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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  January 4, 2018 11:30pm-12:01am CET

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football made in germany. thing is it will twenty years covering the story for us which topics will shape the next twelve months political lobby on. the bus route. between the elections you can feel it picks up the twenty team turnout for president putin. today mon dieu. greetings from berlin and a warm welcome to our latest edition all lined up and power packed with the following top stories. pure energy swiss music machine d.j.
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bobo turns fifty. sure nostalgia a new illustrated book revives one thousand twenties berlin. and future technology an italian robot and his or its watercolor masterpieces. but he's been filling stadiums all across europe for twenty five years now has sold more than fifteen million records with countless of them going gold and platinum and despite all of that d.j. bobo says that he really can't sing very well at all all this was musician is probably most famous for his legendary dance moves but you can see here and he's taken a fair bit of flak over the years and yet his millions of fans do the main trouville on friday d.j. bobo turns fifty years old and on stage at least he can still give many younger performers a run for their money. the
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. d.j. bobo stages a show for all the censors and five million concert goers around the world can testify. tickets to see this was a sensation sell for up to one hundred fifty euros now the d.j. bobo is turning fifty. because you see through fifty loops strangely enough you slow down the beat in the term fix. yes everything gets a bit more relaxed noticed i was on the go constantly for the first fifty years and i can imagine my body and mind now will tell me to take things a bit easier these shingles shaw i don't fall into the big side so. d.j. bobo was born of a need bottom line on january fifth one nine hundred sixty eight he trained to be
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a baker but in the one nine hundred eighty s. his career took off when he won a swiss show dance contest. but. he also began working as a d.j. . back. soon he began to produce his own songs his breakthrough came in one thousand nine hundred two with somebody dance with me. a string of hits followed d.j. bobo became one of the top names in euro dance mixing techno and house with rap and pop choruses it was one of these sounds have been one nine hundred ninety s. . into out below.
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the also landed hits with a cover version. that he kicked off this. dick chalk small town in i never thought i'd be the chocks claw i wanted to make music and fill dance school it's when i started out as d.j. vocal teacher a wall of dust i never imagined putting on gigantic shows and huge arenas to see me smile on their butts. the day the for me. euro dance slowly faded away and many of its stars disappears but d.j. bobo remains. handy celebrated his twenty fifth stage jubilee with his mr oriel tour. i. led d.j.
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bobo's live shows always have a story to tell and are very elaborate the important thing is finding the right mix of new songs and old gigs. and on the all things all score when you perform old songs there's more emotional connection with the audience because they have grown up with the songs and also the different from the new songs i play that i know that many people fell in love with my music in the one thousand nine hundred fifty to mention in the noise the fact that they're still with me today makes me very proud do you know if you know that's not you see a short drive away like it was d.j. bobo's last album was released in two thousand and sixteen cheese and it went to number five in the swiss charts due to photos to date musician and entertainer is sold fifteen million records worldwide and the father of two keeps his private life separate from his career but that doesn't mean his heart isn't in his music.
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a. song. is by. the opposite of folk to have a life is not enough to hope for success it's your whole life you need passion hard work and of course a bit of luck you can be both successful and happy before that's the dream of every artist you can consider. that fifty d.j. bobo is still pursuing is musical dreams but franz will have to wait patiently for his next tour it's not scheduled to kick off until april twenty ninth. i. was. i am he's certainly living proof that we all need to dance much much more all dancing till
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you drop has a long tradition here in berlin and not only is the city nightlife a major draw for tourists today but already nearly a century ago in the golden twenties the german capital was party and depository central that was the time of the weimar republic from the end of world war one until the nazis came to power in one nine hundred thirty three and now a brand new coffee table book takes us back to that heady time of great excesses and great suffering in lovingly illustrated images. illustrator. has visited the legendary scenes of the roaring twenty's in berlin and captured them in his work. back then berlin was europe's fun capital. is up from seed and believe. i did a lot of research in berlin but it was mostly in libraries and archives you from a try to form an image of believing based on photos book couples magazines and
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newspapers has a lot of course i also crisscrossed the city for instance passing through brandenburg gate and thinking wow the great thing about berlin is you can feel the history wherever you go your sister. has made history come alive again in seven hundred sixty five illustrations of his work entitled night falls on berlin in the roaring twenty's depicts the big city lights dancers backstage and performing at the city's famous cabaret venues. the mood in the metropolis is one of sinful pleasure nippled work for five years together with a writer. to recreate this last era. but. i tried to capture the atmosphere from back that far from the party on my drawing stark and it was great fun exploring that visually sure this time it's. the.
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one nine hundred twenty s. berlin is featured both in the accompanying exhibition to the book and in film. the t.v. series babylon berlin enjoys world wide success. of us with a. big meet up going on. i think interest has continued because these things are simply still valid within it's one thing what was important unfashionable in the nineteen twenty s of things people read watch are still a gentleman and so when you see the films from the period they have an unbelievable energy for months it still goes silent films simply blow you away. in the book it's the text by boris paul fina and the illustrations by oh but nick was that bring one thousand nine hundred twenty s. berlin alive again it comes with an accompanying music cd. but the one nine hundred
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twenty s. weren't just about hedonism this was an era of sweeping change in many respects. politics. work. poverty. sports. and fashion you stop this i don't see. the roaring twenty's were only a golden age in the city for one specific group through to most other people there were very dark difficult years most people had no social support network and didn't really have much to laugh about it it's still night life was extremely important extinguished. for the first time the stars of this decade were women people like actress money detritus and dancer josephine baker. night falls on berlin pays homage to female pioneers such as t.f. on how to one of the most successful women in the film business. about whose mental acrobatics astonished cabaret audiences. scott bonds of course i think there
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were really great authors in orders both men and women got it through the court i are a lot of female protagonist zipper i think about the. significant things. but gotten as good as a very modern and. the black and white illustrations depict the contradictions of a time when people partied even though the. nightmare of the third device was quickly approaching. the site by the arrow was extremely glamorous but also sinister that people were dancing on the edge of an abyss or a volcano in the book really gets that across the company in books etc to about the coffers if this is the graphic elements are really something that is unique this guy can really draw and i think the hard black and white lines of the drawings capture the mood very clearly of the guns guns caught on film so with so far as i
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know that is my insta use i like drawing in black and white stock moves in the shading and contrast a part of my style well but i also think that fits perfectly with the age that's because this was a time of contrasts five accomplish that there was glamour there and there was mystery when i was i thought of the lens of. the city of sweeping change joist on the brink of a catastrophe in the one nine hundred twenty s. . such a fascinating time never get bored of it and for a look at what else was making headlines on this day in europe here's our grab bag of the other culture news. spain's former king juan carlos turns eighty this friday the next monarch who is still bears the honorary title king reigned for thirty nine years until you am to gated in favor of his son philippe. one carlos is a central figure in spanish history he was born in exile in rome.
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spanish dictator franco named him a successor and he ascended to the stranded throne in one nine hundred seventy five at the age of thirty eight. the young king did what no one expected taking spain on the path to democracy the former king now lives as a private citizen. people in denmark. found it interesting solution to the housing shortage revamp shipping containers to danish entrepreneurs have turned the metal cubes into stylish student apartments and at the beginning of the year the first sixteen students moved into their new twenty square meter homes in copenhagen a total of two thousand container apartments for students are planned for the danish capital. australian actress cate blanchett will have the honor of presenting the golden palm award this year's cannes film festival over
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the years the forty eight year old has had various roles at the festival on the coaches or from eights to the nineteenth twenty eight jean she'll be the president of the jury the two time oscar winner is strongly committed to fighting sexism in the film industry. it's something we hear all the time these days the role of robots in our daily lives and to what extent they might just make us all all salit and the burning question will they ever be our true equals on an emotional level and for instance even produce something like true art well at the university of fiesta in northern italy it looks like the answer just might be yes as one robot there is currently making headlines with striking watercolor paintings a busker as he's called has already had a role in a science fiction theater play in milan and so we went to tree s. to meet up with this multi-talented machine.
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he paints tirelessly. producing a whole series of pictures every day. is the world's first robot to make art works . our local enough from the university of tree estimates really developed this machine with an artistic streak in twenty fifteen. the style we try to adopt in many of our artworks and it also depends on the subjects we're painting dismissal is done to reproduce the hand of an artist or the typical style of a watercolor painting we lost the ability because you know what it needs to. you know seem to know we want to combine some of these elements with styles that can be introduced in the algorithm in an artificial way that creating a new style creating a new procedural stuff that could be understood in war. does need
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human help the robot may be able to paint on its own but it can't decide which papers or paints to use. a newly developed algorithm ensures that no two pictures are the same just as with human made out works everybody is an original. be able. to do or it seemed to mean the we wanted to introduce random elements in our works so they would be seen as realistic paintings. release them but it is pieces that derives from the movement of an artist made of flesh and bone you do not these think of. the days still certainly far off when machines will be able to paint by picasso. still needs help even to sign his works but each new version of the algorithm refined his technique with hundreds of works to its credit the
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robot from tree estis sure to create a stir with his first exhibition. want to know more about european lifestyle and culture visit euro max on facebook. you'll find highlights from our programmes. three hundred sixty degree videos of the most beautiful places in europe and snapshots taken by our reporters take an exclusive look behind. in the scenes at how the program is produced and follow us on facebook live. we love it when fans visit our facebook page and give us their feedback visit d.w. euro max on facebook. all of one of your new year's resolutions is to get a bit of order into your house then today's d.i.y. might just be the thing our d.i.y. expert sorry hansen will show you how to make a cool bulletin board all the better to tidy up all those perfectly bits and pieces .
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but they can also. today i will show you how to make. a few. square photo frames twenty five twenty five centimeters and five centimeters deep you'll need plenty of bottle corks you can order them online various paints are uses chopped paints because they're opaque and dry quickly. glued to hammer on a nail. first arrange the corks in your photo. sorry used rose for a total of sixty. it's easier to arrange the rows at the same size. once
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you've filled the frame with you can take out a few paint them. sorry used three different colors. while the painted corks dry the other corks in the frame with the hot glue. painted corks have also dried fill the gaps in the frame by mounting them using the . hammer a nail in the wall and hang your finished bulletin board on it and things on it as you like. if you. the birds were brought in and saved you can use other frames that fits
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let's say. interior design at its best and check out our you tube channel interior design stunning design ideas spectacular buildings and d.i.y. tutorials on home decoration we'll take you inside the most beautiful european homes show you the latest in furniture fabrics and accessories subscribe and don't miss out see you on you tube. europe is famous for its stunning mountain landscapes but as you'll see in this next report you don't have to go to the alps or even as far as the pira needs to find them poland also has plenty of snow and winter sports facilities to offer in so for today's episode of our series we thought we'd take a trip to the resort of pani to check out how people there and joy the snowy season
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. the high touch trust poland's highest mountain range are also home to its highest town. some ninety kilometers south of krakow. tourists head to the region for winter sports international scheme competitions are often held here zac opana is often referred to as poland's winter capital. this is coupon street which runs through the center of town its distinctive mix of bars restaurants boutiques and souvenir shops makes it popular with both tourists and local residents. who pump the street is great you can see the mountains from here a great atmosphere they really like this that i love this town and it's really like with. everything. it's really beautiful and i know it's best out of.
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a good way to see the local countryside is to take a ride in a horse drawn sleigh this means of travel is popular in the region during the cold season the augustine no bitch family has traveled about four hundred kilometers to spend their winter vacation here. because we wanted to see every corner of this region so that's why we decided to take one of the sleighs. to go skiing to this is our first time here and we think it's great we'll be back for sure trish. the driver wears homemade woolen gators plus a bubble had made of sheepskin like all of his colleagues it can get pretty windy out here. this is the southern part of the touchdown range. with a good book going on as an altitude of one thousand meters see that mountain over there it's in slovakia.
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back to coupon street where horse drawn sleighs make way for horse drawn carriages there are a fun and traditional way to see the city with its unique architectural style. there are small wooden villas with pointed roofs a number of gables and ornamental decorations. this is the villa which was built at the end of the nineteenth century now it houses a museum of local architecture the residence of zack opana take pride in their local traditions. in the old days we used animals to haul coal and wood. animals have always been really important to us started out my grandfather and great grandfather own horses by doing to look at these days of the horses or only use our tourism but our drivers clothes haven't changed much. the sleighs still look the same to the horses can pull up
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to eight passengers at a time. the roads here have lots of curves which isn't unusual for mountainous regions this part of the country also gets a lot of snow and that makes horse drawn sleighs an ideal means of transport just asked the family. not to do something and first i was really surprised at how narrow these mountain roads are so i also know it's tough to get to some places. things didn't turn out like i thought they would on our first day here our car got stuck life is different here so yeah it's. not that. many of the local residents had been dealing with travelling in stowey conditions all their lives so they know what they're doing. it gets busy on through puckey street after sundown the bars restaurants and. pleasant places to eat drink and get warm
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and take the cash man for example. the local residents clearly enjoy their folklore traditions. the music and the vocals are unique to this region the local dialects can be a little difficult for outsiders to understand. up to three million people a year visit. to enjoy the unique atmosphere of this polish mountain region. and on that note it is time for us to sign also we hope you enjoy the show and until next time all the best from us here in berlin and.
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next time. in the 1980's the professional gentleman this gentleman was facing extinction but now prime hotel butlers are making a comeback. in a special school in belgium an aspiring butlers can learn how to behave perfectly and anticipate their employer's every wish the butler saw next time max.
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kick up. the bum strong emotion the biggest match in german song. the style of experience this clash of the titans makes this encounter
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clocks glibly. freedom of expression. of ways has to be defended. over the world. of freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project. and their right to express their views freely. turn into. people developing smart solutions. let's inspire. the.
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go in africa vitamin magazine on d w. climate change. waste. pollution. and isn't it time for good news eco and africa people and projects that are changing our environment for the better it's up to us to make a difference he can win for good morning magazine d w. but on what it. is you know i mean in your monotonous he. goes oh no there's cynical media. us all up with out about. vision of getting. it on what it. is you know i mean in your mind not in the scene . in
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a moment tonight it's. what i'm focused on in the studio but i'm with what it took and i said i know what is it them. it's you know i mean in your mind not a single line you are going to get what you guy i don't want. me nobody and unanimous. the show could go because as you've read it yes it said. i should run. but i've only said what i thought of going on with her being funded. by mckinsey it is as if the. us president donald trump has threatened legal action against his former chief strategist steve bannon over his statements in a new book trump's lawyers called the statements defamatory and say they violate a confidentiality agreement signed by dan and they're seeking to block the release
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