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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 6, 2018 3:00pm-3:15pm CET

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standing shopping and dining offers and try our services. be our guest at frankfurt airport city managed by for. this is d.w. news live from berlin tam germany and turkey patch up a damaged relationship the two countries top diplomats hold talks as a long list of sticking points looser migration to terra to disputed arrests of german citizens our correspondent has the details. also coming up the tell all
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book that u.s. president donald trump try to stop from publication the white house hits back at numerous skating claims it is including that close trump associates consider him a child unfit to govern. and deadly winter weather blasts the northeastern united states we'll take you to massachusetts where the cold is paralyzing communities along the east coast. i'm headed home for good to have you with us germany and turkey have pledged to take steps to calm tensions between the two countries german foreign minister. and his turkish counterpart. who were meeting to discuss recent disputes including over a wave of arrests in turkey following the failed coup in twenty sixteen at least
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nine german citizens were among those arrested including dead as you show a correspondent for germany's divots newspaper he has been in a turkish prison for more than ten months without for won't indictment. well here's what the chief or mrs had to say about the outcome of today's talks. we have set ourselves the task of doing everything possible to overcome the difficulties and the german tarkus relationship. and remembering what unites us to find more common ground for the future. that are the yes there are differences. there have been problems even tensions and as collations. but we all agree and have the shared desire to overcome these tensions and differences through dialogue. notable news. the only one more i'm joined in this year by. who has reported extensively from turkey great
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to have you with us here in the studio yeah hi i'm now the german foreign minister and his turkish counterpart have met in capitals hometown of eight germany what was the mood like well the atmosphere during that press conference was not exactly relaxed i'd say but it was friendly and it was respectful and there seems to be and that's important the necessary willingness to overcome the current crisis both minister has said they will do everything they can to improve relations because after all germany is turkey's biggest trading partner and they are important nato allies and there are more than three million people with turkish origin living here in germany but of course appeasement and warble appeasement is only one side there needs to be action actually it is only one side you and i both know that talk can be cheap in diplomatic circumstances what will the main challenges now be well
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there are still disagreements over. post-coup crackdown on opposition members and people suspected of being supporters of that twenty sixteen coup attempt and the arrest. of server old german nationals including journalist didn't is you joe and the german government clearly says here until. his huge oil is not being released and doesn't get his fair trial there cannot be a normalization in the relations whereas turkey on the other hand always claims that that germany doesn't show enough understanding for the trauma that this coup attempt has caused in turkey and that germany is also helping suspected terrorists to hide on on german ground and in germany and they certainly don't agree over turkey's prospects for even membership well let's just touch on that case of the imprisoned german journalist an issue jail in
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a turkish prison because according to media reports germany is ready to restart arms sales to turkey does this boil down to to you show his release in exchange for weaponry well ahead of today's meeting there was an interview that german foreign minister got a gave to a dish and apparently there he suggested that many arms of military equipment sales to turkey are currently on hold because of the strained relations and this will not change until there is a solution to the case of din is your chill he now denied having said that but of course the debate is going on for example members of the green party and of the political left in germany in germany are heavily criticizing this now saying that of course you're jill needs to be released but this should be a separate thing it should have be on the condition a condition for arms sales and arms sales should be blocked until there are real improvements in the general human rights situation in turkey now covering that
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story for us thank you very much indeed now to some of the other stories making news around the world. the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley has warned iran that the world is watching its response to antti government protests a comments came at a u.n. security council meeting but iran and russia criticized the u.s. for cooling the meeting saying the protests are a domestic matter mudslides and terentia rainstorms have left at least forty four people dead in the congolese capital kinshasa or forty say victims were killed by collapsing rules by drowning many homes in the city of ten million a built on hillsides where a lack of drainage systems makes them vulnerable to flash flooding. two jets collided on the ground at a toronto airport on friday setting the tail of one of the aircraft ablaze about
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his presidency in response to questions raised in the book about his fitness for office child described himself in a tweet as quote a very stable genius u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson also disputed claims in the book saying he has never question the president's mental fitness but in the meantime the book titled foreign fury has already begun flying off the shelves the book the u.s. president could not stop from hitting the shelves sold out within minutes and many stores deeply critical it depicts a chaotic white house and questions donald trump's fitness for office its author michael wolff appeared on us television to back up his claim so i will tell you the one description that everyone gave everyone has in common they all say he is like a child's. and what they mean by that is he has a and a need for in media gratification it's all about him they say he is.
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a moron in. there is a competition to sort of get to the bottom line here of who this man is let's remember this man does not read does not listen so he's he's like. he's like a pinball or just just is just shooting off the side this is the man wolf can factor helping the title sorta number one on amazon donald trump's former chief strategist and former ally steve bannon his disparaging remarks about the u.s. president released in early excerpts triggered trump's public attempts to block the book's release and sent him on soaring. trump has threatened to sue bannon and wolf and on twitter who described the book as full of lies i authorized zero access to white house actually turned him down many times for author
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a phony book i never spoke to him for the book full of lies misrepresentations and sources that don't exist look at this guy's past and watch what happens to him and stop you steve with a message from us for those doubts about wolf's credibility have been echoed by some of trump's allies and by others including former british prime minister tony blair he called a claim made about him a complete fabrication. wolf says he stands by everything in the book though he does acknowledge he could not resolve certain discrepancies between some accounts very little presents the truth may not be clear in fire and fury but that's not stopping people from lining up to buy it. now beta winter weather is gripping in north eastern us again this weekend threatening a fresh round of record breaking lows also the u.s. and canada seeing wind chills at around minus thirty degrees celsius massachusetts city streets the turning into frozen fields of ice and snow. the biggest storm
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surges in massachusetts in three decades and at minus twenty nine degrees celsius water is literally freezing in the streets here. traffic is frozen to those hoping to get into their cars will just have to wait until the ice thaws. keeping an eye on all of those different floodings and if anyone wants a question global warming just to see what the flight flood zones are those zones didn't flood thirty years ago whether agencies are calling it a bombsite clone where cold and warm air masses collide triggering a rapid drop in bear metric pressure many people need help to get to safety several u.s. states have declared a state of emergency the national guard is out in force and coming up with creative ways to help the rescue effort it was scary and i want to get out they came up to the front door and they. like he put me over their shoulders and put me in their
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car and new york's central park the extreme weather isn't putting everyone off but their weekend might put even the bravest to the test because believe it or not it's going to get colder. will some sports news now most when disney get teams are in warm up climates as they prepare for the second half of the season. their winter training camp in cats off for the eighth straight year and have again been criticized for not commenting on the human rights situation in the gulf country as for the vocal reaction kicks off next friday when the table top is lockwood's with labor crews and and they're working on integrating a new high profile signing. byron munich has sunning themselves in the middle east in preparation for their post winter break much is germany strikers and will wagner has been drafted in june in the break to provide backup for main man who'll be at leven. wagner was let go by byron as a youngster and he's delighted to be back. and i was one hundred percent sure
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that i wanted to go back home to my club that was clear i'm really really happy that it worked out. by owner spending just five days on the persian gulf but doesn't leave much time for fun meet and greet and marketing stunt. but they aren't losing any sleep over the human rights situation in qatar either. we're here for sport we're trying to do our job here. we want to prepare as best we can for the rest of the season. you punk is knows exactly what shortcomings by our need to work on the veteran coach has studied the ship since his appointment as carlo ancelotti successor in october. happens quickly with his coaching team. things work he still knew some of the teams so it didn't take long to adapt a few chords byron want to take their newfound impetus into the second half of the
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season as they aim to win as many trophies as possible the been his league title at least already looks a certainty. which now will north korean athletes take part in the winter olympics next month in south korea both countries have agreed to hold their first formal talks in over two years next tuesday that could pave the way for north korean athletes to attend the upcoming gapes. the host city for the winter olympics chang is just eighty kilometers from the demilitarized zone that separates the two countries. on the ninth of january officials from both sides will meet at the truce village in twenty fourteen the two nations were able to reach an agreement here ahead of the asian games in incheon. north korean athletes crossed the border to take part but tensions prevailed throughout the tournament at the two thousand and
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three university some a games in south korea the two countries much together under one flag at the opening ceremony now several experts and officials have suggested that they could do so again that the pyung chuang games and could even compete as a single nation. on thursday the presidents of south korea and the united states agree to postpone their joint military exercises during the olympics which has led to this sporting opportunity by next week north and south korea may well have settled on a deal that could see sport replace military tensions at least for a while. now let's take a look at a rather unconventional take on a winter sports top ski is teamed up with motorcyclists in the italian alps for the first of a bike and ski night race first off skiers hurtle down the slope in a race against time when they reach the folks in that things get on usual once a scare arrives then most likely team mate fires up the engine drive straight up the runway to clock in the overall time a joint swiss italian team took first place at the event attended by almost four
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thousand spectators. coming up on a d. w. here at the top of the hour you can always get the latest on our website dot com. the city. has no.


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