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scope for the world from different perspectives. join us and inspired by distinctive instagram or zz. d.w. story topic each week on the instagram. this is due to be news coming to you live from berlin turkey's president says his country will never accept jerusalem as the capital of israel hosting a conference of muslim nations in istanbul and two hundred lashes out in israel and course jerusalem a red line for muslims we'll go live to our correspondent in istanbul and also
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coming up. a stunning victory for u.s. democrats as their candidate doug jones claims victory in alabama's special election his opponent's defeat a major setback for the republican party that's good or to the balance of power in the senate. and british cycling icon chris froome has an abnormal test results recorded during his reign as a race in spain could it be because office asked him on medication an investigation is under way. plus on the catwalk surely not less fabric but more we need a german based design a who says that your job can be fashionable and hopes to make it big with their own clothing that i.
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own a warm welcome to you i'm. turkish president richard john has called an all countries to recognize jerusalem as the capital of palestine and john was speaking as he hosted the summit of the organization of islamic cooperation in istanbul he called on leaders to forge a united response to u.s. president trumps decision to recognize the use of them as israel's capital and it didn't call that move a red line for muslims he hopes to this summit will mobilize muslim support for an independent palestinian state. is at that summit in istanbul and joins me now from there dorian. edge on it has put the question of jerusalem at the top of the agenda at this summit what is he hoping to achieve this calling this a turning point. i think he's it has many aims from this summit one is he certainly wants to highlight to the world what he
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sees is a growing opposition to trump's recognition of jerusalem also to highlight. the tough stance be taken against seized by the israeli security force gets the palestinians in some very tough language against the israelis on this but there are also some concrete steps he wants to receive from this summit he's looking for the launch of a campaign to recognize jerusalem as what he called the occupied capital of the palestinians and also for the wider recognition of a palestinian state you very much see the comps actions as an opportunity to focus the world's attention on the plight of the palestinians and use that as a point to galvanize efforts to recognize the palestinian state and jerusalem as its capital. said dorian and he used very strong language on israel even describe it as a terror state he also is accuses it off stealing palestinian that let's first listen to what john had to say on this issue. we should never allow the israelis to occupy
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the rest of the palestinian lands using pretexts and excuses viz a viz the rest of the global community these lands belong to the palestinians and we should not we should no longer allow the israelis still could buy these lands any more. so don't support is there for edouard's position on jerusalem and the palestinian state. well i think that this summit has revealed that there are still deep divisions in particular in the arab world it's very notable that although there have been twenty two heads of states attending the summit keep within the arab world on not here the saudi leader isn't here the gyptian leader these are key figures in in building up a coalition in the arab world they have not attended and now on the lines that there are very deep divisions in this region particularly on the divide between iran and saudi arabia and in many ways turkey is seen as part of that it is seen as
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being closely allied now with iran and saudi arabia is very upset over this and those divisions have been revealed but the leader of the palestinians mahmoud abbas addressing the summit drew on the fact that there is growing international support for the opposition to trump he said the traditional allies of crum have isolated themselves from this stance countries like the u.k. and also european countries and he sees this as a point uniting the international community to support a palestinian called make calls for sanctions to be introduced against israel so again they do see this as an opportunity for sure there are deep divisions within the arab world as we speak during jones in istanbul thank you very much for that. turning now to the u.s. and in what is being viewed as a major setback for president the democratic candidate doug jones is one a u.s. senate seat in the deeply conservative state of alabama now the campaign off the
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republican candidate roy moore was overshadowed by allegations of sexual misconduct numerous republicans pulled their own support from more after the allegations surfaced yet president trump very publicly supported him the result in alabama also changes the balance of power in washington the republican majority the senate now shrinks from two votes to just one. of all the states in which the democratic fight should take shape alabama was an unlikely starting point the party has not won a senate seat here and a quarter of a century. we really have just around the state of alabama though we have shown the country the way their original of. the celebrations here or much to the control vis a surrounding his opponent airlie or in the day the republican crusader roy moore
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had hoped his horse named sassy would carry him to that tony. it was the final bed to cast him as a thorough bred conservative in a campaign marred by multiple allegations from women claiming he had molested them decades ago when they were teenagers even for high ranking republicans moore's actions and policies were beyond the pale he believes homosexuality should be illegal and that moves shouldn't serve in congress. for donald trump the only thing that mattered was moore's loyalty to his vision the president has congratulate to doug jones on a hard fought victory but said votes cast for a third candidate harmed the right ten vote played a very big factor he tweeted bought a win is a win not so. he has refused to concede. but the
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votes are still coming in and we're looking at that but god bless you as you go on by giving place during and thank you for coming tonight we're not over it's going to take some time. but it is democrats who are smiling having narrowed the republicans majority in the senate to just one day says they say a sign of success is to come in crucial elections next year. and for some analysis i'm joined in the studio with boris for money is a professor of political science at bondi college here and button welcome by specific let's take a look at what this election victory for the democrats means a full donald trump he publicly supported the republican candidate despite all the allegations of sexual misconduct against him and the opposition of some republicans well we're seeing the limits of trump isn't perhaps what worked for him which was
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also to have an outrageous compay man and to to run as an authentic outsider did not work for roy moore who was not necessarily an outsider but who was running on similar precepts and similar ideas at the same time it's a very pragmatic consequence for trump he's already had a hard time to govern and rule the legislative process this is going to get harder with just one seat majority and it's going to be a metaphorical loss for him as well and the democrats are of course warring so a setback a full on donald trump but what about there's more at stake as you said in the senate they just have a one seat majority what does that mean for the republican party well we've already seen that at certain points some of the republicans turned against trump when it came to abolishing obamacare for example this is something that was not
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possible despite a larger lead in the senate so you know. it's predictable that in other decisions that are contentious it will be much harder for trump it's not quite the majority the democrats or you would need to you know to to. to impeach him but of course it's a change and it might be a sea change it might be a beginning a signal until the congress of the actions next year ok and what about the democrats for them it's good news after a long time they must be energized by their candidates a win in this senate election yeah absolutely they are i mean i'm not quite sure what the lessons are that the democrats will draw from this i think that still the democratic party is quite divided between those who are holding on to the status quo and who are protecting basically the policy ideas but by by hillary clinton and those that are more to the left so this remains to be seen but it's certainly a first win for the democrats right boris woman from professor of political science
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at bot college in berlin thank you very much thank you listen to going to get some other stories making news around the world u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has offered to begin direct talks with north korea that's a major shift from america as a pos to songs that pyongyang must first agree to give up its nuclear often and as a precondition for negotiations. german chancellor angela merkel has made a surprise visit to the site of last year's christmas market attack in berlin machall has faced criticism from survivors and relatives of the victims' attorneys an asylum seeker kills trial of people and injured around seventy when he drove a truck into a crowded market. iran's southeastern promise a province of care man has been hit by multiple strong earthquakes state media said at least eighteen people were injured and dozens of houses damaged the first quake
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magnitude five point nine struck on tuesday morning fifty six kilometers north of the provincial capital. you're watching new day coming up ahead he's a british cycling icon and he's just had an abnormal lab result we talk about what this could mean for chris froome. but first when a joins when it seems countries attending the wu a summit of speaking out against china's trip back disses anna and not just speaking out in fact now they're sort of taking concrete actions against some of those more controversial trade practices three of the world's top economic powers the u.s. the e.u. and japan are joining forces to combat market distorting trade practices the group signed a declaration during world trade organization ministerial conference in one as itis the declaration doesn't openly target any specific country but it does focus on state owned enterprises and government subsidies both of which essential features
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of china's economic system china steel and aluminum industries a heavily subsidized cheap chinese goods then flood on to global markets posing a risk to jobs elsewhere. well tech giant facebook's promise to shake up its tax structure the world's largest social network said it would booking revenue in twenty five countries where it actually makes its profits rather than via its irish subsidiary so gracious generally face larger tax bills in countries such as germany france and italy where the taxation levels are much higher but experts don't expect facebook to pay more taxes because it will come down to how the company accounts for expenses in each country. now with the holiday season in full swing online retailer amazon has been enjoying huge traffic numbers including in germany as in second biggest market off to the u.s. now that might be one reason for the company to rejoice but revelations about
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company practices towards employees certainly won't be putting stuff in a celebrate renewed new research has shown that employees here in germany are be watched during almost every moment that working day violating privacy. according to amazon employees it is new logistics center in lower saxony enjoy excellent working conditions and an above the minimum wage but a covert investigation reveals that people here are under constant pressure computers record individuals performances down to the last minute monitored by supervises amazon says that ensures prompt delivery for customers but many workers see it differently. terms like machine is not people and the regions data protection regulator says amazon's going too far in. employees must be guaranteed a certain amount of freedom in the work space. and that's simply not possible when
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they're constantly monitored. but they're also surveillance cameras throughout the new amazon pounds including incorrigibles and lock the areas the company says it uses them to prevent theft but employment law experts are alarmed. for it's out of proportion an employer has to have a legitimate reason to make use of such monitoring methods and as there's no legitimate reason it's both illegal and disproportionate for. noah sachs in these data protection also already has launched an investigation amazon has until next week to respond to the allegations. designers catering to islamic fashion say their high end creations are taking off after featuring on the catwalks of new york london and istanbul is a billion dollar industry and its boom mic now muslim design is based in germany and looking to get in on the success of photo shoot for the upcoming winter collection despite the icy temperatures the photos have to give no hint that the
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models of freezing cold time and again design omarion led dearie steps in to make adjustments. fifteenth's collection everything has to be perfect for the latest catalog. in this collection it was important for me to return to my labels origins to have different models on the set somewhere in the hit job some without some with turbans a mixture of light and dark complection zz to make everyone feel included. in her studio near mannheim the algerian born design a is constantly creating new combinations. i used a lot of earth tones because i find them very elegant and to get away from too much black so we have rust brown as a key color. it's a mixture of dark orange and something explosive. of.
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exposing. despite fifteen collections in seven years merriam led dearie hasn't been able to establish a label on the german fashion scene she specialized in modest fashion conservative more restrained style that shows very little skin she's frequently turned down for fashion shows gemini's behind when it comes to modest fashion. i took my decision to learn fashion design back then out of a passion the modest fashion style didn't exist then but the market's been booming in recent years and now i want to be in there with the big players. the big players get together in dubai this year the persian gulf state is putting on the biggest modest fashion week ever fifteen thousand visitors from around the world are expected to attend marian live davies misa label is one of two hundred fashion
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houses showing their latest collection. wasn't as and there's a lot of interest in music i'm just more the lead expected we're very happy about it just thought we'd try it out and say thanks to god we're overwhelmed. mariam show doesn't start until late in the evening if she attracts enough attention here it could mean her international breakthrough that would open up a one hundred billion euro year market and then perhaps she no longer have to struggle for recognition back home in germany. eritrea rate are now taking a look at the future for northern ireland in light of bricks that have rita that's right helena now britain's prime this is facing one of the stiffest tests yet over brags that lawmakers from our own party could push through a proposal that would allow parliament to reject any deal she reaches in a recent deal with the e.u. tourism a promise that there would be no hard border between northern ireland which is part
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of the u.k. and the republic of ireland which is a member of the european union but this promise could conflict with other pages she's made and many in ireland are now worried about the effect breaks that have. the s.t. area nuria northern ireland is actually a border and yet nobody can see it invisible borders have brought peace to northern ireland that's why people in communities such as nuri voted against bracks and go on here for damian nick in it he fights against an exit from the e.u. that would see the return of border posts nias far. at the back of that is the republic of ireland there are two hundred seventy crossings previously there was only eighteen points by which she could cross if it came back to the us if would be an enormous inconvenience a sharp break cept for us will be an economic disaster but it's not just the economy that's at stake memories of the troubles the conflict between protestants
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and catholics that gripped the island for decades are still on people's minds jonathan powell was i'm a negotiator of the process that eventually led to peace the will i fear be more violence as a result of this if you put the hardboard back in again you haven't installations you have to have border posts you have to have guards on the border and they will of course be targets for the dissidents powell says the deal with the e.u. will eventually unravel because prime minister to resign may enter government promised too many things to too many different people and the protection of the belfast agreement said to the irish that there would be no hard border they guaranteed it they said to the d.p. unionists that there would be no border in the r.e.c. they said to the brics it is in their own policy that we would leave the customs union single market and they said to the use that there would be regulatory alignments if there was no over agreement those four things are not compatible.
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some people like these protesters in london don't want to leave the e.u. at all but there is also a lot of pressure on me from within their own party to make a clean break with the e.u. one obvious solution for northern ireland would be for the whole of the u.k. to stay close to the e.u. to stay in the single market and the customs union but this would be very difficult to sell to the committed brick city is here in parliament and the conservative party so the problem is far from solved yet. the u.k. will have to decide whether to align itself closely with the e.u. even after breck's it. and that's one thing that most people of the island of ireland hoping for in the north as well as in the south. two difference in spanish when a chris froome has allegedly recorded an abnormal drug test result the incident took place during his victory of this is spanish race samples reportedly showed
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a high level often ask the drug crew who has asked the must said in a statement that his symptoms got was during the spanish road race and that he. but still within the guidelines and the thirty two year old briton made history in september when he became the first ride to wind of well and the tour de france in the femia. get more on the story with sports correspondent bob willfully and yes he joins me now give me a first of football what does this mean for chris froome well for the moment. and what we're what we do know is that the u.c.i. governing body for cycling is investigating froome case because on the seventh of september he was tested in spain in law. and it was he was informed of the results which appear to show twice the amount allowed by the world anti-doping agency for this drug this drug which is legal it's called molly it's quite
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a common. drug and he had two thousand nano grams on your life one thousand. chris froome said you know he's never hidden away from the fact that he suffers from asthma and he's had it since he was a child and. so for us no they do have to you know take an inhaler often and he's always been very open about that so at the moment what we're waiting for is basically the team sky which is chris froome team of course to provide further in. from ation to this investigation i mentioned the chris froome says he stayed within the limits of taking this asked him on drugs what has been the reaction in us more about yes reaction from him and the team you're absolutely right i mean he hasn't like i said he hasn't hidden away from the fact that he suffers from asthma and that he has to take medication for it and he said that. his symptoms began to basically worsen so he approached the team doctor who gave him
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this. increases dosage slightly and it came into samples that were taken a and b. they both showed to have a higher than that higher than permitted as levels of this drug in his urine sample so they've not hidden away from the fact and we'll just have to wait and see what the final results are but if they do come back negative for him he could end up being a bond gosh ok bob you fully alias will need both just think you very much so much and we stay with sports if you go to the bundesliga appeared to sturgess first game in charge of dortmund was at mines and whether you know and blacks were looking to end their run of it been distinct games without a win a says a point but on sunday heavy snow had limited sugar to just one training session have been a. he arrived in true peta struggle style little fuss no ceremony but
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dalton were hoping the savior had arrived months started on the front foot however so what set out given space to shoot. the woodwork coming to the rescue with from a book he stranded. went dormant did find space pm erica couldn't find the nets. to strike a missing the chance to take up team a christian pull a sikh. nil nil going into half time. in the fifty fifth minute dortmund took the lead. by much to peta struggles to lots. sucker to skin vertically off the oma top cracks had a came back off the post. from their top and sat back and closed out the guy.
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the defense wasn't perfect but it restricted months to mostly hof chances and in the eighty ninth minute jocelyn's had to kill a second about a young ting of shinji kagawa five for his third goal of the ses and. the two know when sol dalton jumped back into the top four in just one match sterger equalled his season's points tally with cologne and broke dortmund's hapless winless streak not bad for his first wake in the job. and such a relief and let's take a look at all the results of nash's sixteen so far as he saw minds went down to be just who has dortmund. woodsmoke played out another draw this time against leipzig freiburg pulled off a one nil win of a gladbach and hamburg lost two one at the hands of frankfurt and more match to
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sixteen action on wednesday by an host good loan shark attack on oxburgh hoffenheim caught head to whose hand over and live a clue is in play braman you're watching the news has a recap of the top stories that we're following for you. silkies president. has called an order countries to recognize jerusalem as the capital of palestine he is hosting a summit for islamic. says he wants to move support for an independent palestinian state. and democratic candidate doug jones has not really won a u.s. senate seat in alabama the result is a blow to president donald trump who backed republican roy moore and it could alter the balance of power in the u.s. senate. but i'll be back in half an hour with an
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update. if you can. amidst all the glowing glitter smell the lovely aroma marvel and make a wish. there are places in europe where the christmas season is particularly special . we take you there this time we're off to nuremberg the city of
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gingerbread in our series home for christmas. one the. lands in the john nichol furnished house is then moved. from the air to the burger the best discard to see expects. the best spots to visit. sixty. dollars. climate change. waste. pollution. isn't it time for good news eco africa people and projects that are changing our environment for
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the better and it's up to us to make a difference let's split. the going to africa environment magazine. d w. it's. funny i don't think it. tells them too and i make a few of them tell of the famous potato. everybody welcome to your remarks will be traveling all over the continent today and as always.


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