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tv   Doc Film - Josef Mengele - The Hunt for a Nazi Criminal  Deutsche Welle  January 6, 2018 8:15pm-9:00pm CET

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leading a comprehensive victory stock won the first three events and after another dominant performance his score of two seven five point six was enough to give him first place again at the shops often in austria and secure a glance grand slam at stock second for his title in a row. more news coming up here on the top of the hour you can always get the latest on our web site d w dot com i'm still henry in berlin thanks for joining me and see you soon. freedom of expression. of value that always has to be defended a new. all over the world. a freedom freedom of art. a multimedia a project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d w dot
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com or to freedom. josef mengele was born on march sixteenth one thousand nine hundred seventy in good sport before area in what was then part of the german empire he was the eldest of carl and valborg a manglers three children his father was the founder and owner of a flourishing agricultural machinery company the magna name was known throughout the varia. the family firm was so successful that
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adult hitler himself paid a visit in goods book. big gives a lot of shorty about what he wants to do but he doesn't want to follow his family into agriculture he wants to become a doctor and of course you know that's fully encouraged daddy's a respectable profession. mengele was a good student interested in music art and skiing after finishing secondary school in april one thousand nine hundred thirty he went to study at the university of munich munich was then the headquarters of the nazi party run by at off hitler. in january one nine hundred thirty seven yosef magna became an assistant to dr ot
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more fun for sure at the institute for hereditary biology and racial hygiene in front for. the following year mengele received his medical degree ambitious and determined to climb higher in the nazi scientific establishment he also joined the s.s. . for someone like me the law who is. wealthy smart good at school now is a doctor you look at the military organizations that the nazis have and the natural one to join would be the s.s. because it was an elite within the leet the s.s. went back for six generations to make sure that you were pure german blood there was a hereditary marker so much so that joining him nurse s.s. and that elite meant if you got a blood mark underneath your arm so that it was the sign that your blood that you
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have been vetted that you are cured of course for mengele he decided not to have that blood type have to because he was too vain to do it. mengele married in july nine hundred thirty nine just a few weeks before the outbreak of world war two. he was drafted into the german verma in june one nine hundred forty and volunteered to join the buff and s.s. . in june one thousand nine hundred one nazi germany launched an attack against the soviet union like thousands of other doctors he also was sent to the front he was posted to the ukraine not far from stalingrad. he was awarded an iron cross for bravery but was seriously wounded in one thousand nine hundred two and sent away from the front with the rank of captain mengele was transferred to berlin to the kaiser vilhelm institute where he was reunited with his mentor dr.
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in early one nine hundred forty three that sure encouraged mengele to ask for a transfer to auschwitz where he could pursue his research on human subjects. auschwitz birkenau combined a concentration camp and an extermination camp. the inmates mostly jews had been deported from across europe and arrived by the thousands every day by train as they stepped from the train they were subjected to
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a selection by s.s. doctors. most of the new arrivals were sent directly to the gas chambers. many of them were sick or were women and children the others were herded into the concentration camps where most of them died from exhaustion malnutrition and disease. it was during this selection process that route ileus several months pregnant came across josef mengele for the first time. in. all states and some speak. and i saw from far sit a women on a kit. going between two s. s. and. stands and making light left right left
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and his his hand to give a fist i didn't notice i as a life this guy this. it's very easy. unlike most of his colleagues who regarded the selection as an arduous and unpleasant task magaluf seemed to enjoy it prisoners often saw him smiling or whistling. in his later experiments focusing primarily on twins mengele had utter disregard for his victim's health or safety. doctors today in two thousand and seventeen don't know why a woman the experts in the two and some woman have most have one child and some have two if he could unlock that secret he was the father of germany going forward every good german mother could have two children and every birth the replies the war dead or the fastbreak it would be for him
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a brilliant accomplishment. there alexander a former deportees recalls how many operated on twins in an attempt to join them together like can join twins and other. than back. in the day they were. the boy. the hunchback was today although one back to back their grace back to back was a matter of already. talking so that. and that's because i am i. was awarded the war merit cross and was promoted in late one nine hundred forty
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three to chief physician of the birkenau subcamp. in the winter of one nine hundred forty five the approach of soviet troops spilled the end of the auschwitz birkenau killing machine. along with several other doctors on january seventeenth mengele was transferred to the cause and concentration camp in lower silesia in what is today poland. magaluf brought along two boxes of specimens and records of his experiments. the red army liberated the remaining prisoners at auschwitz on january twenty seventh.
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in february one thousand nine hundred five mengele fled and discarding his s.s. uniform and disguising himself as an ordinary very mock soldier. he was twice arrested by american troops in the spring and summer of one thousand nine hundred five he was even recorded under his real name his decision not to be tattooed when he joined the s.s. saved his life. they had a. few w.'s take off their shirts raise their heads and they walked by and if you saw the blood type tattoo. you were sort of decide to be interrogated more closely if you didn't have the blood type tattoo and you had a cogent cover story. then you could be released. the
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s.s. doctor was ultimately saved by chaos and cunning the nazi war criminal was not identified and he slipped through the net. joseph mengele left the american camp under his real identity in july one thousand nine hundred five by chance he obtained copies of the id papers of another doctor he met in captivity flits old man. mengele altered the document slightly and became fritz coleman. mengele as name was not widely known at the time even though the allies had begun compiling lists of war criminals as early as one thousand nine hundred three and had sworn they would all face punishment many managed to escape. the victorious allies were determined to institute a wide ranging de nots of
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a cation process in post-war germany but the nazi hunters had only limited means and resources. of the british who crime scene only had about got of how full of cause they had about two photographers and that's the british in that knoll the zone of occupation and for this they're trying to time track down thousands of war criminals thousands. mentalists name was mentioned several times at the nuremberg trials which began in november one thousand nine hundred five. but the allies knew of dozens of mangled us from all across germany. it was possible that he had died during the chaotic retreat of the german army this is what his family told american investigators in the autumn of one thousand nine hundred forty five. legalists wife is said to have
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comported herself as a widow i interviewed one woman in suburban new york who was from the town of conspire against she said that there was a funeral mass for just a little of. the entire mengele family rallied round yosef in his hour of need they were all pro nazi and along with family ties there were also economic issues at stake for what was one of the region's most prominent families. for his own safety and that of the family a hideout was found among some friendly farmers near rosenheim in bavaria officially no longer existed he was fritz holeman a farm hand who planted and harvested potatoes. his wife irena visited him every two weeks he would meet her at the station and the couple would go for
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a walk along the river. mandela spent nearly three relatively trying to yours in anonymity although his name was mentioned during the main nurnberg trials. the nurnberg doctors trials which ended in late one nine hundred forty seven further heightened his fears. mengele limited his wife's visits to reduce the chances of being caught his hopes of seeing his son was born in one thousand nine hundred four were dashed as the former doctor's anxiety grew he had seen little of his son and the trial of concentration camp doctors made the prospect increasingly risky. fearing that his capture would mean a trial and a death sentence began to plan his escape together with his family. south america
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was chosen as his destination and specifically argentina but for a successful escape a number of conditions had to be met first of all he needed new papers and a new identity his new name handling provided by the international red cross was held would. he was not completely reassured by his new identity however and it was imperative that he travel as discreetly as possible. yosef mengele. left germany in april nine hundred forty nine his first destination was the port of genoa in italy. in this large city he could blend into the crowd among thousands of refugees waiting to set off toward various destinations around the world. the ship mangal intended to take the north king was still in the harbor with his red cross papers and a visa for argentina he had no trouble boarding.
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after a crossing that lasted six weeks he arrived in buenos aires. mengele soon made contact with the buenos aires nazi support network the first two people he met were former nazi era races. who would become a close friend and. they both lived in the archon time capital. in the early one nine hundred fifty s. mengele moved into the she closed the neighborhood of finest saris. he rented the house from a nazi sympathizer at twenty four fifty eight are anonymous. in
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early one nine hundred fifty three the doctor moved again taking an apartment in the city center at four thirty one k. a top quality it was a strange choice the charmless building was rather decrepit and the street was noisy. yourself mengele alias helmet craig or pursued his new life with vigor with the help of his family he invested in a carpentry business. thanks to his friend hans. he also pursued contacts for the family's farm machinery business will also put him in touch with contacts in neighboring paraguay which manga not often visited. i think one of the greatest surprises to me in many years of research about mengele was how easily he had backed it to his new life and how he floors to mingle had money that made all the difference in the world other criminals who skate to south america of if i can
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who ran that the the trains was the traffic cop of death as some people called him he went to work you know for as a foreman and an assembly line for mercedes not mengele mengele as a matter of fact didn't go to work for nine to five job he at first didn't have a job at all in that he starts to invest in some companies. was in constant contact with his family in germany. in one thousand nine hundred fifty four accord indecl door granted a divorce to his wife a reyna who had not accompanied him to south america he agreed to the separation through his lawyer. brother carl had died in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine leaving a widow and a son mengele knew that his father was worried that his daughter in law might remarry someone the family considered unsuitable marja had stuck in the family company. the solution that would preserve the company would be for marta to marry.
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the only problem was organizing a meeting between them. would have to return to europe and revive his real identity. the first obtained a copy of his birth certificate from the west german embassy in argentina in one nine hundred fifty six he then applied for an argentinean residence permit and used this document to get an argentine passport under his real identity. the journey he made back to europe in retrospect seems to have been extremely daring if not foolhardy in february one nine hundred fifty six he set foot in europe as yosef mengele he first went to the ski resort of engelberg in switzerland and in this hotel he met his son was to whom he was introduced as uncle fritz.
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mata and her son karl hines were also present they all got to know one another in the a delicate swiss german alpine setting. then extended his stay with a visit to germany with mata. goes to conspire. he actually goes to the spot in. peace for three days he's visited a former colleagues at the kaiser filaments it's supposedly and. it would be very interesting to find out exactly what happened. on returning to argentina in the spring magdalen decided to live under his real name. in the summer of one nine hundred fifty six he went to the german embassy to find out more about his status.
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he planned to remarry and also to borrow money to invest in a new company that meant he needed a passport from his country of birth a few weeks later on september eleventh one thousand nine hundred fifty six he obtained the all important document from west germany how was this possible how could the diplomats be so negligent. i don't believe there was any corruption bribery or that because they didn't have to be if you were. a german diplomat politician doctor lawyer or businessman after world war two ten eleven years after the end of the war the one thing that nobody in germany ever asked anybody else is what did you do during the war it was considered a taboo question. the zone was it the book. at the time the germans were not particularly determined to prosecute war criminals if it would pose a problem to german society. mengele was
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a doctor doctors who had obtained their qualifications quite legally high level intellectuals. prosecuting people like that would pose a problem for german society. the germans negligence tantamount to assistance unable to lead a normal professional life in argentina he invested into pharmaceutical laboratories over a million dollars mars lent to him by his family the doctor intended to pursue his passion medical science. the offices were located in this point asari spilled ng. he met him but in the middle of the first business in his new profession was the fire drove farm laboratory. he made products for sale to the public quite openly under his real name. these papers which were presented for the establishment of the
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limited company we can see the name mangling well on it but i think if they were really you know what if i caught him dr gregory because that was how he had been introduced and then he corrected me telling me that it was dr mengele and not dr greg. i was rather surprised by this but he explained to me that he had got the name of dr gregory when he left germany after the war because of political problems or the. business was going well for magna as was his family life. in october nine hundred fifty six marta and her son karl-heinz joined him and point us our base. they moved into a new house the doctor had just bought for his family and very dear to us in the comfortable suburb of only by us. the name
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mengele even appeared in the boy in a serious phone book. the couple were married in january one thousand nine hundred fifty eight during a trip to montevideo the capital of neighboring. martha is a strong woman who we obviously always attracted to and she to him and she has a son from the age of his real son rauf who doesn't know until he's fourteen years old that his father is even still alive. so before rovs knows that his father's alive martha cox up takes her son moved to want to start and marries mengele is astonishing a bit of family dysfunction with a capital d. for dysfunction and she's willing to be with him and some things he's a perfect person a great father. after several years in exile it seems logical for mengele to
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consider returning to germany mengele believe that he was not a wanted man and that his real place was back in guns borg at the head of the family business but a number of events would put an end to any such considerations. and yet within it be me he had no doubt performed a number of time to stand surgery and he had even been denounced for doing an abortion on a teenage girl who died following on the infection while he was arrested by the police. and then ended i mean it is clear that he benefited from protection however as a situation that could have been disastrous was somehow avoided this shows the level of protection he half. mangler was only one of a number of doctors arrested he was cleared but shaken by the experience worried that the publicity would lead to the discovery of his nazi past and wartime activities in late one nine hundred fifty eight he took an extended business trip
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to paraguay in the meantime events in europe made him determined to remain in hiding. the read meant less efforts of nazi hunters eamonn beason tall and herrmann long pine were beginning to bear fruit among binah surprise auschwitz had gathered extensive testimony concerning yosef mangle his activities during the war . during a search of the public records long bind found manglers divorce papers listing an address in buenos aires he and visa pressured west german. thirty's to draw up an arrest warrant. on june fifth one thousand nine hundred fifty nine a court in fribourg issued an indictment against mengele. an informant tipped off the mangle a family that was warned and took action. germany's request for
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extradition was initially refused by argentina by the time it was finally granted magna had already left for paraguay where he could live undisturbed the country was run by the dictator alfredo who was up german descent mengele was granted paraguay and citizenship in november one thousand nine hundred fifty nine there was a moment somewhere in his mind where he thought he could live there. as jose mingle. at the same time in one thousand nine hundred fifty nine unknown to everyone the israeli secret service the mossad launched operation attilla. they had located and off eichmann the architect of the final solution.
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on may eleventh one thousand nine hundred sixty the former s.s. leader was captured in the street in front of his home in the neighborhood of point osiris. mossad agents had planned to go after mengele too. but he slipped through their fingers. the israelis had not realized that megalo was already in paraguay there during capture of out of iseman was illegal which made israel more inclined to be wary of the paraguay and authorities his new paraguay and citizenship ended up protecting us of manga even though he felt increasingly at risk. from then on he lived a life. that was far different. and he. i think lived in fear. all the time about the possibility of being captured.
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old friend the aviator hans ilish would put him in touch with a nazi sympathizer called vote congo hard a former hitler youth member he helped mengele secretly enter brazil. both congo heart found him a family to stay with and get us dhamma had moved to brazil from hungary. thanks to financial help from mengele the couple bought a farm at nova three hundred kilometers west of south paolo. hard introduced to the stammers under a new identity paid to hold. under this new areas claimed to be a swiss immigrant who hoped to settle in brazil and i became a farm manager. in one nine hundred sixty two again with funds provided by mengele the stammers bought
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a bigger farm etc negra one hundred fifty nine kilometers north of south palo but the stammers finally discovered his real identity it was the first time angola was unmasked. yet again this was all our law like one day somebody left a newspaper and there was an item of news about the nazi execution is as they called them. for what i saw this photograph there of a young man of about thirty or thirty three years old or very ill looking like this . there everybody. is on land or folly is the then i thought that this face was very familiar to me with the smile and the gaps between the teeth. if. i showed him the photograph and said
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look at this photograph it looks very much like you you're so mysterious you live here with us so please be honest and tell us whether it's you or not. it was that a fellow or year later he said well you're right. we thought he was thinking of you i live here with you so you have the right to know that unfortunately that person is in the. manga not managed to convince the stammers not to give him up to the authorities telling them they might be accused of protecting him in essence he had bought their silence. at the same time informed that the fugitive may have found refuge there the german authorities extended the arrest warrant to cover brazil. one of the mossad agents who took part in the capture of and off eisman was put in
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charge of a new team intrusted with finding and arresting use of mengele. his men followed a new lead revealed by a former nazi of dutch origin named philip sausan the net was closing in. vulcan gary hart was placed under surveillance. one day he travelled to sarah negra where mengele was now living. the mossad team spotted a european looking man and thought he could well be the man they had been searching for for months it was quite difficult to a shadow this place and to photograph it. but retired to do our best we used to so native a serious it was them up and simple clothes i remember one guy booked without any shores on for five nights just to show that he's a local guy and as i said at one of kasia away it's driving with the local men on
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this. leading to this scope of this i met a man who i know believe to be negative because i know saw those pictures in the german television and it was the same. the agent immediately informed his superiors but the complex logistics financial constraints and more pressing priorities closer to home led the mossad chiefs to abandon the operation once again mengele had managed to wriggle free. in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine magnolia and bought a new house in k.s. about one hundred kilometers north of south paolo. it was a large villa on top of a hill surrounded by land all three had wanted to move closer to the city but
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continue farming and make no doubt wanted to stay on the move. in one thousand nine hundred seventy one both congo hard left for europe and gave his id card to mengele who again took on a new identity his fifth since one thousand nine hundred five but far from being reassured mengele felt more and more vulnerable. mengele became irritable and after twelve years relations with the shah most deteriorated. after an
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argument in late one nine hundred seventy four which may have in part been caused by mengele as relationship with get us dhamma. and mengele decided to part ways. for the first time since argentina yourself mengele alias volved congo heart was on his own he moved into this modest house at fifty five. in the poor eldorado district in the suburbs of south palo. in an attempt to reassure mengele and in exchange for ever larger sums of money both gone gary hart introduced him to a new family vulture on boss art his wife louise a lot and their two children on today's and sabina they lived in sao paolo about
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thirty kilometers from ingham on. the two men got along well and mengele enjoyed spending time with the boss or children visited the family often. a recording of us of megaliths voice dating from this period has been preserved he's at the piano singing a song for his new friend. many of us health had been failing since one thousand nine hundred seventy two in one nine hundred seventy six he suffered a stroke he had high blood pressure and an ear infection that affected his balance his family in germany were concerned.
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in one thousand nine hundred seventy seven his son decided to visit him he had not seen his father since magnus trip to europe in one thousand nine hundred fifty six twenty one years before he travelled incognito under an assumed name. the first days. of our meeting i avoided to speak about problematic. points as it is. then later on i. came to these as i told you he he exploded how can you imagine that this is possible for me to do these things don't you see at the first line this is. a lie or propaganda it does not make rauf turn around and turn his father to this day he condemns what his father did
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for a surfer if he condemns it but says to this day i still would not tell my father and i think rauf is also doing it for his mother i remember was a life we had a very close relationship with that and knew that if his father was caught on trial she would be in the middle of the male store. on february fifth one thousand nine hundred nine mega con a bus to the coastal town of bear to yoga to join his friends the boss or it's on vacation. they often came here to cool off during the hot brazilian summers on february seventh one thousand nine hundred nine as he was swimming mengele had a heart attack. mengele died without seeing his son or family again he was buried anonymously in great secret in the municipal cemetery of tess. his grave that was next to that of frederica gary hart the mother of vogue gong whose identity mengele
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had been using since one nine hundred seventy one there was no inscription and no headstone to indicate the presence of a second body. there was a total blackout his death was never made public. interest in yosef mengele was only revived in one thousand nine hundred five when a mock trial was held to commemorate the liberation of auschwitz. sir. viber still hope to seek justice for the crimes josef mengele had committed word spread of the possibility that megalo was still alive in hiding. the scandal led the west german israeli and american governments to join forces to try to track down mengele once and for all. rewards for his capture were offered by
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israel west germany the washington times the vsam toss center sash. and others. on may thirty first one thousand nine hundred five acting on a tip police raided the house of hans schlegel meyer a lifelong friend of yosef mengele and sales manager at the family's firm in spork . they found a coded address book and companies of letters to and from mengele among the papers was a letter from boss art notifying zeta meyer of magdalen's death. german authorities immediately notified the police in sao paulo who contacted the boss or it's under interrogation they revealed the location of the grave.
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the remains were exuma from the cemetery on june sixth one thousand nine hundred eighty five. the event made headlines worldwide. specialists from around the world helps brazilian forensic examiners confirm with a high degree of probability that the remains were manglers. the only member of the family to address the public was was. he issued a statement on june tenth admitting that the remains were those of his father he said that the news of his death had been kept quiet to protect the people who had sheltered his father for so many years many people however continued to have their doubts. and then a few years later it was done by a british d.n.a.
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particle geoffrey's and it was he who finally proved by using d.n.a. from the mangler family that these bones one hundred percent belong to make. the man who remains a symbol of some of the greatest horrors perpetrated by an off hitler's nazi regime lies today in a drawer at the south palo legal medical institute even his own family did not care whether mengele received a proper burial. only a few nazis who committed crimes on such a horrific scale a scapes justice after the war yet yourself mengele managed to live undetected for decades the hunt for the auschwitz doctor was inadequate and came too late still in view of the scale of nazi crimes and the sheer numbers of perpetrators involved in this unprecedented crime against humanity in most cases justice prevailed and.
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from fishing village to metropolis co-op shocked the capital of mauritania has experienced a sudden sheen growth since the one nine hundred sixty s. but growth has brought he engine fire mental problems between silting up and
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