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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 13, 2017 4:00pm-4:16pm CET

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no environment for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's show. you in the farming magazine. d.w. . this state of the news live from laying claim to jerusalem the leaders of islamic countries meet in turkey and declare east jerusalem the capital of palestine peace president urges the rest of the world to follow suit is there we'll bring you the latest from istanbul also on the program a stunning victory for u.s.
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democrats as that candidate doug jones claims victory in alabama a special election a major setback for the republican party that could alter the balance of power in the u.s. senate. and british cycling icon chris froome has failed a drugs test recorded during his win as a race inspector. i'm phil gayle welcome to the program more than fifty muslim countries have agreed to recognize east jerusalem as the capital of palestine the emergency summit of the organization of islamic cooperation was convened in istanbul by turkey's president . as the rest of the world to follow suit describing u.s. president donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital a red line for muslims. the aim to present a united front against the decision that's muslims worldwide here in istanbul
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donald trump's move to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital has been condemned by leaders from across the islamic world they endorse the call from turkish president. on. i invite all countries backing international law and justice to recognize jerusalem as the capital of the occupied palestinian state. we can't delay any longer. as islamic countries we will never give up on our demand of a sovereign and independent palestine. as its capital. jerusalem status is at the core of the decades long israeli palestinian conflict israel sees the eastern half of the city in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven six day war it controlled the city's west before that palestinians hope east
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jerusalem will be the capital of their future state. donald trump seen here on a visit to the city in may has been seen as siding with israel in the conflict by naming a united jerusalem as a jewish capital. palestinian president mahmoud abbas said the move has cost the u.s. its role in the middle east peace process. that this the united states has lost its capability to be a mediator and it won't have a role in the political process. we will not accept any more for it to have a role in the matter how it is biased in favor of israel. this is our stand and we ask you to support us and. yes abbas has vowed to take the matter to the un security council to try and block
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the decision. meanwhile angry palestinians demonstrated in bethlehem in the occupied west bank it's the seventh day of violent protests there with no end in sight. straight to istanbul then where were you join up with the deed of the correspondent to dorian jones so welcome adore it let's start with some antics of president to one side he wants jerusalem to be palestine is capital but the summit declaration talks about east jerusalem is that significant. well it's difficult to say but this was no slip of the tongue for out today's meeting the one referring to jerusalem as the capital of the palestinians did not use easter you saw them for out these references and this certainly will call that angle certainly ease israel but other one throughout this day gave made it very clear he had little interest in israeli sensibilities over this but he just
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underlines the very strong message other wants to give only to israel but the united states and the rest of the region that he is on the front line of supporting the palestinians and their battle to secure true east jerusalem as its capital we heard in the report the palestinian president mahmoud abbas saying that the u.s. now is out as far as he's concerned of the middle east peace process if not the united states that who do they want to take over as lead brokers. while it's united nations. mahmoud abbas said that they see the night is the show that is taking over the role of the united from the united states they say that the united states are totally discredited by this move by trying to recognize through some of it in many ways i think that what we're seeing is a release of the pent up frustration over many years of what many palestinians are many arab superleague. in the region to see that washington isn't an honest broker and whether the united nations can play that role is very difficult to say given
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the fact that israel has been very reluctant had any dealings with the united nations and it does take two countries to make peace but going forward the message from mahmoud abbas and many other leaders including the turkish president is the united states has no role in resolving the conflict in the middle east so muslim nations get together they get they convene this extraordinary meeting they make this declaration then what's do we expect action. well in fact you're right to many people for this this summer we just be tough rhetoric and little else but what it seems is the message from this meeting going forward is that there is going to be a concerted campaign to seek the recognition of a palestinian state as an independent country up until now people involved in the peace process has suggested that such a move wouldn't complicate peace efforts but now the sign for the message from here is that they no longer are going to wait going forward they see this is an opportunity maybe is what trump has done the galvanize support for the recognition
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of east jerusalem with a capital for the palestinians and an independent state so yes we expect very for there is going to be a lot of concerted lobbying campaigning and this will certainly add to the tensions with israel in the united states and many arab countries but it has to be said also key players in the arab world leaders were not here notably saudi arabia and egypt and that underlines that there are still deep divisions and differences over what is the solution to the ongoing problems of the middle east and the palestinian question norah jones in istanbul thank you. to the united states now in what's being seen as a major setback for president trump the democratic candidate doug jones has won a u.s. senate seat in the deeply conservative state of alabama but also has a significant knock on effect in washington republican majority in the senate now shrink from two votes to just one. which
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the democratic fight should take shape alabama was an unlikely starting point the party has not won a senate seat here in a quarter of a century. we here really have not just around the state of alabama though we have shown the country the way they are with. the celebrations here or much to the control vis a surrounding his opponent. airlie or in the day the republican crusader roy moore had hoped his horse named sassy would carry him to victory. it was the final bed to cast him as a thorough bred conservative in a campaign marred by multiple allegations from women claiming he had molested them decades ago when they were teenagers even for high ranking republicans moore's actions and policies were beyond the pale. he believes homosexuality should be
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illegal and that moves shouldn't serve in congress. for donald trump the only thing that mattered was moore's loyalty to his vision the president has congratulated doug jones on a hard fought victory but said votes cast for a third candidate harmed the right ten votes played a very big factor he tweeted bought a win is a win not so. he has refused to concede but the votes are still coming in and we're looking at that by god bless you as you go all may get the safe journey and thank you for coming tonight which is not over and it's going to take some time was but it is democrats who are smiling having narrowed the republicans majority in the senate to just one day says they say a sign of success is to come in crucial elections next year. let's
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get more from d.w. correspondent cussen phenomena in washington a welcome coston how does this alabama result affect the president's position. what it clearly does tanishq his image someone who has better political instincts than most someone who can deliver wins for the republican party after all he backed the wrong kind of the twice if you like in alabama first in the republican primaries when he huff hotly supported the establishment candidate loses strange against roy moore roy moore won and then he went all in for more in the special election against democrat doc jones and doug jones won so i think republicans across the country will take this into consideration and we'll see how important an endorsement from president trump still is or where they should maybe distance
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themselves a little bit more from him and that definitely at least to some extent will diminish donald trump's power over his party and its representatives in congress so republicans now have only a one cedes majority in the senate how much of a blow is this for the party well the republicans basically have the worst of two were first of all. majority in the senate has been diminished which will make it even more complicated for them to push through their agenda actually on many issues they don't even agree what that agenda should be and then there are a number of senators who have been alienated by it on the trump and his conduct people like jeff flake or john mccain bob corker susan collins and they might vote against something that the president wants at any time and secondly they also still
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have the problem that maybe roy moore is now not a senator which would have been an embarrassment but the democrats can still use the fact that on the trumpet back to roy moore in the upcoming two thousand eight hundred elections and say look how immoral the republicans are. because of our nominee in washington thank you. now let's take a look at some of the other stories making news around the world the european parliament has voted in favor of starting phase two of brecht's it talks after a year and british officials last week of reached agreement on key issues related to britain's leaving the bloc european leaders are expected to give the final green light for the next round of negotiations at a summit later this week. chances are going to merkel of germany was in france for talks aimed it's drumming up support for a new antiterrorism force in the africa's held region european and african leaders want to assemble a group of five thousand local troops by mid to twenty eighteen chancellor merkel stressed the urgency of combating the extremism in the region. head on collision
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inside they got hard the road tunnel has forced swith swiss authorities to close a seventeen kilometer alpine in that link media say two people were killed and several injured after a truck collided with a car accident who has reportedly cause structural damage to the tunnel one of europe's key transport routes. now chris froome winner of this year's tour de france the spanish and the spanish cycling race is failed a drug test and could face suspension from cycling an investigation is under way. it's no secret that chris froome has suffered from the risperidone condition since childhood the four time tour de france winner has an inhaler to control his symptoms and according to him uses the admissable levels of medication set out by the world anti-doping agency. but in a urine test taken on september seventh during lab in spain which he went on to win
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that british cyclist had twice the legal amount of the osman drug in his system froome claims his symptoms worsened during the spanish road race and following medical advice increased his dosage within the permitted levels in a message on his twitter account froome expressed his innocence writing thank you for all the messages of support this morning and i'm confident that we will get to the bottom of this unfortunately i can't share any more information than i already have until the inquiry is complete. cycling's world governing body the u.c.i. wants more details from froome and for the time being he has not been suspended one german anti-doping experts told that he finds the increased dosage quite high. team sky said they're cooperating with the investigation however if the briton fails to offer a sufficient explanation he may have to forfeit his lap with that title and could face a lengthy battle from the sport. and just serve on
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a fact top story at this hour more than fifty muslim countries have recognized east jerusalem as the capital of the state of palestine and urged the rest of the international community to do the state of emergency summit of the organization of islamic cooperation in istanbul a week after washington recognized jerusalem as israel's capital. up to date at the top of the hour or have a look at the web site. of the day. losing your homeland because of persecution and city five people found a new home in a foreign land with their stories books and music they've built bridges to the past.


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