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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 8, 2018 10:00am-10:16am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin the first awards gala of
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a new era in hollywood. but it. will. never know and love on its own i can't find any women don black dresses for the seventy fifth golden globes or to show support for victims of sexual harassment and abuse in the entertainment industry making the me too movement the night's biggest winner. also coming out germany's angela merkel and her conservatives hold exploratory coalition talks with the leaders of the social democrats they promised a new style of politics but how can they deliver. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us hollywood a listers have made a powerful statement against sexual harassment and abuse at the seventy six the golden globes the price ceremony kicks off award season but was overshadowed by months of allegations against power. well men in the entertainment industry stars
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wore black in support of the me too movement a tribute to victims who have spoken out against sexual predators it's the latest phase of the ongoing debate surrounding sexual violence in hollywood the scandal ignited ever after several women accuse producer harvey weinstein of sexual harassment and let's listen to some of the stars talking about why they want to don black at the event. where. my together we're drawing a big black hole on the tree just. the way things used to be the way business used to be done to be that way. i think it's amazing i think it's historic and i love showing solidarity and our industry shining a light for all industries across all countries and this is the time to change everything it should be shouldn't even have to have this conversation with clearly we don't. it's an inflection point this is a mystery this guy. i've never. found it right call.
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and karen helm said has been following the golden globes for us he joins us in our studio hi karen tell us about how the need to movement shaped the golden globes this year ok well essentially it completely dominated the opening as seth meyers devoted to twelve minutes most of which was devoted to that but it was really interesting that actually the need to movement has morphed into what's called time's up so that's an initiative that was literally founded just last week . of over three hundred high level women from all across hollywood so not just actresses but also producers and writers and casting agents. etc etc and they are essentially calling for a change the end of the harvey weinstein era. it was interesting that on the red carpet and also in the speeches women were very very vocal about
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a number of the issues that they're addressing and on the other hand the men they wore black most of them even all black but had very little to say actually sort of in terms of speaking you mentioned the host seth meyers and he had also something to say about harvey weinstein this being the first awards since those revelations let's listen to what i have to say. well i think it's time to address the elephant not in the room harvey weinstein is in here tonight but don't worry he'll be back in twenty years when he becomes the first person ever booed during the in memoriam . yanks you know what is this movement then really about is it about sexual harassment or more it's it's really all about you know it's interesting because it's this group of women from hollywood who are trying to use their visibility to address a lot of issues across all industries so they're really hoping to kind of make this a nationwide thing they're calling for not only the end of sexual harassment and
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abuse obviously but also for more diversity for gender parity and equal pay obviously. in hollywood i mean it is still an issue in two thousand and eighteen this is amazing you know that a female star is not necessarily going to be earning what her male counterpart costars earning not just equal pay charon but also attention something natalie portman brought up during the awards ceremonies that there were no female nominees for best director that's right and you know especially incredible in a year that was so strong for women not only in the directorial role for instance if you think of patti jenkins with wonder woman i mean there was not even a nod for her grettir gerwig obviously did very well but wasn't on the list herself so few with with the beloved or the beguiled story earlier this year and very strong female performances as well you know in all of the seventy five years the hollywood foreign press association has actually only nominated women seven times for the best director and it's only been one and of those seven only one has been
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a woman of color so. definitely a lot of very justified criticism and the words from not only portman certainly struck a chord i mean they always do even barbra streisand. is shocked that that kind of a history of being has been so long well let's take a look at the winners so one of the winning films was the german film and the fate it took the award for the best foreign language film and this is by a german turkish director and write the stars it stars the actress here you see diane kruger it tells the story of a woman whose husband and son are killed in a bombing and she suspects neo nazis were behind the blast to film the so-called and as you attacks which show in germany in recent years tell us more about the ok so this is a very personal film for. people here in germany obviously this film speaks very deeply to them because of the recent scandals of alleged neo nazi attacks in germany the so-called n.s.u.
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scandal and that's a trial actually the only remaining orchestrator about that is ongoing at the moment in germany. so it's a really scathing commentary of on the justice system in germany and what it can actually provide and it's very gratifying that this is actually getting striking such a chord with foreign audiences as well it's also in the running to become nominated for the oscars so we're keeping our fingers crossed for that it was the role of a lifetime for diane kruger who despite her german heritage this is actually her first completely german language film she's worked in germany before with quentin tarantino and sort of interesting roles where she's had some lines but she's also worked in french but this is sort of a match made in heaven in this sense and i can for really seeing that potential and because it's an unbelievable performance and just briefly other notable wins of the evening well i was very thrilled to see three billboards outside adding missouri
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actually taking best picture for drama the drama category because i mean people i think were expecting done kirk possibly thinking the post should have gotten it for the for the political. sort of aspects and how much it relates to today but incredible performances frances mcdormand again an incredible winning many an actress winning the best actress for that film and sam rockwell is best supporting actor that film i think was a deserve a deservedly reflection on the fact that people are thinking more compassion needs to come into society all right karen help that our culture editor thank you very much. now to some other stories making news around the world more than thirty crew members of an a rainy an oil tanker remain missing after it collided with a cargo ship off china's east coast the tanker caught fire after the crash one crew members body has been recovered from the tanker the crew of the cargo ship was rescued french president emanuel mccall has begun an official three day visit to
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china where he is set to sign a series of business deals with chinese leaders mccall's visit again and she and that's the starting point of the ancient silk road and a nod to beijing's efforts to revive the trading route. a broken water pipe has disrupted travel at new york's flagship j.f.k. airport adding to the worries for passengers already stranded by a blizzard officials say bad weather appear to have caused the pipe break the airport is warning a further to late. german chancellor angela merkel is leading talks here in berlin aimed at forming a new governing coalition today is the second day of the exploratory talks with germany's approach to the european union and integration among the blocs members said to be key points of discussion michel's conservatives are holding discussions with the center left social democrats the chancellor led previous talks with the greens and the pro-business free democrats that failed to produce a coalition in november. and let's bring in our political correspondent michelle or
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chris now she is at the city's headquarters there in berlin hi michelle and how things are gotten underway today. well pretty much a matter of fact the leaders into the building the studio headquarters here in berlin behind me in their cars they went they kind of avoided the cameras here because there has been an agreement that it's been largely kept to that it would always be up to the party that's hosting the talks to make at the end of the day and the comments that we heard so far from the. on sunday evening were that constructive talks were under way that they were hopeful that would they would be able to agree something what one has to bear in mind that this really is a talk about a very old relationship in power continuing the democrats and i'm going to you party and what failed would have been a new relationship a new political setup so both sides really know each other rather well they know where the red lines are and they're clearly struggling to really communicate that
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there is a completely new element to this political relationship and that's what all sides will have to prove throughout these talks michele the negotiating parties haven't been giving interviews during these talks but a member of the c.d.u. the state premier of saxony gave a statement anyway let's listen to what he had to say. i don't like the basic tone we are currently talking a lot about spending money and i think politics is not about spending as much money as possible but about making financial leeway possible for future generations investing in the future and this must now come more into focus. we have a situation in germany that is better than ever before. we have economic growth. we have very low unemployment we have almost zero percent interest. the government shouldn't be focusing on redistributing wealth. we have to remember
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that money needs to be earned before it can be spent. that's why creating more bureaucracy for companies isn't the right path. so michelle are not necessarily the most positive commentary on these talks what do you think this tells us about the atmosphere. well it shows us that the christian democrats in particular mr kurtz who presides over the government in saxony which is really embroiled is having a very tough time time. fighting the alternative for germany on the right side there on the far right that's a clear message that doesn't really want to see the distribution of money germany is in the unusual position that it has tens of billions of euros pretty much lying around and it doesn't want to see or said mr questioner doesn't want to see that money being distributed i mean that's what very often happens in such coalition talks the big question of course always is what's in the budget and the social
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democrats want to see some money shifted into care they want to see more rights for employers for instance the right to return from part time into full time this would all cost businesses money and particularly saxony there where the structure is still has to be established still struggling to establish itself in and prove that it can really set something against the alternative for germany wants to avoid that kind of redistribution of money talk you mentioned earlier some bread lines just briefly if you can what is the biggest sticking point in negotiations well a big one that many people feel strongly about migration they're the social democrats and the christian democrats have a rather different stance particular on the right of migrants who are here particular refugees with less and less of protection with the they should be allowed to bring more people here but this is democrats also want to see a complete departure from the current health care system and the cd you keep saying that that is simply not on the cards. political correspondent michelle okuda
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reporting from outside the city use headquarters here in berlin thank you michelle . now to sports and some big transfer news in football brazilian star philippe coutinho has succeeded in completing his big money transfer from liverpool to barcelona the brazilian forward originally wanted to move to the catalonia giants last summer but liverpool resisted the transfer on sunday though we finally appeared in his new club's colors after barcelona forked out a one hundred twenty million euros for his signature that price tag makes the second most expensive football of all time footballer of all time rather behind fellow brazilian neymar the twenty five year old has a five year deal at arsenal to golsen world number one dustin johnson dominated the field to win the century tournament of champions and hawaii and he did it in style johnson end of the event with an eight shot lead over the rest of the field and also had this play of the day a four hundred thirty three yard tee shot at the twelfth hole with the wind at his
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back johnson spectacular shot bounced relentlessly down the fairway and eventually landed just inches away from a hole in one confidence like that only makes you on beautiful. or we just have time for a minder of our top story at this hour hollywood stars of failed a new era in the entertainment industry at the seventy fifth golden globe awards at the first major awards gala after a tide of sexual abuse allegations stars donned the black dresses to show support for victims and the so-called need to movement. turn martin will have your latest news update after the top of the hour thank you for watching t.v. .


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