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tv   Euromaxx - Lifestyle Europe  Deutsche Welle  January 5, 2018 11:30pm-12:01am CET

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to. join us tonight speired by distinctive instagram or zz. d.w. stories new topics each week on instagram. every journey begins with the first step and every language with the first word a lot of people. rico is in germany to learn german why not learn with him simple online on your mobile and free stuff from d w z e learning course he can speak german made easy. greetings from the german capital and welcome to the show and heading into the weekend here's what we've got in the pipeline for today. the barrel of laughs
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italian star not to be on on celentano turns a she. actually service we visit a school for butlers in belgium. and hungary in berlin in our series fifty kitchens it's time for some good ups. in his native italy he's something of a national icon the musician comedian dancer and all round entertainer at the piano and chet in tunnel he's been an international star in europe already since the late sixty's has sold more than one hundred million records in italy alone and acted in about forty films mostly comedies with a very typical italian slapstick humor well throughout his career he's also never shied away from being provocative and has been a strong supporter of environmental protection and this saturday he turns eighty years old and we wish him many happy returns and continued success.
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no celentano his nickname is. the flexible one and it's not hard to see why he's a unique performer a combination of musician and comedian with a touch of stop stick. it's quite silly in a way but behind it all there's a certain humanity and a certain a certain depth a lot of the humor is very physical the way he has sort of a rubber face that he can that he can twist and contort. to go to the extremes that sort of comedy and tragedy i think that's what makes him a unique challenge time i was born in milan in one nine hundred thirty eight he
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began his career as a musician landing number one hits like. he's appeared in more than thirty films. he's also worked as a director and millions of italians with his t.v. show. his first big break in films came in fellini's nine hundred sixty classic la dolce vita it was a perfect showcase for celentano talents. i. i think the shame that he never went on to do more serious roles afterwards because he definitely shows in that film that he has deeper talent than only being a clown has such a neutral way of controlling and a jerking his body through through a scene one of those scenes in particular that you see at once and it just seared
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in your brain. say billy so let's. challenge on i often worked with italian actress on atom ot together they made films like madly in love and the taming of the scoundrel examples of specifically italian comedy. is that the fun. they almost together created a new genre this type of sort of be movie talian comedy which sadly doesn't exist anymore but was very very big for a period and i think they just had a sense ability that matched they almost communicate on another level they're not working on anything intellectual it's almost a it's almost like a dance really. mandate.
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from the start of his career in music was just as important a challenge as acting it was equally successful at both becoming a fixture in the italian pop charts his musical styles were wide ranging. he's not a separate person as an actor or as a singer or as a dancer it's all part of the same thing and he has a a rhythm that he's able to show in everything he does. cinema might look down their noses at chalon tannersville much there's no denying his enormous charm.
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looking back it's hard to to really understand these films from a current pre-date perspective they are quite silly they are quite. ridiculous but they're still even even in the in the worse than the and the trashiest movies there are always moments that you can pick out that that he seems quite amazing. those moments are now available to younger generations on you. challenge honor made his last film in one thousand nine hundred ninety two. body even at the age of eighty he still performs live as a musician his latest record emily already from two thousand and sixteen went platinum five times over and it's really. thick stuff well to another departed european showman this time lives on in his music and is also the subject of
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a documentary film about his last five years and more in our express. a documentary about david bowie who died in twenty sixteen is getting an american release originally made for the b.b.c. the film focuses on the singer's last five years not an easy subject for its director there were a number of sleepless nights where i thought how am i possibly can to illustrate the last five years but i thought they were fascinating because they. they explored his life in a very different way. as a long time boyfriend francis watley has succeeded in revealing new facets of this extraordinary musician david bowie the last five years will premiere in the u.s. on january eighth on h.b.o. . on sunday ballet dancer and choreographer. will be celebrating his fiftieth birthday in june twenty fourth scene the former
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artistic director of the berlin state ballet gave his farewell performance since then he's been touring the world as a competition judge choreographer and expert he still dances all day when lead to keep in shape was on his birthday he'll take to the stage once more for a ballet gala in vienna. the seventy fifth golden globe awards are to be presented this sunday in los angeles italian chef albert rico nancy arthur has created a screen where the menu for the stars the first course is bourassa a small round italian buffalo milk cheese the entree is mediterranean sea bass on the red beat parmesan result of the color of the red carpet the dessert may well take the cake it will be crowned by an edible globe. serving up a meal of that quality is all in a day's work for a bottler the type who also opens doors and serves tea in the sitting room and most
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of us of course can't afford to have a full time servant to run the house but anyone familiar with the english television series downton abbey knows the position was and is one of great importance in a noble household or the growing number of super rich in the world means that properly trained and dedicated butlers are in ever higher demand and we visited a school for butlers in belgium where the students confirm their dream job is more aptly called a vocation. place the role of the employer his fellow student is the butler in reality both are aspiring servants in the one nine hundred eighty s. butler seem to be a dying breed now they're back in demand both in homes and hotels with the newark cars like the rolls royce and the bentley was you just do it very gently and it's not fully closed the car was close in itself everyone prefers to be sitting here but i really don't mind a leg serving people i like to take care of them so i really don't mind sitting
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there instead of. the demand for butlers is growing worldwide along with a number of extremely wealthy people but the ramrod straight silent butler patiently waiting on his master is a thing of the past today's butlers plan trips organize their bosses appointment book and if needed even jump in as chef. i think if your principal all six at any time of the day i want a dish now you have to be able to present the creature to the principal. becoming a butler isn't cheap eight weeks of training at the school for butlers and hospitality in this manner and belgium costs twelve thousand five hundred euros. students train in groups of six and most find employment almost immediately after they graduate. that was the decisive factor for you and us. not so interested that i looked it up on the internet and then sent in an e-mail to
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mislead the mill and then i was invited to the school to have a conversation and was such a pleasant man and you see that he has a lot of question about his work and then i was immediately sold i was like i'm going to do it. the students learn all the essentials for their future profession no stone is left unturned. even the most trivial start. says have to be practiced to perfection. and. aspiring butlers have to learn to behave impeccably never attract under attention and anticipate their bosses wishes in the past it was traditionally americans and europeans that employ butlers now they are wanted all over the world many of the super rich regard the traditional western butler as the pinnacle of luxury but often the butlers have to adapt to the customs of non european cultures. if you go in the middle east you serve people very differently
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from here with us it's ladies first but that's not always the case in other countries there are real cultural differences. and. to define other example is the gifts. giving someone a present is done very differently in china you have to think very hard about what you're going to give a chinese gast these are some of the things you learn in the eight weeks here. it. will make sure that this white source. is not. always at the ready and adaptable that could be a butler's motto. but how well paid is the profession. the basic salary for someone with not much experience is between three thousand and three thousand five hundred euros but someone with say five or ten years of
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experience can take home between four to seven thousand euros a month. this age. these students will soon be popping champagne corks to celebrate the completion of their training then they can use the school's list of contacts to apply for jobs. but they'll be keeping the identities of their employers strictly confidential one of the many things they learned in this matter how secure barouche. of things are decidedly more relaxed at the berlin cafe it lolo was here which is run by evelyn and juliet by originally from hungary they opened their establishment back in two thousand and fourteen and they serve up some typical hungarian christine for our color narry series fifty kitchens one city. is until. we grew up under socialism so we were very rebellious.
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we came to berlin to rebel. to rebel against our parents and against the system. that ability or the fire in our bellies that brought us here. here here that. evaleen and you grew up in hungary's capital budapest but they always felt a special connection to germany their father is hungary and but their mother is bulgarian and the two met in dressed and then married in one thousand nine hundred sixty three in east berlin they even spoke some german at home. in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine after finishing university but before the berlin wall came down the two sisters moved to west berlin they worked in cafes and were amazed by the cultural died. her city it was an entirely different world to the one they'd grown up in. in. socialist hungary and as a child in a family of intellectuals it was unheard of almost revolutionary to work in
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a cafe. at some point in all the years i spent doing various things connected to my course of study i noticed that what i liked best was working in the cafe. near. the albert in coffee so when twenty fourteen evelyn decided to open a cafe with her sister yuja they called it lolo was here as children the two women lived for a time in syria and they enjoy traveling their curiosity about other countries together with their hungary and roots are reflected in the cafes menu. all that is. about the focus on hungry came naturally it's that we're hungry ariens. so of course we have cucumber salad goulash and.
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that's not always. that extracts and we have a hug area an emphasis for people who enjoy that crazy. but equally european and even global. who share. that us. no dishes more hungry and then ghoulish. originally shepherds made this hearty stew and iron pots over an open fire. what's the secret to a perfect goulash. and evelyn say it's important to use just as much onion as meat . and then there's the bell peppers although hungary and have only been using the vegetable since the eighteenth century when it was brought back to europe from the americas. for hungary and is more of
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a soup whereas the stew berry ation is called. another essential is popper which you hear and everything gets straight from hungary. has to cook for at least two hours in lolo was here it's served with noodles and cucumber salad in a nod to the colors on the hungary and flag. the best in that scepter. the best recipes always come from your grandmother's and that's the case with. that sept to it all but although we use our grandmother's recipe. everyone makes kulash slightly differently. our recipe is a conglomeration of around six different grandmas recipes. who last at sept. the two sisters live in the eastern berlin district of kind of back
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they say the people in that neighborhood are a cross-section of society. they opened their cafe here because they knew the area well the cafe isn't a former. pharmacy when it closed and evelyn jumped at the chance to rent the space they say it has a customer friendly atmosphere. the counter which they made themselves in part from steel pipes is a real eye catcher. german comedian otto vikas dined in lolo was here and left his signature on a wall. but who is lola. saul is a fictional woman who typifies berlin get this the film brownlow run of course and character in a blue angel was also named lola we've never met this woman she called me and
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sometimes she runs and brings us new inspirations. international musicians also regularly perform and lolo is here and evelyn think art and culture go well with hungary's national dish. see our stock first and back deck no i don't feel that here with. europe at its best your imax brings you the highlights on instagram stunning landscapes spectacular buildings and mouthwatering delicacy our reporters are constantly on the look out with their cameras we look forward to your comments check out our your max instagram stories and discover how exciting and diverse europe can be. follow was on instagram. finally this week in our series we're doing a tour of some of the most beautiful winter resorts around europe and how you can have a top of the line active holiday at each of them in our final episode we're headed
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to the pitstop valley in austria and this is somewhat interesting for beginners on the slopes because as of two thousand and eighteen all of austria will teach skiing a quarter. to a brand new curriculum and the good news is that the kamikaze stunts are out and a more natural form of skin is in. just over an hour's drive from innsbruck the pit style ski resort offers winter sports enthusiasts eighty kilometers of trails there's also a freestyle park and a six kilometer long natural toboggan run. this is no place for daredevils skiers in pits tires are more interested in graceful technique than in speed for its own sake. we don't have to reinvent skiing itself we've put together
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a training program based on questionnaires we gave to our students at sixty skiing schools. let's say one of the things people asked for was this natural skiing in the city of these people want to look good and elegant as they swerved down the slopes. this week downhill skiing has a long history the first competitions were held in norway in the media eighteenth century soon afterwards the british popularized the alps as a winter sports region austria's first skiing instruction manual was published in eighty ninety six. the parallel technique was developed about forty five years later. carving skis were introduced around the turn of this millennium but the days of crowds of skiers slicing up the slopes may soon be over. since the course carving is still being practiced and
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it's still the ultimate in on pieced skiing in this business she laughs but for the average amateur natural skiing is a more appealing option and older now will do an exercise. to keep the upper body standing straight off we go. the idea is to cut down on excess movement in natural skiing there are no more exaggerated maneuvers twisting the upper body. to be ok let's go up and then change. follow me. learners have to remember to put their weight on the outside ski eventually it starts looking natural. if a measure of asian starts to sag they can revisit the life stories of austria's greatest ski racing couple malise and. he became known as the blitz from pits on his training equipment amateurs rapidly reach their limits. at an elevation of
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over two thousand meters the tiger best of all serves typical austrian fare plus local to run in speciality is featuring the seeds of pine tree. mainly in the summer but cones of stone pines lose their fruit in the winter so we offer it in the summer. and in winter we make our own smoked sausages. but. stone pines are everywhere even in the schnapps. the sylvan park on hawk tiger mountain is dedicated to this queen of the alps the swiss park it's specific a roman makes it the would have choice for all manner of carved sculptures and furniture making. wherever you look the trend is back to nature. no make yourself feel enough we've had
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a lot of inquiries from guests asking if they can already start learning natural skiing. there's a lot of demand for the new curriculum. as by its own arms that was. dreamily interesting especially as i was a child the last time i took a skiing course and over time you forget quite a lot. so this was a fantastic experience today but. a survey has shown that eighty percent of people learning to ski but no ambitions for the bumpy mogul slopes ski is here just want to have fun the natural way and the pit stop has a special treat for upraise ski activities riding along in the snow groomer as it works the slopes with four hundred ninety pounds so that conditions are just right for a natural skiing the next day as well. and
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all this past week we asked you to send us your favorite pictures of snow or at least pictures of yourself enjoying the snow and once again we've got a terrific response from many of our viewers thanks to all for these many photos of settling snow snow men in odd places. and a lot of blizzards but we do of course always have to choose a winner and this time it is money yeah it's a body after a million in colombia and she says that this photo of herself with her friends on the cotopaxi volcano in ecuador at four thousand nine hundred metres altitude so thanks to her she's the lucky winner off watch congratulations to and we've posted all of those other snow pictures on our facebook page for your viewing well that brings us to the end of this edition so until next time all the best from berlin to use a few dozen. next time on your remarks this week's
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high not city with history why it's worth visiting the pole garion capital sofia. why hand painted gold braid. is in such demonic. look to the stocks astrologers think the new year will bring. all your imax highlights. the i'm. glad.
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it's the. hottest tracks electrifying beats and an infectious outlet for. the folks rubbing shoulders with the boys noise and felix. the premier league crime drama these
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hungary and prime minister viktor orban has again slammed german chancellor angela merkel for her liberal migration policies after a meeting with the varian conservatives or ban said migrants who failed to obtain asylum in europe should be sent home he also said the e.u. needed secure borders.


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