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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 2, 2018 7:00pm-8:00pm CET

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making it. this is news live from berlin the death toll rises in iran as it faces its most violent unrest in years at least twenty people have been killed in nearly
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a week of protests around the country iran's supreme leader accuses enemies of the nation of meddling in its affairs also coming up. with just over a month to go until the winter olympics south korea offers to hold talks with the north to discuss letting pyongyang's athletes participate in the games. and germany's new hate speech law is put to the test as twitter suspends the account of a far right lawmaker over her anti muslim tweet. plus saudi arabia prepares for a year of changes as it introduces major reforms among them women will finally be permitted to get behind the wheel but does lifting the ban on driving go far enough . and welcome to the program we start in iran. antigovernment protests are sweeping
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the country at least twenty one people have been killed and hundreds of demonstrators have been arrested the country's supreme leader has blamed foreign meddling as security forces struggle to contain the boldest challenge to iran's clerical leadership in almost a decade but after six days of demonstrations protestors are showing no signs of backing down. the violent unrest which is rocked to run for nearly a week appears if anything to be escalating state television says six people were killed as protesters stormed this police station in the central province of is for what began as protests against poverty has also drawn in opponents of iran's religious establishment. supreme leader ayatollah ali how many accuses enemies of iran of stirring up the unrest. bush man. to me is poised for an opportunity a breach to penetrate through look at the incidents in the past few days all those
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who are against the islamic republic of iran those with cash and politics weapons and intelligence operators you join hands to create trouble. how many didn't name any specific enemies but a senior official said britain saudi arabia and the u.s. were behind the riots president donald trump had this to say on twitter the people of iran are finally acting against the brutal and corrupt iranian regime all of the money that president obama so foolishly gave them went into terrorism and into their pockets the people have little food big inflation and no human rights the u.s. is watching. some dramatic unverified footage from inside iran has reached georgia vella through the messaging service telegram one apparently shows a protest chasing a cleric. the crisis which has been raging for the past few days shows no
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signs of easing. for more on this we're joined by adnan tabata by from our studio and by he's a political analyst on iranian affairs thanks for joining us we're days into these protests people have died and the government is suggesting it will crack down on protesters how much of a threat though are these demonstrations to the religious leadership specifically i don't think the establishment of the islamic republic is in danger right now however these protests have shaken the country and political leadership is yet to find. a proper strategy to tame them ok and president rouhani has been considered the moderate all along while these protests weaken his progressive path do you think. i mean at least he has acknowledged the grievances of people who took to the streets wreaking about economic problems but also about the needs of people
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for more transparency transparency and openness in the country so he will have to show however tangible solutions to all these problems that people are talking about so that the demonstrators have the feeling that they they are listened to ok and how do you compare these demonstrations that started because an economic concerns to those the happened in two thousand and nine following the election in two thousand and nine we had a political event which was the presidential elections and weeks and if not months before the elections the so-called green movement has already taken shape there was a clear political agenda the reform movement was behind it we don't see such political such a political framework now it's more about economic social economic grievances that doesn't mean that it's less relevant but there is no real political strategy behind it and therefore i think it will probably end rather sooner than later. so there is
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a lack of clear leadership which is one of the differences from last time as you mentioned and perhaps the messaging as well what do we know about the specific demands besides the economy i think regardless of which kind of slogans we are hearing we have to keep in mind that it all started juju social economic grievances unemployment high food prices low purchasing power of ordinary citizens these are the things people want to find in the be taken care of by the political leadership and this is something that the government has to address properly with tangible solutions advantage by thank you very much pleasure. and helena is here now for more on how the economy is sparking that on restaurant right abbie what we've been seeing is that people were already angry about the state of the economy in the country then we saw that uptick that spike in food prices and that is what has got people really frustrated in the country now
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president has found rouhani acknowledge the public's anger over the economic turmoil in the country and want to run did benefit from his nuclear deal with world powers in twenty fifteen most iranians just didn't feel the benefit themselves as living standards in the country remain stagnant. the protests began thursday in response to a forty percent price increase for eggs and poultry the government also announced plans to raise fuel prices the moves would have hit the poor especially hard at a time of economic uncertainty inflation is at ten percent unemployment is high and young iranians face weak job prospects this despite the high hopes that many expressed as international sanctions began to be lifted in the wake of iran's nuclear deal. with the sanctions being lifted we hope that foreign capital pours into the country. that
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will allow us to reopen factories. and then it will be easier for young people to find a job that suits their taste is surely the idaho where it is but that's not what happened foreign investment did increase but not to an extent that would allow the broader population to live a better life one reason is the country is still decrepit banking sector international money transfers are difficult and many credit institutions are essentially bankrupt so far the government has failed to build a stable trustworthy financial sector. threats from the u.s. to reintroduce sanctions have also made foreign investors wary many iranians once place their hopes for reform in president has done rouhani but now they see him as an ineffectual leader unable to stand up to the islamic hardliners who really run the country. well and hilarity we spoke to the economist fatah and he told us that
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despite the lifting all of those economic sanctions in the wake of the nuclear deal and runs a column a still has a long way to go round isolated by round a bald at least one de cade out of the world economy and right before it was a versified economy really relate to and dependent on imports and also on exports and so there is the need for a catching up process which already began. and i say that sport brings people together but the question is could it possibly bring enemies north and south korea closer together. sports diplomacy has worked elsewhere and with the winter olympics just over a month away south korea has offered to hold talks with the north on whether pyongyang can send its athletes to the games south korea's president moon j n said his country is ready to negotiate on letting north korea join next month china
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lympics hosted by the south but he stressed that north korea's nuclear threats would be a major point in any talks. let's go straight to seoul now and reuters senior correspondent josh smith is good to see you could this moment there's a limb pick diplomacy signal some kind of breakthrough in actually reduce tensions . well that's certainly what officials here in seoul are hoping this is something that south korean president. has been pushing for some time he has proposed to the americans for example to delay a major joint springtime military. drills until after the olympics they're hoping that kim's new year's speech may be that opening that they've been looking for just a day to day per pose on january ninth to meet with north korean officials and
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discuss possibilities for their athletes visiting the games however there's been no response to that overtures from the north just yet ok and there's a bit of a time crunch as we mentioned earlier there's about a month away until those games how likely is it that the north will actually be able to send a team. well both sides do seem to be making at least some effort to make that happen obviously up until just a few days ago there had been no movement on behalf of the north although south korea as well as other unpick officials had repeatedly extended the invitation to the north now what remains to be seen is whether you know all this can be worked out you know a way that. works for both sides is likely to face at least some criticism from many members of the international community who worked out for months now to try to isolate the regime in north korea over what they see as
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a rogue nucular weapons program you mentioned the criticism and there's been some negative reaction already to the idea of north korea participating in the games i like to read out a tweet now from us republican senator lindsey graham he said this earlier allowing kim jong un's north korea to participate in the winter olympics would give legitimacy to the most illegitimate regime on the planet i'm confident south korea out will reject this absurd overture and fully believe that if north korea goes to the winter olympics we do not. that's the response from one senator in the u.s. how much influence can statements like this have on salt when it comes to engaging with its neighbor briefly if you can well there are certainly very powerful amendes that have expressed criticism one of the leading. members of all of this however will be u.s. president jiang trump who just today what you did as well but he said that it could
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or could not be a good move so obviously remains to be seen again just how influential some of these more hawkish members of the international community will be. in seoul thank you very much. now to some of the other stories making news around the world hundreds of protesters have gathered in ukraine's capital kiev to demand an investigation into the death of a prominent lawyer irina skull was found dead on new year's day she faced threats for helping to convict a well connected man in a case that was seen as a test of the ukrainian justice system. at least nine people have died and more than a dozen did after rival gangs clashed at a jail in brazil officials say the violence erupted when inmates from one wing invaded another some hundred prisoners managed to escape during the fighting and a few dozen have been recaptured. a new campaign against sexual harassment has
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just been launched in hollywood and it's already raised thirteen million dollars the time's up initiative has the backing of a list power players like reese witherspoon jennifer aniston and shonda rhimes it aims to help victims of sexual misconduct working in low income industries. and here in germany a member of parliament and leading figure in the far right alternative for germany party could face charges for an angry tweet on new year's eve in the tweet beatrix fun store she made a reference to quote barbaric gang raping hordes of muslim men post came as a new german law aimed at cracking down on online hate speech came into full effect twitter promptly removed the tweet and temporarily suspended store shoes account. new year's eve celebrations passed without serious incidents this year but two years ago hundreds of women reported being sexually attacked many of the perpetrators were migrants since then police in cologne have pushed the slogan
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respect they use social media to spread the word in many languages including arabic bad to expunge voice a leading member of the far right alternative for germany party mom the action in a tweet and criticize the police do you think it is to appease the barbaric gang raping hordes of muslim men twitter deleted the entry immediately cologne holies regard the tweet is anti muslim prosecutors are now assessing whether to charge one story with incitement to hatred that is an inside is on those that is especially difficult in this case because the hurdles sent by the constitution i scored are very high when it comes to stating political opinions especially for career politicians. was on the whole said with a politician like the first step would be to lift her parliamentary immunity experts say her tweet was typical for her.
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regularly attempts to incite racial hatred of migrants muslims and so-called other is that something germany experienced with anti semitic slogans in the weimar republic in the one nine hundred twenty s. and it can be dangerous to the republic if it is not stopped the in danger because it twitter suspended the f.t. politicians account for several hours acting under authority of the new law that requires social media firms to promptly delete suspected criminal hate speech. let's bring our political correspondent rupert parts what more can you tell us about this new german law that goes into effect. all this network and foresman law is the outcome of a very long debate we have seen in germany on how to tackle the increase of hate speech and fake news especially on social media it is a political full social networks bigger than well who have more than two million
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users here in germany so in the end it affects mostly facebook and twitter and it makes them responsible for all the content that has been published on these platforms by the users so what they have to do is they have to monitor themselves what the users are publishing and if a complaint comes in they only have twenty four hours to delete or block any unlawful content and if this content is disputable if it's just this beautiful things content is unlawful they have seven days to delete and block this content and if they don't do so there are large fines that can be imposed on them fines up to fifty million euros fifty million euros a half the fine there's been a lot of reaction on social media to this new law but what is the f.t.c. about it. well the alternative for germany is a right wing populist party and they have made it to political tactic to victimize themselves whenever they they use
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a provocative statement and then being criticized for it but they call it of course censorship something they always do but this time i think they certainly do have a point because criticism does not only come from the far right it also comes from civil rights groups who say that this net focus network and force and law is introducing censorship through backdoor they say that as the state wants to make the providers deputies for legal prosecution and imposes large fines on them this could mean that these providers could eliminate any opinion which they think could be provocative or disputable just to avoid the fines and this in the end could mean that. the mainstream opinions could find it much harder to be heard or seen on social media ok and we've seen how social media plays a role in politics and other nations what kind of role does it play here in germany
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. social media as in any other modern country of course is plays a major role and we have already seen it as specially within the far right populist movement movements that social media has become a major tool for political communication so that the and the a of d. a specially has made it a political tactic to use social media especially to place provocative statements and use the public outcry of criticism after that to victimize themselves rupert reader waldemar parliamentary studio thank you you know what. now to kick off the beginning of the new year well you're bringing you a preview all this week of what to expect from top global players in two thousand and eighteen today we take a closer look at germany's chancellor angela merkel topping her agenda is forming a new government it's now been more than one hundred days since september the election later this week merkel's conservatives are set to start exploratory talks
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with the center left social democrats but even if the talks are successful it could take months before a government is it put in place. each day a new record is broken here in berlin never before has it taken so long falling an election to build a new government. and in the middle of it all chancellor. or at the moment interim chancellor. if decisions are being made in parliament she has to search for allies so far she has not been able to find a fix coalition partner it looks like no one wants to form a coalition with the chancellor on the other hand doesn't think a minority government is the right thing for germany in other words she has to woo the social democrats and build another grand coalition but that's still a lot of work to do. this is becoming
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a problem on the international political stage why french president might call his key who goes may actually has to wait it out that's not good for her and not good for europe europe cannot work without a strong germany and a strong german french alliance that is why berlin carries a huge responsibility to build a stable government. twenty eighteen will be an important year for the e.u. reforms must be made and burden is expected to make suggestions soon. is hardly any doubt. will remain here in the chancellor rhee and govern germany. the question is just when will she be elected at the moment american to act internationally like her neighbor here in the swiss embassy people are used to remaining neutral but from the german chancellor the world expects something else. a week chancellor at the head of europe's biggest economy at least america is able
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to steer the course of her own party. in a false term she wants to lead another grand coalition. there was unanimity from everyone that we now have to go into exploratory talks with the s.p.d. with the goal of building a stable government. within her conservative party people are saying that she will last another four years at the most no one discusses this openly but many of the c.d.u. are thinking about the time after american potential successes now i have to position themselves at the same time to plan how she can hand over power little by little without losing it too fast. so what's the next step in germany there are a lot of on on such questions. what was the first question. oh
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and have a great start in the new year. whether it turns out to be good or bad twenty eighteen will certainly not be. a change of pace now to white water rafting in uganda the white nile river stretches from uganda into neighboring so don and there are white water rapids to be found along much of the rivers lank perfect for rafting but since the construction of a hydroelectric power station golly some of those rapids have been contained including those at the famous waterfalls there our next report looks at how the dam has impacted the lives of people who depend on tourism for their livelihoods. kayakers and rafters love uganda's white nile river and to special its white water rapids. it also provides a living for tour guides to mechanic before every adventure he warns thrill seeking
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tourists about the rivers hazards. and then they're off. to mcculloch kwame grew up on the white nile. river means a lot to me because i was born in a village near the river as i was growing up we never had to bore holes we never tap water so we were going to the river to get water for everything i think some people are just what the river means to us and others don't go deep into thinking of the. so deep in that they think of it as like a river which provides drinking water water. water for the. river also provides jobs juma fell in love with water sports when he was a child eventually he turned it into his profession. it's not
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a shed but it's quite where you believe that the recent thing to do is the river which is to retrace like the river is like god do you go there you pray you ask for things you get there not so much but i still have a little bit of belief in the. us that we've got to give me money in the. local nor has it the river gods live in the rapids some of these gods might play tricks on unsuspecting rafters. this part of the lake was once full of white water too but then a dam and power plants were built taming the famous. now that the area is only good for relaxed paddle adventure tourism has taken a big hit. i think effort has gone through a bit of a change in terms of the needing to be able to get infrastructure and demand for
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electricity and the gnarls being subjected to that in terms of having two dams being. granted it creates some environmental impacts in terms of flooding and changes to tourism and those sorts of aspects but as in terms of an aspect of being able to get claim power and help the infrastructure of the local economy it's probably a small sacrifice and terms of. those who are reliant on tourism see it differently fewer visitors has made life very difficult in a country where a quarter of the population lives below the poverty line. before was bit because it was local would benefit from the. we're still using lantern is in your house is not because of an expensive. so. before we used to get a lot of clients working for video. taken for.
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two gay day i'm allowed to do for. until now june mcculloch wanny has been able to feed his family with the kayak and rafting tours but for how much longer another dam on the white nile is nearly finished will the river upstream soon look more like this but. my lake as to to get to where i wanted to be but now they're loud as they're not there so when i try to when i try to step like one step backwards i am just going to fall down like into a big hole. the white nile is still flowing rough and ready here it's an impressive natural spectacle but tour guides are worried that this vital source of income could soon dry out. you're watching the news still
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to come women in saudi arabia will be allowed to get behind the wheel for the first time in two thousand and eighteen we look at how they hope this reform will change their lives. stay tuned will be back in just a couple of minutes and you can also catch up on the latest news on our web site at . c.n.n. . dot. com. i feel. is this
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music. and if it is who's making it. through third meeting the pioneers of sound aren't. sound hunters a musical exploration. in forty five minutes. stories that people of the world over information they provide to the pain and they want to express g.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch follow us. they live to serve bloodless danger lurks in the water we were there all year long suffering waste and polluted water not only being a witness but a time being a victim i mean you troubles troubles at least basically.
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this is sort of allays moment in backup what was on their show full was on the show . you have human sewage completely untreated and stone walls are coming out of these rights into the river and i wouldn't want to call most most crime yet so. he's going to have to go somewhere every day and sees more and more probably sheets tiniest missing gives me everything because waves the wind i have to give something back i feel obliged to move it was to miss him when he got to the lowest . point waves surfers fighting against unseen the sea fleet starting january seventh w. please. welcome back with news our top story the death toll from anti-government protests sweeping a ron has risen to at least twenty one people the country's supreme leader ayatollah
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ali khamenei has accused foreign enemies of iran for meddling in the country. saudi arabia says its ban on women behind the wheel will be lifted in june the majority sunni country is under stricture real law and is the last country in the world where women are forbidden from driving instead they have to employ show first or ask male relatives to drive them. the women sit in the back and a young boy is in the driving seat and saudi made videos like these making fun of the country's ban on female drivers fifteen pounds of times the one that was a good gag it seems to be out of date. as of next june ratana and hashmi will be allowed to drive a car. and she's already lining up a perfect right. car shopping has become a popular whole bay for wealthy saudi women. you just want to be free
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with the car you can get your groceries every stuff every shopping you don't need to to to wait for somebody to take you to do is small things you know your daily life thing when you go to my office come back to my office to my home you know. i'm free the candy list says a lot of saudi women have actually already bought cars but until now they've just been for their drivers driving yourself is obviously a lot more fun. that's why are you. so what do saudi men think about it this is the time for her to die if i'm to head almost all the wires so they will have free time to play i don't. know if soupy and her sisters don't have a regular chauffeur there aren't any public trains or a metro in jeddah so when no flights to go out she has to hire a driver or ask her brother mohsen sunday afternoon drives
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a popular with middle to upper class women but there's always a male chaperone present. no wants to get a driver's license primarily for financial reasons. and the business many i want to save the money that i spend on drivers the knoll makes total sense what a women who don't have a husband or brother supposed to do when they need to go somewhere to take a taxi. the new law will make many things easier but personally i don't like it i can drive my family were ever they need to go on or. saudi society is still very conservative women are required to wear full length black robes. rotund me once more color in saudi society she says there's nothing in the qur'an that says women must wear black ten years ago
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the freelance designer was one of the first women in the country who deads to start designing the traditionally the robe of choice of saudi women in different colors red green or purple she was inspired by the traditional colorful costumes of the bedouin women. it caused an uproar. beginning. they have to be permission from their has to go in god where i ask your husband because they know when to. buy bread don't buy. that kind of a lot by they're not used to it you know britain also designs a range of premises female entrepreneurs have been common within her social circles for several years now. and now no soupy wants to do the same she's currently unemployed but retraining as a jewelry maker it's a project funded by prince charles and the saudi foundation teacher is
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a british goldsmith. the aim is to open up new industries for women. up until now men have been the only ones able to learn a trade. now women can too. i would like to have a small workshop in the future where i can give my own lessons to show that every saudi woman is capable of having a trade and i want to produce my own jewelry. the chauffeur who takes no for her jewelry course and back every day costs around one hundred twenty euros per month during the week her brother doesn't have time to drive them oh it's money the family scrape together from her mother's small pension and her siblings incomes. although they
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say they aren't a wealthy family things are changing for them too. we women now have more freedom to when we can earn our own money we don't have to constantly ask our husbands for it think. we didn't have a face in the world no one knew anything about us saudi women now we're proving that we can do anything with it so a. change is in the air in saudi arabia and a lot of women are eager to see it through. joining me now from bern switzerland. a political scientist and author of the book the arab states and women's rights as money i thank you for joining us let's start with saudi arabia this step permitting women to drive will go into effect in june is this actually a move towards greater rights for women what do you think.
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well i have to weigh basically on the one hand the guardian system is still intact despite measures to ease restrictions but women remain. the attendant on their male guardian to travel to work and to get there perhaps nevertheless what i would never underestimate the need of these. these nations is very important specifically the ability for women were pretty and it came as a result of efforts of the women. ok so women have definitely been fighting for this for quite some time when it comes to rights for women though in saudi arabia and other parts of the middle east perhaps we can say that women enjoyed a greater level of freedom before the one nine hundred eighty s. is there a general feeling that some of these rights have been lost along the way yes very much actually specifically up to ninety seventy nine seventy nine is important
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because there is leverage revolution in iran because of the acute nation or a group of fanatics inside of saudi arabia because of the invasion. by russia or by the soviet union the combination of all led to a rallies and exportation all very fundamentalist reading the saudi arabia and a political version of islam and that led to what extent was ational societies bait based then we reach it. and tippett taishan religion does see women as secondary and something that should be covered. ok and when you see the protests in iran now and these reforms that saudi arabia is implementing do you think we're at the point where we can realistically look at a new awakening in the more conservative areas of the region when it comes to the
7:39 pm
rights of women. yes there are we are witnessing changes. kind of like changes that were. stemming from within these countries within iran within saudi arabia these countries are able to control the social media before these countries have worked. if you creating their own citizens and that if you cation in a way opened their citizens to the war women are able to fight for their own rights demand that he's right so we've seen movements and to demand changes in the family law we see in movement in saudi arabia as well demanding an end of the male guardianship and that campaign is still ongoing but it's moving quote it's moving forward when you look ahead in the region especially in these conservative countries where do you see it in five ten fifteen years you seem
7:40 pm
rather optimistic earlier that if i seem to be optimistic as some people think that's naive. it's just basically it's not sustainable the way. the religious orders are trying to control the individuals and humans in our societies are that way is not sustainable and you see many young men and women who are already in track to challenge these islamic kind of intimidation all or the political order based on these legitimized by these religious leadings they are challenging them and they are say saying simply this does not represent us we belong to a different generation we demand a right we are citizens not such. elem money after thank you very much.
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at the at. the future of diesel a pace shortening if some cities around the world have already set dates of banning the few what about right here in germany a nation with a history of manufacturing high class vehicles well ninety eight percent calls on the road to have regular and total combustion engines but certainly won't be the case for. due to air pollution several german cities could face driving bans in twenty eight teams the diesel engine and its emissions are mainly to blame it's becoming a familiar story diesel remains popular it's cheap and efficient critics say it's outdated and should be replaced as soon as possible. as comes on as approved possible the diesel will continue to play an important role in certain areas such as truck traffic and shipping but it will lose importance in those areas as well and especially with cars alternatives are available by two thousand and twenty
7:42 pm
electric vehicles will be very efficient and more interesting for customers in venice why it's hard to imagine that a technology that's bad for the environment will survive much longer once electric mobility has gathered momentum as you know along the line inside that hybrid engines could benefit from this development because they use two types of power electric and internal combustion it's a safe bet once the batteries exhaust if the car continues to drive on fossil fuel . at the moment there are still not enough charging stations for electric vehicles and their range is too limited evey's are pollution free but making their batteries is not the power they're using can be green or not depending on the source. that's why the internal combustion engine will remain popular for years to come it's supporters claim because at the moment there is no perfect alternative the engine success will also do. from country to country. each individual's
7:43 pm
personal power could also play a part and that could be exonerated by new year's resolutions for a while at least. now china is one country cracking down on those gas guzzling cars and state run news agency should require reports the beijing has banned the production of more than five hundred fifty different models for using too much fuel and not complying with environmental regulations were banned vehicles include those produced as joint ventures by weston or to make it an algae model from fox falcon is on the list as it is in the sadie's a luxury car from dime not and a chevrolet model from general motors that is the first time that beijing has published a list of banned the calls. in the west african nation the kenya fast and most of what farmers grow that ends up on that plate subsistence farming is the status quo over the years international organizations have run projects introduce
7:44 pm
again that farming with export markets in mind now a group of women in the capital wagadu who are joining the efforts by going organic and selling the fruits of their labor but shaking up the culture of agriculture is still a work in progress. at a farm some fifty kilometers outside the capital. a group of women has chosen to experiment with a different type of farming in book enough growing vegetables without pesticides or artificial fertilizers that's highly unusual in the country where the farming industry is at a subsistence level and finding acceptance for gannett projects is proving difficult. for my opinion than a. or adlard to sell organic vegetables if customers see that aisle cabbage and tomatoes on toast because others. that makes it a bit difficult to read. and i'm buying
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a bit about our app. that's not the only difficulty access to water is also lacking. we have some issues with infrastructure we used to have six wells and now we only have one and that's not so easy we have little water hardly any tools and no tractor. and that's the heart of the problem and i would cultural sector without modern infrastructure the farmers don't even have proper vehicles motorbikes are used to transport the projects to the capital that's where it's sold at the local markets neither the traders know the farmers earn much getting locals to buy organic vegetables instead of regular ones is a major challenge that means farmers can hardly speak out a living the country's farmers union wants more help. so there's
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a bit of need money and banks don't give money to all farmers because they say their business is a risk. that makes the farmers financing difficult also climate change is another challenge they can grow as much or add to that the way small farms are organized and the severe lack of equipment. set them up for me to. monitor. the co-op is seen as a good idea for the women that way they can share both the income and the risks of farming but whether organic farming really takes hold in book you know fossil is something that will only be apparent after two or three harvests. well it's safe to say that clothing is something of a human necessity that clothes on or is good for the world around us the german government estimates that you'll need some two thousand seven hundred liters of water just to make a cotton t. shirt now one company in northern germany hopes to save the environment and closet
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space by acting as a kind of library for garments. this is a pop up store with a difference fashion house kind of high dot com is opening a temporary outlet here in its home city of hamburg. for the next eight weeks customers can take home outfits and the latest styles for the season by simply borrowing them. to have some baskets in month i've just borrowed this coat and the skirt it's a new experience for me and so far i really like it make it fair to say i just need to school it must be sustainable and that means there's enough this waste. i think is a great idea i hope it catches on. clyde and i does most of its business online customers can subscribe for forty nine euros a month for the money they receive for garments which they can then wear for four weeks to founders take. fendel it's more than just
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a business idea they hope to change lifestyles. this might sound corny but the big vision we have is that consumption patterns have to change. and they can change and we can be at the forefront of that make our contribution. it's about. nearly two thousand items are currently in circulation they consist of close up and coming designers along with selected and even pieces contributed by customers five employees are busy choosing the shipping receiving and if necessary repairing the clothes the owners say they're reinvesting their profits to meet the company's growing demand. tactic it's a decision i have to make every day do i take the money home or do i use it to develop my business to make it more user friendly better for the customers with a bigger selection is that. the company opened the store so that
7:49 pm
customers could see the kind of things they could borrow they can also buy anything that strikes their fancy and when the store closes at the end of february all the clothes will go back to the warehouse but that's all it will be taking back to stay true to its philosophy it rented all its furniture and equipment even the pictures on the wall. germany does have many cultural centers but does one stand out in terms of creativity culture a special analysis of germany's art scene has spared no expense trying to find out which german city should rightly where the culture crown. the culture crown where will that land to tell us more about this we're now joined by reiner trial but. tell us more here our starting point was the idea that there's
7:50 pm
many perceptions and myth about german culture in the world but very little information on the sheer facts so what we did we researched and sifted through all the available surveys darter figures statistics and everything just to look if the myths stand up to the facts so let's take cities with joe just saw some cities everyone would agree easily that berlin is the cultural capital of germany no other place could compete with us here in berlin but if you look at the facts you see especially if you look at the per capita quota of cultural production and consumption the incomes only on firth blessed fourth place in the ranking and the unlikely winner is you would believe in god you would think of that in terms of car manufacturing but not of culture so what we did we send reporter to look what is this cultural secret this hidden gem of cultural capital that is to. of course
7:51 pm
i know the stats kelly the wonderful ballet company we've just come out of the museum over there months sometimes i get the impression there's too much opera opera great opera the opera. the stuttgart oprah has already been named germany's approach of the year seven times stuttgart is the country's secret cultural capital and audiences are by no means provincial. has a certain modesty but when someone from outside factors for its excellence things come out in the open. that's what's happened now. is just as much a part of the city's d.n.a. is business. porsche or posh and just as internationally important. it's part and parcel of what the war gods world class ballet is housed under the same roof canadian eric go to it was a soloist at least got by way before setting up his own company here there was
7:52 pm
a plan to start easy and then these days we're doing more of the works like what you were to thing it's a little bit more out there and my public after ten years i think they can try pretty much anything now. stuttgart attaches high value to culture the arts museum in the center of the city houses of numerous important collections and has a budget that allows it to organize unusual projects. welcome to stuttgart germany secret champion of the arts. start guard the surprise keeper of the crown reiner call it a cultural paradise then for those who live there and earn a lot of money because could get is very rich people are willing to spend a lot of money on culture as we just saw but that is exactly where berlin comes
7:53 pm
into play because artists are not choosing. it's too original for them and then it's too expensive berlin is much more affordable in terms of studios workplace of housing in spite of soaring prices of course so definitely berlin is a cultural capital in terms of where artists live in germany and in europe the concentration of artists in berlin is one out of ten berlin residents is an artist that is incredible. now you've looked at the art scene in germany from a number of angles having a what did you find out. what we found out a lot of things and just to to to cite a few ones take books we've got four thousand bookstores in germany we're a country of readers and thinkers as we think but actually we're not in terms of reading of reading habits in international so it's the only we're only mediocre the chinese for example do much better than we do they're much more avid readers. then
7:54 pm
again music classical music are very strong and opera with very strong almost seven thousand opera performances per year in germany that's a stunning number twenty performances per day anywhere in germany so we're a country where the world champion of our project in italy what personally surprised me most is our role in the art world that's very interesting but also very ambivalent and we made a study of the end of that video which you might have a look. german art is truly a success story in demand among collectors and museums around the world with giants of contemporary art at least that's what we tell ourselves. the fact is that german artists are well represented among the global top one hundred there are names such as new york was a million talking or kiefer and leading them all is to the east of the world's most
7:55 pm
expensive living artist following his record setting auction say in two thousand and fifteen when this abstract painting fetched forty six million dollars so is germany a big player in the art world lets look at auctions is the big business in art is still being made in the u.s. the u.k. and also in china with less than eighteen million in sales germany is just a dwarf the we make the art the money is made elsewhere. in two places at once there thanks for coming in to talk to us about the project and we can find out more about this online on d.w. dot com slash culture and there's much more information on german culture turf thanks for talking to us.
7:56 pm
and finally to china where the frozen and more reverb was transformed into a race course on new year's day around two thousand runners kick started two thousand and eighteen with an ice marathon the train was nothing for the faint hearted participants ran on the ice and bone chilling minus fifteen centigrade temperatures both professionals and amateurs took part in the event. abby coffin you're watching from more coming up at the top of the hour with my colleague phil gale and don't forget you can get all the latest news and information on our web site www dot com thanks for watching.
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our. success. is this
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music. and if it is who's making it. meeting the pioneers of sound aren't. thanks hunters a musical exploration. in fifteen minutes. what does a football loving country to reach its goals. we'll tell you how german soccer made it back to the top. in our webspace. football made in germany. fake hair and real stories. where i come from a lot of women like me have fake hair sometimes the hair style takes up to two days that's a lot of time that needs to be filled so people at the salon talk about what's happening in their lives so i became a journalist to be
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a storyteller and i always want to find those real authentic stories from everyday people who have something to share. with all the time i spent at the salon i know good quality hair when i see it and a good story when i hear it my name is elizabeth shaw and i work at sea telling. everyone every of man knows that a child needs who the truth can be nothing before mary's news can really add in load of programs it took over the school because the way they did nothing when coming from home that could have easily been us. at any one of us.
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this is d.w. news live from berlin iran is death toll rises as a country faces them.


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