accused of sexual misconduct absolutely roy moore has been accused of sexually assaulting teenagers when he was in his thirty's. he has denied the allegations but of course this has turned the senate race in alabama into a very controversial one and republicans really the desperately need to hang on to hang on to that seat and now as soon as the allegations came surfaced last month many republicans prominent republicans have withdrawn their support for instance
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the former presidential republican presidential contender mitt romney in a recent tweet he writes ruling more in the u.s. senate would be a stain on the g.o.p. and on the nation. and other victims are courageous heroes no vote no majority is worse losing our honor our integrity trampled on the other hand has refused to withdraw his support he recorded a message urging alabama voters to pick more take a listen we hopefully will be able to listen to that message. are you not president donald trump and i need alabama to go vote for roy moore roy moore is the guy we need to pass our make america great again agenda roy is a conservative will help me steer this country back toward track after eight years
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of the obama disaster. so i'm rita they're defining the republican leadership throwing his weight behind more and despite the allegations to do tick a box here from a social media desk thank you. now fresh clashes have broken out between israeli soldiers and palestinians in the occupied west bank to protest against the u.s. decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel since the u.s. president made his announcement last week they've been angry demonstrations in many parts of the while i'll be discussing the four lot of that with israel's ambassador to germany in just a moment but first this report. flanked by a symbol of peace violence flares again over jerusalem day six of clashes between israel and the palestinians with no went in sight set off by donald trump who reversed decades of u.s. diplomacy in the mideast therefore i have determined that
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it is time to officially recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. the backlash against the decision was swift deadly clashes erupted in the occupied west bank palestinian leaders called the move a kiss of death to peace efforts. and the unrest has spread worldwide here in bangladesh thousands protested last week in solidarity with fellow muslims in palestine israeli prime minister benyamin netanyahu hailed president trump's decision as a historic milestone. this is reflects the president's commitment to an ancient but enduring truth to fulfilling his promises and to advance in peace. but few countries have followed washington's lead german
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chancellor angela merkel said she couldn't back trump's move. if club the status of jerusalem needs to be negotiated as part of talks on a two state solution for israel and that's why we want this process to be revived in this context we do not agree with the decision. of and. its is a monk me. yet rage has also been visible on the streets of the german capital here in the shadow of berlin's brandenburg gate and just outside the u.s. embassy protesters burned israeli flags last weekend germany has condemned the flag burning calling them shameful. joining me now on the studio is israel's ambassador to germany jeremy i saw cut off welcome to you on bastille let me start with a question we just saw pictures of people burning the israeli flag in the heart of
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butt and outside the brandenburg gate what did you feel it made me feel very sad to see such an event in berlin in a city which has welcomed me the most four months ago in such a warm way and i feel sure that it doesn't represent the feelings of the german government and the german people as a whole i think that this is a fringe element that tends to affirm one central thing they disagree with israel's policy but they don't agree with the fact that israel can have a position in that sense i think the burning of a flag is like burning one's own own integrity and one's own tolerance and in that sense i think it's something that should be condemned in a very profound way and it has been condemned across the board in jail me talking about israel's position germany in israel have a close relations and yet chancellor angela merkel has come out in strong
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opposition to donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel are you disappointed by that i can speak for the government of israel when i say that any agreement between israel and the palestinians ultimately will include jerusalem as the capital of israel and divided jerusalem as the capital of jerusalem as the capital of israel the prime minister has said that we will continue to look to achieve peace with all of our neighbors including the palestinians as well and there is going to be no change in the present very steady past steadfast policy of freedom of access freedom of worship in jerusalem which is helped jerusalem survive and go through many different challenges the back to this new signs of peace in the region at the moment over this. conflict would israel accept in a two state solution that is jerusalem should be the capital of a palestinian state look i come from jerusalem jerusalem is my home town i've lived
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in jerusalem for many years my family has been there for several generations i know jerusalem does not just post trade in these headlines of this day or another i see a jerusalem which has had a profound degree of coexistence between jews and arabs from many different many different years and over different times and i think that we should also appreciate that there's a lot more potential of coexistence in this city than otherwise and i always continue to believe jerusalem is a spiritual city it's appears says city of serenity of calm of spirituality and i believe ultimately people in the end can find their way to reaching an agreement but it will not be reached if i could just add by burning flags and not tolerating the positions of the side you talked about in jerusalem being a spiritual city it's also a spiritual city for the arabs for the muslims there can you understand this sense
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of despair and prostration over a decision which says jerusalem is only the capital of israel first of all i can understand that this is a city that is also sensitive to all of the religions to christianity and islam and indeed that is why israel has protected for decades now complete freedom of access and worship to all of the holy sites just as we would have expected this of others we expect this of ourselves so in that sense we do on a very daily basis recognize the sensitivities involved of all of the all of the residents and during ramadan a significant amounts tens of thousands of people came to. by in the mosque and without being interfered with and they were facilitated by the israeli authorities so we do all that we can to ensure this spirit of worship spirituality
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now in terms of politics in terms of coming together this again needs for people to sit in the same room to recognize the fact that i'm on side is israel the homeland of the jewish people and on the other side the palestinians and we need to find a way to sit down and directly come to some agreement but that is of course been the challenge for decades how to come to some sort of an agreement because both sides claim jerusalem as their capital to president trump's move to declare jerusalem as the capital of israel was counterproductive look at all the protests undies look at all the rage that we have seen in so many cities around the world i would first of all say that the the announcement of president trump was an indication of american policy on a certain aspect of the peace agreement which obviously is a very important one and i will not belittle that but in no way did he try in his
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own words to prejudice a final settlement or not ultimate agreement between the parties themselves and i think that one should also learn that we need in the middle east to calm down the temperature calm down the emotions we are not going to get anywhere by confrontation we've been in confrontation for decades we need to do what we've done with the egyptians with the jordanians and even with the palestinians to sit down and try and find political solutions forty years ago we reach peace after the courageous leadership of president sadat and prime minister begin and it is held for forty years and has become a strategic factor this can also happen with the palestinians again if we talk directly don't go to the u.n. . don't go to the u.n. security council don't get unesco don't go and try to negate every sense of jewish identity in jerusalem except we also have
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a stake in this and surprise right thank you very much for sharing your insights with us today and before i let you go let me wish you and the citizens of your land happy hanukkah thank you so much it's been a pleasure to see you thank you very much. when late in the news we visit and you exit on the history of jerusalem at the museum here in berlin that we now bring you up to speed with some of the stories making news around the world in the u.s. a twenty seven year old man is in custody oppa detonating an explosive device in new york sports authority bus terminal four people were hurt in the blast officials say the man was inspired with the so-called islamic state president trump a school for tougher immigration rules. an explosion at a natural gas plant in austria has killed one person injured more than a dozen others police said the blast was triggered by a technically forward the facility is a major pipeline hub delivering gas to surrounding countries it's only has declared
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a state of emergency due to the destruction to its energy supplies. in south korea robots are helping out as the host nation gears up for the winter olympics this torchbearer gets a bit of human assistance before showing off his special skills and handing off to the next run up in the tradition of that i think torch relay the games are set to open in the city of chung chung in february. now ben fizzling is here to talk climate finance didn't just have a climate conference but we did it was here in germany bawden this time it's in paris we've got about four thousand delegates fifty world leaders the one planet summit and climate finance is at the forefront participants one without trillions of dollars invested in clean energy technology the paracel dream and goal to keep global warming down will remain a pipe dream. a bit of movie glamour may just help to
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draw attention to the issues up for debate the one planet summit. it's two years since the paris climate agreement was signed that critics say that there have been few achievements to celebrate. and they say it's time to relax and not just good intentions the summits message is fossil fuels a history. we will talk some more about that it doesn't matter that donald trump backed out of the paris agreement because the private sector didn't drop out the public sector didn't drop out universities didn't know about scientists didn't drop by the genius didn't drop but no one dropped out. donald trump pulled donald trump out of the paris agreement so don't worry about any of that but some concern might be warranted despite numerous pledges of financial help from wealthier countries few funds have reached the nation's most in need of help something protesters
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outside the venue a keen to remind delegates of. the french president in money when back home hope lies in the finance and science sectors at the summit he spoke to engineers scientists and entrepreneurs developing innovations to improve energy efficiency france has pledged to spend millions of euros to support the work of eighteen scientists most of them from the u.s. on condition that they were confronts in future. proofed. what i want you to figure out is the most radical innovation fundamental research applied to research all the projects that you have pursuing the technological research that will allow us to win the battle against climate change. and he wants company heads involved two firms will need to raise the bulk of one hundred billion dollars annually from twenty to twenty for climate protection and
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adapting the planet to climate change exactly how my calm plans to achieve this though is not yet clear. so the new french president has a lot on his plate for reforming the eurozone and now saving the planet that's energy analyst claudia kemp furt what are his chances of getting company bosses to put such a huge bill. why i think it's an important step because so we had a tipping point we need to invest a whole energy transformation the energy transformation is unstoppable it's oeuvre herbal and the fossil fuel investment distended divestment so it's really important to get also the banks on board to get the firms on board and to invest as much as we can an auto really to bring the energy transformation towards more renewable energy and energy efficiency on board and can the french president himself afford it i mean he's struggling to get his own economy into shape well yes france has
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difficulties because it's based on nuclear not economically efficient and he has to transform also his economy towards more where newble energy by the good thing is said to a new energy becomes more and more cheap and more and more countries invest into renewable energy because of this so that they demand will increase and now the the investment needs to be channeled to towards this transformation and i guess calling a climate conference will win him some points it is that how it is these days any leader who needs a popularity boost calls their own climate summit well paris agreement is paris agreement that's in france and it's a good thing to use is twenty years a year anniversary of the kyoto protocol of the whole climate agreements we had in the past twenty years and to use this and to have a climate leader and this is i think france now it's good that we have him and we have france on the front but we need other countries as well especially germany for
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example needs to be combined with this initiative and we need to come come from also other countries in the world and hopefully france can do that and commit as many countries he can on the climate agreement exactly that's the hard part how do you convince these countries i mean do climate conferences really get us anywhere. yes it gets us somewhere because especially after the pry over paris agreement because we need the action in the countries and this is why it's so important to have an international commitment and then of course the whole work needs to be done on the bottom line in their countries and their local action is really important but to get that we need this kind of agreements energy analyst claudia comfort pleasure talking to you thank you here's a company making a stand one of china's largest automakers is to phase out sales of all petrol vehicles by twenty twenty five the decision by the state owned beijing automotive
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group comes as china debates a plan to impose a nationwide ban on petrol and diesel vehicles authorities have already announced the introduction of a quota system which will require comic is to produce a minimum number of electric vehicles from twenty nineteen countries move towards electric has spurred foreign automakers like folks who are involved to announce plans to produce the cars for the chinese market. and if air pollution gets really bad you can always close entire factories for a time another measure china's taking that story still to come thank you fred. and this international is accuse the european union of being complicit in the abuse of migrants in libya they've been working with libya to curb migration across the mediterranean and misty says the e.u. has turned a blind eye to dangerous detention facilities and alleged for talent and they've been a coast guard refugees held in libya fleeing civil wars persecution and famine in
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africa more than one hundred thousand of them have arrived on the shores of the e.u. so far this year alone. and we want to talk more about this issue with jonah dahl who is an easy europe and central asia director off and misty international a welcome jon lee you when you organization accuses the e.u. of complicity in the abuse of refugees and migrants in libya what do you mean well the e.u. house for some time now rob the most number of e.u. governments with you backing specifically italy entered into a string of corporation agreements to fund to train to equip the libyan coast guard in various parts of the ministry of in tyria and in libya who are themselves perpetrating horrific abuses on refugees and migrants and all and the european governments know there's colluding on a on a daily basis with with with smugglers so stance really what the e.u. is trying to to tackle the e.u.
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governments knowing the extent of collusion of libyan authorities with smugglers and abuses in libya should not be equipping and funding them in the way they are with no conditions or two on the how they operate in the absence of those conditions in the absence of that kind of influence those governments have become complicit sadly and horrifically in those abuses but often john the reason is beyond this is abuse and exploitation of refugees and migrants a much beyond what the e.u. can influence what do you expect the e.u. to do in such a situation. well. the italian government has a choice either it concludes that it is able to influence the libyan authorities to radically change its detention system for migrants in which people are routinely to watch it either it succeeds in convincing the libyan authorities to recognize fully the mandate of the un refugee agency said they can protect refugees to europe
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illegal migration what do you then suggest as one concrete measure that the e.u. can take but it's also that as i was saying to you too bad cooperation is not no cooperation there are important things that the e.u. can be doing in libya can be trying to work with libyan authorities to do that would improve the situation for the economic migrants and indeed refugees who are trapped in the country recognizing the the world the mandate of the u.n. refugee agency would be one of them changing the detention system would be another one but in the end european governments do need to be looking at how they can ensure safe legal entry into your and indeed safe return from europe for those who don't have access to protection copyright routes midway and transit countries will almost always result in the kind of abuses that we're seeing we have to leave it there john donne who is in from amnesty international thank you very much for talking to. he all watching didn't you say still to come a time
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a new exhibition about the history of jerusalem has just opened at the jewish museum in berlin and northern america from aakash desk going to be shia for the details. and meals have no business is coming up ben position is standing by to stay with the debbie news coming to you live from berlin. jerusalem is israel's capital as u.s. president donald trump crossed the line this time. by recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital and risk fueling further unrest in the region. two peoples separated by a border lay down random 1940's. israel along the green line.
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close up in forty five minutes on the w. . freedom of expression. a value that always has to be defended and new. all over the world. are to a freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d.w. don't come to freedom. they no longer look like. they know what we should think. and soon they'll even know how we feel. i'm not a real person i'm still just in pieces so when. scientists around the world are working to measure our emotions. hopefully i can be a helpful piece assaulting. a virtual
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person as a therapist or a robot as a teacher neither would have human empathy. what does the scene need to do to create empathy and a medical context what i disclose more information to a person or to computer in this case i'll go rhythms instead of feelings measuring emotion starting december sixteenth t w. this is deja vu news coming to you live from above and i'm on the touching on good to have you company our top stories fresh clashes have broken out between israeli soldiers and palestinians of the occupied west bank to protest against the u.s. decision to recognize choosing them as the capital of israel since the us president made his announcement last week they've been angry demonstrations in many parts of the us. and three women who accuse president trump off a sexual how distant
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a calling for a congressional investigation into his alleged predatory behavior donald trump denies the allegations. in recent months the indian capital daily has been rocked by reports of the deaths of more than ten sanitation workers while cleaning septic tanks and suez is so in the spotlight on manual scavenging the practice of cleaning human waste by marsh last communities is banned by law in india but it still takes place extensively our correspondent sonya follicle sent us this report. every morning sony shows up for a trial that few anywhere would want to do. as a manual scavenger he cleans block drains and gotten in dentist so he has been doing this the sexiest he owns anywhere between four hundred to eight hundred rupees a day that's about five to ten euros. and we had the man to go with i almost threw
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up the first day here until then i've never cleaned the toilet in my own home the stench was disgusting i nearly quit. but i had to feed my two children since i'd lost another job so i carried on. the work is extremely dangerous there's no machinery or safety and. sometimes has to undress and squeeze into the sewers and cocked up. he says he's developed skin attitudes his eyes burn from the toxic gases. the liberals belong to the balmiki community. that sits at the bottom of india's cost system their work opens them to prejudice and discrimination which. some people treat us as if we're not human and
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we're human too now you're sitting here it's very dirty but people cover their noses when they walk past. and i knew it was outlawed in india more than two decades ago. the law prescribes fine and even jail time for those employing workers to manually clean toilets so with the thousand and fifty tanks without protective gear but the roads are routinely flouted with devastating consequences. this settlement on the outskirts of debby is home to dallas formerly known as untouched but. two months ago three of its residents choked to death in a septic tank in a car parts factory on three were cleaners none had safety equipment. one of them was money and. his wife poonam is still waiting for compensation from the company. my children don't understand that their father is not coming back our world has
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come crashing down i have had to borrow a lot of money since i lost my husband and i don't know how i'm going to pay it back. the issue has sparked an outcry reports in the indian media say more than ten switch workers have died in delhi alone in recent months the city government has since banned its agencies from outsourcing sanitation work to contractors who hire manual scavengers. who done a spokesman for the delhi government says manual scavenging has no place in modern india but he admits the rot runs much deeper it's absolutely in human it's me do you will there is a problem of lack of awareness this problem of insensitivity and just callous attitude of on the part of not just the police but i am afraid of what large sections of our society because they don't see it as a as wrong as as a moral wrong as
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a legal wrong. that means little brains. they finished here. they're already off to the next job. regardless of them or they will always be enough demand. to do the city's dirty work. that. they could not the big issue in india is a pollution specially in delhi and then not just india china as well is struggling with that huge problems especially in the north of the country there they have a huge fight on their heads as far as toxic smoke goes residents are expected to die three years earlier than those in the south of the country the pollution gets even worse in winter now the government is taking drastic measures. normally trucks are lined up here to be loaded the times aren't normal at the war looming construction materials plant. we've had to shut down production completely
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china is implementing drastic measures to combat winter smog forcing hallie ming to close down until the end of march next year. we find on forced vacation for ten days or we can do now is a bit of maintenance that was planned mixers powdered rock without filed is grinding mills have had to stop work in the past when smog was especially bad but they've never been halted for an entire four months. we've still got some reserves from recent months but it's enough for maintenance and to get us through the winter. almost all companies around here have been forced to shut down from the small plant that makes concrete pipes and cobble stones to the local cement works the region's biggest employer. the workers who come from the surrounding villages were sent home without pay.
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my husband sits around blink guards now. try to stay afloat with casual labor if someone needs their heating unit repairing things like that. i didn't know. for years china put growth ahead of environment but now construction sites are idle still production throttled shijiazhuang three hundred kilometers south of beijing has the reputation of being one of the filthiest cities in china. you know you often see blue skies and white clouds you never had that before. you know what last year i never left the house without a protective mask this year i can simply go for a walk under a blue sky. i hope there's less smog this year. pauli maine has rented out some of his compound to a trucking company he gets no state support nor do any of the workers he's had to
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say. under these circumstances the best thing to do is to resettle i'm looking for new business opportunities. there's no future in this i don't want to do it any longer. quote doesn't know what he will be doing in future. so long as it doesn't involve getting dusty. long lines at the airport delayed flights no leg room onboard a race to the bottom in terms of ticket prices and service flying is no longer what it used to be one artist was so traumatised by her experience she took matters into her own head. meet him in an artist who is mixing two seemingly incompatible concepts modern air travel and happiness set up with her own on board experiences she decided to found an airline of her own it's called angel ha ha and
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it's slogan says it all if i was and your half why was happening angel haha promises to fly passengers to our chose around the world and make the experience enjoyable. the arsonist attracted attention to the service with this ambiguous odd featuring a laughing truck which ran on chinese t.v. so what's it really all about and you ha ha you're lying it's also it's a commentary about our contemporary travelling life also you know like as the artist would be in trouble to buy and you know i could be sions it's become maybe some symbolic and also it's a power structure of our art world so i use this airline as my our war and it's it's my performance but even the performance of happiness comes at a price tickets for last week's maiden flight from new jersey to the art basel fair in miami cost up to three thousand five hundred dollars one way before takeoff
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passengers got a guarantee. on board chainman played the role of flight attendant and treated her passengers to musical repertoire is in line of course with her airline's philosophy. or do you think at that price the basic down to happiness but i do expect my personal at the type of system. thank you very much a kiss for. face off in the first when the sleeve got tonight's match looks for the hosts are only three points clear of relegation why leipzig need a victory to try and make up some ground on leaders by new dick. the wolves have only last month since martin smith took over in mid september their last outing at home was a convincing three mill victory over gladbach stopping their momentum in its tracks
3:41 pm
but a league high of nine draws had their main table purgatory currently eleventh in closer to relegation than they'd like to be the head coach addressed the drawing issues in the press conference ahead of the match club but obviously in the nets and in the last five or six games i think we're closer to getting away from that statistic that being the king of draws after a long time doesn't take you anywhere. so our goal is to turn that around and also to change our mentality moving forward go. out on to all of it and that. i've despite being second on the table rb leipsic last to leave last time out against months the bulls were even give a questionable penalty in the match that ultimately ended even. five. definitely conceded more goals than last season and that could be why we don't have as many points as we did at this time last year but we just have to deal with it.
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this is a. must have had because. if defeated the newest club on the block would extend their winless a way streak to four games it wouldn't be the best way to celebrate r.b.s. fifty eight but in this league fixture. the case of for more on the bundesliga midweek action i'm joined by a lima hotel keeper. lovely to see you. elapse it could be just five points adrift of munich if they win the match tonight do you think they could do it all is it too late to mount a challenge to buy it would think that they could do it because at the moment there's just an eight point gap between them it balances eight points at the moment and if they win of course if it does cut it down to five but you know it could be a lot worse that could be that the gap could've been in the double digits but it's not even a question but by and and i took wanted to mount a challenge because of course they do put you up against by and munich for the past
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five years to have dominated the buddhist because so even if you try how far can you come because by and just tends to win they win when they win titles year in year out they don't just win but they have a tendency to run away with it so but what was different this year and return we all had hopes up high because for the first time it looked like by ad might actually fall flat they were having too many problems but by ending by and they always find a solution coaching change out goes and in comes you pine kiss and bye and have their mojo back so it's a title i mean it's a foregone conclusion i know it's only december but it's done and dusted ok so you say that biden is going to win ok now let's take a look at a team we still don't have any mojo at the moment is dortmund now they've got a new coach and you think he could turn their fortunes around because don't want to go online today well we do know that when this quality at a service that he can get he does a great job unfortunately at con the season he didn't do
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a lot of injuries he didn't have his strike anthony. dest but that of course won't be the case at dortmund because now he'll have all these creative high quality he'll have over my youngs will be interesting to see how this all plays out what that can do creatively how much he can achieve with a teenage daughter meant. if amid abuse first says thank you very much. u.s. president daryn trumpets launched a new space program ordering nasa to send more american astronauts to the moon and beyond it's been almost half a century since man last visited the moon. american astronaut neil armstrong the first man to walk on the moon in july one thousand nine hundred sixty nine. three years later in one thousand nine hundred seventy two the apollo seventeen
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mission this was the last time man traversed the lunar surface no humans have visited the moon since then. now u.s. president donald trump has signed a directive ordering nasa to return american astronauts to the moon and i'm we will not only plant our flag and leave our footprint we will establish a foundation for an eventual mission to mars and perhaps someday to many worlds beyond. a return to the moon would make a strategic claim in space for the u.s. at a time when rival nations notably china are contemplating their own lunar missions but it won't be cheap easy or quick experts say it would take at least a decade and it will cost billions of dollars. now for more on this story i'm joined by derrick williams from d.d. abuse a science department thank you very much for coming in as we could donald trump
3:46 pm
once it's been forty five years since the last manned mission to the moon and donald trump was to go even further you want to aim for maz how realistic is this plan well i think what's interesting about this directive is that it's really a shift to the obama era that was focused very much on a trip to mars and shifting it back towards a trip to the moon now getting there is going to be a question of what kind of a time frame you're talking about basically and how much money you're willing to throw at it you know nasa has said themselves that a trip getting back to the moon is going to cost about one hundred billion dollars interestingly donald trump six months ago was one into law a couple of hundred million dollars off of nasa as budget so it's very clear that getting to the moon is going to be something that's going to only be possible with partner countries and possibly also with commercial with commercial partners i think that he would probably love to see americans back on the moon within his presidency but it's certainly in my opinion not going to happen in the first term
3:47 pm
and i doubt very seriously if it would happen in the second apart from the finance is a theoretical second. apart from the finances why is this mission is a complicated. space is one of the most like it's one of the most hostile environments that you can imagine even if very minor things go wrong it can kill you very very quickly and there's still a lot of science that very fundamental science that needs to be done a lot of technological steps that need to be taken in order to make a trip to for example mars a safe one we don't know enough we still don't know enough about the physiological effects of being in space that for that period of time we don't know enough about it yet closed systems you have to create some kind of close systems to be able to recycle off the resources this is not the international space station which is where they're doing a lot of this testing where you can ship things up and you can ship up extra water extra. as you need it in a closed system they're going to be breathing the same air drinking the same water for years that it's time and all of those technologies as well as
3:48 pm
a long list of other things are going to have to really be firmed up and clarified before we can really afford to gamble with astronaut lives on a trip like that so i did it williams for muslims to fight one thank you very much for that those insights. less than return to our story on the fallout here in germany from profoundest in valleys last weekend in which israeli flags of a burned on the streets in the heart of berlin it's an event that was shocking to many germans and has been sharply condemned by the german government but some in germany is jewish community are looking for an even stronger response as jews around the world prepare to celebrate the first day of hanukkah kate brady has this report. just days after scenes of burning israeli flags and anticipate explosions in the german capital a rather different event is taking place at berlin's brandenburg gate preparations are underway for light in the menorah on the first day of hanukkah for rabbi yehuda tiësto the jewish festival of light comes a poignant time germany should be
3:49 pm
a place where we say over darkness and these type of messages these type of demonstrations that we hear should be absolutely not probably related in any form or manner prompted by the u.s. decision to recognize teresa lynn as israel's capital thousands of per palestine demonstrators gathered in berlin over the weekend in response to the burning of israeli flags and anticipate extends the central council for jews in germany has called for stricter laws to prohibit anti semitic demonstrations in german parliament not everyone is in agreement i don't think laws can solve conflicts what's unfolding here on the street is in fact a very real conflict israel's actions on the ground as well as its policy on settlements exacerbate this conflict here. and conflict on the often your thoughts we'd hope that these are one off events but at the moment it doesn't look the case
3:50 pm
. that can continue therefore we will do everything possible to prevent it. despite being supportive of citizens right to protest germany remains particularly vigilant that legitimate anti israel person. don't spillover into anti-semitism. now fifty of jews lim has been much in the news recently and this is donald trump's controversial announcement that the united states recognizes the city as the capital of israel here in berlin and meanwhile a brand new exit mission about the history of jerusalem has just opened at the jewish museum robin measured from aakash today it is hail from all welcome dawn of the timing is good but presumably it's a coincidence it is i mean moniker group has the culture minister was at the opening of the exhibition of the day and said it's a sign of the times that this exhibition is a thing of the same time as elsewhere in the world the political situation of
3:51 pm
jerusalem is being sort of altered of course though it is a coincidence as we all know thanks to visions like these take months if not years to prepare you have to get artifacts from a museum somewhere else in the world you have to see where it's going to go in the rooms and things like that nobody really had wind of trump's announcement of course now what is important about this exhibition it is that the jewish museum in bonn then but it is very much it's called welcome to jerusalem by the way the exhibition it's very much looked at from the jewish the christian and the muslim points of view as we all know it this city is an important center of faith for all three monotheistic religions it's a cultural exhibition but of course it has political sides to it and you can avoid that in jerusalem the subject of so many tensions that that city and it seems it will be three years ago meanwhile let's have a low. beautiful city jerusalem's rich cultural history. the
3:52 pm
exhibition in berlin jewish museum is called welcome to jerusalem and it does give visitors a feel for what it's like to be in the city of world religions with holy sites on every corner the wailing wall alongside the temple mount the dome of the rock and the church of the holy separate. jerusalem is a multi-layered complex tension laden and important topic that you can have different opinions about we'd like physicists to be able to form their own opinions are taking in the exhibition. there are fifteen rooms of historical artifacts works of art dealing with jerusalem and videos of everyday life in the holy city and out of spaces given up to showing people of various faiths practicing their religions. it is a feeling in your there's this latent risk to peace in jerusalem so it's good that
3:53 pm
we're able in berlin to look at what connects us not what divides us. and this should underline the value of what we share and of getting along peacefully. jerusalem is more than just an axis of world's religions it's also home to eight hundred thousand people who live alongside each other divided by real and invisible administrative borders are constantly being revised and political union land expropriated. month after i was there a few years ago and it really reminded me of what it was like you can almost smell the city it's very nice in it it's nice that it shows every day life not the pictures we're used to seeing in the news media. for the opening israelis and palestinians got together to prepare to rue slim speciality all hope that one day the city of peace can find enjoying peace but this hope seems more distant following u.s. president donald trump's recent intervention. in fact when the israeli minister was
3:54 pm
enough program early on he talked about jerusalem being a spiritual city so do you get a better understanding of jerusalem once you've been to this existence yeah i think you do certainly spiritually certainly historically and geographically politically . what are exactly the tensions and and how the to be resolved now of course they don't but. the exhibition does do this lots of historical pictures that have a look at a couple now this is one coming out from the artist max robbers from one thousand nine hundred seven of people at the wailing wall in the photo of the old town from one thousand nine hundred waves the temple mount in the background and there's a court model of the wailing wall where you could put your own personal comment other about to remove all the exhibition maybe you can put a prayer in there and this is a model of temple mount known as muslims as i showed and finally there's a three d.
3:55 pm
simulation where you can kind of walk through with your three d. glasses what they call the old men to temple so it's full of historical facts and figures tracing the history of the city back thousands of news kosh beautiful and more audio websites absolutely and the expression is actually going to be all night til the end of april so anybody traveling to berlin you know it's worthwhile visit to the jewish museum d.w. dot com slash culture for more thank you as i mentioned earlier today is the first day of hanukkah so i think from robin medical to disc and for me and in time his desk a very happy hanukkah to those who are celebrating this jewish festival here now is a recap of the top stories if you're following few fresh clashes have broken out between israeli soldiers and palestinians in the occupied west bank to protest against the u.s. decision to recognize it is them at the capital they say is read since the us president made his announcement last week they have been angry demonstrations in
3:56 pm
many parts of provide. and three women who accused. off a sexual harassment order for a congressional investigation into alleged predatory behavior donald trump denies the allegations. that's it for now but the standing by he has more news coming up for you in just a few minutes to. jerusalem
3:57 pm
is israel's capital as u.s. president donald trump crossed the line this time around. by recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital the risk fueling further unrest in the region. peoples separated by a morning down random 1940's. israel along the green line.
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