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refugee journeys like germany and the prospects for those returning home. join the discussion on t w dot com and on trees book. prospects for return issues d.w. may form on. this is daily news live from berlin from the world player of the year to president soccer star george weah is elected as liberia's next leader his supporters celebrating far into the nights in the capital monrovia but we are now faces huge expectations guiding his country through recovery from years of civil war and the
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recent ebola outbreak also coming up. crippled. on its way out in india in a win for women a parliament inches closer to stamping out this contentious islamic practice of saying of course three times to end a marriage and a syrian a wrestling champion it gets a second sporting chance says a refugee in egypt passing on his athletic knowledge to his fellow syrians in the country. it's a pleasure to be with you. liberia is poised to usher in its first democratic transfer of power in more than seven decades international soccer star turned politician george weah won a landslide victory in this west african. g.'s presidential runoff while
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a little while ago his opponent joseph conceded defeat liberia a country founded by freed american slaves is africa's oldest modern republic and will be the first democratic transfer of power since nine hundred forty four. to the cheers of jubilant supporters liberia's new president weeps tears of joy. george weah has waited a long time for this moment after past election defeats this time he's won a landslide victory. supporters on the streets celebrate the triumph of the rags to riches candidate at. the close early in the orion is not a kid to own up to it is to manage to obama's side to overreact to present the real he. has long
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been a familiar face to liberians born in a slum he shot to soccer stardom in the one nine hundred ninety s. playing for europe's top clubs since retiring he's been active in liberian politics for over a decade. in this year's election he stood as a candidate of change running against outgoing vice president joseph bork i. we as promises to fight corruption and boost the economy went down well with voters well enough to dispel concerns about his running mate jewel howard taylor the ex-wife of former president and convicted war criminal charles taylor. despite rumors that taylor was pulling the strings there was only one name on everyone's lips when the results were announced the over the we will take the reigns from incumbent president ellen johnson sirleaf in
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january it will be the first democratic transition of power in the country in over seventy years. are all standing by for us in the capital monrovia is it of yours evelyn the pre-date segue a very good day evelyn a landslide victory for georgia way of walking on the edge. well i can't just you know the area is that my jerry can of the country's population the young people have a yearning for this man to become president and interestingly this election music other two nothing like she had then they done one another unity party so because of days they feel that this is the time and thus why they would set the record what is it that is one thing. the age of all the other eighty kennedys that were in the race all right but evelyn george away it's no secret doesn't have a background in politics as he surrounded himself with to help him lead the country
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just to unite is by schools of quality since in as well as formal reaches of government from the unity party in my interest it's an on the informal speaker of the house of representatives and its title was because of alleged corruption allegations. had a coalition of this country at he stands up with that by judge and then who have their four month senate but simply. got feeney he's also a campbell judge we have in all the comments mistrust of government i also support him judge we are on the ground so he's someone that by and halls of support us current and past shows and i'd like you to address the fact that of course one of the controversial choice says is that the ex-wife of warlord or charles taylor who has been convicted by the special court of sierra leone for some very serious
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a war crimes are liberians ok with her being his running mate and having a very prominent position and whatever administration elites. indeed people saying that we answer election of their former wife of president taylor westcott seagate drive how to love who's husband is you know here is a household name and it counts if she yells from guys central liberia in one county is also one of the pup will exact county and so the name their name too well in that county i mean it's nothing to play with so his choice of quadrants of name was one of the five to one to and because he said he wanted to so what a woman is not foam so these are the factors that he said made him to have chosen to how to as his one to meet but from whence everything stay and do well to tell the name is the most would be no matter what i say well there is something different agyeman spread throughout howard's you know his choice you felt was
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a better way to leave it the way years now all right evelyn today reporting it from the liberian capital monrovia thank you are want to tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world. officials in egypt say gunmen killed at least ten people after storming a coptic church just south of the capital cairo one assailant was shot dead in the second has reportedly been taken into custody no group has claimed responsibility. in new york at least twelve people have died after a fire tore through an apartment building four others are in critical condition the city's mayor bill de blasio says investigators believe a child playing with a stove may have caused the blaze in new york city's bronx r.-o. germany's top court has ruled that a ninety six year old german must go to jail for his role in mass murders committed at auschwitz in world war two oscar going and had argued he was too old and sick to
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be put behind bars he was convicted back in two thousand and fifteen. to end there now where the lower house of parliament has passed a bill proposing jail time for muslim men who tried to divorce their wives through a practice known as instant divorce well the bill outlaws the practice of ending in marriage by saying or writing the word arabic for divorce three times in succession india supreme court ruled in august that instant divorces were unconstitutional within twenty muslim countries around the world have already banned the controversial practice. and. is in delhi for us for more on this story issues good to see you how did this bill come about was it something that muslim women were pushing for. but what we've seen in the last couple of months here has been truly significant in the sense that you know this is a instant triple toe lock is a practice that has been outlawed in many muslim majority countries for quite
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a while already but in india perhaps because it is not a muslim majority country the situation is a little tricky here you see there were a lot of concerns about potentially upset ing india's secular fabric by by interfering in what could be seen as the as a religious minorities. religious minorities personal law in india different religious groups have their own personal law when it comes to dealing with issues like divorce and marriage that said instance is not a practice that has had very much support in the muslim community and as you as you pointed out there have been a lot of muslim women who have been advocating for it to be banned to be outlawed for quite some time and so in many ways what we've seen here in the last few months first with the supreme court ruling in august that ruled a couple to lock instant triple the lock to be unconstitutional and now with yes it
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is ruling in many ways the this is a result of the work of these women all right so an important win for them was there any resistance from opposition parties and if so what were their objections. well there had been a lot of concerns actually with the nature of the bill certain aspects of it or in some cases some people even opposing the bill itself some of going to doubt the idea that that it could be redundant since the supreme court's ruling voided the practice basically rendering the practice of saying the lock three times meaningless people have wondered then what's the point in having a law that criminalizes it and if the practice is meaningless then you've got situations perhaps in the future where couples are still going to be legally married but because the man has done this he's in jail and so there's a lot of questions about family unity and how women are going to be supported in
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those situations and then finally there's a lot of concerns about whether this is a law that's going to really be targeting in demonizing the muslim community the reason for this is that. police are not actually going to need a warrant to arrest the men under this charge and so people are worried that this is going to go down a slippery slope in a situation where we already have some simmering religious tensions between communities here in india people are worried about what this could mean whether they could be over veatch with this law all right. thank you the fatal stabbing of a fifteen year old girl here in germany has hit a national nerve and the suspected assailant is in police custody a fifteen year old unaccompanied refugee from afghanistan the two teenagers were dating until recently they reportedly ended their relationship earlier this month the girl's parents filed a police complaint for harassment and threatening behavior before this incident took place they want to show their grief and mentos for the girl who was killed in
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this drug store prosecutors say her ex-boyfriend chanced upon her in the city followed her into the drugstore then stabbed her repeatedly with a kitchen knife he was captured at the scene of the crime. the accused was taken to the magistrate this morning the judge issued an arrest warrant based on suspicion of manslaughter the accused is in prison awaiting trial. after authorities are investigating whether or not the young afghan is really only fifteen years old as he declared upon entering germany. according to the latest facts he has been living in germany eggs and spring twenty sixteen. teams that in april twenty sixth seen here rived in the german area of has been as a so-called unaccompanied minor. the case has been much discussed on social media
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and among the right wing populist a.f.d. party some have been linking the crime to chancellor angela merkel's policy on refugees one can maybe we shouldn't let me fill in who will come without documents paul. two years ago i warned of the consequences america's policy would it take the small town of congo mourns a teenage girl as the country at large debates the circumstances and media coverage of the case. a handful of syrian athletes who were forced to flee their home country due to civil war are now in egypt where thanks to the un's refugee organization they get another shot to practice their beloved sport. amir awad has won so many wrestling medals. for everybody it's tough to count them all in the middle i'm captain amir awad from the syrian national team for wrestling i am the champion of the asian arab and syrian wrestling championships the
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former champion now in alexandria is a night shift worker at a restaurant near be friended other syrian refugees who are also athletes but with only memories they know where to train amir wit to the you when for help. you know what will you know in a way she already did for us instead of giving us fish every day they taught us how to hunt. on the amount. the u.n. agency gave amir a bit of funding to kickstart his idea and this syrian sports academy was born over twenty refugees are training here. this academy means everything to me this is where i started from and it is here where we'll train to qualify for barry's championships. but i have to create another champion. with a family of support behind him amir hopes he'll have the chance to add more medals
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to his tally. i want to tell you now about mara main headline right now in liberia former soccer star george weah has been elected president is the first time in over seventy years in that west african country that if they will see a transition of power from one democratically elected leader to another. all right that does it for me on little rock n roll and on behalf of all of us here thank you so much for spending is part of you david us and i'll see you again in the new year .


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