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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  January 8, 2018 8:00pm-8:15pm CET

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located in the heart of europe you are connected to the world. experience outstanding shopping and dining offers and try our services. be our guest at frankfurt airport city managed by for. this is deja news from berlin tonight germany and its quest for a new government moves into the new year exploratory talks are underway between conservatives and the social democrats are considering continuing what's known as
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a grand coalition but they've promised a new style of politics can they deliver also coming up a story that could be straight out of a spy novel a vietnamese oil executive allegedly kidnapped in germany by his country's secret service goes on trial in one noise we'll talk to his lawyer. plus women take center stage at the golden globe awards a scene of black dresses on the red carpet set the tone as hollywood's elite. times up for sexual predators in the entertainment industry and. good to have you with us the first full working week of two thousand and eighteen has begun and in germany they are hoping for a new government soon the country's main parties have been holding their second day
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of talks aimed at forming a new government conservatives and the social democrats have governed in a coalition for the last four years but both have been eager to promise voters a fresh start and that's after they scored historically poor results in last september's elections but today began with a bright spot for. the chancellor as she received a group of children offering songs and blessings from the catholic faced up. in troubled political times a rare moment of distraction for chancellor merkel as she received germany star singers and the chancellery today. what you have brought change today is god's blessing and for that i'd like to give you my heartfelt thanks. god's blessing is what machall needed conservatives hosted the social democrats for a second day of exploratory talks and the s.p.d. pushing for concessions a far more ambitious vision of europe's future for instance guns they shot us their
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guts course until you're a must be one of the new government's main topics no matter what the government might look like that's why i hope that angle america hosty hofer and i will be able to reach an agreement today that allows germany to once again be the motor of the european union at least this is our common goal. it's our must see. mindful of november's failed coalition talks the two sides have agreed strict confidentiality so few details are emerging there are small signs of progress however with reports slipping out that agreement has been reached on raising the threshold for the top rate of income tax in front of the cameras though officials have refused to comment . if we all put in some effort and the mood remains as good as it has been in the past few days then maybe we can achieve something a lot of work still lies ahead of us going to feel like they are. the
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exploratory talks and on thursday to which the two sides will decide whether enough common ground has been found to launch coalition talks. and covering the talks the c.d.u. the christian democrats headquarters in berlin forces our political correspondents a lot of points good evening to you a lot to happy new year so what is the result of today i mean there was a statement from the conservatives what did they say. well they said clearly progress has been made but there are no end results yet especially not before thursday before the official end of these exploratory talks they have made sure that they're they have been negotiating very hard today they said they have been making making progress but they have made sure. to really make make clear that then no entresol it's in because there were several leaks they have said that. that both parties had agreed on abandoning the goal that germany would reduce
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its c o two emissions by forty percent by twenty twenty that is apparently not the case so in general the statement said that the atmosphere between the two parties has been very good today and that everything now relied on the next three days the next three days when these talks are set to continue until thursday i mean what is at stake right now for the chancellor angela merkel. really everything is at stake for chancellor merkel this is her last chance to form a government otherwise if these talks fail she has really only two options left and want us to form a minority government which she has clearly stated that she would not be a part of that and the other one is to call new elections so if there were new elections to be held in germany the big question is if she would pose for chancellor one more time if she would pose as the leader of her party at the moment
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it does look like if these talks fail that that could very well be also the end of the chancellorship a correspondent a lot of what's on the story for us tonight here in berlin travolta thank you very much. it is the stuff of spy novels in vietnam the trial of twenty two businessmen accused of corruption has begun now one of the defendants is a top oil executive who german he says was kidnapped from a berlin park last year by his country's secret service the case has strained relations between germany and vietnam the vietnamese government says the high profile trial is part of a sweeping crackdown on corruption foreign media bought from the court tice chin on time is one of twenty two former oil executives accused of economic mismanagement and corruption tung was also a rising political star in. vietnam has the death penalty it's
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a country where the legal system is unpredictable it's not about having proof that someone has committed a crime. shouldn't kuantan had applied for political asylum in germany but in july twenty seventeen he suddenly disappeared german authorities believe tom was abducted while walking in berlin often park from that the trail led them to the vietnamese embassy the german government later exposed to vietnamese diplomats. vietnam tonight kidnapping tommy he later appeared on state television admitting guilt and saying that he had returned to vietnam voluntarily. we have condemned this abduction this completely unacceptable this is a breach of the law. we have said very clearly that it has damaged the trust between our two governments and that vietnam must act to restore trust.
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some observers say the trial comes as part of a power struggle within vietnam's communist party between staunch socialists and reform is including tahn. and with me here in the studio the attorney for mr to on the german lawyer isabel in health it's good to have you on the show we just saw you in that report you're sitting here with me why aren't you at the trough three reasons first recent doesn't let me in i traveled last week to vietnam was the intention to ascend my clinics in riyadh now about the situation and i wasn't i wasn't allowed to come in to you have no reason now all i asked for reasons they gave me none at least i got a copy of the disk decision they made at all only because i made instance in that and it says that because of article twenty one of immigration law but none of the
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points that this article mentions gets to me so i heard we have not missed talking between the officers this is a lawyer this was the reason so you think that the immigration officials had instructions not let you into the country just second point yeah go ahead i'm a lawyer in germany i'm not a lawyer in vietnam so i can't defend my client in vietnam in this process in vietnam yes and the third. and. as i'm not. studied in vietnamese law there's no sense so this is the. work of my vietnamese clicks ok so there's that but i think of it you can still even if you can't defend mr john you could at least advise him right in you're not being allowed to do that what do you say then to people who say that this is this trial and what's happening to you for example is politically motivated yes true absolutely true the kidnapping must form a politically motivated yes my client. went from written on to germany
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to look for protection because he knew that. things going on against him all that well things going on against him which are due to conflicts inside the communist party and its a struggle for power inside the communist party yes and all what happened afterwards is in this lion ok so what can germany do they will be looking at here is a case of someone being kidnapped from this country and taken to vietnam is there any recourse germany. germany took position and spoke very strong and put on ice the strategic partnership between vietnam and germany that means no new projects started you took a lot of other messages kicked out to off the embassy of vietnam and said we have other points on the table yes and they are obviously conversations between vietnam
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and germany how to solve tours of auteuil to calm down this political conflict is nothing that would directly impact the earth even help the case one hundred not part of this conversations but i support everything germany has done is doing and will do in the future for my client do you have a confirmation or have you heard from the german government at all that they are doing anything that they can to help mr tung. i have confidence in what dimon is doing i can't comment ok well we appreciate you taking the time to come in and talk with petra is a bill in health the attorney for mr todd thank you here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world a fire at u.s. president donald trump skyscraper in manhattan has injured three people none of the injuries are said to be life threatening the city fire department says it received a call early in the morning to attend what it called
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a quote small electric fire on the top floor the trumpet ministration is to end a special protection for immigrants from el salvador the decision will force nearly two hundred thousand people to leave by september next year unless they can find some other way of staying in the u.s. legally most salvadorans are in the u.s. after escaping natural disaster or civil strife the b.b.c.'s long serving china editor carrie gracie has resigned because of what she calls unlawful pay discrimination she accused britain's public service broadcaster of breaking the law on equal pay and resisting pressure for a fair and transparent salary structure the b.b.c. said a review of the pay of on air presenters and correspondents would be published soon . hollywood has made a powerful statement against sexual misconduct at the seventy fifth golden globes it was the first major award ceremony to be held since the scandal around producer harvey weinstein launched an avalanche of allegations against powerful men in
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hollywood and beyond and in a show of solidarity most of the women attending the ceremony transformed the usually colorful red carpet by wearing black. amen amen women from the wilds of film t.v. and music on addictions of sexism and sexual violence and declared change had arrived. this is golden globes it was then night. where i was out there were drawing a big black law and the phrase was yesterday and tomorrow was the way things used to be the way business seems to think i was going to be that way before good timing and remaining gentleman this was the first major award show since a slew of sexual harassment allegations wrecks the industry. female driven t.v.
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series biggest lies about sexual abuse and female empowerment one big today i felt alive. in thirty as did three billboards outside epping missouri it centers on a mother struggling to avenge the rape and murder of her daughter. the handmaid's tale about women fighting to survive in a destroyed b. and society won best t.v. drama but it would seem women. they were split six while the german film in the fade won best foreign language film that stars diane kruger as a woman forced to cope with the death of her husband and son. but it was a speech by oprah winfrey which has got everyone talking. for too long women have not been heard or believed if they dared to speak their truth to the power of those men. but their time is up. when three patched
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a new day was on the horizon. and were to have world a coming up on the day later the sea here's a reminder of the top.


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