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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 13, 2017 9:00am-9:30am CET

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on top of that i mean go on doing that. now with our innovations magazine for. us from every week and always looking to the future d.w. dot com science and research for. this is d w news coming to you live from berlin a stunning victory for u.s. democrats in a major embarrassment for president trump doug jones claims victory in alabama's special senate election the first democrat to win in the staunchly red state for
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twenty five years is republican opponent roy moore couldn't overcome damaging accusations of sexual misconduct also coming up powerful brakes in effect northern ireland report from the emerald isle as the british and european parliament debate its future we ask the prime minister theresa may compete her promise of no hard order. plus in the german bundesliga dog been receiving a lifeline in a must win game under their new coach pay to go the team defeat mine is to get their first win in nine matches. well i'm terry martin welcome to the program. delivering a humiliating blow to president trump the democratic candidate doug jones has won
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a u.s. senate seat in the deeply conservative state of alabama his republican opponent roy moore the roy moore's campaign was overshadowed by allegations of sexual misconduct accusations that repelled many moderate republicans and kept them away from the voting booth. of all the states in which the democratic fight should take shape alabama was an unlikely starting point the party has not won a senate seat here and a quarter of a century. we have three have just around the state of alabama though we have shown the country the way i was. the celebrations here on much to the control vis a surrounding his opponent. airlie or in the day the republican crusader roy had
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hoped his horse named sassy would carry him to victory. it was the final bet to cast him as a thought of bread conservative in a campaign marred by multiple allegations from women claiming he had molested them decades ago when they were teenagers even for high ranking republicans members actions and policies well beyond the pale he believes homosexuality should be illegal and that new zealand shouldn't seven congress. for donald trump the only thing that mattered was moore's loyalty to his vision the president has congratulated doug jones on a hard fought victory but said votes cast for a third candidate harmed the right ten votes played a very big factor he tweeted bought a win is a win not so. he has refused to concede. but the
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votes are still coming in and we're looking at that but god bless you as you go all by giving place during and thank you for coming tonight weeks not over and it's going to take some going. but it is democrats who are smiling having narrowed the republicans majority in the senate to just one day says they see a sign of success is to come in crucial elections next year. d.-w. is currently in a chair moyes following the story for us from washington i asked her earlier how the election result was going down in washington polling a campaign the polarized the political establishment well it has been a very very tight race the first results were first showing a three point advantage for republican roy moore this was before all the ballots had been counted thirty minutes later the outcome changed after the ballots of all
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counties have been counted as the result you just mentioned it is clear now forty nine nine percent for democrat jones and forty eight dot four percent for republican roy moore this is a historic result in alabama alabama as a say that traditionally votes for the republican party and now after twenty five years it is the first time that alabama has elected a democrat to the senate so it is a big change in national politics but also a clear signal against republican or all the more and therefore also against president on a trampoline dorst more until the very last minute indeed donald trump campaign for roy moore how big of a blow is this for the president and the republicans. well it is a clear defeat for donald trump us well as for the republicans their slight majority
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in the senate has been reduced now even more they have to go up from fifty two seats to fifty one seats in the senate this means that republicans only have one seats more than democrats in the upper house and we have to stress also that this is the second signal against the current administration after democrats swept the very latest later races a month ago this shows also that the democratic and. could produce a sort of turning point maybe in the midterm elections next year that could maybe completely flip control of congress now the campaign was dominated by allegations of sexual misconduct by roy moore let's listen to what moore said about those allegations during the campaign they said these women. had not come forward for nearly forty years but they waited thirty days before this girl alexion to come forward. if you don't believe in mark here
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don't vote for. those sexual misconduct allegations end up costing roy moore the election did his boaters stay home. well the turnout of voters in alabama has been extraordinarily high at least this is what alabama secretary of state said he said an estimated thirty three to thirty five percent of alabama's three dogs three million are it just sort of voters cast a ballot and this was higher than expected twenty five percent turnout african americans voted in their majority for democrat doug jones and yes maybe many whites what was her state at home but also many of them decided to vote for democrat jones debbie is currently in a shim or there in washington d.c. thanks now to smother stories making news around the world today u.s.
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secretary of state rex tillerson has offered to begin direct talks with the north korea that's a departure from america's past stance that pyongyang must first agree to give up its nuclear arsenal as a precondition for negotiations german chancellor angela merkel has made a surprise visit to the site of last year's christmas market attack here in berlin merkel has faced criticism from survivors and relatives of the victims of tunisian asylum seeker killed twelve people and injured around seventy when he drove a truck into the crowded market. and iran's southeastern province of common has been hit by multiple strong quakes state media said at least eighteen people were injured in dozens of houses damaged the first quake of magnitude five point nine struck on tuesday morning fifty six kilometers north of the provincial capital.
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britain's prime minister is facing her stiffest test yet on controlling the brags that process today lawmakers from her own party could push through a proposal that would allow parliament to reject any deal she reaches in her recent deal with the e.u. theresa may promised that there would be no hard border between northern ireland which is part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland which is a member of the european union meanwhile the european parliament in strasbourg is also debating the state of bragg's negotiations today and one of the key points of discord is the irish border. let's talk this through with our correspondent catherine martins who's standing by force in strasburg catherine the european parliament will be discussing the state of bragg's that negotiations today what are parliamentarians make of it all are they beginning to lose their patience
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. so that the marriage is not at its past at the european parliament because the deputies are not amused about the latest comments off secretary david davis qualifying the latest agreement reached and brussels as a statement often tend rather than a legally binding tax this was crucially for the european parliament because according to the bracks the carbon atom the hopes that this is undermining the necessary trust for upcoming talks and the second phase this is not an innocent detail because the european parliament has to give the final approval for a eventually at least treaty so there is no need to treat it if the european parliament is not giving its final approval so it's a moot if not it it's fast and it's quite a change and a shift in the tyran i would say understand that the european parliament is planning to adopt a resolution on bragg's it can you walk us through the main points about kellerman . well one important element is really that there
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is no transition period which would be triggered automatically this is quite clear in the latest draft here in the resolution so that it has agreed to be sufficient progress as a fully respect all sort of everything which was to create and the first phase and another important element is that they're pretty the transition period has to be time limited there has to be a clear timeframe that there is snow. last thing status quo like now try to sample and this are really important points here in the various lucian today in the european parliament but we just have to wait for the debate and see what the points are really coming up as well. the irish border is a really difficult issue that the european in these negotiations between u.k. and europe what how can that possibly be resolved.
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it's definitely one of the most delicate issues here in the negotiations if this is quite clear and the european parliament also made clear that they really firmly stand on the side of the irish people this is written in a resolution they really want to ensure that there is no diminished rights for the irish people there the protection of the nineteen ninety eight agreement in all its parts and if it's necessary to really search for a specific solution for northern ireland in order to really ensure long lasting peace catherine thank you so much catherine martins there in strauss were. well as we already mentioned teresa mayes promise of no hard border between northern ireland in the republic of ireland could conflict with other pledges she's made and many in ireland are worried about the effect the breaks it will have on
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ireland and its society in this next report the man who helped bring peace to northern ireland tells t w that he now fears return to violence the s. jury in neary in northern ireland is actually a border and yet nobody can see it invisible borders have brought peace to northern ireland that's why people in communities such as nuri voted against bricks and go on here damien mckinnon fights against an exit from the e.u. that would see the return of border posts near his father. at the back of that is the republic of ireland there are two hundred seventy crossings previously there was only eighteen points by which she could cross if it came back to the us if would be an enormous inconvenience a sharp break cept for us will be an economic disaster but it's not just the economy that's at stake memories of the troubles the conflict between protestants and catholics that gripped the island for decades are still on people's minds
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jonathan powell was i'm a negotiator of the process that eventually led to peace the will i fear be more violence as a result of this if you put the hard border back in again you haven't installations you have to have border posts you have to have guards on the border and they will of course be targets for the dissidents powell says the deal with the e.u. will eventually unravel because prime minister to resign may enter government promised too many things to too many different people and the protection of the belfast agreement said to the irish that there would be no hard border they guaranteed it they said to the d.p. unionists that there would be no border in the r.e.c. they said to the brics a tears in their own policy that we would leave the customs union single market and they said to the that there would be regulatory alignments if there was no over agreement those four things are not compatible. some people like these protesters in london don't want to leave the e.u.
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at all but there is also a lot of pressure on me from within their own party to make a clean break with the e.u. one obvious solution for northern ireland would be for the whole of the u.k. to stay close to the e.u. to stay in the single market and the customs union but this would be very difficult to sell to the committed brick city is here in parliament and the conservative party so the problem is far from solved yet. the u.k. will have to decide whether to align itself closely with the e.u. even after breck's it. and that's one thing that most people in the island a file and a hoping for in the north as well as in the south. to be as big as mass reporting there well leaders from islamic countries are holding an emergency meeting in istanbul today to discuss u.s. president donald trump's recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel on tuesday turkey's president warned the united states that it was
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a quote partner to bloodshed after trumps decision was followed by violence we're looking at some live pictures there from that meeting in istanbul. on the turkish president said that turkey would never recognize donald trump's decision out of one says he hopes today's meeting will mobilize support in the muslim world for an independent palestinian state and called it a turning point on the issue. let's bring in d.w. story and jonestown he's standing by in istanbul for a so good morning dorian what sort of turning point is president out of one talking about. what i think he is hoping that the outrage and anger generated over president trump's decision will bring the muslim world together to unite behind the palestinian cause put the palestinian calls back on the agenda in fact the king abdullah of jordan when he was visiting ancora last week also made the same point that the present outrage and violence he said should
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remind everyone of the need for a just solution to the palestinian cause which includes jerusalem being their capital and one will hope to bring together muslim leaders that they will galvanize efforts full that's come together to support that coles story and thank you d.w. story in jones there in istanbul. you're watching g.w. news still to come in bonus take a dog that's new coach peter storrie going to head the weight of the clubs faithful on his shoulders with the club in freefall said september but did he manage to lead the black and yellows back to winning ways. well gas prices are spiking after a huge plant explosion in austria helena yes that's right gas prices in some in new countries reaching their highest level in four yes now main gas pipelines forty back online off to a deadly explosion shut down operations on shoes day the cause of the blast which
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left one person dead is not yet clear sighted down gotten eastern austria surprise gas to several european countries as well as russia and it was those fears that supplies would be restricted as a result of that loss initially sent gas prices soaring the hoppe handles about ten percent of your gas supply. went off financial correspondent daniel koch joins us now from frankfurt daniel i mean this fire has claimed one person's life is threatened supply to it's annoying and it caused that country's declare a state of emergency surely this makes the case for a backup plan. yeah and i guess when this news was breaking yesterday nor body you thought what kind of huge impact this really would have gas prices went up to a five year high went up really by a thirty percent i was checking some of the italian newspapers this morning many people in italy are really raising the question how it can be that
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a country because italy is so dependent on a single gas production facility as this one fifty kilometers away from vienna because what was the case yesterday of course also germany and austria was receiving gas from this facility but they have other pipeline they have other ways to get gas so it's really the case that many people are raising the question that something needs to be changed the good news now is that from midnight on gas again it's going to italy so they don't have to worry they are not freezing korea as much as i'm doing right now here in the cold all right stay with us daniel and stay warm as well we're going to come back to you in just a moment first though canada has dropped plans to buy eighteen fighter jets from boeing over a trade dispute with the united states the deal would have been worth well over five billion dollars but it collapsed after the u.s. imposed a three hundred percent on c. series jets made by canada's biggest plane maker bomb about a year earlier this year the planned purchase was part of canada's intention to
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upgrade its entire fleet of fighter jets the country now says it will buy the planes from australia instead back over to daniel in frankfurt then daniel he stands to win in the long run from this. yeah let me tell you firsthand in that trailer she actually has a friend for a stock exchange are calling this decision made by canada actually very consequent because it really seems to be the case that more and more countries are getting sick of all those imputed of terrorists being in force by the united states there also has been this discussion in the past also when it comes to the import of what for example by canada. and the winner most likely is really really going to be the other countries now in this case australia who is going to get the job for the fighter jets and it really does seem to be the case helen that more and more countries are really looking for other ways to get those kind of goods and
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they don't want to be as much dependent anymore on the united states you know right a financial correspondent in frankfurt daniel corp thank you with the holiday season in full swing online retailer amazon has been enjoying huge traffic numbers including here in germany and as in second biggest market after the united states now that might be one reason for the company to rejoice that revelations about company practices towards employees won't be putting stuff in such a celebrated removed new research is shown that employees here in germany are being watched almost every moment of their working day violating privacy rules. according to amazon employees it is new logistics center in lower saxony enjoy excellent working conditions and an above the minimum wage but a covert investigation reveals that people here are under constant pressure computers record individuals performances down to the last minute monitored by
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supervises amazon says that ensures prompt delivery for customers but many workers see it differently. machines not people and. the region's data protection regulators says amazon's going too far in. employees must be guaranteed a certain amount of freedom in the work space. and that's simply not possible when they're constantly monitored. they're also surveillance cameras throughout the new amazon pounds including incorrigibles and the areas the company says it uses them to prevent theft but employment law experts are alarmed. for it's out of proportion an employer has to have a legitimate reason to make use of such monitoring methods and as there's no legitimate reason it's both illegal and disproportionate. no
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saxony is data protection or storage he has launched an investigation amazon has until next week to respond to the allegations. now with terry and it's a change of fortune and that's right things are looking up helena after a change at the helm as it were tuesday solid first game under new coach. opponents were minds where dortmund's yellow and blacks were looking to end their run of games without a win since struggles appointment on sunday heaviest snow had limited him just one training session with his squad. he arrived in troop a to struggle style little fuss no ceremony but dalton were hoping the savior had arrived months started on the front foot however so what set out given space to shoot. the woodwork coming to the rescue with from a bookie stranded. went
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dormant did find space pm erica me and couldn't find the nets. the strike i'm missing the chance to take up team a christian pull a sikh. nil nil going into half time. in the fifty fifth minute dortmund took the lead. by much to peta struggles to lots. sucker to skin vertically off to own the top racks had a came back off the post. from their goal and sat back and closed out the game. the defense wasn't perfect but it restricted months to mostly hot chances. and in the eighty ninth minute goldman's had to kill a second about a young ting of shinji kagawa by kris third goal of the ses and. the two know when sol dalton jumped back into the top four in just one match sterger equalled
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his season's points tally with cologne and broke dortmund's hapless winless streak not bad for his first wake in the job. will pop up fairly early is from the obvious sports is here to tell us more about pitt a great start there at dortmund it must be said so did dortmund just need a change of face at the top or to start a really deserve all the credit here well this is a bit of both when it went to team gets a new manager it's often the case that they get a sort of a boost of confidence and. things sort of start working for them an issue anyway pettish dog of course is a manager if people don't know this who has a pretty good track record despite the fact that a clone things didn't really go to plan this season and of course he was fired from there and now you know he's over dortmund but when he did take over in cologne back in two thousand and fourteen he changed things there radically for the team and they ended up being promoted to the top tier in the bundesliga he's someone who
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knows how to motivate his team properly and we seem to be seeing that as certainly with dortmund's performance against minds of z. was a great result for them and really something that they needed because the last one that they actually want to match was back in september so you know fingers crossed that things go a little bit better than they have been of late for them on their show. seems to have helped dortmund get its mojo back at least in this first game where he's there with them where to stop and go from here well dortmund really need to focus on starting a mom winning games again because half of the bottle often in football is confidence on the team working together we saw you know this is dorms as a side with plenty of big players like over me i'm for example they have a proven track record of being able to score goals and you know this is something that they really need to work on make sure that they don't mess up in the coming months because you know they're byron munich are you know at the top of the league and they really need to focus on winning the games until my dortmund now if they
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really want to be able to play in europe now there are already out of the champions league this season and they can really focus on the ball in this league and start winning games talk about another want to be team light see they only managed to one old draw against what you would think of well you know recently been slipping up a little bit and they really need to focus once again a little bit like dormant on focusing on getting back to where they should be if biron when that tonight against cologne they'll be ten points ahead of leipsic so life signee to make sure that they don't slip up this weekend that's for sure of a fairly early is from d.w. sports thank you so much thanks terry. and forgo just a recap of the top story we're following for you here today on the news democratic candidate doug jones has narrowly won a u.s. senate seat in alabama results deals a blow to president donald trump who backed scandal plagued republican.
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what drives the economy. juice the economy drugs. made in germany always has its finger on the pulse. of the markets the manager. told me spoke to. me in germany next to. jerusalem is israel's capital as u.s. president donald trump crossed the line this time. by recognizing jerusalem as
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israel's capital the risk fueling further unrest in the region. to people's separated by a morning down random 1940's. israel along the green line. close up in forty five minutes on the w. . make your small t.v. even smaller with the w.'s for small towns. what you want when you want it. up to date. extraordinary. steps. to sideline songs. sunday morning w. small. images from an isolated country images from the north korea. telling the time are for countries fascinating shots
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