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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  January 6, 2018 4:02am-4:16am CET

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expected the ice and snow festival continues until the end of february. mind the gap mr trump that the one in the u.s. president's side the trade deficit just got bigger despite his america first campaign. coming up reversing safeguards put in place after the deepwater horizon disaster the chump administration proposes opening up nearly all u.s. coastlines to offshore drilling. kentucky's economy is boasting impressive growth but is it set to last. is your business update on how the homefront invalid good to have you with us despite president america first policies the u.s. is buying even more foreign goods and services and it's selling in fact the trade
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gap has reached its highest level in six years november figureheads why did two fifty and a whole billion dollars on record exports. america first is the policy donald trump has preached ever since he entered office he believes more should be done to protect american industries from foreign competition and he's been especially critical of the u.s. trade deficit with china. both the united states and china will have a more prosperous future if we can achieve a level economic playing field right now unfortunately. it is a very one sided and unfair one not much has changed since the speech in november some economists say that's because u.s. president trump's argument is flawed they argue countries like china are not to blame for the trade deficit but rather u.s. consumers americans consume more than they themselves produce the latest u.s.
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trade stats may be a case in point even with a weaker dollar and on the back of higher exports americans still appear to be spending more on foreign goods. we're covering the story for us is a man on wall street yen school against china has spoken in the past about punitive measures in light of this growing trade imbalance is he likely to now follow through well i mean the new administration already has taken some measures we've seen huge tariffs on chinese steel or canadian lumber and pretty much as we speak there are plans to also have higher tariffs on planes from above but you from canada are also on a washing machine so from asia and then right now we have been off the talks nobody knows if donald trump is going to bail out so actually a lot is happening in that respect and sean previously singled out the us trade
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imbalance with germany taking to twitter back in may say that has to change can we expect this trade imbalance to balance out any time soon. behind china and japan germany was germany the u.s. is running the trade deficit it is true in that regard but what. can we do really really have higher terrorists for german cars for instance or pharmaceuticals i do not believe that this is very likely at this point and we also shouldn't forget the u.s. has a huge domestic market so the need to export more or to import less is by far not as high as we see it in countries like in germany and then also what is important if there should be higher tariffs or if the u.s. produces more that would drive prices higher in the united states and that would
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hurt consumers so at the end it would not be good for the u.s. economy either and the first trading week of the angels to a close and it's been a record one it's an unbelievable week that we've seen here one market commentator put it pretty good nicely he said this market is not a bull this market is a beast that has been the best first trading week into a new year since two thousand and six so in twelve years we had new records pretty much every day so the market is still on a sugar high was the tax reform coming up was less regulation in the united states was economic growth growth here in the u.s. but also abroad and there are a lot of traders who believe that this really actually still can go on for a little while quote on wall street thank you. well the latest u.s. job figures have not met market expectations the economy only added
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a modest one hundred forty eight thousand jobs last month that was well below the full cost analysts say jobs growth is slowing down as the labor market needs full employment the unemployment rate is still at a seventeen year know the good news for american workers is that wages are increasing analysts expect the economy and the labor market to benefit from the corporate tax reform despite not the dollar trimmed gains on friday against other major currencies well the white house has announced it wants to open almost the entire u.s. coastline to offshore drilling music to the is of energy companies several coastal states have already vowed to do whatever it takes so stop it happening. the five year plan calls for forty seven new offshore leases opening waters that have been off limits for decades including areas off the california and florida coasts is a move that the u.s. interior department says is in the nation's interest but it is a clear difference between. you weakness. and under president we're
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going to have the strongest energy houses and become the strongest energy super car we've certainly yet as to do that the proposal follows last week's announcement of plans to roll back or even repeal safety regulations adopted under the obama administration environmental groups have vowed to oppose the move and are organizing protests offshore drilling is is inherently dirty it's an alpha whatever there will be an oil spill such as was the case off the coast of santa barbara in two thousand and fifteen where our hundred thousand gallons of oil spilled into the ocean killing fish marine mammals and other wildlife. and you can go as far back as two thousand and ten to the b.p. departed horizon spill which spilled millions of barrels into the gulf of mexico the plan has already drawn heavy criticism from several coastal states among them the carolinas and california also in florida where memories of the deepwater
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horizon spill remain fresh the two thousand and ten oil platform explosion claimed the lives of eleven oil workers and devastated the gulf coast. carry easy jets just artista mistakes this from balance take a lap or just trying to pick up went bankrupt left off easy jets adding one thousand destinations to schedules from taiko with four of those with in germany. at ten thirty friday morning easy jet launched its first domestic german flight from berlin communic connections to do so or frankfurt and stuttgart are also planned. there. the expansion of our activities in the capital means berlin will be easy jet second most important hub after london gatwick it's a testament to how important the german market and berlin are to the company i hear from now we hope to move about fifteen million passengers through berlin airports
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comes with that figure would represent some twenty percent of easyjet customers last october the airline bought twenty five aircraft from air berlin which had gone bankrupt the e.u. commission approve the deal unconditionally to maintain competition on the german market. well to talk you know the country's economy has proven its surprisingly resilient despite political uncertainties there are still some dark clouds on the horizon despite strong g.d.p. growth inflation remains a problem that's making it increasingly difficult to make for many took to make ends meet. activists suddenly had to get used to serving tea for the last full months he's been working as a temporary waiter in this istanbul coffee. he'd never imagined things could come to this only last some a move that was the proud owner of a small hotel he was the boss but the economic crisis room and his business he went bankrupt was forced to sell up. because if you do without any. details
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also to crash like that it's just such a huge difference between what i was and what i am now part of my house is mainly european tourists in my hotel. but they stopped coming and i started to lose money on what's happening in the last two years my business collapsed completely. lots of turkeys businesses have gone the way of move us on the stumbles main shopping boulevard the lively istiklal the signs of economic malays are everywhere turkey's inflation rate has hit a fourteen year high the lira is constantly losing value creating problems for many . but to me that's all we now buy the euro so it's got us to go out a lot to eat but that's become a luxury for us as there are. reasonable and we're always comparing what we were able to buy and what we can buy now but that's not much use. we only lose money
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because of years of bad policies. we are not in the discontent is rife even though officially the economy is booming skyscrapers a sprouting up in istanbul's financial district thanks to state subsidies the week earlier on has seen exports increased president ready to tie the arab one claims that the economy grew by as much as seven percent in twenty seventeen the main issue in qana mees don't even come close to that. economist. doesn't trust the glowing figures he says turkey's economic miracle is built on sand we do have an investment boom the structures as you know istanbul is now colored with this skyscrapers but that's that investment it doesn't add productivity growth it is what the economists call sustainable we can't go like that who had active has his
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own crisis to deal with after he's finished his shift in the cafe he often walks past the hotel he owned not so long ago. but more that's already given up hope it might one day be his again. that you're up to date with the latest from the wild all business have a great weekend and he's into the wild cats. hijacking
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the news. where i go wrong the news is being hijacked journalism itself has become a scripted reality show it's not just good versus evil us versus them black and white. in countries like russia china turkey people are told it says something and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond it you are facing scare tactics intimidation. and i wonder is that where we're headed as well. my responsibility as a journalist is to get beyond the smoke and mirrors it's not just about me fear and balance or being neutral it's about being truthful. when he was born golf and
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