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same with the public transportation and we can't walk together and make everybody safety let's not depend on our consumption. this is deja vu news live from berlin could a new coalition government for germany be within reach chancellor angela merkel and her conservatives have been holding talks with the leader of the social democrats the first day has ended on a positive note we'll get the latest from our correspondent also coming up. parents
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remembers the victims of the attacks three years ago that horrified the world the killings began when gunmen stormed the offices of the satirical magazine charlie abdo. and four think is skaters from both sides of the korean divide look forward to an unlikely cross border were given act the winter olympics. in atlanta. i'm michelle henery good to have you with us. the first round of talks to form a new coalition government in germany has ended on a positive note a spokesman for the negotiations said that they had been serious concentrated but also open chancellor angela merkel's conservatives are holding the talks with the center left social democrats after previous negotiations with other parties failed germany has been waiting for. new government since the election which took place
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more than three months ago. germany six a new government and days later is under pressure to deliver one it's of a three month since the country voted and even now neither the christian democrats idler merkel nor the social democrats martin showed can guarantee a new government but they are hopeful. that things will do nothing in these amazing to be on late these negotiations in a constructive and inclusive why. let's go i believe we can do it we're committed to working together very rapidly and intensively. the key issues dividing the conservatives from the s.p. database talks a migration and europe a migration the right wing of the conservatives don't want the families of refugees to be able to come here the democrats are all for that idea on europe says big idea as he noted states of europe the key conservatives remind skeptical.
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the social democrats host of the first day of these talks that the party's headquarters gillibrand house and the entering into the negotiations wounded by the parties were showing in post-war german history at september's election afterwards they said they wanted to go into opposition but now they've performed a u. turn and say what the country needs is a stable government a new style of leadership because if this is given the election results and vital things can't go on as they were. the vote the international political situation and the makeup of the german going to stagger show that we're in a new era. in sight. and this new era requires a new style of politics the s.p.d. in conservative parties will have to go into government if angela merkel is to remain as chancellor merkel has made it clear it's a majority government new elections the chance and future two is riding on the
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outcome of these talks. covering the talks for us as our political correspondent kate brady who joins us now in the studio kate. what do we know about how the talks have progressed at the end of the first day it was quite a positive atmosphere at the s.p.d. the social democrats headquarters this evening the general secretary of the s.p.d. said that the talks today had been intense but open and that most of the time today was actually spent talking about the issues on which the three fought is involved in these talks actually agree upon and those more contentious issues will be addressed over the next four days what was particularly interesting was this comment that he made about how all three of the parties involved realized that germany needs a new political style and he said that this was largely due to the result of the german election back in september because remember that the social democrats as well as the conservatives they had historic lows their worst results since well
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in post-war german history and we also saw the successes of the far right in germany with the f.d.a. the alternative the germany they and to the german parliament for the first time so exactly how this new political style will actually come into fruition will say over the next four days and hopefully we'll see a more conclusive statement from the parties involved on thursday it sounds like chancellor merkel has a lot of work ahead of her in the coming days why are these parties struggling to find common ground where you have to parliamentary groups here that have to that they have very different objectives inside the s.p.d. a trying to redefine that prove. while at the moment as the social democrats in germany well the conservatives are actually trying to move away from that middle ground which michael has moved them towards that particularly in the last couple of years so there are going to be a lot of obstacles to overcome yet despite today's quite positive comments and some
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of those are mainly going to be taxes this europe's also going to be an issue in the integration into gold and also course germany's refugee policy particularly with regards to family reunions in germany is this marcos last chance to form a stable government well it certainly had a last chance to form a government that would have a clear majority in the german parliament but there are two other options available she could even make a minority government something however that merkel has rejected on several occasions and then you also have new snap elections and they would have to be called by the german president front and maya and that's something that the social democrats and the conservatives very keen on is both parties favor that that could actually result in them losing more seats in parliament you could actually see more votes migrating to the far right a.f.d. kate brady reporting for us thank you very much. now to
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paris where people have been remembering the victims of attacks three years ago that targeted a jewish supermarket and the offices of the satirical magazine charlie of dough is the most gunmen are believed to have singled out the publication for printing cartoons of islam's prophet muhammad eleven staff members and the policemen were killed. in a song by simple ceremony french president emmanuel mccall and paris man who laid a wreath at the former offices of the satirical magazine shyly. the attack on the publication was a watershed moment for france a moment felt not just by a few but by the whole society three years ago the french born islamist extremists aid and sheriff go as she stormed the offices of challis abdo and shot twelve people dead two days later another extremist adorned a kosher supermarket killing four the gunmen from both incidents were killed during
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shootouts with police. the magazine found itself in the crosshairs of radical islamists after it published images of the prophet mohammed in twenty twelve an act discouraged by many islamic traditions the twenty fifteen attack is presumed to have come in response to those cartoons this so shocked france just we shall lead became the rallying cry of the magazine supporters after the shooting triggered discussions of free speech and freedom of the press challis of dough was also the first in a string of terrorist attacks in france over the last three years this has changed very far away i mean first of all this attack was an attack on the one of the very cool principle of democracy many friends here felt even today people are still afraid that there might be a new tax it's very much a topic in the center of attention and more than nine out of ten of the french say
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that they think that new terror attack in france is likely or very lucky challis a do is still in operation according to its editor the magazine pays more than one million euros every year in security costs and it's journalists and editors still regularly receive death threats. now to some of the other stories making news around the world thirty two sailors are missing after an iranian oil tanker and a freighter collided off the east coast of china the tanker caught fire after the crash search teams have been looking for survivors all crew members from the freighter have been rescued. in myanmar friends of the ten reporter gathered at young guns main pagoda to pray for his release orders reporter wallonia and colleague who were arrested last month after covering their hinder refugee crisis the european union the united states and the un have all demanded their release.
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thousands of pro-government protesters have again been marching in iran it's the fifth successive day of rallies by supporters of the government the country's revolutionary guard has claimed that recent anti-government protests are all but over to iran says around twenty people have died in the on breast. now sport and the news that north korea is likely to compete at the winter olympics across the border in south korea has made political waves but for the two south korean figure skaters it's strictly personal their recently trip they recently trained in canada with their north korean counterparts and they're desperate to meet again appealing chang and that miss fear of friendly rivalry. you'd be forgiven for thinking that the north korean winter olympic team i'd get a frosty reception across the border. but for york and kim to seek the two figure skaters that comprise the north's modest olympic squad a warm welcome await they trained with southern counterparts can and come can chant
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in canada last year when the foursome became fast friends. to the us we train together for two months in canada we became close easily because we speak the same language we rooted for each other and we said that we should meet. despite inevitable differences resulting from growing up on the regime's dancing to two wildly different tunes the athletes phone they still had plenty in common. peace to meet each other and could get along with the more than the other we ate together and it made us closer. to. a sense of togetherness among the korean awfully shows that the olympic spirit is alive and well allies of both countries are hoping it's the first step on the road to more cooperation. that their car rally got underway in peru as five hundred forty cars trucks and motorcycles lined up for the world's top off road race fans turned out in force in
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lima for the start it was the first stage and threw for five years after leaving the capital racers faced a real challenge to hundred forty two kilometers through mostly desert terrain after the first date defending champion sam sunderland was leading the motorcycle's ball two time winner nasser hour to help them build in the car division for more stages to come in peru before the race moves on to bolivia. right. now to istanbul where after seven years of restoration work and an estimated three and a half million dollars the church of state stephen has reopened nothing special about that you might think but as the turkish president and the board here in prime minister both attended the opening st stephens is clearly no ordinary church. the reopening of a unique architectural landmark and perhaps
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a unique opportunity to mend the disastrous ties between turkey and the european union texas president wretch uptight add one arriving frisson stevens inauguration alongside the bulgarian prime minister boyko borisov the man who will be heading the us presidency for the next six months takis prime minister emphasised why the timing of this inauguration mattered. you. did not see the required religious tolerance especially in europe this sets people against one another instead of strengthening mutual goodwill. in such an error i believe that the message we're trying to send with the renovation of the church together with bow garion prime minister boyko bursts of is extremely important. the bulgarian orthodox church is one of the most important in the christian orthodox world built originally one hundred twenty years ago it's cast iron skeleton gave rise to its popular nickname the i and. it's i and parts were cast in vienna
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and shipped via the danube and the black sea destined for then constantinople it was one of the first major prefabricated structures in the world. has of course a neo baroque influence there's also a gulf ikhwan we can even speak of an eclectic one it's a mixture of many styles. the iconostasis wallace gilded and wooden what's interesting is that these icons differing from the classical orthodox style a more of a more innovative style. with. the lion's share of the restoration costs were borne by the turkish state part of ankara's wider efforts to restore synagogues chapels on churches. critics accuse
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turkey of doing little to respect christian minority rights but both the turkish on bowl gary and leaders have wanted the ion church as a positive example of religious and ethnic tolerance. and a reminder of the top story we're following for you and germany a first day of talks between chancellor angela merkel and the social democrats on form a new coalition government has ended on a positive note the country has been without a new government since the election more than three months ago. more news coming up at the top of the hour in the meantime head to our website the dot com i'm michelle her in berlin thanks very much for watching. meet the germans new and surprising new specs of loans and culture in germany. u.s. american kate moos takes a look at germany distinct receives due to.


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