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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 4, 2018 9:00am-9:30am CET

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we seem to many of us. want waves surfers fighting against unseen pollution the seas starting january seventh on g.w. . this is deja vu news live from berlin u.s. president trump rips into his former chief strategist steve bannon is in the firing line right now for explosive comments on a trump tower meeting with russians donald trump says banon has quote lost his mind
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to get the fallout from washington also coming up. around the claires an end to deadly antigovernment on rats gets islamic rulers have mobilized support the tens of thousands rallying in a show of force for the government we'll have the latest from tehran. also on the show a special d.w. report on homelessness here in berlin charities say eastern europeans are especially hard at thousands of them are sleeping rough in the capital our reporter investigates why being homeless in berlin is better than going back home. and in sports dortmund's air america balmy on his gunning for a second african player of the year award tonight look at his johnson's. i'm brian thomas. warm welcome to the show u.s.
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president donald trump has launched a scathing attack on his former chief strategist steve bannon that ahead of the release of a new bombshell book the president saying steve bannan has nothing to do with me or my presidency when he was fired he not only lost his job he lost his mind but is quoted in the forthcoming book as saying that donald trump jr's twenty six team meeting with a group of russians was quote treasonous now that is the f.b.i. investigates alleged links between the trump campaign and moscow. a white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders had this to say following the release of the president's statement i think there are a number of factors that played in i would certainly think that going after the president's son and absolutely outrageous and unprecedented way is probably not the best way to curry favor with anybody furious disgusted would probably certainly fit
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when you make such outrageous claims and completely false claims against the president his administration and his family are washington correspondent carolina is following the shock waves rolling across washington today carolina thanks for being with us let's start off by looking at what the president's reacting to steve bannon in his forthcoming book as talking about donald trump jr's meeting in twenty sixteen with a group of russians he's quoted as saying that even if you thought that this was not treasonous or unpatriotic or bad and i happen to think it's all of that you should have called the f.b.i. immediately. how is all of this going to affect the ongoing russian investigation. well these comments come from c.-span who was chief executive of the campaign and then white house chief strategist for seven months that means he clearly was
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a central figure in donald trump's campaign in my words donald trump says now and therefore no details like the mentioned meeting that has been denied by its own junior and by the president himself and also the people surrounding him who deny any collusion with russia and any interfering during the election of two thousand and sixteen while this meeting mentioned took place in june two thousand and sixteen and this has also been a central aspect in robert morris investigations and therefore bans comments on this meeting will definitely have an impact on the next steps of the investigation by robert mueller and with these comments of the president president and against the statements of the white house that this whole they say this whole a rush investigation is a lie and which ok now let's take a closer look at the president's response after saying bannon lost his mind he went
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on to say steve spent his time at the white house leaking false information to the media to make himself seem far more important than he was steve was rarely in a one on one meeting with me and only pretends to have had influence now you know that's difficult to take on board when you consider banning was trumps chief strategist it's fair to say he was the architect of his victory in the elections you know why is the president doing his best to seriously discredit him does it look like he has a lot to worry about in this book. oh yes brian donald trump is very worried and the people around him as well and this is why is the official press release coming from the white house the one you you just read it has a very very harsh tone also the fact that donald trump's lawyers and this is important because his last news already sent a legal notice to steve bannon that shows clearly that they are taking vitamins
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comments in this book very serious terms lawyers rights in the letter to c.-span and that he has violated a known disclosure agreement and a breach of his written confidentially tea with with his comments in this book so it is pretty clear now to everyone that the mask of friendship between donald trump and see fana has dropped now ok clearly a very briefly if you could how damaging could this be not only for the president but for the trump movement could be very damaging because among the triumph waters we can also see an important base is formed by the white nationalists who voted for donald trump because of cif ban on who without a doubt played a very important role in donald trump trump's campaign so if the white nationalist would support donald trump any more this could have consequences also
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in the upcoming midterm elections in november this year carol you know thanks so much for that from washington this morning now for some of the other stories making news today the u.s. senate has sworn into new democratic senators reducing the republican majority to two doug jones from alabama want to special election to fill a vacancy to minnesota's tina smith was appointed to replace al franken resigned to miss allegations of sexual misconduct. south korean president has paid a hospital visit to one of the victims of japan's wartime sexual slavery last week moon's government said a twenty fifteen agreement with tokyo failed to adequately address the needs of those women whose fight against again cast a shadow over relations with japan. mean mars been marking the seventieth anniversary of its independence from britain with
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a flag raising ceremony there was no reference to the crisis and racking state that has seen more than six hundred thousand or hinder muslims to bangladesh to escape a military crackdown. it's still around now where the head of that country's revolutionary guards has announced what he called the end of sedition saying there had been a halt to a week long anti-government protest the crackdown on those protests killed at least twenty one people wall authorities arrested many more in a show of political and military might around state t.v. broadcast these images of pro-government rallies across the country posters of. ali khamenei wrong display and demonstrators shouted death to the u.s. and death to israel but anti-government protesters were also out in action this footage shows a building allegedly belonging to the revolutionary guards in the han province going up in flames. let's go straight to tehran now and a.f.p.
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correspondent eric randolph eric the head of the revolutionary guards has said that the anti-government protests had been defeated what are you hearing. well it's very hard to get information on any. protests if there are any coming from the provinces it was definitely a commentary on last night so with a heavy police presence this does seem like the protests do seem to be over and we're just getting reports now we're just seeing images come in of another series of major rallies very large very impressive in ten different cities around the country including is that ok now i know when you talk about these are pro-government rallies doesn't then seem that the regime is actually turning the tide against the anti-government protesters well i think it's important to remember the protests will never end all this revolutionary guard say there were fifty
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thousand people involved nationwide and if the number was a bit bigger than that it's certainly nowhere near the hundreds of thousands or millions the streets back in two thousand and nine against their claims of election rigging. especially the fact that these protests at times and at times of the types of government buildings i think that it stopped them having a massed appeal in the way that the way the previous protests that what do these protests mean though the anti-government ones for president roh han he came to power as the reformers his position weakened right now. yes and. suddenly the fights just were directed against rod and some of his austerity measures introduced the budget just three weeks ago which was very focused because both raised fuel prices and we've already seen.
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some of those measures show that there is funding. at the same time this is just seven hundred gretzky pushing some of these very initial protests and this is a quote this may be an opportunity for us to say that we need to close private students if you criticize them too. to see what happens ok eric randall for us in tehran bring us up to date thanks very much for that still to come on this program thousands of eastern europeans are living rough here in berlin we look at why so many would rather live on the streets of the german capital than return to their own countries. but first major stock markets have already started their twenty trading and the japanese are among those looking forward to a good year i imagine that is right brian and they started work today now other asian markets have been off to a good start with investors anxious to extend last year's gains into twenty
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eighteen so naturally expectations in tokyo were high when the opening bell rang earlier today. it's official japanese markets open for the first time in two thousand and eighteen with a customary flourish of course japanese investors look to catch up to markets active in recent days the nikkei index surged three percent to a twenty six year high those gains helped drive a better day for global exchanges asian shares near ten year highs on thursday american indexes hit new records the day before. why the optimism recent economic news has been positive manufacturing surveys from china and the u.s. have been well received german employment is that a record high the japanese economy is expanding. in the background stands the booming american economy and the massive u.s. tax overhaul signed into law before christmas both drivers of global markets for
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much of two thousand and seventeen there's also sobering news the u.s. federal reserve board which guides the country's monetary policy expects more strain growth in this year's economy than promised by tax bill supporters american consumers also may not be sold on the bill u.s. consumer confidence slipped in december. now for more on what's moving financial markets today let's bring in our correspondent on the device in frankfurt and then oil prices are at it two and a half year high isn't just the unrest in iran that's fueling this rise. well actually there are three big factors fueling the oil price rise currently it's of course the rest in iraq because ironically the third biggest producer pak so it is a major force on the oil markets and analysts are saying the on the rest it's nobody knows how it's going to unfold actually of war and the risk on the oil price but also that comes to the cold weather in the united states because that could
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potentially hit all of refineries that's also thriving you know the price high and then we have an underlying sort of supporting trend which is global economic growth if you look at the oil price it has risen since mid two thousand and seventeen tremendously and that is reflecting every new optimism about the global economic outlook and i have to thank you for the moment but do stay with us we'll come back to you in just a second. tesla has again missed production targets for its model three sedan the electric car maker produced less than two and a half thousand of the vehicles in the fourth quarter well short of the twenty thousand cars month promised by company founder mosque investors are closely watching to those ability to mass produce its vehicles as a test of whether the electric car pioneer can live up to its ambitions some investors have been grumbling over the delays. now back to our financial
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correspondent vise both to our customers and investors getting tired of tesla actually breaking its promises. but actually looking at the share price has this gone missing lease all it. is up by more than forty five percent compared to the get go it's just bad news that there's a renewed production delay for the tests of us trade model it just two percent so not a big deal but more and more weiss is coming also from analysts that tesla has to get its act together when it comes to the production problems with the battery lines for example because that's not credible anymore but looking at the wider picture of what tesla what that tesla story might mean also for other car maker that it actually doesn't bode well also for the others because the big future for many carmakers also for the german ones is electric vehicles and if there are battery problems now with tesla that could all also mean that they might be in
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college that also bothers because the batteries are clearly the bottleneck for the new electric vehicle revolution in the making car makers need to get their act together on that device back in frankfurt thank you so much. security experts have discovered a major design flaw in the chips made by u.s. tech giant intel a bug fix could significantly slow down the performance of p.c.'s with an intel microprocessor the tech giant is yet to release more details about the flaw which experts say could affect millions of computers around the world operating systems running on intel chips like those by apple and microsoft must install the fix to avoid security issues but could then run up to thirty five percent slower into shares in new york lost more than three percent on the news. the international labor organization says there have been improvements in recent years regarding child labor nevertheless more than one hundred fifty million children around the
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world are still forced to work often instead of going to school because going to work means food on their plate and a roof over their head at least in the shorter. these children making t. shirts that will be sold across the world and some by gangs are than fourteen the legal age for employment in bangladesh muhammad is one of them is just thirteen is working in this factory because he has no other choice. under the law wouldn't our family has money problems we all a lot to market traders that's why i have to work if i ever earn a lot of money i may go back to school but those are going to. muhammad works at least ten hours a day and he only gets one day off a week. child labor is a major problem in bangladesh where one in ten children between the ages of five and fourteen work. muhammad's onerous work help support his family has
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paid amiga monthly wage of forty euros says most of the i'm sorry for my son is not getting educated so he has no future that makes me sad but i see no way out it's just that much like his mother was mohammed has been forced to choose between education and food. we have some sports now where world football spotlight will be on the canadian capital across and i our sports reporter max merrill joins us for more max what's going to happen well the really amount singer who's the african player of the year twenty seventeen and there are three attacking superstars in the running ok let's look then at our next report to see what their chances are going to be. will this man be celebrating again thursday night p.-a emerick obama young is among the
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contenders to be named african player of the year even as dortmund have struggled to keep pace at the top of the table the gap unease hitman has struck thirteen but as they get goals to confirm his status as one of africa's best players now he's hoping to win the award for the second time in his career. but obama young faces stiff competition for the prize egyptian forward mohamed has taken the premier league by storm since joining liverpool in the summer he was also part of the egypt squad that finished runners up at the africa cup of nations in february and his liverpool team mates monday is also in the running he scored twice for senegal at the cup of nations and he was also listed among the top candidates last year finishing in third place for obama young and co the wait is almost over
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soon they'll know who's walking away with the prize. ok three top candidates max who's your favorite well. he's often been nicknamed the egyptian messi which i always used to think was an absolute overstatement but this season he switched teams to liverpool forty two million he cost them and to be honest with you the english press and many liverpool fans doubted that he was the right choice i did as well but he's completely blown everyone away twenty three goals and eight assists already this season he's out pretty much everyone in the premier league stage including sunday oh man a his teammate who's also in the running for the award so i think he'll get it this time ok so probably justifying that forty two million which was a very controversial payment wasn't it at the time what about obama what are his chances well i mean he's been absolutely fantastic there's no doubt about his. last season he was the top bonus your goal scorer he scored forty goals in forty six
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games this season simulate when he won in twenty three i mean it's you can't really ask much more from a strike. and the award is awarded for the whole year not just this season. but there's been a change to the voting and i think that will affect him negatively fans now vote online and on facebook so the confederation of african football made the shortlist and then the the votes will be done by the fans so i think then memory of the most recent successes will probably because he's just been an absolutely incredible form this season ok he's the man to watch is and he now it's look talk about another change the words in addition to the change in voting something else has been shifted what's that well usually that would be to african football is of the regular african football if the if you will and an african player of the based in africa that was awarded between two thousand and five and last year's award the twenty sixteen african footballer via it was scrapped and this really was no
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explanation and a lot of criticism followed but the c.f. president i'm not i'm not he's come out yesterday and said there are not two levels of football in africa best is the best not the best of the bad and the best of the best i can understand where he's coming from but it's a shame really for the players who are on the big european stage who are playing in africa who could perhaps get some recognition and shed some light on how well they're playing as well ok max thanks very much for those come same exparel for us . a change of pace now and here in berlin an increasing numbers of eastern europeans are living on the city's streets charities a at least three thousand of them are living rough as a problem that deepens since two thousand and eleven that's when citizens from the eastern member states were granted freedom of movement within germany now some would rather would be rather be homeless here then return to their own countries a reporter linda fia investigates. even though he lives in the
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middle of berlin he feels as if you were invisible three years ago me how came he with nothing but a backpack since then he's been sleeping on the streets. when i first came here are selected alexandre plots back then i was one of a larger group of ten or fifteen people who slept under this bridge all of us were polish a few russians joined us people of the same car and stick together we're all in the same situation. more and more immigrants from eastern europe live on the streets of berlin the number is estimated at between three thousand and ten thousand but this estimate is not official me how has given up on finding an apartment he's gotten used to his life on the streets he knows most of the homeless in this area including this young
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polish woman they help each other and protect each other against violent attacks day and night. there are a lot of things that you yourself are going. that makes a lot of people in the city feel unsafe in september a woman was killed by homeless men while walking through the park on her way to this happening. the district mayor is under a lot of pressure he warns that the situation is getting out of control for pocket fishel who deal with eastern european homeless people in the bus pass here in the health we don't know what would happen if we kick them out if we say you are no longer allowed to sleep here they might throw beer bottles at us or spray us with your in order that was what they told me in a confidential employee meeting with and that was when i realized that we cannot solve the social problems that are happening in poland hungary and remain here in our parks. and then going out loudly with. tells us that berlin is
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a magnet for east european homeless he says it's easy to live here without any money because there are so many charitable institutions. he visits a center for young homeless people twice a week there he can wash his clothes shower sleep and eat about three hundred fifty people come here almost all of them from eastern europe. politicians looked the other way for years when it came to homeless people they tell us here the topic only began to get public attention when the stream of migrants from eastern europe increased done. mostly i think and germany as a whole has to admit that not only well situated europeans benefit from open borders. and i believe that deportation is not the solution to. many homeless don't want to return to their home country for various
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reasons. but deportation is exactly the topic that is being discussed by germany and poland in the near future polish social workers will be coming to berlin to try to convince their homeless countryman to return. here. i will not go back to poland under any circumstances too much has happened i have bad memories if i went back to something i regret i have a daughter there under sort of easy for me when i'm there i do things that i shouldn't. and he's more afraid of this than getting through freezing winter on the streets he says one day he'll tell his daughter what went wrong his life but until then he dropped the just stay invisible. well that freezing weather here in berlin is part of
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a major storm that's been sweeping across europe an extreme winter storm has left four people dead and caused wide scale damage and destruction while it winds up to one hundred forty kilometers per hour calls halfling to collapse in paris two hundred thousand homes there are also left without electricity the storms also causing chaos here in germany powerful winds downing trees and power lines firefighters in the city of cologne are working to clear debris from the roads. scott you reminder now of our top story this hour u.s. president donald trump has launched a blistering attack on his former chief strategist he was reacting to comments steve bannon reportedly made about a meeting in trump tower attended by a russian lawyer trump said bannon had quote lost his mind. i'm brian thomas for the entire news team thanks so much for being with us we're back at the top of the hour.
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enter the conflict zone this week conflict zone is it the u.s. on the soul infers training area is a very old guess is lieutenant general ben hodges commando of the some thirty thousand u.s. soldiers in europe with such controversial commanding chief in washington many people in europe are wondering is america still
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a reliable phone. the for next on. the celestial be. spiritual messenger. when they come from. why are they depicted in human form. and why do they have way. the angel crowd close in forty five minutes d w. climate change is just. waste. pollution. and isn't it time for good news eco africa people and projects that are changing a live fire meant for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's inspire others. for the
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farming magazine. long d w. what does a football loving country need to reach its goals. we'll tell you how german soccer made it back to the top. you know web special w dot com. football made in germany. this week conflict zone is at the u.s. army soul in fells training area into varia our guest is lieutenant general ben hutches commander of some thirty thousand u.s. soldiers in europe with a such controversial a commander in chief in washington.


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