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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  January 2, 2018 11:02pm-11:31pm CET

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germany party she said cologne police appeased quote barbaric gang raping muslim hordes of men after the department tweeted a new year's greeting in arabic. after six days of protests of more than twenty two deaths iranians are still on the streets calling for change but iran's president says the riots aren't necessarily a bad thing while his own government says it will crackdown on dissent made while the country supremes leader blames iran's named adam is i'm phil gale in berlin this is the day. ornge what's happened in the past few days on the surface it looks like a threat but we need to turn it into an opportunity.
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to shoot those who carry out acts of sabotage cause riots and unrest and set fire to public and private property they will be dealt with strongly. point is that the enemies waiting for an opportunity for a crack through which you can infiltrate just look at the events of recent days. so at least twenty killed and hundreds arrested in violent demonstrations in iran since last thursday what began as local protests in the country's second largest city against economic problems seem so snowballed into unprecedented nationwide confrontations between citizens and the state when america's president tweets praising demonstrators for acting against what he called the brutal and corrupt regime is iran's supreme leader right to blame the unrest on his country's enemies
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. video footage reaching doj avella through social media shows the extent of the unrest spreading across iran. the violence which has rocked the country for nearly a week appears if anything to be escalating. these pictures from the central province of is fun unverified. official state television says six people died this protesters stormed this police station. supreme leader ayatollah ali how many accuses enemies of iran of stirring up the unrest. bushmen. for the anime is poised for an opportunity a breach to penetrate through that look at the incidents in the past few days all those who are against the islamic republic of iran those with cash and politics
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weapons and intelligence operators you can join hands to create trouble that opposition leaders say the demonstrators are demanding far reaching reforms or your mom has changes even radical changes they want to change pretty much everything in short. they want to live differently. it's true that improving the economic situation is very important for them. but it's not only about that citizen economy it is impossible it's an opinion also. has the protests widen iran's president rouhani has expressed sympathy for peaceful demonstrators worried about making ends meet that's unlikely to satisfy their demands. correspondent has been monitoring events and joins us from our studios in the bone welcome now this seems to be a process without any particular leadership or coordination so there do seem to be
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lots of different demands yes indeed there is no political leadership as it was for instance in two thousand and nine but there is a lot of people people are frustrated let's see let's put it this way people are frustrated they're angry especially about economical situation about the rise of unemployment about the rising food prices about corruption and this is people who have not had a platform in the last decade so have they cannot make their voices be heard they have no media who are every flecked their their wishes and they're angry they're frustrated and now taking to the streets and asking for something to change for something to happen here and where is the anger focused is its own president rouhani government for not boosting the economy or is it a higher perhaps of the supreme leader's. well it's much more than that actually it started with like what people fail one scenario is that it started in mashhad by
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actually organized by hardliners who wanted to criticize our you know protest against the rouhani rouhani is governments and then it's took over and people who are frustrated people who are you know. complaining about social and political grievances coming taking over onto the streets but you know it's very complex when you talk about iranian politics it's always we have the rouhani government and we have hardliners and it is kind of many people now saying that this is not like also the reformists and president rouhani is not a real opposition so to say because they are also part of the system and he is also representing the system but what we have seen and what we have noticed this time is there have been a lot of slogans against ayatollah khomeini directly against the supreme leader people chanting. death to the dictator referring to him which hasn't been in this has been there before people really you know going out in this really also
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more violent form and having declared the monster against the whole system and president rouhani was elected on a promise of change on improved increased civil rights why has that progress been so slow. the thing is though first of all a president in the islamic republic of iran even willing or even wanting to change something has only very limited power already is very limited in or in what he can actually do or bring about and sort of changes so but people were hoping for after the election last year when they reelected president has an iranian they were hoping that with the lifting of the sanctions the economic situation would get better and rouhani himself he made a lot of promises and people did not or do not see them being fulfilled of being being addressed and actually also what is criticized
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a lot is that president rouhani is also focusing a lot on foreign policy is financially and militarily and people once you know they domestic issues to be to be addressed and actual and he in just two some weeks ago and then the mill of december he presented his budget draft to the parliament in which increased they did budgets to revolutionary guard corp's over forty percent and this is also one point that made people really becoming angry and this is also people who actually have voted for ronnie himself so we have to see that there has been a hash tag on twitter recently with two translated in english will be hash tag regret where people actually they regret to have voted for president rouhani because they don't see him taking any action or changing actually anything and actually and losing hope in this system to be reformable. zaba thank you.
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now a leading figure in germany's far right alternative a dodge political party could face charges of illegal hate speech for a tweet on new year's eve paper asterix from stalker scolded police in the city of cologne for publishing a new year's greeting in arabic asking whether they were trying to appease what she called barbaric gang raping muslim hordes of men a tweet came as a new german law cracking down on on line hate speech came into full effect social media companies must now delete potentially criminal posts within twenty four hours or face fines of up to fifty eight million euros. new year's eve celebrations passed without serious incidents this year but two years ago hundreds of women reported being sexually attacked many of the perpetrators were migrants since then police in cologne have pushed the slogan respect they use social media to spread
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the word in many languages including arabic began to expunge voice a leading member of the far right alternative for germany party mom the action in a tweet and criticize the police do you think it is to appease the barbaric gang raping hordes of muslim men twitter deleted the entry immediately. cologne whole east regard the tweet is. prosecutors are now assessing whether to charge one story with incitement to hatred that is an inside is on those that is especially difficult in this case because the hurdle sent by the constitutional court are very high when it comes to stating political opinions especially for career politicians . was on the whole said with a politician like the first step would be to lift her parliamentary immunity experts say her tweet was typical for her. regularly attempts to incite racial hatred of migrants muslims and so-called others
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is that something germany experienced with anti semitic slogans in the weimar republic in the one nine hundred twenty s. and it can be dangerous to the republic if it is not stopped he in danger because it twitter suspended the f.t. politicians account for several hours acting under authority of the new law that requires social media firms to promptly delete suspected criminal hate speach. let's get more detail here political correspondent report to welcome rupert to do firstly let's start with batteries phone still. well bit is from stories is a leading figure of the fall rise populist party alternative for james germany or d. and since they entered the german parliament bundestag last year she has been serving them as a deputy leader in the parliamentary party and she has quite a reputation for using provocative statements to gain media attention in two thousand and sixteen see at the height of the refugee crisis she called for the
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german border police to shoot at refugees when they are crossing the german german border even including women and children and after a huge outcry of criticism she said well i never really meant to publish thought it was just on my computer and then i accidentally slipped with my fingers over the mouse so she's got quite a reputation for rather braces and very strong provocative statements and. viable saying that german authorities want to germs to live with criminal mobs of migrants so these these comments these tweets is this just the f t being a f d a short are they looking to make a particular splash as they see it in germany's paloma for the first time it's a little bit of both you know has made it a political strategy to use provocative statements to gain media attention is some sort of manual of step by step of working the people step by step on how to do
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this how to get media attention by a provocative statement saying first you have to do do do the statements and as soon as the criticism comes in you have to call it censorship and you have to present yourself as someone who speaks out the truth even if it's not mainstream and right now it comes in handy the a of d. as you just said has been is for the first time in the german parliament in the boom the stock and. the main focus was. not on them they haven't really managed to bring forward anything to bring across their message it comes in handy right now and it works just in the way the procedure i just described it's a tell us more then about this new law here in germany came into effect today that made twitter act so promptly to bring it down bring down that this law is called the network enforcement law and it is the outcome of a very long debate we have seen in germany which was about how to tackle hate speech and fake news in social media and what the law does is it's
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a play couple only for social networks which up with more than two million users here in germany in the end it means facebook and twitter and it gives them the responsibility for all the content that is published on these platforms by the uses so these companies have the obligation to delete all broke any unlawful content within twenty four hours after a complaint has been made so they are responsible for checking for money touring these this continent and. if the companies fail to do so huge penalties could be implied on them even the highest would be fifty million euros ok so the house of the companies and then as you say the people like they if they say oh you're centering us you're censoring us. do you see any merit in the argument well they have a point although as we have already said that is a strategy of the a of d.
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to use that sort of statement. the they are not the only ones who criticized this law there has been huge criticism especially from civil rights movements who say this is bringing censorship through the back door all because the state is using the companies as some sort of the deputy to bring in. legal prosecution and. that's the state is impose. as a high penalties on these companies they could that's the problem here that they could. delete any opinion which they see because they think it's more mainstream or is disputable. them into trouble and so your argument i think how different is that from broadcasters like the developer or newspapers we're not allowed to publish or broadcast anything that's defamatory otherwise we get we get sued that's just just it's just how great of organizations work let's hear from the f.t.
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leader your morton is good plucked out to you was surely a very strongly worded statement we've all due respect that must be allowed in political discourse of course would follow a lot. people and get annoyed and just a five. when for claim police talk in arabic to arabic speaking people. in that case you would have to translate into every language what the german authorities say. the best and so. here in germany german is the official language and we insist that migrants living here should be able to speak enough german to understand what the police say and that they should do what the police say before. coming from a party that printed a lot of his election material here in germany in russian but let's set that to one side this is not a germany is now this country's third largest political party in the parliament so
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i suppose we must assume that lots of germans agree with him in a certain way yes there is a growing sentiment especially against islam and muslims and the image of islam as religion has suffered a lot during the last recent years there's a survey by germany's r.t.o. . television company and that says that only sixteen percent of germans say that islam is a trustworthy religion. just a compared with the christian church is the church at least get twenty seven percent of german saying ok it's a trustworthy organisation and only one third of the germans believe that the islam should have a substantial role within the society so yes the a of d. can be sure to find some approval within the german society for their braces and and muslim. criticism against islam and islamic people would be devout thank you so
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much you're welcome. hollywood stars like reese witherspoon jennifer aniston and shonda rhimes are amongst the celebrities backing a campaign against sexual harassment called time's up and an open letter to the new york times more than three hundred actors writers and directors said they particularly wanted to focus on women in low wage industries whose lack of financial stability left them open to exploitation a campaign to only been going for a couple of days and it's already closed close to its target of thirty million dollars for a legal defense fund. time is up the time for putting up with sexual harassment is over three hundred powerful women from the business and entertainment world are starting a campaign and using their status to help those women who have none they're bringing their support for ordinary workers to take their tormentors to court the launch has already raised thirteen million dollars and that figure is sure to rise actresses such as reese witherspoon and eva longoria launched their appeal in the new york
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times and in an open letter there are also demanding tough penalties for companies that tolerate all downplay harassment alongside top actresses a well known producers and lawyers together they are fighting against sexual harassment and shocking statistics like these one in three women between the ages of eighteen and thirty four has been sexually molested in the workplace and in low paid jobs sexual harassment is even more likely. time's ups first action came two weeks ago when they brought lawyer anita hill on board. hill is a pioneer of the movement twenty six years ago in the sensational testimony before the u.s. senate she accused supremes court justice nominee clarence thomas of sexual harassment after that she began raising money for victims. time's up comes hard on the heels of the me two campaign but goes. well me too brought the problem to light time's up
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is campaigning for firm action against sexual harassment and to raise awareness about the issue actresses are being encouraged to wear black at the golden globes awards ceremony and this weekend. all the times up bastards are already gaining traction on social media there is a tweet from one of the initiators reese witherspoon there it is it says i stand with all women across every industry to say time's up on abuse aren't marginalize asian and under representation join me sign a statement of solidarity and it's not just women in the film business showing their support is a former chief of staff to michelle obama tina chen time's up on sexual harassment in every workplace i'm proud to be working with courageous women and men who are coming forward and lawyers who believe in justice and fairness justice timber justin timberlake back in the campaign they tweeted no more accepting sexual
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harassment and inequality at work as normal it is not normal. so how will it work and why has this issue been so prominent in cultural industries on a trial is from d.w. culture welcome run. correspondent joins us from washington not welcome carolyn we saw some responses some tweets that there tell us more about what time's up wants to achieve. well it's important to say that time's up meeting is and he probably meant the meetings of this we've already began in october last year the nissho davis leader less and it's run by volunteers more organized in working groups and one of these working groups is ministered by the national women's law center's legal network for gender equity that's a long name and they are the ones who will connect the victims of sexual harassment
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with lawyers and will therefore also be responsible and will decide who gets the help from this thirteen million fans that is one of the points that this movement is is about just a little show asking. to wear black in the forthcoming the golden globes. yes that is also i think their requests to do the golden globes are this sunday and this is of course symbolic it is a direct. help from this movement to the victims right of trouble why is this issue of such a houseman playing out so prominently in the entertainment world in the entertainment and cultural world i think there's two reasons it's us and the system us because we put these people the stars the geniuses on
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a pedestal and we project our colleague wishes and desires and ideas into them and one exact example you sit in a movie and you watch your favorite actor you don't want to associate him to bad behavior or illegal behavior you listen to a wonderful concert the director perhaps has bad reputation you don't want to know that because he's a genius and it's such a reward to listen to him to see him directing so there is a split between the image we put into these people and the reality is these people are normal people they're not better or worse but what happens is when things like that happen there is a massive disenchantment. illusions crumble and that's what i think that is one of the true reasons in the system is we're talking about stars and genius this is absurd and the system is built the cultural world the
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entertainment what is built around these people and these people are almost intouchables sometimes the more well known they are and so what what happens is that what arises is a world of silence no one dares criticising these people these stars these geniuses these artists. and there's one other aspect which i find interesting artists have always been granted something like i would call a. moral free free zone around them they were allowed to do adultery sex drugs and rock'n'roll not bad behavior really not mean behavior not evil behavior but like lose behavior. and many of them some of them we don't know exactly they have abused that free zone we didn't look into that that was their free zone around the artist their life we even maya that were different from from the rest of us but they they went beyond the borders and they went to the dark side and i think these
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all of this to together makes the cultural system the star system so prone to harassment to let me think for that i want to pick about those those points about this moral free zone and that this culture of silence with carolyn to the in washington is this now all about the scandal surrounding harvey weinstein and the kevin spaces of this world is that why this is happening now because as far as i understand it these sorts of behaviors have been going on almost a long as hollywood has been there. yes that's right that's how it started but this is also a very important point because this is also one of the main critics that we heard when when this whole. sexual harassment sexual misconduct started to be public one of the main critiques was is that this is all about
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hollywood and movie stars and this is one of the main points of this new movement times makes they say it's not about hiding sexual misconduct only in the movie and t.v. and history but also in all different sectors here in the united states but indeed we could say that this started with. phil i don't know if you remember that point miss carlson of fox news she was the one who started the development when she sued the news chairman and c.e.o. roger roger roger ailes in july two thousand and sixteen for sexual harassment and had to resign under the pressure and carlson right down to twenty million dollars and that's how all this wave started telling the truth more in washington thank you ron the trouble he would leave in the bill is thank you as well.
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the conversation continues online. i could. see why do people always. have to do with the stars.
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the experts. the moment news folks. still see elegance and masks. compare the scope. to strike. with. the. driving sixty minutes. freedom of expression. he defended a new. all over the world are to
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a freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d w dot com or to freedom. what will twenty eighteen have in store for us which topics and developments will shape the next twelve months of our political outlook on. berlin twenty eighteen what lies in store for the new german government and for chancellor angela merkel. today new news.


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