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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 3, 2018 12:15pm-12:31pm CET

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a training camp in qatar the team including new signing zundel wagner arrived in the gulf state for several days of intense fitness and tactical training they will return to face leverkusen in the opening game of twenty eight team. you're watching news still to come on the program equal pay for men and women both countries froebel to get there but one has made it mandatory we will take you to iceland where a new labor law it's now in effect. over has all that more in just a minute's time i'm sorry kelly in berlin thanks for watching. has
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no children which makes her feel worthless and incomplete. in a society that expects them to be her children this is a burden many married childless women in niger suffer from. a wife is only fully accepted upon motherhood. a very personal film about the suffering of childless women in niger. fruitless tree starting january fourteenth on t w. look. at the at the. it's full steam ahead for germany's labor markets the jobless rate has dropped a historic lows while employment reaches an all time high we ask what's behind the boom and how long will it last also on the program how the small country of iceland
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is becoming the global trailblazer for equal pay and a clothing company in germany hopes to save closet space and the environment. this is your business on crystal. germany's economy. sweeping up every willing and able worker in the country driving unemployment to the lowest level since east and west germany where reunited way back in one nine hundred ninety germany's jobs agency says joblessness dropped from six point one to five point seven percent last year as domestic demand war to head and exports continue to search that means a total of just over two and a half million men and women in germany were registered as jobless at the same time the number of peeping people holding a job reached an all time high and experts expect that figure to rise further over the next year and more analysis of germany's labor market let's bring in holger schmieding he's the chief economist at bear and bird bank he joins me from our
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parliamentary studio welcome to the program what is the main driver of the growing employment numbers in germany there are two main drivers of the growing german employment figures the first is germany is simply a good place to invest and to create jobs that's due to the labor market reforms that were implemented some thirteen years ago the second point is obviously we are enjoying global sick they can upswing strong economic growth in major parts of the wood including germany and that of course means more gains in jobs now what do you make of the fact that the employment in the service sector grew the strongest should a country with a strong industrial sector like germany boast jobs in this segment particularly. well a strong economy like germany is should be adding jobs in many sectors and that's what's germany is doing and quite naturally the biggest gains are in parts of the
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service sector those which are what economists call labor intensive that is where you actually need a lot of people to do the tasks that is for instance in health care which can't be automated that much that's a nurse thing care that's in a few other sectors like that but even industry jobs growth is pretty good now at the same time companies continue to complain that there is a shortage of skilled workers how does that fit in with the growing job numbers what this means is germany could be creating even more drop than it's currently doing if there were more people around a good deal of the jobs growth that germany is seeing is coming from people staying long go on the job from women entering the workforce in even greater numbers than before and to some extent of course from migrants mostly those from other european countries who have come over recent years and how can this issue of the shortage of
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skilled workers be addressed in the future. that basically germany needs a better education system and it needs an immigration system which makes it even easier for skilled people from abroad to come in not just from europe but also skilled people from some places beyond europe to fill the jobs that are available so the employment figures in germany are at a ten year high what happened to the fear that digitalization and the rise of robots would kill tens of thousands of these positions. well it way the rise of robots and of the digital age that has prevented the gains in even more jobs german industry is raising its output even more that it's raising employment because the german industry is adding robots but all in all the gains in industrial
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output gains in services mean that all in all the drops are plentiful these spite is specially in industry low bots taking over if you costs german employment reaches historic levels holders meeting thank you so much for your analysis your welcome in iceland the new year has brought with it a new law making it illegal to pay women more to pay men more than women for the same work and it's the first country in the world to make both public and private enterprises accountable to these rules. until now women in iceland have earned an average nineteen percent less than their male colleagues but those days are over equal pay for equal work has just become a must irrespective of gender ethnicity sexuality or nationality the new law will cover over one hundred fifty thousand workers. so far women have borne the cost of the gender pay gap and if that cost is too high and to reach our goal we're all
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going to have to work hard now we have the perfect chance to do so. the new law affects one thousand two hundred companies in iceland which employ at least twenty five workers who now have to publish their wage scales there are courses to help them implement the new rules on completion companies get a certificate which has to be renewed every three years. your compliment his doctors this will affect employers first and foremost they're offering the jobs and now it's up to them to shoulder their responsibilities. and be part of this mission with us a pack of how do you have to recognize that it's hope to close the country's gender pay gap by twenty twenty two and the other countries have made similar moves for now iceland is the global pioneer. u.s. regulators have blocked a chinese firm from purchasing american money transfer company money graham citing national security concerns the move effect of the ns the one point two billion
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dollar attempt by chinese payment company and financial to acquire money grab the decision was made by a five person panel tasked with reviewing foreign purchases of u.s. businesses that reflects growing unease in the united states over chinese acquisitions of technology firms and financial is owned by jack ma the founder of the popular e-commerce site. clothing maybe a human s s a t a but clothes aren't always good for the world around us the german government estimates you'll need more than two and a half thousand liters of water just to make one cotton t. shirt one company in northern germany hopes to save the environment and closet space by acting as kind of a library for garments. this is a pop up store with a difference fashion house clyde high dot com is opening a temporary outlet here in its home city of hamburg. for the next eight weeks
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customers can take home outfits and the latest styles for the season by simply borrowing them. to have some baskets in mind i've just borrowed this coat and the skirt it's a new experience for me and so far i really like it make it fits the say i just need to school would last and it's sustainable and that means that's enough this waste. i think is a great idea i hope it catches on. clyde and i does most of its business online customers can subscribe for forty nine euros a month for the money they receive for garments which they can then wear for four weeks to founders take laville kidding and port a federal it's more than just a business idea they hope to change lifestyles. this might sound corny but the big vision we have is that consumption patterns have to change. and they can change and we can be at the forefront of that make our contribution
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and that's about us nearly two thousand items are currently in circulation they consist of clothes for up and coming designers along with selected been to jail terms and even pieces contributed by customers five employees are busy choosing a shipping receiving and if necessary repairing the clothes the owners say they're reinvesting their profits to meet the company's growing demand. tactic it's a decision i have to make every day do i take the money home or do i use it to develop my business to make it more user friendly better for the customers with a bigger selection. and if i may interact with. the company opened the store so that customers could see the kind of things they could borrow they can also buy anything that strikes their fancy and when the store closes at the end of february all the clothes will go back to the warehouse but that's all it will be taking back to stay true to its philosophy it rented all its furniture and equipment even the
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pictures on the wall. there are nine million bicycles in beijing katie melua one saying while that figure is hard to verify there are a confirmed two point four million rental bikes in the chinese capital the clock the streets of beijing have become a hotspot for bike sharing a trend that is now turning into a problem. this scrap heap is the fate of the many millions of bikes in beijing there's about one rental bike for every ten people in the chinese capital the two wheelers are one of the cheapest means of transportation in beijing they can be rented for as little as seven u.s. cents for half an hour less take. home day it's convenient but sometimes there are too many bikes. i feel people don't take care of the shared bikes because they're not their
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personal property otherwise they'll protect them very well wouldn't they. the rising number of bikes in beijing has brought more chaos to the streets. better regulation of the bike sharing industry the company themselves. they should have been able to do her analysis. but her operation. transfer all of them to not making them on the straight. on a bike fate appears to be the scrapheap. lack of ownership lack of response that's it you're up to date with the latest from the world of business for more check out our website that's t w dot com slash business or find us social media business for you at the top of the hour.
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in the snow we all go. forward to a lot. works up a sweat. when your make a shoe close to nature. the
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other way region in winter. next film. industry four point zero zero small is true. where is the nation still under analogue dominance our attitude is stuck in the past that's the problem of digital traffic made. in sixty minutes. on freedom and the whole. world i come from the region is rich in history. poor. this makes it especially difficult for independent journalists
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i see many of the young promising journalists who are now making names for themselves all over the. song live along the way songs might follow. with continue. the experience of freedom in a sense is like that fenians day you'll come and visit but you call come back home . my name is your favorite florida and i work.


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