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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 13, 2017 3:00pm-4:00pm CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin live to jerusalem at a meeting in istanbul leaders of islamic countries declaring east jerusalem as the capital of palestine and the turkish president is urging the rest of the love to follow suit we get a live update from a correspondent in istanbul and also coming up a stunning victory for the u.s.
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democrats as their candidate doug jones claims victory in alabama a special election his opponents defeat a major setback for the republican party that could alter the balance of power in the senate. and central african republic strong ties children all reporter takes us inside the country's refugee camps home to hundreds of thousands of people displaced in one of the wilds most neglected conflicts. in the next sixty minutes to mark the first anniversary of the deadly attack on a christmas market as the city remembers the twelve people killed in that attack the relatives of the victims criticized. government's handling of the attack. and british cycling icon chris froome has failed a drugs test recorded during his been at a race in spain an investigation is underway.
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hello and welcome i'm under good to have your company. the leaders of more than fifty muslim countries have recognized is just a real east jerusalem as the capital of palestine they were meeting at an emergency summit of the organization of islamic cooperation convened by the turkish president in istanbul rich if the have drawn also urged the risks of the world to follow suit he called u.s. president trumps decision to recognize to slim as israel's capital a red line for muslims. the aim to present a united front against the decision that's muslims worldwide here in istanbul donald trump's move to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital has been condemned by leaders from across the islamic world they endorse the call from turkish
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president. on. i invite all countries backing international law and justice to recognize jerusalem as the capital of the occupied palestinian state over to we can't delay any longer . as islamic countries we will never give up on our demand of a sovereign and independent palestine jerusalem as its capital. jerusalem status is at the core of the decades long israeli palestinian conflict israel sees the eastern half of the city in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven six day war it controlled the city's west before that palestinians hope east jerusalem will be the capital of their future state. donald trump seen here on a visit to the city in may has been seen as siding with israel in the conflict by naming a united jerusalem as a jewish capital. palestinian president mahmoud abbas said the
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move has cost the u.s. its role in the middle east peace process. with this the united states has lost its capability to be a mediator it won't have a role in the political process. we will not accept any more for it to have a role in the process it is biased in favor of israel. this is our stand and we wish you to support us in it i met him. abbas has vowed to take the matter to the un security council to try and block the decision. meanwhile angry palestinians demonstrated in bethlehem in the occupied west bank it's the seventh day of violent protests there with no end in sight.
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dorian jones is at that emergency summit in istanbul and joins me now from there in dorian and all i see has come up with a declaration recognizing east jerusalem as the capital of a palestinian state what more can you tell us. what this has been the main theme of this meeting along with expected criticism of the u.s. president for his decision and these rail for its crackdown on protests out of the some of the commitment to take forward the campaign to recognize east jerusalem as the capital of of the palestinian state and for the palestinian state to be recognized as well and they're going forward from this summit that is the message is going forward is that they will now be in the process of the achieving that goal and the declaration that strong words about the u. s. and dorian what can you tell us about what was said about the role of the u.s. in the peace process. well that's another important message has come out of this
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summit mahmoud abbas the palestinian leaders said that the united states no longer has a role in the peace process he says that they are biased towards israel and this latest action by trump is on the line that they are their role is null and void and from now on they will be looking to the united nations to play an active role in resolving this and i think that this also i think the decision of the message coming from the summit is it is it is allow them to vent a lot of growing pent up frustration over what they see as being the failed role of the united states for many decades now the message is that they need a new chapter is in many ways at the finding moment they believe in this ongoing conflict and they look. the hands of that of the united nations and the wider international community and what role do they expect from the international community to drive the peace process forward. but i think that they see this is a wider agenda first i think this campaign to see the recognition of palestine as
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an independent state up until now the basis for much of the international community is that this would complicate peace the peace efforts now that they say that in the longer of by their argument they say now is the time to recognize the palestinian state and crucially. as its capital mahmoud abbas was also talking about the growing isolation of trump over this move and they want to build on or they're looking for international sanctions against israel if it does not cooperate in the peace process they believe in many ways that this does give them an opportunity to take the peace process forward but there is also a talk message they say the peace process fail and there will be more conflict more turmoil in the region many with they say this is at the following moment in the region dr dorian jones at an emergency summit of the organization of islamic cooperation in istanbul thank you very much for that live update. and we'll have more on that story and the implications of the declaration which came after that emergency summit later in the program turning out of the united states and
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what is being seen as a major setback for president donald trump the democratic candidate doug jones has won a u.s. senate seat in the deeply conservative state of alabama now the campaign of the republican candidate roy moore was overshadowed by allegations of sexual misconduct numerous republicans pulled their support for more after the allegations surfaced yet president donald trump very publicly supported him the result in alabama also changes the balance of power in washington the republican majority in the senate now shrinks from two votes to just one. of all the states in which the democratic fight should take shape alabama was an unlikely starting point the party has not won a senate seat here and a quarter of a century. we really have just around the state of alabama though we have shown the country the way their original of.
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the celebrations here or much to the control vis a surrounding his opponent. airlie or in the day the republican crusader roy had hoped his horse named sassy would carry him to victory. it was the final bid to cast him as a thorough bred conservative in a campaign marred by multiple allegations from women claiming he had molested them decades ago when they were teenagers even for high ranking republicans moore's actions and policies were beyond the pale. he believes homosexuality should be illegal and that moves shouldn't serve in congress. for donald trump the only thing that mattered was moore's loyalty to his vision the president has congratulated doug jones on
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a hard fought victory but said votes cast for a third candidate harmed the right ten votes played a very big factor he tweeted bought a win is a win not so. he has refused to concede. but the votes are still coming in and we're looking at that but god bless you as you go all by giving play fury and thank you for coming tonight we're not over this going thanks in part. but it is democrats who are smiling having narrowed the republicans majority in the senate to just one they say as they say a sign of success is to come in crucial elections next year. and with the political temperature is rising in america comes a major new exit mission of american art the day interesting talking it's called america america how real israel is is opened here in germany and it's found quite
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political it didn't get in if the disc is here to tell us more about it it is one of the focus of this exhibition does have a bit of a political song and a certain us politician will make an appearance in this story too but essentially it's an exhibition at the museum frida berger in barton barton featuring works associated with the american dream or the american way of life initially it was conceived as a way to show off the museum's excellent collection of works by us artists works by artists like andy warhol jeff koons roy lichtenstein but the curator of the exhibition has been about twelve months in the making says that he has been influenced by what he calls the political positions and form of discourse coming from a new star u.s. president one who accuses others of fake news and this has prompted him to make this exhibition about how we deal with truth about respect for the truth hence the
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name of the exhibition america america how rio is rio i think we can take a look. america and america the land of unlimited possibilities and of the great artists what would modern art be without pop art from the one nine hundred sixty s. and seventy's without andy warhol roy lichtenstein or alex katz. at the freedom board a museum in boston barden their works hanging side by side seventy in all. the show reflect symbols and images of the american dream. america america. at any rate america america was also something of a dream a goal a utopia for me and my generation. but then along came a new kind of u.s. president donald trump as badly damaged the image of his country you are fake to do
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this president like that i have a running war with the media. it seems the topics of the one nine hundred sixty s. have lost none of their relevance racism for example. or the death penalty. the love of guns us artists took up these themes fifty years ago the work think is from nine hundred seventy two but william copley subversive response to his country's ideological patriotism has lost none of its power if my live in america i mean if we look at america now in the show it's always america and no one should be so stupid as to just point to the others you have to see yourself in that or in europe we can see that nationalism is spreading and a united europe can only exist without nationalism that's from the list of. america america how real is real runs and bad and barton until may.
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it is interesting how one can often use to deal with the uncomfortable political issues and there are lots of exit missions automatic and not one of the most certainly seem to be i mean perhaps we're just like noticing them a bit more now but there seems to be a lot of expressions that moment and what is definitely true is that they tend to be positioned in the context of these new political realities now we just had the highly acclaimed soul of a nation. exhibition in london's tate modern in the age of black power which was given extra resonance by the rise of the black lives matzos movement there are currently joint german dutch exhibition called the american dream which looks at how realistic the american dream is with some very up to date works you can see there and finally a very interesting exhibition in berlin examines the influence of the c.i. a on global arts the us foreign intelligence service used unwitting artists such as
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pollack whose work we see. as weapons in the cold war the cia backed modern american why in the cold war they saw a new american painting as proof of intellectual freedom and it was also evidence of the superior creativity of the us measured against the rock the rigid soviet released artworks that were coming out of the soviet union and the eastern bloc at that time u.s. arts was if you like a way of wielding soft power and it was a way of marketing america so the cia had its hand in those very very interesting story three exhibitions on us modern arts and the thing that unites all three is that they reexamined america's cultural influence right thank you very much. to discuss not small on that story on our website.
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you're watching the news coming up ahead tensions over the irish border. gregson talks last week now the man who helped bring peace to northern ireland tells d.w. he fears a return to violence. ben fizzling is with me now and the u.s. president donald trump came to power the bets were on that there would be a trade war between the u.s. and china is sure to work extremely likely but its neighbor has crept in first there are reports canada has dropped plans to buy eighteen funny jets from boeing over a trade dispute with the u.s. the deal would have been worth well over five billion dollars and was part of an upgrade of its entire fleet but it collapsed after the u.s. imposed judi's of three hundred percent on c. series jets made by canada's biggest plane make a bomb but earlier this year the company accused of dumping airliners on the american market both countries a locked in increasingly difficult talks over the north american free trade
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agreement. let's go over to our financial correspondent who's standing by in frankfurt daniel colp daniel does this amount to a trade war. damage or it really sounds like a trade war ben just imagine you go to your car dealer and you want to buy a car from another country and at the end you have to pay three hundred percent more i mean many people also yes the trading floor really call this ridiculous and it really seems that many countries are getting more and more annoyed off this latest protectionism by the u.s. government and what do you think this is going to go how do you think trump is going to react is it going to escalate. well investors do feel that there needs to be sort of an escalation and at the end there also needs to be an agreement because who's winning now for example in this case with those fighter jets now australia is going to get the job not canada also not boeing and i mean
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buoying also a company in the united states also because of those very high tears that has been really struggling during the last weeks and months now airbus is again clearly the number one in the airplane business and there are just so many examples were traders and investors are really saying that there needs to be sort of agreement because at the end this is also going to harm the u.s. economy ok back to that struggle in a moment with you daniel stay where you are because i want to ask you about this next story three of the world's top economic powers the u.s. the u.n. japan joining forces to combat market to starting trade practices the group signing a declaration at the world trade organization conference when a series doesn't openly target any specific country but it does focus on state owned enterprises and government subsidies both of which are central features of china's economic system chinese steel and element of industries are heavily
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subsidized cheap chinese goods have been flooding global markets posing a risk to jobs elsewhere. than you'll tell me is this declaration the result of just a lot of talk we don't actually see any action. well i mean this is always the question how much power the w.t. organization actually has because in some cases it can really bring something just yesterday this agreement between those americans who are left in american countries and the european union was signed but in other cases it's a really long process and you can really feel that. doesn't have that much influence because at the end it's an organisation it's not illegal body that can tell for example to the united states will you have to come to an agreement for example regarding the nafta agreement so it's it's a body that can give for a commendation but at the end also with limited power what does that say briefly
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about its reputation trumpet said time and again that it's a disaster. well i mean in general w t o has a very good image it was founded in one nine hundred ninety five base in geneva but also i mean you just mentioned those this ongoing dispute also with china when it comes to the surplus production office steel w t o has said so many times so china you need to work on this axis of production but at the end we are seeing very little results and not many things happening. thanks for your analysis. has withdrawn its bid for air berlin subsidiary nicky of towns are citing cartel concerns by e.u. competition authorities but the german flag carrier is pushing ahead with its bid for another air berlin subsidiary l g w. bankruptcy administrated now has to find a new buyer for austrian base making it was unaffected by its parent airlines
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collapse and is still flying in recent months tour operator thomas cook of british airways and i.a.g. have both shown interest the funds a plan to buy twenty of nicky's fleet of thirty five aircraft to use for its own budget subsidiary. less skin lots of fabric it's called modest fashion the latest trend on the catwalks of new york london that is stamboul german designers are also trying to cut their way into the billion dollar business but they'll have to go abroad to do that a photo shoot for the upcoming winter collection despite the icy temperatures the photos have to give no hint that the models of freezing cold time and again design omarion lead dearie steps in to make adjustments the fifteenth collection everything has to be perfect for the latest catalogue. in this collection it was important for me to return to my labels origins to have different models on the set
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somewhere in the hit job some without some with turbans a mixture of light and dark complection to make everyone feel included. in her studio near mannheim the algerian born design a is constantly creating new combinations. i used a lot of earth because i find them very elegant and to get away from too much black so we have rust brown as a key color. it's a mixture of dark orange and something explosive. of. exposing. despite fifteen collections in seven years marion led dairy hasn't been able to establish a label on the german fashion scene she specialized in modest fashion conservative more restrained style that shows very little skin she's frequently turned down for
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fashion shows gemini's behind when it comes to modest fashion. i took my decision to learn fashion design back then out of a passion the modest fashion style didn't exist then but the market's been booming in recent years and now i want to be in there with the big players. the big players get together in dubai this year the persian gulf state is pushing on the biggest modest fashion week ever fifteen thousand visitors from around the world are expected to attend marian led danny's misa label is one of two hundred fashion houses showing their latest collection. of s. on the sense that there's a lot of interest in music and just more the right expected we're very happy about it just thought we'd try it out and say thanks to god we're overwhelmed. mariyam show doesn't start until late in the evening if she attracts enough attention here it could mean her international breakthrough that would open up
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a one hundred billion euro year market and then perhaps she no longer have to struggle for recognition. in germany. about men's models fashion. modest enough britain's prime minister is facing one of her most difficult tests over brags that amrita that's right getting away from modesty thank you very much britain lawmakers from tourism is own party could push through a proposal that would allow men to reject any deal she reaches in her recent agreement with the may promise that there would be no hard border between northern ireland which is a part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland which is a member of the european union but this promise could come into conflict with other pledges she's already made. the s.t. area nuria northern ireland is actually a border and yet nobody can see it invisible borders have brought peace to northern ireland that's why people and communities such as nuri voted against bracks and go
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on here for what they mean mic in it he fights against an exit from the e.u. that would see the return of border posts nias far. at the back of that is the republic of ireland there are two hundred seventy crossings previously there was only eighteen points by which she could cross if it came back to the us if would be an enormous inconvenience a sharp break cept for us will be an economic disaster but it's not just the economy that's at stake memories of the troubles the conflict between protestants and catholics that gripped the island for decades are still on people's minds jonathan powell was i'm a negotiator of the process that eventually led to. the will i fear be more violence as a result of this if you put the hard border back in again you have installations you have to have border posts you have to have guards on the border and they will of course be targets for the dissidents powell says the deal with the e.u.
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will eventually unravel because prime minister to resign may enter government promised too many things to too many different people and the protection of the belfast agreement said to the irish that there would be no hard border they guaranteed it they said to the do you p.d. unionists that there would be no border in the r e c they said to the tears in their own policy that we would leave the customs union single market and they said to the use that there would be regulatory alignments if there was no over agreement those four things are not compatible. some people like these protesters in london don't want to leave the e.u. at all but there is also a lot of pressure on me from within your own party to make it a clean break with the e.u. one obvious solution for northern ireland would be for the whole of the u.k. to stay close to the e.u. to stay in the single market and the customs union but this would be very difficult to sell to the committed brick city is here in parliament and the conservative
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party so the problem is far from solved yet. the u.k. will have to decide whether to align itself closely with the e.u. even after breck's it. and that's one thing that most people of the island of ireland hoping for in the north as well as in the south. they saw take a look at some other stories making news around the chose the anglo american is in france for talks aimed at drumming up support for a new anti-terrorism force in africa a region european and african leaders want to assemble a group of five thousand troops by mid two thousand and eighteen they'd worked alongside french new and troops already fighting islamist militia and the region which stretches of a from mauritania across to chad. firefighters have only contained twenty percent of a massive blaze that has reached california santa barbara county the wildfire has been ridging across the los angeles region for two weeks is.
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silver on a small neighborhood in east jerusalem here palestinians and israelis fight tooth and nail over every inch of land real estate speculation evictions and house demolitions are common we accompany palestinian residents and meet jewish settlers . a new perspectives on the holy city on the other jerusalem in forty five minutes on t.w. . beat the germans new and surprising aspects of noise and culture in germany. us american keep music takes a look at germany a distinct receives at their traditions every day lives and language can just come out of my lungs are so i. could. lick a fish because i m t w dot com beat the germans. they
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know me like. i know what you think. they. even know how we feel. oh i'm not a real person i'm still just to pieces so. scientists around the world are working to measure our emotions. so hopefully i can be a helpful piece of soul. the virtual person as a therapist or a robot as a teacher neither would have human empathy. what does of the scene need to do to create empathy and a medical context where i disclose more information to a person or to computer in this case the rhythms instead of feelings measuring emotion starting december sixteenth t w.
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you're watching the news coming to you live from berlin and i'm. the top story more than fifty mainly muslim countries have recognized east jerusalem as the capital of the state of palestine and the rest of the international community to do the same the vote came out in emergency summit of the organization of islamic cooperation in istanbul a week after washington recognized tourism as israel's capital. and to talk about these developments i have with me in the studio christiane broccoli key is from the german council on foreign relations a german think tank based here in bonn and welcome christiane now as you mentioned all i see has made this emergency declaration and it's summit declaring. jerusalem is citizen as a capital off stage of honest time how significant is this declaration do you think of what's in it i think it's rather symbolic. we know that i mean we always seem
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the members have to have for such a step for for quite a long time most of them are on board with that but then i mean in. reality in practice this doesn't change much because. the state of jerusalem can only be changed through final status negotiations and we know these have not been like for a long time and there will not be happening in the near future is a symbolic message but how strong is it a message more than fifty islamic countries but at this conference and it comes just after donald trump made his decision on jerusalem be the capital of israel i mean it clearly shows that there is despair of satisfaction among a number of states but i think this is not a big surprise i mean we know. the position that most of the states had for four decades that has not changed that much if at all it has accommodated the israeli position a bit more in previous years but it just it's it's big if
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a symbolic step practical outcomes would be very limited them ok look at what the declaration said about the united states that is deliberately undermining the peace process by its declaration last week i think that is something different and i think that is something that that carries more value because i think it clearly shows i mean you have to see i mean there with asian of the islamic states is not very united you have a broad array of states very different members some that have really very strong diplomatic connections with the u.s. . and others like for example iran that have a rather difficult relationship so these countries coming together in condemning this step only so no shows that it's a growing in many countries even like traditional allies of the u.s. with the approach that the american administration has taken one on one other thing
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which is come out of this summit is mahmoud abbas about to sit in the dia as you knew just called the palestine should become a member of the united nations is a good time full data sent to get that membership. i think it's i think unfortunate for the palestinians it seems it's never a good time i mean like personally i think the palestinians deserve to be a full member of the un but i mean we know that even the previous step recognizing the state of palestine is something that has been accepted by many states around the world but many key states here in europe like germany for example the u.s. as well have not made this move and in the end i mean to to gain full membership in the u.n. security council has to recommend a member to the general assembly and i mean we all know how the security council works so unfortunately it's not countries have. draco's from the jail in constant foreign relations thank you very much for that analysis. new
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tax plans of outreach to european leaders and the heads of multi national companies then physical and has got that story for you. thank you everyday american president has promised a reform bill that will bring that largest cut in the history of the united states germany france or the u.k. of lead the protest saying if the bill becomes law it will go against global tex agreements. the proposed new cross border today was being cooked up on capitol hill kaine and complex trump and his administration supports them but the europeans have already said they could retaliate calling the plan's discriminatory and at odds with world trade organization regulations under the new law u.s. companies would either be charged twenty percent of the value of goods brought into the u.s. or they would be forced to treat their foreign subsidiaries as u.s. businesses and pay tax on profits accordingly and what's called the europeans angry is that their companies would be charged double first by tax in their home country
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and second by the new excise duty on day u.s. based subsidiaries. the new rule would apply to businesses transferring more than one hundred million dollars in value the intention to keep profits generated inside the u.s. within the country dampening imports while firing up exports. let's bring in linda hong our asia correspondent who's based in singapore linda are asian nations worried they'll lose business to the u.s. well in the nation's. business side of any. country and that's because every time you see an m.n.c. a major the so the manufacturing facility out of a country you would always see job losses and then of course on employment raid which governments are using dependent on to win the people's mending so yes
3:36 pm
that's actually quite a worrying trend and we've already seen some asian firms setting up shop in the us instructors come in but the exact same tax tricks are used where you're based as well. yeah that's right especially knowing texas rates have always been one of the tricks that asian nations used taiwan singapore and now as well as hong kong have already kept that corporate tax rate at seventeen percent which is one of the world's lowest japan has also jumped in on the bandwagon to keep their tax rates at below thirty percent at the beginning of twenty seventeen and that's a year ahead as said you'd so this is actually one of the important things that they do to try and keep corporate coming in and staying in their countries but to take street have already been quite low and it's quite impossible to actually lower it more because asian countries like in singapore for instance we're facing rising
3:37 pm
health care costs as well as an ageing population we need money to keep that going so the nation itself has actually been talking about raising taxes already so i don't think that that's going to be one of the tricks that we're going to news but more of quality manpower as well as good infrastructure the asian take on trump's tax reform there from linda hong thank you japan's conjoin toyota once huff its global sales to come from electric powered vehicles by twenty thirty industries in a race to switch to clean energy to meet tougher environmental standards the target coming as the automaker kicks off talks with electronics group panasonic over a possible tie up a new power couple in japanese emo bill a sea oil sand panasonic's a teaming up will help excel or a technological development. i didn't walk. home and when people hear electric mobility they think of cars and
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a heavy and expensive battery. if we continue what we're doing we won't be able to change. so that's why we need to work with partners like panasonic to make production better. if we want to. developments are certainly needed if toyota is to meet its email below sea goals the company wants electric vehicles to make up half of its sales by twenty thirty. present e-cards like the best selling prius hybrid comprise only around fifteen percent of its sales panasonic also stands to benefit from the cooperation it's a ready the main battery supplier for e-card giant tesla the partnership with toyota puts it well on the way to extending its market share. to the conflict now
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in the central african republic and that's right been at least ten people have died in fighting between muslim and christian militia in the last week alone in the central african republic they are the latest casualties are not the ones most neglected conflicts the country may be very rich in natural resources but its people are desperately poor a fifth of its five million citizens have been displaced in fact the un refugee agency says around five hundred and twenty thousand people have fled the country and six hundred thousand have been internally displaced or they're living in temporary camps now these are the reporter. is in the town of carbon doto in the central african republic it remains challenging for journalists to get into where refugees are living in desperate conditions. this is the first aid delivery in months to reach the kaga bondo refugee camp up until now the runway
3:40 pm
had been blocked by survivors seeking shelter from war and persecution. those who've ended up here have horrific stories to tell of murdered family members rape and kidnappings of entire villages burnt to the ground. un soldiers patrol the area here that provides enough security to make sure aid arrive safely. unicef has built a temporary school where the thousands of children stranded here receive lessons. lucy blush who is one of them. she's twelve years old. isn't didn't get it. and my father is dead the silica kills my grandfather and me so he fled from a village i've been living here for three years. her
3:41 pm
teacher tells us the rest of her story the muslim seleka rebels kidnapped her mother lucy hasn't seen her since. everybody here is severely traumatized uni staff at least tries to create some sense of normality in the camp even if it's an almost impossible task. the humanitarian needs are increasing sadly more and more people are under attack are these we are now we have six hundred thousand people who are internally displaced within the country which is what it was at the peak of the crisis in twenty fourteen so there's still a lot to do. the last brutal attack in congo bundle happened about a year ago many parts of the city have been abandoned those who survived are now squeezed in at the camp at the airport along with thousands of refugees. more than thirty thousand people are living in refugee camps. many of them have homes nearby
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but to war cold means risking their lives violence can erupt at any time even un troops only managed to broker a fragile peace the majority of the country has been ruled by approximately twenty different armed groups fighting each other for control. of the front lines between the warring rebel groups run right through the middle of the city u.n. troops have taken a position on the only bridge and check vehicles for weapons but so far they've been unable to stop the bitter fighting the chances for peace are slim the conflict may be rooted in religion and ethnic origin but it's fueled by the fight over the country's resources land gold and diamonds. staying in africa non gonna is often held up as an example of a country with a stable government that the suspects its citizens democratic rights but it's not without problems youth unemployment in guyana is high prompting tens of thousands
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of young people to make the journey to europe in search of a better life no surprise then that migration is the chief concern of the gym president during his two day visit to the country german president francois just on my at the official opening of the new got me in german migration center in aqua four years people have been leaving the west african country looking for a better lives elsewhere now young people will be able to inform themselves in the new center about their chances in europe and the risks of making the journey there it will also offer support to those returning home. it's no secret among those with political responsibility here that the families who send their mostly young family members on this dangerous journey that they're also sending them into the hands of criminal organizations. most people
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here know that but it doesn't stop them from choosing this path. to go. to. john meyer is referring to people like las bon he returned from libya two weeks ago a local organization invited him to tell other young canadians about his experiences on the way to europe he says he was often abused while he was in libya. despite their seniors once again considering leaving guyana he says there are just not enough jobs in his hometown. it's not easy. to do something. about one quarter of the people and. the equivalent of one euro
3:45 pm
a day more than a million people mostly young have left their homelands in the last year david ted has lived abroad for many years in the new center he'll be jointly responsible for taking care of migrants he says many got me in as don't know anything about the training or employment possibilities their hometowns have to offer. you make a lot of wrong decisions. to provide them with this information advice just provide them with advice this is to give them alternatives for them to be able to get a better perspective in life ted also knows his center won't stop all going to ns from trying to somehow get to europe but at least they'll be better informed about what they're getting themselves into. here in but when people are preparing to mock a grim anniversary next to do tuesday marks one year since the deadly attack on a christmas market in the german capital the twelve months on a special forces found that support for victims and their family members has not
3:46 pm
been adequate. one year after the terror attack and thoughts a still with the victims it's mall money more protection more empathy that was the demand from a government report detailing the help offered to survivors and relatives of victims killed in the attack twelve people were killed and around seventy injured last december after a chinese e m a. drove a truck into the crowded market almost a year on report commission a cut back demanded significantly higher compensation for survivors and the injured regardless of their nationality or the cause of the event the payment of ten thousand euros for a close relative is too low the report found. of course material compensation cannot replace a person's life someone's health. nonetheless this financial help is important
3:47 pm
because it prevents people from falling into financial difficulties. relatives of victims have criticized german chancellor angela merkel for how the government handled the aftermath of the attack in an open letter they said almost a year on we know that you haven't shared your condolences with us either in person or in writing in our opinion this means that you are not doing justice to your office exactly a week before the one year anniversary merkel paid a surprise visit to brightside last christmas market last night where she spoke to traders who lived through last year's attack next week she'll also meet with survivors and relatives of victims but while her visit was welcomed by many people at the market for others the attention from the chancellor came as too little too late. some mechanism also under pressure on another front namely forming a new government she's holding a first meeting today with the head of the social democrats aimed at kickstarting
3:48 pm
coalition talks the s.p.d. had initially volunteered to go into opposition after september's election but after the failure of the first round of correlation talks it's under pressure to make a deal with america's christian democrats on the conservative block that puts the prospect of a second grand coalition back on the table but will the rank and file back that option we went out and are some people. a group of s.p.d. party members are meeting in this pub in berlin it's called faith love and hug but there is little faith here and even less hope when it comes to when you coalition government. we think we have the same critical stance towards a grand coalition that most of the democrats have right now we hope that our voices will be heard in the higher ranks we love our social democracy what's good on severe even ones that isn't sad and looks at yet skin is a good place to call it a gun for me that's for me as part of the grassroots us that means that we'll have
3:49 pm
to wait and see. when it comes to a vote of party members naturally will push for a no vote and of course the credits on the. members of the conservative c.d.u. party are not excited about the prospects of a grand coalition either but the general consensus here is if there has to be one then best get on with the. the cause of course it's a grand coalition is definitely not ideal for either the c.d.u. or the s.p.d. but right now it's really the only option left if we want to stable government units big. deal just try to continue with the grand coalition they've been successful for the last four years they can be successful for the next four. i think it can work fresh elections would most likely end with the same results anyhow i'm telling you now none of the s.p.d. members in this pub want to see new elections either that rather a minority government or an agreement to cooperate on issues important to their party for saunders to try to push through central social democratic values social
3:50 pm
standards in europe rethink these core issues and think differently about europe. widening gaps in german society urgently have to be addressed we need fair salaries for a start and a misnomer do not signed off into. christmas as a time for wishes even so the c.d.u. space is adamant they can't grant the s.p.d. too many. a month for have already. tell the public what red lines you have then open ended discussions as the s.p.d. is now suppose that the engaged in become very difficult as. the first event of calm afraid that if there's no grand coalition then at some point in the future there will eventually be new elections and then the same problems will arise and then we'll slip into a deep hole. and that's something me the cd you know s.p.d. party members want. chris froome when elvis is still a difference and spanish cycling races has failed
3:51 pm
a drug test and could face a suspension from cycling an investigation is under way. it's no secret that chris froome has suffered from the risperidone condition since childhood the four time tour de france winner has an inhaler to control his symptoms and according to him uses the admissible levels of medication set up but the world anti-doping agency. but in a urine test taken on september seventh during lab well to in spain which he went on to win the british cyclist had twice the legal amount of the osman drug in his system through claims his symptoms worsened during the spanish road race and following medical advice increased his dosage within the permitted levels in a message on his twitter account froome expressed his innocence writing thank you for all the messages of support this morning and i'm confident that we will get to the bottom of this unfortunately i can't share any more information than i already
3:52 pm
have until the inquiry is complete. cycling's world governing body the u.c.i. wants more details from froome and for the time being he has not been suspended one german anti doping experts told that he finds the increase dosage quite high. team sky said they're cooperating with the investigation however if the briton fails to offer a sufficient explanation he may have to forfeit his lot with the title and could face a lengthy battle from the sport. and more on the still ready with a sports correspondent bob for the n.a.s. he joins me now tell me a first aforethought of what does this mean for chris froome well for the moment. and now what we're what we do know is that the u.c.i. the governing body for cycling is investigating rooms case because on the seventh of september he was tested in spain in that way and it was he was informed of the
3:53 pm
results which appear to show twice the amount allowed by the world anti-doping agency for this drug this drug which is. legal it's called sell beauty molly it's quite a common. assman drug and he had two thousand nano grams on your live one thousand and now chris froome said you know he's never hidden away from the fact that he suffers from asthma and he's had it since he was a child and. so for his no they do have to you know take an inhaler often and he's always been very open about that so at the moment what we're waiting for is basically the team sky which is chris froome team of course to provide further information to this investigation and mention the chris froome says you stayed within the limits of taking this after my drug what has been the reaction in us more about yes reaction from him and the team you're absolutely right i mean he hasn't like i said he hasn't hidden away from the fact that he suffers from asthma
3:54 pm
and that he has to take medication for it and he said that during his symptoms began to basically worsen so he approached the team doctor who gave him this. increases dosage slightly and it came into samples that were taken a and b. they both showed to have higher done higher than permitted levels of this drug in his urine sample so they've not hidden away from the fact and we'll just have to wait and see what the final results are but if they do come back negative for him he could end up being a band gosh ok bob you fully alias will need obvious both just thank you very much thanks so much. you're watching the news coming to you live from berlin a recap of the top story that we're following for you more than fifty million muslim countries have recognized east jerusalem as the capital of the state of palestine and the rest of the international community to do the same the votes came
3:55 pm
at an emergency summit a few organization of islamic cooperation istanbul a week after washington recognized jerusalem as israel's capital. and don't forget you can always get your news on the gorgeous download from moving over from the apple store that'll give you access to all the latest news from around the watch as the list push justification for any breaking news you can also use a to send us photos and videos. the search will be undercut more news coming up in a few minutes to gail is standing by i'll see you tomorrow and i look forward to that.
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the state of the news live from laying claim to jerusalem the leaders of islamic countries maintain turkey and declare east jerusalem the capital of palestine as turkey's president urges the rest of the world to follow suit is that we'll bring you the latest from istanbul also on the program a stunning.


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