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tv   Doc Film - Alls Well - A New Life in Germany Part 2  Deutsche Welle  December 13, 2017 8:15pm-9:00pm CET

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the desk is here to tell us more welcome what is the focus of this exhibition does have a bit of a political slant and certain u.s. politician will crop up in the story later but basically this is an exhibition that they freed a bird a museum in bargain budden one that focuses on the arts associated with the american dream and the american way of life it was originally conceived as a way of showing off the fine collection of works by u.s. artists arts is like andy warhol jeff koons roy lichtenstein but the curator says that his exhibition which was around twelve months in the making was influenced by what he calls the it would say thing political positions a new form of discourse coming from a new style u.s. president one who has accused others of spreading fake news and this prompted him to make this expression also about how we deal with the truth and respect for the truth hence the name of the exhibition america america how real is real and we can
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take a look. america and america the land of unlimited possibilities and of the great artists what would modern art be without pop art from the one nine hundred sixty s. and seventy's without andy warhol roy lichtenstein or alex katz. at the frida border museum in boston barton their works hanging side by side seventy in all. the show reflect symbols and images of the american dream. america america. at any rate america america was also something of a dream a goal a utopia for me and my generation. but then along came a new kind of u.s. president donald trump as badly damaged the image of his country you are fake to do
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this for the work that i have a running war with the media. it seems the topics of the one nine hundred sixty s. have lost none of their relevance racism for example. or the death penalty. the love of guns us artists took up these themes fifty years ago the work think is from nine hundred seventy two but william copley subversive response to his country's ideological patriotism has lost none of its power if my live in. i mean if we look at america now in the show it's always america and no one should be so stupid as to just point to the others you have to see yourself in that or in europe we can see that nationalism is spreading and a united europe can only exist without nationalism and that's from the. america america how real is real runs and bad and garden until may.
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adrian there are a number of exhibitions focusing on american art at the moment seem to be a bit of a fly and increasingly they are being positioned in the context of new political realities we just had the highly acclaimed soul of a nation at the tate modern in london. in the age of black power which was given added resonance by the recent rise of the black lives matter movements there are currently joint german dutch twin exhibitions called the american dream here the focus on whether people feel the american dream is realistic features some very up to date works as we can see and finally a very interesting exhibition in berlin examines the influence of the sea a on global arts the american foreign intelligence service used unwitting artists such as pollack whose work we see here as weapons in the cold war how why
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how did the cia weaponized modern us well in the cold war they saw newark i'm painting as proof of intellectual freedom and evidence of superior creativity in the us as opposed to the somewhat rigid socialist realist in that was coming out of the soviet union and the eastern bloc so us are was a way of wielding soft power it was a way of marketing america and here we have three exhibitions what unites them is possibly that they all free reassess americans culture cultural influence and more websites on the web site w dot com slash culture. and we got there in the end. is remind of our top stories at this hour germany's chancellor is making another attempt to form a government following september's election i'm going to makeovers talking to the
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social democrat party about renewing the coalition that is govern. germany for the last four years after me election the power to go into opposition they have a great initial discussion since the chances to form a government with. more from the fifteen mainly muslim countries have recognized east jerusalem as the capital of the state of palestine and the rest of the international community. to do the same. an emergency summit all feed off a slavic cooperation in istanbul a week after washington recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. just download from google. give you access to all the way from around the world as well as push notifications for any thank you also using sentence photos on phineas . i set you up to date. more for you at the top of the hour i myself
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could not.
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imagine her child. and your home country place to live. straight off homes the rebels claim they came from russian fighter jets in syria i was always top of my class a b. and a. to children to fate in the last part of our series omes well a new life in germany fifteen months on d w. migration and asylum seekers remain hot topics in europe thanks but european politicians
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struggled to provide answers while those who fled wait for what might come and worry about family members back home i feel very shame because i am german save europe and the refugee crisis incites outlooks and i'm afraid the cost. switch on. the standing types are entire scheme for jurors or dealing with any minute of a killed many civilians. coming including my father while. i was a student i wanted to build a life for myself. but suddenly life became elish kind zob. providing insights global news that matters d. w. made for mines. they know like. they know what police think. and soon they'll even know how we feel. oh i'm not
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a real person i'm still just a piece of. scientists around the world are working to measure we're emotions. so hopefully i can be a helpful piece assault with. a virtual person as a therapist or a robotic as a teacher neither would have human empathy what does a machine need to do to create empathy and a medical context would i disclose more information to a person or to a computer in this case. the food isn't let's say feelings are the instruments that steer us and whoever can control these feelings has great power over us you can possible algorithms instead of feelings measuring emotion starting december sixteenth on t w.
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this is g w news live from berlin israel palestine and laying claim to jerusalem leaders of islamic countries meet in turkey and declare east jerusalem the capital of palestine turkey's president urges and the rest of the world to do the same we'll go live to his temple for the latest also coming up germany still does not have a new government tonight chancellor angela merkel is trying yet again to change the . at this time with the social democrats we'll have the latest on the ultra secret talks and a stunning victory for u.s. democrats doug jones claims victory in alabama's u.s. senate race a major setback for the republican party and it could alter the balance of power in
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the u.s. congress. it's good to have you with us more than fifty muslim countries have agreed to recognize east jerusalem as the capital of palestine and the move came during an emergency summit of the organization of islamic cooperation which convened in istanbul it was called by turkey's president richard and he has urged the rest of the world to follow suit he says that u.s. president trumps decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital is a red line for muslims. the aim to present a united front against the decision that's muslims worldwide here in istanbul donald trump's move to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital has been condemned
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by leaders from across the islamic world they endorse the call from turkish president. on. i invite all countries backing international law and justice to recognize jerusalem as the capital of the occupied palestinian state. we can't delay any longer. as islamic countries we will never give up on our demand of a sovereign and independent palestine. as its capital. jerusalem status is at the core of the decades long israeli palestinian conflict israel sees the eastern half of the city in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven six day war it controlled the city's west before that palestinians hope east jerusalem will be the capital of their future state. donald trump seen here on
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a visit to the city in may has been seen as siding with israel in the conflict by naming a united jerusalem as a jewish capital. palestinian president mahmoud abbas said the move has cost the u.s. its role in the middle east peace process. but. that this the united states has lost its capability to be a mediator and won't have a role in the political process. he will not accept any more for it to have a role in the matter could as biased in favor of israel. this is our stand and we ask you to support us. that. abbas has vowed to take the matter to the un security council to try and block the decision. meanwhile angry palestinians demonstrated in bethlehem in the occupied
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west bank it's the seventh day of violent protests there with no end in sight. our want to get to our correspondent dorian jones he has been covering the summit force he joins us tonight from istanbul good evening to you dorian so we've heard what these muslim leaders have said how are they planning to turn their words into action well this summit will see the start of a sustained campaign of which even recognition of east jerusalem as the capital for palestinians and speakers at the summit do feel very boy by the fact that they believe that trump has been finding himself very isolated in he starts towards true sort of they believe that can provide momentum going forward to that campaign pull the recognition of the palestinian state and trees through some of his capital and beyond that mahmoud abbas the palestinian leader suggested that they will be also stepping up that campaign for sanctions against israel drawing parallels with south
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africa even describing the palestinians as facing the new apartheid in this world so at the moment they really do believe that they have momentum behind them for achieving their goals and if they don't believe that the united states can be a peace in the middle east. can be. well according to our boss it's united nations they believe that this is the only platform that can successfully resolve and find a solution to the find peace in the region but the problem there is that wael abbas says the americans are biased israel feels exactly the same about the united nations on many occasions is dismissed the organization st they are biased so that does suggest an impasse is looming but abbas addressing the summit warned that if there isn't any progress on a peace for exists then this will lead to a new wave of violence which will only strengthen the hands of extremist groups in
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the region and we know that some nations are just saudi arabia didn't even send anyone or show up at the summit today so how you know i need is the muslim world when it comes to east jerusalem and palestine well it's unclear how saudi arabia will react to this but it's very clear that there is a deep division within the arab world in the fact that neither the heads of state of saudi arabia or egypt both key players in the region didn't turn up is widely being interpreted as it's not speaking to turkish officials they say the hand of the united states was behind that and this is plays into this belief that you creasing me here you believe in the that the new axis is a merge of saudi arabia israel and egypt and this will only fuel the growing belief that this country and this region is being facing increasingly deepening polarize asia the campaign for the recognition of jerusalem for the palestinians an independent state will suggest that this could further deepen the divide
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particularly as saudi arabia increasingly sees a rump behind these latest moves the iranian president was at the summit that made a very powerful speak so going forward there are growing concerns that they can only be further polarize ation and further divisions and the fear of further violence or corresponded dorian jones on the story for us tonight in istanbul dorian as always thank you very much. well back here in germany the chancellor is launching a second attempt to form a new government following september's elections i'm going to merkel's previous bid collapsed after the free democrats pulled out of talks with the conservatives and the green party a social democrat conference recently gave party leaders the go ahead to begin coalition talks with america's conservatives and mitchell discussions are taking place this evening as we speak but the social democrats have not yet committed to reviving the grand coalition as it's known that governed germany during the last parliament in that they were the junior partner we spoke earlier with w.'s chief
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political correspondent linda crean about the tough issues on which the two sides will have to find common ground there are quite a number of items on that list they range from immigration many people think that the election result and loss in support for both the chancellor's conservatives and for the social democrats will be meeting with her party this evening that the last was attributable partly to immigration that is one area where both sides do not agree others are policy on europe both parties say that one of the reasons that they need to move forward toward toured getting a government up and running is the need to find a new approach for europe partly in response to the proposals that have been made by the french president he still waiting for an answer out of berlin but the fact is these two parties do not agree on how europe should move forward. in the
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political correspondent linda greene there reporting in berlin well in what is being seen as a major setback for the u.s. republican party the democratic candidate doug jones has won a u.s. senate seat in the deeply conservative state of alabama the result will have a significant knock on effect in washington shrinking the republican senate majority from two votes to just one. of all the states in which the democratic fight should take shape alabama was an unlikely starting point the party has not won a senate seat here and a quarter of a century. we really have just around the state of alabama though we have shown the country the way their original of. the celebrations here or much to the control vis a surrounding has opponent airlie or in the day the republican crusader roy moore
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had hoped his horse named sassy would carry him to victory. it was the final bed to cast him as a thorough bred conservative in a campaign marred by multiple allegations from women claiming he had molested them decades ago when they were teenagers even for high ranking republicans moore's actions and policies were beyond the pale he believes homosexuality should be illegal and that moves shouldn't serve in congress. for donald trump the only thing that mattered was moore's loyalty to his vision the president has congratulated doug jones on a hard fought victory but said votes cast for a third candidate harmed the right ten votes played a very big factor he tweeted bought a win is a win not so. he has refused to concede. but the
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votes are still coming in and we're looking at then by god bless you as you go along may give you play fury and thank you for coming tonight we're not over it's going to take some time i'm. but it is democrats who are smiling having narrowed the republicans majority in the senate to just one day say as they say a sign of success is to come in crucial elections next year. that is the hope let's go now to washington our correspondent course in phenomenas on the story force good evening to you carson so we've got the day after the election are we looking at a new political reality for u.s. president donald trump. so this election in a bamma has definitely tanishq donald trump's image as someone who knows his base better than anyone and as someone who can deliver wins for the republican party
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clearly that will make republicans in the country starts to think whether they need an endorsement from donald trump if it will help them or if they can't distance themselves from him to some extent at least of course donald trump remains very popular among the republican base and so therefore. he has a lot of power over the republican party and its representatives in congress but clearly the all of invincibility has go and the democrats have smelled blood and they would be on the attack from now on and how much of a blow is this then for the republican party particularly when we're looking at the legislation that they planned and that they would like to see passed.
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it will get more complicated for them they can only lose one votes now even on those issues where they need only a simple majority and in many cases they can't even agree among themselves what they want plus there are a number of senators that have been deeply alienated by it on the trump people like bob corker john mccain jeff flake susan collins and they might vote against donald trump gender at any given time and do this all over the question here are democrats celebrating their comeback did they win this election or did the republicans choose a flawed candidate i think it's mostly due to roy moore who has very extreme political views even for alabama standards and clearly the republican establishment in washington didn't want him in the first place he was forced on them by the populist nationalist wing of the party and has been this
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civil war within the republican party going on and that continues to weaken the republican party and what about this victory for the democrats me what does it mean and i'm thinking about you know next year's congressional midterm elections. it clearly the democrats have some reason for hope now because their base not only was energized but it actually turned out to vote even many independents voted for the democratic party in alabama so they have hope now that they can actually win both chambers of congress next year having said that for that they still have to work oh it's their own issues there's also a battle within the democratic party for the right way forward and they need a positive message just saying we are against trump will not be enough or at a corresponding course in phenomenon the story for us tonight in washington carson
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thank you very much. if you have to take it to slide from berlin we'll be back at the top of the hour with more world news followed by the day i have to say given. the whole g w one. for in some global insights the news our local heroes. w made for mines.
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still in the. same i've heard lots of things that ties the schools here. but my father says none of those rumors are true. like that all has to go swimming with boys is. that i have to take off my headscarf . my thanks. and i don't know if i see
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a lot of girls riding bikes. but none of them are muslim. in syria muslim girls are not allowed to write like it is only boys and how men are limited to do is. it was inadmissible rules will reveal the use of always cool. he has thought. the so he. more have come so much. for her and young age to see where you should go out and if you understand spread let's talk about housing yesterday we discussed that in german what are houses and what's going to house him house what sort of rooms there are house what i mean but so much. to remember santiago so go for it and do you understand happy it was. just and.
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it's also foreign to me i often don't understand a word to me. that. your mother has. zero. zero zero zero. zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero. zero zero of you all written something so great. and small. schools kept. from ft and can not handle at the moment i have fifteen pupils from thirteen different countries. the underlying idea is that they'll start out in a preparatory class until they've learned enough german to join the regular class and i think as for him. over time. i asked my girlfriend is definitely very
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reserved and shot three seven because officers who i think she is still trying to adjust to i'm so happy. i had to have god i know for example i just had a situation in which she came up to me with an assignment she had done and afterwards a matter of fact i had to come and at the same time a boy from pakistan a pro.


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