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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  December 18, 2017 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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the fossil fuels and encourage people to move to the other fuels moving to other fuels actually creates jobs it actually creates an entirely new industry. this is deja vu news law from berlin tonight america first us president said new security strategy for the united states the strategy we're calling for a great reawakening of america a resurgence of confidence and
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a rebirth of patriotism prosperity and pride and we are returning to the wisdom of our founders will have more on trump's vision for the country and what this could mean for the rest of the world also coming up south africa's ruling a.n.c. party alexei new leader to seceded jacob zuma it was a tight race but zero room opposed. and is now in prime position to run for president in two thousand and nineteen and freed after eight months in a turkish prison authorities released the german journalist michel a total but say she is not allowed to leave the country. i bring coffee it's good to have you with us it was billed as a yes. speech on the united states' new national security strategy but president
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donald trump offered many familiar messages in a major foreign policy speech today that included chastising past u.s. leaders for failing to protect america's national interest and promising to pursue a doctrine of america first outlining his new strategies for main pillars trump valent to boost homeland protection promote american prosperity demonstrate military strength and advance u.s. influence in the world. we want to go now to washington our correspondent carsten phenomena is on the story for worse good evening to you karsten trump launching a blistering attack on previous leaders policies in that speech what did you make of. this was a very dark speech almost election campaign speech harking back to his
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inaugural address almost a year ago when he was also talking about the forgotten men and women in this country about american konitz about the failures of previous governments who allegedly had neglected america's national security america's economic interests the military and so on and so on so that was all back there there was no positive vision of how to deal with globalization instead on the trump asserted himself as a kind of chief protector of the american people against an evil words outside so you could clearly see that donald trump was also abandoning at least to some extent the seventy years of u.s. foreign policy here whereas previous u.s. governments said even believed really in multinational frameworks stable alliances to promote american interests even if they had to foot the bill
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for it the idea was that if it was in the interest of the united states it was good cheaper than going to war like in the first and second world was going to trump doesn't believe in that he believes in a trance actual policy and not in win win situations and he also believes that there are two emerging powers that are threatening america's germany in the world let's take a listen to what he said about china and russia we face rogue regimes that threaten the united states and around lines we face terrorist organizations transnational criminal networks and others who spread violence and evil around the globe. we also face rival powers russia and china that seek to challenge american influence values and wealth. we will attempt to build a great partnership with those and other countries but in
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a manner that always protects our national interests now there's a lot of squaring of circles to be done here karsten i mean how can trump reconcile partnerships with china and russia with his america first policy that he just laid out what he believes in a case to case partnership where it benefits the united states or where they can work together like the us shared intelligence about terrorist attack a planned terrorist attack in russia and the russians and the americans work together and this goes both ways i guess because they have a coming enemy those is the missed terrorist networks but it was quite interesting to hear that mentioned china and russia in particular i guess this is due to the influence of some people on his foreign policy and national security team who look
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at china and russia as real competitors because we know that trump for instance likes and even at my a strongman like putin ping so that was quite interesting but basically once again it shows donald trump's view of the world he talked about a new era of competition and this is how he sees foreign policy and what about these pillars of his national security strategy well quite clearly one of the most important maybe de most important pillars is the economy he talked about the fact that for him national security is economic security that he wants to liberate the american economy as he put it that he wants to work against what he calls unfair trade deals that he has canceled the unfair ferrous climate accord and so on so basically he wants to make america strong as an economic power and from there also builds its military strength further. our
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correspondent in washington on the story for us tonight kirsten phenomena carsten thank you very much will staying in the u.s. at least six people are dead many more injured after a train derailed near seattle in washington state emergency services say the death toll is expected to rise the governor has declared a state of emergency on what should have been a groundbreaking day for washington's railways. the high speed amtrak train was making its first ever run along a new route when it hurtled off an overpass about sixty kilometers south of seattle and onto the highway below crushing cars and trucks seventy eight passengers and five crew members were aboard when the southbound train derailed just before eight o'clock in the morning police describe that counted. cars and trucks were struck by train cars that left the train tracks and went down onto the road the people that were in all the vehicles even though when you see the pictures is pretty horrific at this point nobody many of the vehicles is
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a fatal the bagels are all contained to the train local authorities said that the new high speed service in washington state could be dangerous and of the trains journey showed it was traveling faster than the maximum recommended speed when the accident happened. and so they solve one of the most important changing of the guard imposed apartheid south africa the country's ruling african national congress elected a new leader deputy president is cyril ramaphosa defeated president jacob zuma as ex-wife and a closely fought race taking him a big step closer to south africa's top job and all of the agencies last three leaders have gone on to serve as south african president. very. few for. me and fifty two percent of the vote went to cyril ramaphosa. but a lot to celebrate for his supporters he's promising
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a new start for the crisis hit a.n.c. a declaration of war on corruption in the party that must seem like a threat to this man yacoob zuma until now chairman of the n c he's facing a long list of charges among the men rich in himself and fraud. zuma had hoped his ex-wife nicole designer. would win so that he could get off unpunished according to his opponents at the party congress zuma once again tried to divert attention from the corruption charges against him. in the. in government and must be. decisively by law enforcement agencies. as a party veteran ram opposer is himself parts of the system but many believe in his
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drive for change his supporters cherish one quality above all what they see as his solid competence on the economy from a person as a successful businessman and one of south africa's richest men. oh she has been held in a turkish prison for nearly eight months now the german journalist misawa tolu has been released on the condition that she does not leave the country she's been reunited with her husband her son and father telling reporters that she's tired but very happy with this surprise turn of events told who was arrested in istanbul last april charged with being a member of a terrorist organization and publishing terrorist propaganda. a day of celebration for mashallah tolu supporters and legal team after more than seven months in custody in turkey the judge has decided to release the thirty three year old german on bail. now i am happy again but this has
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been a bad year for me i certainly won't forget twenty seventeen it will help me michelle a told it was arrested in her apartment in istanbul in april she's since been held in a women's prison along with seventeen other defendants she was accused of being a member of the extreme left turkish communist party which the authorities classify as a terrorist organization mashallah tolu denied all the charges when the trial began in october. she should have been freed earlier even the public prosecutor asked for her release he knew the allegations against her were not sustainable. we're happy that inshallah toluene has at least been allowed out and we will continue the legal fight to have her acquitted that is the damages the judge's decision is only a temporary release until a verdict is passed the trial is due to continue in april next year in the meantime
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mashallah tolu is not allowed to leave turkey. fryer one of hole in our correspondent now you and your hunch she's standing by for is in ystem bor good evening to you earlier so we know then that the journalist has been released what more do we know tonight. well she is out of detention she is free and she was able to reunite with her family her father her husband who brought flowers and most of all her two year old son sara khan who was of course desperately waiting to see his mother again she then gave a short press conference at her lawyers office saying that she indeed is very surprised about the court's decision because she says in today's turkey you can never be sure of anything so it seems like she didn't expect her to be released today of course this is a release pending trial she has to report to the authorities regularly she can't leave the country so her trial is not over yet the story is continuing but she is
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well she is out and that's i think what is counting for her and her family today and her release what does that mean for the other journalists who were in turkish prisons especially the other german prisoners. well that is now more hope for the other german prisoners as far as we know there are at least eight german citizens allegedly behind bars in turkey for political reasons one of them of course being german turkish journalist and his huge out there is now hope that in their cases some developments are going to happen as well that's the general mood here today after the decision to release michelle and we know that these arrests of german nationals have been disastrous for german turkish . relations is what we're seeing today is that a hint that an improvement may be on the horizon.
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well that's the general interpretation here that this is going to further ease tensions between germany and turkey but i'd say this is nothing close to getting back to normal too much damage has been done and german authorities also today again reiterated that they will continue to press for the release of all other germans who are imprisoned here for political reasons so this is all going on our correspondent yulia hold on the story for us tonight in istanbul yulia thank you very much our sports news now leo messi is no stranger to a worn say in the barcelona forward has added two more trophies to his cabinet he picked up awards for being the spanish league's best player and top goal scorer last season messi netted thirty seven goals from barcelona but his team just missed out on the title to real madrid the arch rivals face off in the classical on saturday with table toppers barca this time boasting and eleven point advantage
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over fourth place. and here's a reminder the top story that we're following for you u.s. president donald trump is outlined what has been billed as a new strategy security strategy failing to promote american prosperity demonstrate military strength and advance u.s. influence in the world. you're watching d.w. news live from berlin for all of us here in berlin thanks for the company will be back at the top of the yacht with more news see if it. is will. the banks. and who was the lead.


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