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if we can support every. population and proves acceptable and. one of the. this is g.w. news from berlin tonight germany and its quest for a new government moves into the new year exploratory talks are underway between conservatives and the social democrats they're considering considering or
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continuing what's known as a grand coalition but they've promised a new style of politics can they deliver also coming up a story that could be straight out of a spy novel a vietnamese or oil executive allegedly kidnapped in germany by his country's and secret service goes on trial in the noise will talk to his lawyer. and the suspect in last year's bombing of the soccer team a boss confesses to the attack but says he never meant to hurt anyone. plus a woman takes center stage at the golden globe awards a sea of black dresses on the red carpet set the tone as hollywood's elite. for sexual predators in the entertainment industry and beyond.
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i bring golf it's good to have you with us the first full working week of two thousand and eighteen has begun and in germany they are hoping for a new government suit the country's main parties have been holding their second day of talks aimed at forming a new government merkel's conservatives and the social democrats have governed in a coalition for the past four years but both have been eager to promise voters a fresh start that's after they scored historically poor results back in september elections but today began with a bright spot for the chancellor as she received a group of children offering songs and blessings for the catholic feast of a fifth. in troubled political times a rare moment of destruction for chancellor merkel but she received a children's choir at the chancellery. one thousand image thing which is brought here today is god's blessing and for that i'd like to give you my heartfelt thanks. perhaps us what medical felt she needed us how
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conservatives went into a second day of exposure talks with the social democrats the s.p.d. is pushing for concessions such as a far more ambitious vision of europe's future guns a shot as they got schools and teams your i must be one of the new government's main topics no matter what the government might look like that's why i hope that angle i'm a co-host see who for and i will be able to reach an agreement today that allows germany to once again be the motor of the european union at least this is our common goal as soon as i get mine so i must see you. with the failure of november's coalition talks still fresh in the mines the two sides have agreed on strict confidentiality so few details are emerging but there are a small signs of progress with a report slipping out that agreement has been reached on climate income tax and investments but there was no confirmation of this when the talks ended for the day . it's good here in the times he has always when negotiations and exploratory
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talks are taking place that means the old rule still applies nothing has been agreed until everything has been agreement. closer to. after which the two sides will decide whether there is enough common ground to embark upon full coalition talks. or and we are on that story covering the talks at the c.d.u. headquarters here in berlin forces our political correspondent for a lot of pots out there in the cold good evening to you. this is second day of talks is over i mean where do we stand right now we know that there was a statement that was issued by the c.d.u. by the conservatives. yeah exactly and the message of that statement was progress has been made clearly but we are not going to tell you on what fronts and on what issues they the parties don't want to make the mistake and present and results before thursday before the official end of these exploratory talks and as we just
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heard in the piece there were a couple of leaks today for example the rumor that both parties had agreed on abolishing germany's climate goal of reducing c o two emissions by forty percent until twenty twenty that is only a rumor so far is so both parties don't want to present necessarily end results until until thursday until the end what we can tell after this day is that there is a productive effective working relationship between both parties and that they are hoping to come to a conclusion by thursday and this is no wonder because both parties they have been working together quite efficiently for the last four years in the last government yeah and i mean the forward thursday really is the crunch day there's a lot at stake right now particularly for the german chancellor right. writes absolutely for her really everything is at stake it's a make or break moment for chancellor merkel she will have to convince christian
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democrats to maybe make some compromises to move towards the social democrats to make this grand coalition two point zero really because otherwise if these talks fail the situation is going to be dire for her that would either mean that the what is left is the option of a minority government which has already said she's not going to be able to do or the other option is that germany calls new elections and the big question then is would she pose as leader of her party and as chancellor again in new elections it's very unlikely so if these talks fail that could also mean the end of chancellor angela merkel the clock is certainly taking this week here in berlin our political correspondent on the story forced tonight thank you well it is the stuff of spy novels in vietnam the trial of twenty two businessmen accused of corruption has begun now one of the defendants is a top oil executive who germany says was kidnapped from
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a berlin park last year by his country's secret service of the case has strained relations between germany and. the vietnamese government says the high profile trial is part of a sweeping crackdown on corruption foreign media bought from the courthouse. on time is one of twenty two former oil executives accused of economic mismanagement and corruption tongue was also rising political star. vietnam has the death penalty it's a country where the legal system is unpredictable it's not about having proof that someone has committed a crime. she didn't go on time had applied for political asylum in germany but in july twenty seventeen he suddenly disappeared german authorities believe tom was abducted while walking in berlin often park from that the trail led them to the vietnamese embassy the german government later expels to vietnamese
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diplomats. vietnam tonight kidnapping tommy he later appeared on state television admitting guilt and saying that he had returned to vietnam voluntarily. we have condemned this abduction this completely unacceptable this is a breach of the law. we have said very clearly that it has damaged the trust between our two governments and that vietnam must act to restore trust. some observers say the trial comes as part of a power struggle within vietnam's communist party between staunch socialists and reform as including tahn. and with me here in the studio the attorney for mr tom the german lawyer isabel snog in health it's good to have you on the show we just saw you in that report you're sitting here with me why aren't you at the trough three reasons first recent doesn't let me in i covered last
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week to vietnam what the intention to is say in my clinics in riyadh now about the situation and i wasn't i wasn't allowed to come in to have a reason now all i asked for reasons they gave me none at least i got a copy of the disk decision they made at all only because i made instance in that and it says that because of article twenty one of immigration law but none of the points that this article mentions gets to me so i heard we have not missed talking between offices this is a lawyer this was the reason so you think that the immigration officials had instructions not let you into the country just a second for yeah go ahead a lawyer in germany i'm not a lawyer so i can't defend defend mr cohen you could at least advise right and you're not being allowed to do that what do you say then to people who say that.
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this is this trial and what's happening to you for example is politically motivated yes true absolutely true the kidnapping was for me politically motivated yes my client. went from written on to germany to look for protection because he knew that. things going on against him all that well things going on against him which are due to conflicts inside the communist party and its a struggle for power inside the communist party yes and all what happened afterwards is in this lion ok so what can germany do there what we're looking at here is a case of someone being kidnapped from this country and taken to vietnam is there any recourse germany. germany took position and spoke very strong and put on ice the strategic partnership between vietnam and germany that means no new projects. took
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a lot of other messages kicked out two of the embassy of vietnam and said we have other points on the table yes and they are obviously conversations between vietnam and germany how to solve tours of auteuil to calm down this political conflict but nothing that would directly impact the earth even helped the case one hundred not part of this conversations but i support everything germany has done is doing and will do in the future for my client do you have a confirmation or have you heard from the german government at all that they are doing anything that they can to help mr tom i have confidence in what dimon is doing i can't commend ok very well we appreciate you taking the time to come in and talk with us is bill so i can help the attorney for mr todd thank you. fall a man has admitted in court to carrying out last year's attack on. team bus
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but he says he did not intend to hurt anyone dortmund were on their way to their champions league quarter final clash against the narco when explosives that were detonated next to the team bus twenty year old suspect sergei w. was apprehended ten days later he's now standing trial for a crime prosecutors say was part of in the lab or money making scheme three separate bombs went off as the dormant bus left its team hotel on the outskirts of the city defending mark boxer and a policeman who was discoursing the team were left injured nine months later the twenty eight year old suspect sergei w. is in court on twenty eight counts of attempted murder prosecutors say he aimed to force the club sam price down in order to reap a profit on investments he had made to receive development of the only german football club listed on the stock market his trial opened last month but he remained silent in the first hearing when it resumes on monday surrogate w. testified and admits it's a planning what he called
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a fake attack and he said he designed the explosives in such a way that quote no harm to people could be expected he went on to say he didn't want to hurt anyone and certainly didn't want to kill anyone. sees otherwise. so i think i'll do it from the fact that i think it's inconceivable. i don't think that you can use equipment in such a way and then claim you just wanted to scare people. and the trial is set to continue with w. facing a possible life sentence for the bombing. or the german turkish soccer player denise knocking has avoided serious injury after an unknown assailant shot at his car while he was on a motorway near cold on sunday night knock you played in the bonus league or first paoli told german media that his car was shot and the bullets nearly struck him german prosecutors are investigating now he believes that the attack was
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politically motivated in twenty seventeen a turkish court handed him an eighteen month suspended sentence for quote spreading terrorist propaganda in support of the p.k. k. . our time for business news france's president drumming up business in china you've got that story day right he's getting chummy with his counterparts in china and spoke favorably about china's gigantic one trillion dollar infrastructure initiative it's a revived silk road glittering new shipping road and rail routes but with outsized investment comes the fia of outsized influence. emmanuelle mcallen's first visit to china began in a city with symbolic meaning hsien was the starting point of the ancient silk road that connected china and europe beijing has been wanting to reconnect that trade route for years but the response has been lukewarm until now. mcconnell said it was
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time europe got behind the trillion dollar project. i think that the new silk road initiative can bring our interests into alignment those of france and europe if we give ourselves the means to work together. the plan will see gleaming new road and rail links through central asia drastically cutting shipping times but it's raised concerns of chinese expansionism markets flooded with ever cheaper chinese imports and countries living in the shadow of beijing's military. a project to upgrade a key rail line in serbia at the other end of the silk road raised fears what was buying was influence. the french president said the new trade route had to benefit both sides he said these roads cannot be one way there have to be comings and goings. and the both of these roads can't be those of a new had gemini that would transform the countries they cross into vassals.
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there's not much chance of these chinese soldiers will be marching into europe but emmanuel mccall will still have to allay fears the silk road won't become a conveyor belt for other types of chinese mass production. tech firms are lining up to go public you could soon be buying a slice of the likes of spotify and dropbox analysts say the market for initial public offerings as they're called could total two hundred ninety billion dollars and twenty eighteen and it's not just tech firms there's an elephant on the trading floor. is saudi arabian oil mammoth goes ahead with its plans to sell five percent of its shares on global financial markets it will be the largest i.p.o. in history worth up to one hundred billion dollars that could happen in the second half of the year what music streaming platform spotify is doing is somewhat less
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than an i.p.o. it's a direct listing avoiding raising capital and diluting already existing shares spotify has already raised more than a billion dollars from private financing in fact many companies are flush with private financing and don't need stock market cash right sharing company lyft just got a billion dollar injection from google parent out for that but it's expected to go public at the end of the year its rival may wait until two thousand and nineteen. cloud storage heavyweight dropbox just secured at six hundred million dollars line of credit but expected to make its initial public offering in march or april. timesharing giant b.m.p. says it will be ready for an i.p.o. this year but it's likely to hold off. another note the i.p.o. may be extremely profitable self and make a show yomi which just booked a billion dollars in profit for two thousand and seventeen not to be left out
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there's at least one big german i.p.o. on the horizon siemens medical technology unit health than is which hopes to raise at least five billion year is one of the biggest flotations in gemini's history. and of course these days companies aren't just turning to stock markets to raise capital they're printing their own money in a way initial calling offerings r i c o's a new crypto currency is trend especially among startups by buying digital tokens you could help give a company the kick start it needs go to our website www dot com slash business and read all about the riches and the ruin that can come from investing in i.c.a.o. . and because it is showing its volatility once again today taking a dive of around twelve and a half percent at one point briefly dropping below the fifteen thousand dollar mark and the document revealed the chinese government wants to impose an orderly exit from bitcoin mining in the country the location of two thirds of the digital currencies mining power still pluck investors are used to such swings it's still
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fifteen percent up on the week. normally it's the biggest vegetables that steal the show but now one israeli company has gone smaller than ever before have cultivated what could be the world's smallest tomato the blueberry sized fruit has battled the country's extreme climate and is already proving to be a hit. israeli company cadman have created the smallish chariots massive in the country and possibly even the wild the so cool job has passed which exists in our of as extreme climates and dry conditions the desert only gets about thirty three inches of rain a year but the result is certainly being worth the wait to be precise it's already proving to be a hit with the food industry. and sweet taste. from the chefs point of view every new vegetable that comes out every special thing is
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adding even more to the dishes and more to the atmosphere and more to the ideas we're getting there's an infinity of recipes we can do with a tomato. to be presented to the public at three day international agricultural in israel later this month no doubt successful debut will be the cherry on top of the cake the catamount. and hollywood has made a powerful statement against sexual misconduct at the seventy fifth golden globes for. the first major award ceremony to be held since the scandal around producer harvey weinstein launched an avalanche of allegations against powerful men in hollywood and beyond last year in a show of solidarity most of the women attending the ceremony transformed the usually colorful red carpet by wearing black. arm in arm women from the worlds of film t.v. and music on addictions of sexism and sexual violence and declared change had
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arrived. this year's golden globes it was their night. where i was out there were drawing a big black law and the tree was yesterday or tomorrow i said the way things used to be the way business seriously think i was going to be that way anymore. and remaining gentleman this was the first major award show since a slew of sexual harassment allegations wrecks the industry. female driven t.v. series big little lies about sexual abuse and female empowerment one big today i felt alive. in thirty as did three billboards outside epping missouri it centers on a mother struggling to avenge the rape and murder of her daughter. the handmaid's tale about women fighting to survive in a dystopian society won best t.v.
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drama. the women. they were slated to while german film in the fade won best foreign language film that stars diane kruger as a woman forced to cope with the death of her husband and son. but it was a speech by oprah winfrey which has got everyone talking. for too long women have not been heard or believed if they dared to speak their truth to the power of those men. but their time is up. and new is on the horizon. and more on that coming up on the day our here's some of the other stories now that are making headlines around the world the b.b.c.'s long serving china editor carrie gracie has resigned because of what she calls unlawful pay discrimination she accused britain's public
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service broadcaster of breaking the law on equal pay and resisting pressure for a fair and transparent salary structure the b.b.c. said a review of the pay of on air presenters and correspondents would be published. the ministration is to end special protection for immigrants from el salvador the decision will force nearly two hundred thousand people to leave by september next year unless they can find some other way of staying in the country illegally most salvadorans or in the u.s. after escaping natural disaster or civil strife. a fire at u.s. president trump skyscraper in manhattan has left two people injured one is said to be in serious condition the city fire department says it received a call early in the morning to attend what he called the small electric fire on the top floor. aren't just a nuisance they're responsible for the spread of serious diseases the world health organization says malaria alone killed nearly half
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a million people last year and the problem isn't restricted to places with poor sanitation one of the world's wealthiest countries has declared the insects a major threat to public health and it's drawing some unusual to get people to help stop them from spreading. a catchy song with a serious message it's part of an awareness campaign in singapore. this is a typical scene in the city state playgrounds walkways and pools in a fog of pesticides the spraying happens once a week in a bid to wipe out mosquitoes which can transmit diseases such as malaria dengue fever. you die or they die it says on this poster let's fight them till the end. but some people fear these chemicals are harmful not this
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pest controller he says they're very effective in the fight against. jessica cham is part of this fight she's a volunteer going door to door to raise awareness on how to prevent. for example by getting rid of stagnant water where most like to breed this. challenge says many singaporeans are still too careless. then people. in sick so this is what we had to we had. this. phone an official inspector she goes beyond the doorstep and she hands
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out one hundred twenty five euro finds to homes where mosquitoes have breeding. she even inspects the bathroom but mrs levy who lives here doesn't mind the breach of privacy. you once said because he did it become. something you would do in. the game against the don't eat in. singapore spends several million dollars a year on the campaign. but can this hot and humid city really win the fight against mosquitoes i asked my d. from the national environment agency. noted inky if you think about doing the work we knew your losing is about containment how do we. become you know i think it has been around in singapore so i think we have been. the most reliable . and so the most the wipeout must go on.
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the. reminder the top stories that we're following for you. on the way between germany's chancellor conservatives and the social democrats aimed at forming a new german government needing a week before deciding whether to move on to formal talks on thursday. to take you through the day stick around for that.
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the troubled waters of the nile. ethiopia is building a massive dam on the river. downstream egypt is concerned about the consequences. will the flow of water be restricted. both countries want to cooperate. but that's easier said than done. google three thousand and sixty minutes on d w. two w.'s program guide on. the highlights.
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the whole news. dot com highlights. are you up to speed on the latest technology. no then it may be time for an upgrade. to become part of the future become the most signboard. i must say worst so i've traded a new sense and a new organ and design my perception of reality implants that make every day life easier. i use my implants on a daily basis that optimize the shoeman body and connect people more effectively. i hope that this will make us more ethical persons if we have a greater understanding for each other. what would life be like as a cyborg how far would people be willing to go and that is so at the end of the day
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these technologies can be used against us and what effect will it have an society does the human race really need an upgrade i think it's only the beginning of this . cyborg human machines starting february first on d w. last night there was a fashion blackout at the golden globes to protest a culture of sexual harassment abuse of power and decades of looking the other way in hollywood your clothes can all.


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