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tv   Focus on Europe - Spotlight on People  Deutsche Welle  December 31, 2017 5:30am-6:01am CET

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already i call the album when i return to. visit friends i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. witness global news that matters. made sense every journey begins with the first step and every language but the first word i looked in the. rico is in germany to learn german why not learn this simple online on your mobile and free. d w e learning course because german made it easy. welcome to our special end of year edition a focus on europe and what
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a turbulent year it was full of challenges for the continent and its people were taking a look back at the people who impressed and inspired us in twenty seventeen people who saw me supernatural powers dared to take on new challenges in old age flee from their homeland fight for animal rights and who fearlessly put their faith first. one of these special people is the monk make a call of he lives and worships high up in russia's urals were a battle of biblical proportions is taking place david versus goliath his tiny wouldst monastery has taken on a mighty still corporation one that has their sights set on the monks a little piece of enlightenment yet the company has no spiritual deeds in mind their interests are purely economic. her insured chuckling morning begins with meditation. in
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a cluster high and we meet with young buddhists men and women who live in accordance with buddhist teachings. this guy has been peacefully meditating here for twenty years but the peace and quiet could soon be disturbed because the mountain here contains iron ore and the lure of profits for the steel industry at the foot of mount kut konar. this temple and the whole mountain is in danger. of this mountain is five and a half billion years old there were no one has a right to own it but i've been living here for so long. oh no only blocks of ice are crushed here daily for water to make tea but soon machines
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could be brought here to demolish the buddhist temple and dig for iron. the monks and nuns are resolved to remain calm. especially this man whom they respect fully call a lama. son a cough founded this holy spot twenty years ago. but the congregation is not officially recognized. as the. most put us in russia are part of the ethnic community of the bre-x. in siberia or live in the isle tyrant at the mongolian border but not here in the euro's. so the authorities regard the residents of shad chuckling as illegal squatters who will have to leave markets konar soon but that's because most of them are master sonic of response to this his faith teaches him.
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teaches us to accept things as they are. so if you encounter a bad person who maybe you only think he's bad. who were there could be a good family man. and what a great dad or fantastic lover. yes christie do. or have really snazzy shoes something about it must be good to have it. but the monks and nuns don't think it would be a good thing to destroy mt catch one are they say the iron ore deposits aren't rich enough to feed the forty thousand residents of the city of catchin are at the foot of the mountain for years. this still manufacture and the local government disagree minerals have been mined in this region for more than fifty years.
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no one here can imagine a life without mining. there's a little bit of them well when i was still in school my parents said the mine is your future you can always get a job there would i still have to stop i hope to keep it otherwise i'd have to leave the city or turn to crime to get money i don't have any other choice i have to feed my family was introduced to the superman of. the mind or is immediately crushed separated concentrated and sent to the gigantic steel plants in these need in the central euro mountains without freshly mind or production ceases in with it revenues and jobs. that's why the steel industry regards the disappearance of the buddhist temple as a done deal. with we think in purely material
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categories through for we don't have anything against the people up there at the best simply illegal now that all. the monks and nuns aren't considering moving they believe in the holy path that leads to their tent. they believe they mustn't leave it but must keep calm and carry on meditating. never going to discover that there is nothing more valuable than our ideas our thinking. here. with. the could begin with and there are the buddhist teachings or the buddhist teachings help us put things together and understand things you are food insecure. for now buddha is still gazing peacefully into the distance but a storm is brewing and will soon be here.
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when the snow melts in the spring will see if their struggle is successful lena alvarez had to overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to fill one of her greatest desires with the help of in-vitro fertilization or i.v.'s she was able to have her much longer for a little girl but her use of both a donor egg and sperm is not without controversy because lena was sixty two years old at the time her pregnancy at such an advanced age has ignited a heated debate in her native country spain. yes you know but as has become a mother once again as the age of sixty two. she named her daughter lena after herself baby lina's started out as an embryo conceived from donated egg and sperm cells in a test tube that was implanted in the womb after her mother to be underwent hormone
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therapy. i still can't believe it it's like magic and she's already seven months old the whole family is overjoyed. that she had her first child at the age of thirty four but her son is a cure was born mentally disabled her marriage broke up and for years afterwards she had no opportunity to have any more children. but time passed and with my disabled son i had a hard time finding another partner then i started menopause too early by the time i realized that i was forty two and couldn't have any more children. to begin with . that were to live now alvarez it was a blessing that spain allowed her to use donor eggs she's had two babies using this method her son samuel l. who is now in school and baby lena the family is well known in their home town who
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go in. and a hot topic for debate some late motherhood throughout spain many see it as selfish to have children at such an advanced age. i meant it when they're by the time the children are twenty they probably won't have any parents anymore it's tough on kids to have such old parents. but lena alvarez doesn't feel like a grandmother she feels that it's a sign of progress to be able to have babies this way. and for heaven's sake i don't know what selfish about it i'm just as much there for my children. and my experience is a great advantage that speaks in favor of having children at my age that more and more women in spain are having babies later in life private fertility clinics like this one in madrid charge around eight thousand euros for the procedure it involves implanting fertilized eggs from anonymous donors but unlike other countries spain
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sets no legal age limit even so doctors often refuse to perform the procedure on women over fifty they have even signed a voluntary agreement. even given that i mean of of course we now have the ability to initiate pregnancies in women over sixty. but we also want healthy children. and the probability of giving birth to a healthy child drops in women over age fifty if it is. legal expert carlos romeo caster boehner sees the voluntary agreement as useless he's a member of the spanish commission for reproductive medicine he's disappointed that the commission couldn't push through an age limit when the legislation about assisted reproduction was passed in two thousand and six. i personally detailer to the problems associated with late pregnancies for the
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health minister. but i didn't want to set an age limit because of a woman's right to self-determination. nobody cares if a man becomes a father at seventy but they do with the mother does of course the mother is responsibility is greater she plays a more important role at least i think so even if she shouldn't. say that. at eighty five years spanish women have one of the world's highest life expectancies so lena alvarez may well be able to see her daughter far into adult hood. over the past year we've witnessed a further decline in democracy in turkey a deterioration in both press and personal freedoms ever since the failed coup in two thousand and sixteen and the aggression shown towards anyone perceived as
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a critic to the government many turkish people feel like strangers in their own country particularly if they work in industries considered liberal or progressive many actors an artist now complain that the istanbul art scene is dominated by a climate of fear this cause the celebrated turkish actor an intellectual turk to pack up his family and go into a self-imposed exile here in germany a departure into a new life and into the unknown the culture turks are packing up kamal and his wife ayesha a pianist are leaving their house in istanbul their flight to berlin is in just a few hours along with their two daughters dhamma and yasser mean they are starting a new life. and the kids made this but we can't take everything with us. it makes me so sad but that's life you always have to leave something behind.
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that. the concert family is leaving behind their house with a yard on the edge of the city near the black sea. after her husband had a guest performance in berlin they decided to move to the german capital the german consulate in istanbul granted them a six month artist visa that allows them to seek employment in germany. ever since the failed coup the situation has escalated dangerously. and. i was so worried about him we see him people are simply arrested at night and locked away so i couldn't stop thinking about it just. the neighbors have come to say goodbye they can understand the culture turks decision and then the turks are considering leaving the country. let them go ahead and see what it's like and then
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we can visit them and see how they're doing a lot of looking just. like you then it's time to say goodbye. not only to their house and their best friends. but somehow also to their entire life as they had known it. berlin two weeks later the culture took family was able to stay in an acquaintance's apartment first they have already found their own apartment and will be moving soon but they still haven't found work. with two q they didn't even before leaving i had said my opportunities would be limited here in germany. i won't be able to earn money as easily here with my turkish place but the difference is at least i can try. it's time for their appointment at
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the berlin immigration authority it's about their residence permit well the family be allowed to stay and if so for how long the costs are turks hope they've gathered all the right papers certifications from theatres that want to work with kamal confirmations from the daughter schools bank statements. this appointment to the immigration office is making me a bit nervous we can't speak german yet so i don't feel comfortable that appointments like this. behind in these office windows the decision will be made of germany will give the cacciatore a chance. after an hour and a half they come back out. happy and relieved i think that. it went great. for which we were granted a two year stay. an evening in
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a bar in quite spare i sure and came out koch a turk are visiting the regular turkish ex-pat meet up for the first time. they can recognize several familiar faces among the journalists artists and writers and each week new political refugees arrive from turkey. was it you now i just want to enjoy this freedom from you here nobody interferes in your life if it doesn't seem to be aggression here nobody shouting it's so peaceful i could live like this in the world. tonight is kamal culture turks first small performance in berlin he recites turkish poems accompanied by a. the concert turks are now part of the turkish ex-pat community in berlin here they will find help and support yet despite all optimism they are all united in their longing
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for home and worry for those left behind. in. the cogito family has now found their own home and even receive their first paid in cajuns are you looking forward to the new year and all the surprises it has in store or would you rather know exactly what to expect in the car pathans of ukraine many people believe in the supernatural powers of soothsayers and folk hiller's of whom they called well farce the tradition is deeply rooted in the region they heal predict the future and are even consulted on political matters all reporter met one of them magdaléna and felt surprisingly enchanted. the landscape around the settlement of vehicle vinyasa in the car patrons is remote and magical so it's perhaps understandable that the region is associated with magic. this
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is known to lean a macho ski she's a more fatah as a female more father are known she personifies the secret knowledge of her homeland let saddam in this day you with that of another one you can become a must far you have to be born one would have sacred knowledge that is passed down for generations. but today this book. people here have always been religious there are forty churches for some thirty thousand people in their coven yup. and their faith predates christianity. mantilly now shows us the tools of our trade a nail pendulum a dull knife and herbs she says she can use these things to heal people. oracle bones are used to foretell the future they come from rabbits this one helps
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ward off the evil law i read you can recognize a witch by looking through a witch bone. we buy some bread and water we're supposed to keep them overnight so that a more far can read the future were skeptical. people in the carpathian earn money from tourism and timber their spirituality is heavily influenced by ancient practices. magic and sherman ism have learned to co-exist here along side christianity or is it the other way around. and it moved far as use christian symbols as well and they mix prayers and with ancient spells. there is something amiss between this woman pavlov and her neighbor only magic will help those bush the more far uses a pendulum to make the diagnosis. show me who is my friend and who is my
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enemy do you feel something on your palm warns. you have a good friend who envies you your walk. before things get really serious pavlich has to put a coin on the side of the path it's a toll for demons. then push and withdraw. burn my back pain don't forget to burn the queen of pain turn to her torture her punish her don't spare her during the day or the night. populace says she's relieved more fond of bush has promised her neighbors envy will disappear. faith and superstition are as inseparable as smoke and air in the carpet the ends recently more fires have been conjuring on behalf of their entire country ukraine which is waging war against separatists in the east magdalena recites
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a spell for protection. just as smoke leaves fire so shall the enemy leave our borders today and for all time. we head on by horse drawn cart to a town high up in the mountains to see another celebrated morph aka. this woman is seventy two but people still come to our she doesn't want to tell our fortune today but does show us how it's done. you need bread it's put three times into water and you count from nine to one. if everything's fine the bread will float if not it sinks. violently you know you but we've come during fasting season and it's forbidden to practice magic right now the woman says that politicians also have their fortunes told but she's careful around them.
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politicians from kiev reportedly also consulted the famous mother from a child on a child five years ago he was discovered stabbed to death magdalena believes it was a political assassination when he knew ukraine's future and he spoke many times of a war that was about to break out the school so they probably decided to kill him so his secrets would go to the grave with him. whatever the truth magic hasn't been able to protect ukraine from more. magic may not have been able to prevent conflict in ukraine but a farmer in switzerland has decided to use another engine method of summoning protection lobbying the government armin loves his animals and believes that cows have rights and has made it his mission to curtail
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a practice he considers unnecessarily cruel he has even taken his fight all the way to the swiss parliament. you are going to get sleazy. seeing the women in the link i mean complain farmer i mean couple has never followed the crowd. he's a free spirit who has always done his own thing. and he's someone who usually gets what he wants sooner or later. and what he wants now is that cows get to keep their horns although they are all born with more nubs in switzerland eight out of ten kelvins are deformed this is often train full of the cattle. oh it's clearly cruelty to animals. to circle the creator equipped cows with horns so for me it's only natural that
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they belong to the animal does this in the snow i do confess. to you that here. so he started campaigning to let swiss cows hold on to their horns for years he tried to do this through petitions but the authorities and the politicians wouldn't listen. so he launched his own cool horned cow initiative and against all odds collected more than one hundred fifty thousand signatures enough for a referendum on the matter. in a few months switzerland's more than five million voters will decide and arm income power stands a good chance of winning despite opposition from the government the parliament and the association of swiss cattle breeders. and scientists of us can't be that something like whether cows have horns or not becomes part of the constitution i was looking scouse here how they're all standing around us so calm and peaceful. i don't think these animals are lacking for anything up to me and cows with horns
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significantly raise the risk of accidents i have been here almost all your thought . oh noes he can't bandy horning entirely he jokes that if he tried to do that someone might set fire to his cow stall instead he's seeking financial assistance for farmers who let their cattle keep their horns. that's because these cows need more space in the stalls and d. horned ones. his opponents say couples initiative would cost thirty million swiss francs. they will get these it's going to go where the money come from it have to be taken out of domestic agriculture there certainly wouldn't be any more direct payments or subsidies and that would mean more discontent amongst farmers in one of them but the battle against the horning is really about creating more nature oriented agricultural policies something armen couple plans to keep fighting for now he must find funding for his referendum campaign he paid for everything himself so far but now his wife has
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taken the bull by the horns and forbidding him from doing it again. that's all from us here at focus on europe on behalf of the whole team we wish you a very happy twenty eight let's make it a good one thanks for watching thanks to you and the be. the beginning . to get. the ball. on the set. with.
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the ball. the be. the best. to. be god's house of music. this time with.
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the hour and entertainer. together with opera star following week. top legal eat. the fifteen minutes of g.w. . she wanted to see the shot. in it was upset at the idea of the tree trunks. but ultimately never got to wear one. now a good book bending designs to fulfill the deepest desire. by lena decreased. in sixty minutes w. . entered the conflict zone confronting the powerful it's been challenging those in power asking tough questions demanding answers. as conflicts
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intensify i'll be meeting with key players on the ground in the senate as of. cutting through the rhetoric holding the couple of cold facts the conflicts of. conflict zones confronting the powerful on t.w. . beat the germans new and surprising aspect of lines and culture in germany play us american keep take a look at germany to distinguish these as their traditions everyday lives and language culture this time out of. so i'm. good at. playing the trick of the t.w. dot com meet the germans. they live to serve cutler danger lurks in the water we were the four year old surfing ways and polluted water of fla basically for the
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safety of all as well as to back up a little. still i like to tell. these ladies it's sad to. see more of. the same gives me everything the way the winds have to give something back. to. the. white waves surfers fighting against unseen pollution the sea started in january seventh on g.w. . a wave of spontaneous protests over iran's weak economy have swept into the capital tehran despite the government's warning to avoid what it calls illegal gatherings the third day of demonstrations came as hardliners.


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