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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 5, 2018 7:00pm-8:01pm CET

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this is news law in congress prime minister fires a broadsided germany's chancellor angela merkel viktor orbán tells german conservatives that people who have no right to live in new york union should be sent packing and europe needs secure borders he says. also coming up michael bolton
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bombshell book. goes on sale in america people are lining up to get their hands on the book that the president did not want them to read trump says it is full of lies . meanwhile our business or its mind the gap mr trump the u.s. trade deficit just got bigger despite your america first campaign. plus the german journalist jailed in turkey sends a message to. dennis you accuses of holding him hostage just as the turkish foreign minister calls for a new beginning in the rocky relations with germany. and deep freeze the east coast of the united states is in the grip of a massive winter storm fresh snow sends the mercury plummeting to record close.
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i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks for joining us. as german chancellor angela merkel's conservatives prepare to enter talks on forming a coalition government with the social democrats merkel's own sister party the c.s.u. has welcomed one of europe's staunchest anti immigration leaders to its winter convention and garion leader viktor orban was in southern bavaria to deliver a key speech to delegate prime minister orbán has a long standing and vocal critic of angela merkel's refugee policy and today harshly criticized her stance on the european union refugees and immigration. addressing the media outside of the convention or been portrayed current european migration policies as suffering from what he called a democratic deficit. the europeans have a clear opinion one could say the will of the people is clear they don't want to
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live in fear of terrorism they want security they want our borders to be secure and they want those who have no justification for living in europe to be taken back to where they come from so they can restart their lives there. and for more let's bring in mikhail of course now our correspondent who is covering the c.s.u. party meeting and mckayla we just saw garion prime minister orbán there again criticizing germany's refugee policies in harsh terms we have to say what was he invited to the c.s.u. because i mean this is after all merkel sister party. absolutely this is merkel says you sister party that at one point after the migration crisis started actually accused the german chancellor of breaching german law it's kind of withdrew that and has now closed ranks with the german chancellor as we're about to see that
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fresh start of talks to head towards the new coalition well viktor orban has always been critical of markel and this is you certainly enjoyed that meeting today with someone they see as an old friend he has been here before also pre migration since this issue dominated pretty much the discussions both in germany but also europe wide so yes he is an old friend also significant business interests but of course the timing the pictures of them closing ranks here and the praise that viktor orban had for the c.s.u. leader. when in a speech he declared basically that the various germany was a christian country and should remain so that also of course sends a very clear signal if not a red line towards berlin before all sides sit down and try and put a government together here in germany and they're going to sit down and about two
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days time in fact in order to do that so ahead of that i mean is it fair to say that the c.s.u. is behind her. it is has a history of having also internal brows it's just settled a fight for power here amongst itself and then all of a sudden looks like you turn a switch and everybody closes ranks well that's basically the game the c.s.u. has been playing with over the past year is well harsh criticism followed by complete support but of course leaving enough enough a legacy of those roles to know exactly where the various begs to differ from the line of the german chancellor notably is on migration there has been much speculation here in germany about the future of the chancellor how much longer she can cling to power in the country there at the c.s.u. meeting are you seeing any positioning you know any discussion about
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a post or future for the party. you will not get anybody to say. even thinking in that direction but at the same time it was noted here. appears to be the only one who survived this past elections which basically gave the leading parties the c.d.u. disuse you and the social democrats dressing down at the ballot box this can i mean under the mat for much of one but she certainly this was not a victory for her while she survived and i think there was a certain amount of envy but no longer really admiration on how that has worked out for her but yes i mean the public sees it that way that the best years the peak of her chancery is over she might even herself see it that way but the big question is will she be able to get these parties get particular social democrats grassroots or will decide in the end on board to continue ground coalition if she doesn't and
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could well be the end of even me standing once again as a candidate but early days here that's what for those talks mchale now with the very latest from the c.s.u. party meeting we thank you so much. let's get a quick check now of some other stories that have been making news around the world in paris french president emanuel told his turkish counterpart right to that democratic countries must respect the rule of law in the fight against terrorism was talking about the fate of thousands of students teachers and journalists in turkey being held in custody. in south africa recovery teams are continuing their search for more bodies after a fatal train crash on friday at least eighteen people are reported to have died in the crash when the train collided with a truck police say that the truck driver may face manslaughter charges. in the congolese capital kinshasa residents of a shanty town are picking up the pieces after at least forty four people died in
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mudslides and rental rainstorms authorities say the victims were killed by collapsing walls and by drowning many homes in the city of ten million are built on the hillsides where a lack of drainage makes them vulnerable to flash. the so-called truce village in the demilitarized zone between north and south korea will be the site of the first formal talks between the countries in more than two years the discussions set for tuesday could pave the way for north korean athletes to attend the upcoming winter olympics in south korea. a new tell all book that exposes the earliest growing pains of donald trump's presidency is jumping off the shelves in america and selling out online as well it came out today four days ahead of its scheduled to release after trump's attorneys tried to put to a stop to it the president ripped into author michael wolff after extracts of his book were published portraying the white house to chaos and betrayal trump said
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that the book was full of lies the author has given an interview and here's part of what my full blown off said on n.b.c. news is today program. i will tell you the one description that that everyone gave everyone has in common they all say he is like a child and what they mean by that is he has it and a need for immediate gratification it's all about him. they say he's. a moron in the. eyes she there is a competition to sort of get to the bottom line here of who this man is let's remember this man does not read does not listen so he's he's like a. it's like the pinball just just is just shooting off the sides. let's get more now on author michael wolff and this book that has just come out today i
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am joined by correspondent carolina chinmoy who is standing by at a washington d.c. bookstore where those books have simply been flying off of the shelves carolyn but first i want to talk a little bit more about what wolf had to say on the today show he paints a damning picture of the president as we heard what is he alternately to be believed because his credibility has been criticized not only by the president but also by some of his peers journalists what more are we learning about him as an author and the way that he gather information for this book. when michael well has a very well known her and journalists here in the united states and he contacted our own two hundred interviews in eighteen months to write this book and he said on that interview were just listening to you works every journalist as he has the recordings of the interviews and he has no it's and he also added he's not surprised at all the president is reacting that way because with the lawyers and
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the letters because this is the way he often reacts he approaches problems in this way and indeed it is pretty extraordinary that a president tries to block the publishing of a book here in the united states. yeah. and carolyn you're there at a bookstore we see you know people there behind you were you able to get a copy of fire and fury. no unfortunately not because they're all sold out and that happened yesterday night at this bookstore opened soul night as so let let let's talk i have here as steve salah sending with me he's the owner of this book shop kramer bookshop thank you for being with us good morning which thank you thank you and this book we're talk. we all are talking about it was meant to be published on tuesday what happened
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yesterday well we caught wind of the publishing house they decided to push up the release date and around six o'clock last night we heard about it we were able to get access to some copies and being that we are a bookstore that is open late we decided to release the book on friday at twelve o'clock how many copies we had a bunch of copies and we move through them within literally a couple minutes we believe how many cost i can't give you that number but we were very many copies that we had and we moved through the very fast many people brace the cold weather to come out and to get the book and indeed it is very cold saying very fast like come much time they need to go we sold out within a couple minutes after midnight a couple of minutes after midnight and they do you put a book back for yourself. i have a copy of the book for myself i do do you think that media are maybe promoting making too much promotion of this book with this news. yeah i think it's tough to say you know we live in a democracy today people have the right to speakers share information the way they
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choose to share it i don't really get involved in that stuff but you know clearly it's i think it's great for the bookstore business i think this is fantastic for our bookstore and you know it's a great way to start the new year with a fantastic splash when are you getting more copies so there's been a really bad snowstorm that's taken part of the northeast here and so we're waiting to figure that out we understand that more copies as of monday we should actually be getting a lot of copies on monday you're the owner of this bookstore and so probably you know michael wolff and his works what do you think of him as an author i think michael's a very good author and look i think as evidence to what's being put out you know as of now today it's moving pretty pretty aggressively so i think people want to read the book and i think that as evidence to like i said how fast things are moving thank you so much see for this interview thank you. that was a cease. as the owner of this bookstore they opened yesterday at midnight and in
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a few minutes books were sold ok so people who want to get a copy of the book don't go to hell i'm to blame there and in dupont circle where you are standing by carolyn a theme i want to thank you very much for your reporting and we do indeed hope that you get a copy fire and fury as we mentioned you're watching d.w. news still to come on the program deep worry it's the east coast of the united states is in the grip of record low temperatures we will find out how even sunny florida is feeling the icy blast. but in the meantime sticking in the united states because u.s. president has been vocal about shrinking the country's trade deficit but as does not look like it will be happening any time soon helen enough the story not at all in fact it's just become even more gaping despite his america first policies the u.s. is buying even more foreign goods and services than it is selling in fact the trade gap has reached its highest level in six years and november figure has widened to
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fifty and a hall billion dollars off the back of record exports. america first is the policy donald trump has preached ever since he entered office he believes more should be done to protect american industries from foreign competition and he's been especially critical of the u.s. trade deficit with china. both the united states and china will have a more prosperous future if we can achieve a level economic playing for you. right now unfortunately it is a very one sided and unfair one not much has changed since the speech and november some economists say that's because u.s. president trumps argument is flawed they argue countries like china are not to blame for the trade deficit but rather u.s. consumers americans consume more than they themselves produce the latest u.s. trades that's maybe a case in point even with
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a weaker dollar and on the back of higher exports americans still appear to be spending more on foreign goods. well covering a story for us is almost a wall street yang's cotton now yan's chunk has spoken in the past about punitive measures in light of this growing trade imbalance is he likely seeing now follow through the u.s. president has forced his population to buy fewer foreign a good spot the administration has already taken some measures we've seen a huge tariffs on lumber imports from canada or steel imports from china there's also talk about huge tariffs when it comes to washing machines from asia or bombardier planes from canada we have the nuff the negotiations still going on there is a big question mark if the united states will opt out of this agreement so there
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are some measures underway but the question is how good is that for the u.s. economy let's say america produces more was in the country or has higher terrorist for foreign goods that would mean that prices in the u.s. for consumers would increase and that would be a negative for the country right now chunk has previously singled out the u.s. trade imbalance with germany in the past taking to twitter in may saying that must change in a tweet can we expect this trade imbalance this particular wanting balance out any time soon. what is true is that behind china and japan you as is running the third highest trade deficit with germany pretty much equal to mexico but the question is what precisely can the us to do a donald trump has talked about this mess if that's all we put it a trade deficit that the u.s.
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runs it was a germany is still we might see some tariffs even if there's nothing nothing specific on the table in a respected to germany what could also happen is that was the tax reform here in the united states maybe more german companies are going to produce their goods within the united states so that might actually bring the trade deficit down a little bit but at least for the near future i do not see a big change in those trade relations between germany and the u.s. a financial correspondent in new york thanks for that. well staying with a chunk administration and the white house has announced that it wants to open almost the entire u.s. coastline to offshore drilling to the is of energy companies several coastal states have already vowed to do whatever it takes to stop that happening. the five year plan calls for forty seven new offshore leases opening waters that have been off limits for decades including areas off the california and florida coasts is
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a move that the u.s. interior department says is in the nation's interest but it is a clear difference between. you weakness. and under president we're going to have the strongest energy eight houses and become the strongest interview super car we've certainly yet it's to do that the proposal follows last week's announcement of plans to roll back or even repeal safety regulations adopted under the obama administration environmental groups have vowed to oppose the move and are organizing protests offshore drilling is is inherently dirty it's an awful lot of work there will be an oil spill such as was the case off the coast of santa barbara in two thousand and fifteen where hundred thousand gallons of oil spilled into the ocean killing fish marine mammals and other wildlife. and you can go as far back as two thousand and ten to the b.p. departed horizon spill which spilled millions of barrels into the gulf of mexico
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the plan has already drawn heavy criticism from several coastal states among them the carolinas and california also in florida where memories of the deepwater horizon spill remain fresh the two thousand and ten oil platform explosion claimed the lives of eleven oil workers and devastated the gulf coast. all right back to sarah now it's that bomb cyclon that hit united states shutting down businesses grinding transportation to a halt there you know a bomb cycle perhaps not a word in there to talk about how cold it also is because the u.s. east coast is really in the grip of the deep freeze here that is after a massive winter storm as we mentioned brought fresh snow hurricane force winds and flooding to several regions elsewhere it was a rare opportunity to see snow and ice and locations normally known for their sunshine sunny getaways transformed into winter wonderland
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water fountains morphed into ice sculptures as an abnormal cold snap hits the sovs something to harden barkan for. doing the snow yeah yeah she likes the snow so but we didn't bring our snow suit because we. saw did lizards in the states of florida. thirty degrees and the harness and the trees there and i mean. the record lows have frozen and juana stiff this pair partly survived and later walked off their chills. but the effects of this monster storm grow more extreme the farther north you go. in philadelphia the city's famous stacks were turned into slopes. and a playground for the off road adventures. paths
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the dangerous conditions put many in harm's way one woman was killed when her costs led into a rail crossing. twenty centimeters of snow was dumped on new york city shutting schools and grounding staios into flights. leaving the parks to fill up with families and the fearless. let's turn now to some other news because large. rallies are being held across iran as the government in tehran tries to end more than a week of deadly unrest across the country at least twenty one people died with hundreds more arrested in protests which became which began against economic woes and quickly turned into violent anti regime demonstrations iran's supreme leader ayatollah ali come in
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a has accused iran's enemies of meddling in those protests other iranian officials have been more explicit blaming the cia israel and saudi arabia for the rest now the u.n. security council is holding an emergency meeting about iran today at the request of the united states washington warning that the demonstrations in iran that they could escalate. in an exclusive interview with g.w. iranian nobel peace prize laureate shereen abody urged iranians to pressure tehran into holding a referendum on the country's political future this is specifically what she said check this out she said the government cannot silence the hungry for ever and has to listen to people you can of course read the full interview with the iranian nobel peace prize laureate arena body online that is at d w dot com slash top stories. well our next report now takes us to the irish capital dublin where
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the country has changed the way that it debates sensitive issues this citizens' assembly which was established back in twenty sixteen has already dealt with same sex marriage which has now been legalized have a look. ireland is one of the european union smaller members and the scene of a revolution in democracy. finbar o'brian a sixty two year old postman explains what that means all his life he says politicians were the ones up there i didn't know anything about politics i never discussed politics i had no actual interest in politics. up until today i was just sitting inside the restaurant and this lady came up and asked me what i'd be interested. in the citizens assembly debates the big issues facing irish society three years ago the environment devote on arlin's introduction of same sex marriages it was a hard task you often heard of priest peta fights. so many similar to the effort to
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me on a live person and. but years ago i used that item all under the one that i was. given all to seem to be even little paedophiles again our lives being whatever they were the same type of people and i just heated and i just displays them. for the past few years this hotel near dublin has hosted this experiment in grassroots democracy now arlen's fourth citizens assembly is meeting here been barred took part in the first assembly in two thousand and fourteen the concept is for ninety nine ordinary irish citizens to debate politics for one year young old university graduates farmers even opponents or their chosen by lottery. this group is debating pension reforms they pour over statistics listen to experts and consider details everything is broadcast live on the internet no closed doors
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actions here sort of experience that our country went through with from about two thousand and eight on where it's serious crisis and a lot of anger on the streets about the into the mess that our economy was in and a lot of blame get attached to all politicians so there was a strong sense from two thousand and eleven on the words particularly that we need to try something new we needs to commit our citizens in debates about our constitutional future and they take a vote and pass their recommendation on to parliament the representatives are not bound to vote according to the recommendation but they do give it serious consideration. the legalization of same sex marriage seemed inconceivable in arland with its conservative population and the powerful influence of account for the church. but the citizens assembly discussed this previously taboo subject for three years objectively and finbar brian changed his mind.
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and it taught me no i'd be distant and i learned a lot by doing that and in that key is to know israel to just english and gay people or know how to just get on people they just want to live down there you know and to children that you know and talk to people and that's why i stood up at the above and said my part and i said that i'd be forty in the morning on behalf of gay people to get married the majority in the citizens assembly voted yes that led to a referendum and that led to predominantly catholic garland introducing same sex marriage participation and having a say in things in bar thirdly approves of the idea. for god every winter or new people into it so i showed up on a case that people did not know what it did every day our community and their opinions were listening to. says politicians just need to have the courage to give some of the power to the people. here watching
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d.w. news still to come on the program we gaze into our crystal ball to see what this year has in store for the european union will it be able to refocus and reshape itself after the shock of brecht's that. i'm the german journalist jailed in turkey it accuses entourage of holding him hostage and what will his message mean for turkey's attempts to improve its rocky relations with germany. all that more in just a few minutes time i'm sara kelley in berlin i'll see you again soon. stars up close. and be god's house of music this time could be bad and the baseballs just icon meals monthly and. because the.
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name of the. trust. groups in forty five minutes to double. thousands of children come missing every kid in china they all sewn on the ground market. time jingjing is searching for her son who by now sounds. without any help from the only current she's cool to return home and despair for she finds from others wrong. so time changing searches for her son. reports out on d w. they live to surf. danger lurks in the water we were the only old surfing waste and polluted water.
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basically this is the only one with a backup feel of a shelter. is we just it's sad to go somewhere every day and see more and more proficient times to see the kids mean everything the lengths the wind i have to give something back in the blind it is to seem to really get to the. point waves surfers fighting against unseen pollution the sea starting january seventh on the dole. welcome back you're with t.w. news i'm sarah kelly in brooklyn the top stories on greece prime minister viktor orban has fired a broadside of germany's chancellor angela merkel he told a conference of merkel sister party of the c.s.u.
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that people who have no right to live in the european union should be sent packing europe needs more secure borders he said. the e.u. faces a number of tough issues in the year ahead but there are opportunities as well if germany can get a stable government it could along with friends lead an effort to reshape the bloc deeply shaken by brags that our series this week of twenty eighteen has in store our brussels correspondent max huffman looking at what is at stake for the e.u. . these three have big plans for two thousand and eighteen especially regarding migration. the reform of the euro zone and of course brics. this thing seems to be anything but the neighborhood of. the e.u. institutions see a window of opportunity to resolve many of europe's most pressing problems but the
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window of opportunity you might not be as large as many people are hoping for and that's mainly due to that woman that you can see behind the flags the german chancellor are going to back home in many ways she's still the queen of europe of course but as long as she doesn't have a governing coalition in berlin her hands are pretty much tied to. the man who's blowing wind into the sails of a reformed european union is french president michel going to fit in a few of these given many speeches and express many ideas and grand visions for two thousand and eighteen and beyond to get italy one of them establishing a real european monetary fund to support countries that need help to avoid bankruptcy like greece in two thousand and ten. another one giving the eurozone its own budget to invest and absorb economic shocks overall my call is calling for much
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deeper european integration. but not everybody is on board with that at all there is resistance in germany among others for example and it seems like some of the old fault lines are becoming visible again through g. and a for the fault lines between spending and austerity but also between the west . and east especially on migration the e.u. institutions want a comprehensive deal on asylum and relocate. until june but hungary's big is still unwilling to accept refugee quotas and he has allies that. we should concentrate on issues where we feel that they be a ready to reach an agreement it would be a big mistake to continue into open issues the when we feel that these issues. divide the boss again european union as we could see in the past on the basis of what i think i mean frankly. poland undermining the rule of law and its ongoing
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quarrels with brussels could increase this east west divide even further in two thousand and eighteen. but of course there is one thing unifying the european union at least twenty seven of its member states and that's well this one that's a walking towards us right there theresa may of course it's not about the person herself but it's about what she's trying to do leading her country the united kingdom out of the european union brags that. so far the e.u. twenty seven have shown remarkable unity on bragg's it but it will get tougher in two thousand and eighteen because with the second phase of the negotiations starting soon future trade relations between the twenty seven remaining member states and the u.k. are on the menu including sectors like the german car industry that's one national interests in the e.u. might collide. the clock is ticking.
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migration. eurozone reform. and brags that the e.u. needs to agree on all these topics in two thousand and eighteen to take advantage of this window of opportunity to. and to more than a year of deteriorating relations between turkey and germany could we be about to potentially see a breakthrough though the turkish foreign minister called for a new beginning ahead of a bilateral meeting with his german counterpart a major point of contention has been turkey's jailing of german nationals including journalist denis you tell now he has been held in turkey for more than ten months without an indictment in a statement sent to d.w. news by his lawyer you charlie cues is on her of holding him quote hostage he's also taken issue with the turkish foreign minister's remarks on his case. let's get
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more now on utils message and its possible implications for those strained determine turkish relations we're joined here in studio by correspondent yulia hans so what is in the statement well first of all sara it's probably not difficult to imagine that for dinner as usual it's not easy at all to communicate with the outside world he is in jail and there are very strict rules for him so we got this message yes through his lawyer he is one of the few people who can regularly talk to him as usual and who also can speak on his behalf of two media. so in this message as you already mentioned. is directly referring and replying to remarks by turkish foreign minister. although he obviously felt the urge to say something about his remarks the foreign minister when asked in an interview about case said that he is. very happy that's
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a quote that there is no indictment yet and it is you joe who is desperately waiting for an indictment had a very sarcastic so to say unser and that's what i'm reading out now that's what was in the message he says that really upset me as i would not want to be unhappy because of me but i can comfort him i can get used to being held hostage for more than a year he can if he if i can do that he can manage it too that's the message there is a lot of irony a lot of sarcasm even frustration and a lot of time in two because he's basically you know this came to light today the meeting of the foreign ministers as tomorrow yes i will or will be here in germany to talk to german counterpart. and ahead of this meeting the message of the took shoring minister was ok let's be friends again we want to get past this crisis that's what he said we want
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a fresh start and he is also asking for more mutual understanding for a bilateral relations to be based on trust so this is one one signal and clearly to me this is an appeasement offensive by the turkish government towards the end because two thousand and seventeen really has been a very terrible year for german turkish relations at least i'm covering turkey now for more than ten years i haven't seen something like this so apparently both sides are hoping for better relations this year but of course. case and the case of some other german nationals who are still behind bars in turkey is a really big big phone and those relations and let's talk a little bit more about those other german nationals who also hold turkish passports who are being held in custody there in turkey you know genesis case is not the only one and not only just journalists as well we're going to have a look right now at a case of some lawyers as well i know you're very familiar with it and then i want
7:39 pm
to get your reaction there all right. a steel door just to be safe police have stormed the offices of this law firm on several occasions and arrested colleagues according to those who work here in fact there is a second steel door behind the first one. this allows denise you'll remember partners to breathe easier the older him has dual citizenship german as well as turkish she spent fifty five days behind bars accused of being a member of a terrorist organization yielder him however believes her arrest was due to work as a lawyer and because she is active in the pro kurdish people's democratic party. this globe i'm put it's just concept. and i think it's part of a greater political concept to minimize and prevent democratic politics here. esky jackie to spend time in jail as well jockey or took part in the legal defense of a university lecturer who was arrested after protesting her dismissal by going on
7:40 pm
a hunger strike last december two days before the trial was to begin the law offices were raided. they took our computers telephones and external hard drives and they did not return them they also seized documents pertaining to the trial they said they would prevent us from doing our jobs as lawyers. cases still pending her trial begins in april she says until then she'll do all she can to help her colleagues behind bars she visited two lawyers in the women's prison it isn't influence they're together with eighteen other some of them are their clients so they work on their cases from prison. and it's a sad state of affairs when lawyers and their clients are sitting together in the same prison cell. it's. the two jailed women lawyers also work at this farm they were arrested in october on
7:41 pm
terrorism charges their colleague. calls it a travesty of justice. this is the current state of justice in our country the police have all the power if they want to arrest you they will this country has become a police state the book goes. to the. other lawyers here say more than twenty attorneys are behind bars in turkey at the moment or in hopes things will get better when the state of emergency is over. we want to mark receive we want peace and we want to do our work as lawyers to defend people. at the moment though they are more concerned about defending themselves. and very familiar in fact on with some of the lawyers that we just saw there tell us a little bit more about their case and is it a common one well the turkish lawyers who are trying to defend for example the german nationals they actually have to be very brave from my understanding i mean i
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met with one lawyer who was defending another german national mashallah tolo who was recently released pending trial and i asked her you know do you think the judiciary in turkey is still independent and then she would just laugh in my face like independent you know no way that was her oncet but they are still saying we're trying to do our jobs that's what we learned that's what we're here for and i admire people who are that brave to still continue despite all the obstacles i mean the the figure of german national still behind bars in turkey allegedly for political reasons it's not really clear it's at least five some say seven a few others have been released in the past months the human rights activists for example mashallah tolo the german journalist i mentioned her and the. releases are at least giving some hope that for example and individual's case there will be developments at as well two thousand and eighteen the turkish foreign minister says
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that a new start he is at least hoping for a new start how realistic is that when there are still cases like you charles that exist well i think we shouldn't lose hope that there will be better relations soon but of course the german government also plays a role in this and they have a very clear position they are saying ok let's keep all communication channels open it's good that we talk it's good that mr chow is coming over to germany and that he's talking to mr gubb but at the same time they are saying there is no going back to normal no normalization in the relations. as long as dan is you jill and other german nationals are behind bars without any trial date any and and so debts for sure the german position so now we need to see if there is going to be some development at least after ten months mr charles will said that they are encouraging the turks to judiciary to speed up the judicial process as in don't is
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your case this is a remarkable statement i haven't heard something like this of course they're always emphasizing that the judiciary is independent that's what the turkish government always is really emphasizing but at least it means there could be something happening anytime soon so either a court for example announcing a trial date or maybe even releasing. a pending trial so that's what what i'm expecting to happen quite soon you know with your assessment of the situation those relations between germany and turkey and the citizens of both of these countries who are caught in the middle of it all we thank you so much. but we have now a change of pace and a closer look at the turkish economy own humphry has that story sara thank you very much well despite those political uncertainties the country's economy has. proven surprisingly resilient however there are some dark clouds on the horizon well g.d.p. growth took
7:45 pm
a big hit in twenty sixteen off to the failed coup but then rolled back a surge in construction and government spending put turkey's g.d.p. growth on track to exceed six and a half a cent to twenty seventeen that pace exceeded only by china and india but inflation certainly remains a major problem at the end of last year i knew consumer price growth reached almost twelve percent and that has also had an impact on the turkish currency the nira has long been on a slow decline for several years that it was worth over fifty u.s. cents five years ago now it's down to around hoff that amount in the weak currency helps make turkish exports cheap but it reflects a lack of confidence in the economy well as we've just seen judy you to hon has been with us in the studio and ashley now reports that is making it increasingly difficult for many turks to make ends meet. activists
7:46 pm
suddenly had to get used to serving tea for the last four months he's been working as a temporary waiter in this stumble cafe. you know he'd never imagined things could come to this only last summer movie that was the proud owner of a small hotel he was the boss but the economic crisis ruined his business he went bankrupt was forced to sell up. because if you do it in the. details a little to crush like that you pull through much it's just such a huge difference between what i was and what i am now part of my house is mainly european tourists in my hotel but they stopped coming and i started to lose money to cuba. only in the last two years my business collapsed completely. lots of turkeys businesses have gone the way of movements on the stumbles main shopping boulevard the lively misty club the signs of economic malays are everywhere.
7:47 pm
turkey's inflation rate has hit a fourteen year high and the lira is constantly losing value creating problems for many. but that's all we now know the ideal that suits us to go out a lot to eat but that's become a luxury for us. we're always comparing what we were able to buy and what we can buy now but that's not much use. we only lose money because of years of bad policies. we are not in the discontent is rife even though officially the economy is booming skyscrapers a sprouting up in the stumbles financial district thanks to state subsidies the weaker lira has seen exports increased president dredge a type of arab one claims that the economy grew by as much as seven percent in twenty seventeen the main eat you economies don't even come close to that.
7:48 pm
economist. doesn't trust the glowing figures he says turkey's economic miracle is built on sand we do have an investment boom the structures as you know istanbul is now covered with this skyscrapers but that's the most money doesn't that productivity growth it is what the economists call sustainable we can't go like that who had active has his own crisis to deal with after he's finished his shift in the cafe he often walks past the hotel he owned not so long ago. but more that's already given up hope it might one day be his again. now i don't know about you but i don't like going to work without a coffee first of many of us get our caffeine fix on the garden using paper cups in the u.k. alone people end up throwing away two point five billion coffee cups every year now the u.k.'s environmental protection authority is calling for a tax on those cups it's
7:49 pm
a solution that could do more than just change consumer habits. this is what thousands of crushed coffee cups look like journal recycling but most disposable cups don't even make it to the stage only one percent are recycled in the u.k. a concern for both environmentalists and the people industry and we've got capacity is to offer a billion cups a yeah to be able to recycle these going to be honest years running out using a very small proportion about capacity to be able to recycle used copy cups not because the technology doesn't exist without she's smart the supply chain doesn't exist you know to be able to provide just the coffee cup it's not easy to recycle coffee cups because of the plastic waterproof layer incite them but changing consumer behavior is the biggest obstacle the paper mills only receive cups that are thrown away with the paper most cups are discarded in regular touch but if you put them in the mix recycling. along with comes the last paper it's very unlikely
7:50 pm
that they'll get recycled look possible but unlikely though every cycle a special tax on disposable cups could help with the money we invested in improving recycling infrastructure and the high cost could also force consumers to use their own cups. and sarah has your sports news now they were talking of football actually helen check this out because one thing that one asleep inside cologne can say now is that it cannot can be war they are dead of bottom in the standings with just six points they scratch together thanks to a lone win and three draws they have the worst goals for stats scoring just ten and the worst goals against letting in a whopping thirty two so is there a light at the end of this play or tunnel have a look. coach stephan written back has one goal for cologne survival they did
7:51 pm
beat all spurred in his first outing as interim coach in december then three days later they lost the shock in the german cup. still that's when written back was offered the full time coaching job management obviously believes in him but the pressure is on the cologne native. to vision in a foolish. we need to win games but we don't know whether all be enough the fact is we need wins we need to pick up three points as often as possible despite what's happened we are hopeful we can cause a sensation. to help bruton back on his quest is new signing see montero order last season he helped fire second division stuttgart into the top tier with twenty five goals and goals are exactly what cologne need forwards are always expected to score goals that's what all our strikers have experienced in our careers and we're all trying to be more effective up front fictive to them. when the season resumes next week cologne
7:52 pm
face high flying minchin clad back in a local derby. for the team and their fans any point will do. that is of course adriano celentano singing his biggest hit as good on the italian actor and singer celebrates his eightieth birthday on saturday. and for more on the big birthday we're joined here in the studio by adrian kennedy who i think today we're going to call you know ok thanks. biggest fan of soon to say yes i have based my whole career on a careful study of the italian entertainer and this lot to learn here is quite
7:53 pm
a very good work ethic of course made forty films or than fifty top selling albums and still making music twenty six the one of his albums was the best selling album of the year despite only being released in mid november but perhaps what does best is just be chairman tanno he's the archetype of the tally in match show but he managed to do that with a lot of grace and good humor so it's difficult not to like him now in many of his most popular films he played alongside the chanting or c. and we're going to take a look back at some of the highlights of his successful sixty year career. ok. i. got. on the piano and then thomas nickname is in wanted to or
7:54 pm
the flexible one and it's not hard to see why he's a unique performer a combination of a musician and a comedian and then the slapstick moment. the challenge tunnel was born in milan and nine hundred thirty eight he began his career as a musician in the late one nine hundred fifty s. and landed his biggest hit and nine hundred sixty eight with. he's also worked as a director and allied of millions of italians with his t.v. programmes they told him that out on. his first truly prominent film role came in fellini's nine hundred sixty classic. it was a perfect showcase for chan and tunnels talents was.
7:55 pm
the but from the start of his career music was just as important to chevy tunnel as acting he was equally successful at both becoming a fixture in the intel young charts his musical styles a wide ranging and include upbeat pop and rock n roll as well as slow italian love ballads. and the arnold shannon tunnel and italian legend turns eighty happy birthday. oh man he rakes will have those doubts with it if he is still active i mean obviously probably about like that if you are going to is that no. he's just released a new album with me. on december the first is mostly cover versions but there is one new track which i thought you'd like to hear it's called evil and it's about the tunnel feminine.
7:56 pm
and talking about the eternal seven you should. know has been married to the same woman for more than fifty years not. only but despite the macho image you remain together with his love the solo singer and actress maury and together they have three children so. some are so happy eightieth birthday to adriano talent tano from adriano kennedy and all of us here at news including myself sara kelly after a short break my colleague phil gallo will join you here to take you through the headlines you're up to date thank you so much for watching.
7:57 pm
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where is the. migration reform makes it to the many voices of the european union today don you knew. this is. full of lies misrepresentations and sources that don't exist u.s. president donald trump's latest bombshell book published today it is already a bestseller but the oath a says one hundred percent of the people of the president
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