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i'm not proud of and i will not succeed in dividing us out not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we had time to visit dictatorship. taking a stand global news that matters d. w. made from mines. germany state by state. the most colorful. the liveliest. the most traditional. find it all at any time. check in with a web special. take a tour of germany state by state on d w dot com.
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everybody welcome to the show there's lots to look forward to as we kick off another week on your next here's what's coming up today. golden globes in the fate is named best foreign language film in los angeles. holiday on the ice the world's best known ice skating show turns seventy five. and canine work is how dogs help boost sales in british shops. the award season is upon us and the first major event for film and t.v. fans was the seventy fifth golden globes which is why personal favorite because the films and series i enjoyed tend to get recognized that and there was plenty of recognition for european artists with winners from france scotland and germany will bring you up to date on how europe's. finest did at the awards ceremony but first
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a look at how fashion was used to deliver a strong message on. the red carpet was full of black at the golden globe awards on sunday the stars wore somber outfits to show solidarity with victims of sexual assault and harassment in the film industry. but the mood of the winners was anything but black german director fatty stockings pictured in the face one best foreign language film it was a moving occasion for the director and lead actors deanna kluger thank you monique my wife my kids without you. because you are the dollar thank you so much i so privileged today to do what i love but i think it's the elevating the foreign language thing. i. in the fade tells the story of a right wing terror attack in germany the film is based on
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a real series of murders committed by a neo nazi terrorist group called the n.s.u. its members systematically killed at least nine people of foreign backgrounds director hakim is himself the son of turkish immigrants. people could have killed room i could be one of those targets there is no nothing which separates me from the targets and i was conned like we are the people like kill me just because i don't car look south feel like ok i'll cast right back to how this year three of the five best foreign language film nominees came from europe hakim's film was up against swedish satire the square winner of the palme d'or at cannes this year. this little golden globe jury voted for in the fate it likely helped that the film's theme prove topical as discrimination is currently a big issue in tinseltown and beyond and european cinema is contributing to the
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debate. dance director power fan who founded on the golden globe with al on the wonderful isabel. before it was hungary and last low nam ish with son of saul so european cinema is very present. the president. sees her go plays a woman who loses her husband and child in a right wing terror attack she gave a heart rending portrayal of pain felt by those left behind. but within the fade you can clearly sense the influence of american independent cinema it's martin scorsese is fatty hawkins big role model and naturally lead actress deanna kluger has enjoyed international success for years and worked with hollywood directors like quentin tarantino and vault and papers and. so i think that contributed greatly to in the faith winning the golden globe. golden globe.
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kerger made her acting debut with a hollywood blockbuster in two thousand and four she played helen involved on paper since troy alongside orlando bloom and brad pitt. in two thousand and nine she appeared in quentin tarantino's inglourious basterds. in the fade was her first german language film and it's now a golden globe winner in the fade is also nominated for an academy award will it take home the best foreign language film oscar as well the golden globes often predict the oscar winners but we'll just have to wait till march to find out. well we keep things current with our express up next which begins with a fantastic charity event that helps homeless people all over germany. seventeen head dresses from the barber angels' brotherhood association have given
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more than two hundred homeless and needy people in ballin free haircuts. the association was founded in stuttgart in twenty six days. ever since the charitable barbers have travelled around germany to draw attention to their under usual idea. that goal is to give a face to the homeless and the needy and to put a smile to. the association now has one hundred eleven members throughout germany the offer poor people in their respective cities free haircuts once a month. in twenty seven thousand more than three hundred thousand pilgrims followed the way of st james to santiago de compostela in spain that's a new record ninety three percent made their way in classic style on foot while seven percent rode bicycles in one nine hundred eighty seven the council of europe declared the way of saying change its first ever european cultural route ever since
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the tradition of the pilgrimage has undergone an impressive revival with more and more people making this spiritual journey. last weekend the annual hack c. hood rugby match took place in northern england the event is held every january between the villages of hexie and west would sign. its roots date back to a legend from the fulton century. according to the tale the winds blew away a lady's silky riding hood thirteen families tried to chase it down and when they succeeded the lady gave them thirteen ages of last. bought on the condition that the chase for the hood be reenacted every year. right now it's freezing cold here in berlin one of the best ways to get through the
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long and cold winter is to embrace the elements and enjoy some seasonal and to time and a great example is holiday on ice one of the world's most famous ice shows twenty eighteen marks an important milestone for the touring company they've now been going for the seventy five years of course a lot has changed since the show's humble beginnings in the u.s. state of ohio in the 1940's my colleague meghan lee took a look at the latest installment cold atlantis. this is one of the world's longest running shows holiday on ice now entering its seventy fifth year it's an acrobatic adventure of sorts some thirty five skaters take to the ice in a program that changes every year one of the principle stars of the show is twenty five year old mighty long graf he's already had a long and successful skating career and this is yet another feather in his cap
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other than i am now it's just the world's largest ice show you can hear the audience tonight right off to the number of people and that keeps you motivated to go out to get. this year's story centered around the legend of atlantis monte plays one of its richest inhabitants a man who seduces dozens of women before atlantis sinks underwater. legend has it the ancient utah big city suddenly disappeared due to the god's anger at the population to greet. the costume story ideas and choreography have come a long way in seventy five years holiday on ice began in one thousand forty three in the united states over the years it has grown as a production introducing new characters and attracting many stars its audience has also grown steady over the years the show signature opulence has remained
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consistent throughout. even after seventy five years holiday on ice still remains one of the most successful shows of its kind thanks in no small part to the theatrical performances its creative directors are always on the lookout for the most modern concepts to keep the audiences in awe . i'm a big fan of game of thrones and i love the opulence and the beauty and the slight feel of of history but i wanted to give it a modern edge so if if we thought atlantis was alive now. artois this is how i would i would think it would look holiday and i says chalked up a number of records it's the most visited i show in the world with over three hundred twenty nine million audience members it's also appeared in the guinness
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book of world records five times. skaters who want to participate must have experience like julie sherry from switzerland another principal skater in the show up till two years ago she was competing on an international level. by the invade to be bad but the multiplication is you feel more into pressure on the atmosphere is tense. now i notice that the show is how we can all enjoy it because we have put a show together all of this can be socially orientated so this larry family and we show that to the outside weld and be no auslan. aside from the skating acrobatics n.p.r. trickle performances the costumes also play a central role created by international designer michael sharpe they were a major endeavor with many a lot just sticks. of the night of
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a different world so we thought. so how it once was in the trees bright pure moment and then when you have the place sinking i'm going to pull out of the water it's a lot more surreal a video inspired. because it's essentially a sports everything has to be super flexible and really do your goal durable enough to last at least six months many of the skaters have no less than seven costume changes per show and as the show progresses so does the opulence of each outfit. great costumes very impressive and. lovingly designed great music yes it's great fun it's fantastic i'm upset me thrilled i didn't it was beautiful inside me i liked it when the fire came spouting out.
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how they are nice where seventy five years of history behind it the extravaganza is still as popular as ever. now to an artist who combines two of life's greatest joys art and food and it's not healthy ingredients that take her fancy. uses chocolate as a pan and margarine to mold her sculptures so apart from looking good some of a piece is probably quite nice to what happens when she suddenly fancies a snack. sculpture made from marjorie created and modeled by artist sun you're on a poison. and what other moms feel but my mother always baked
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a lot so it was a normal material for me dough and margarine and it's easy to shape and to make sculptures with. plastic this is a special margarine it's in the spirit keeps its shape well and it's very high lastic a bit like a modeling clay lasts business almost like touching a living thing. the bennies. he's got just also made for marjorie and. they're part of a performance held at the braunschweig university of out west on your outweighs it was a lecture and. told us to us here something is destroyed when we eat them edible things are also destroyed we consume something and it's gone up. here it's a sculpture i just made that's being destroyed when it loses half of its shape through the impact but i think that's incredibly beautiful. the artist has won many accolades for her work including her drawings which revolve around the theme of
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cooking this one shows how to bake rye bread from sourdough. that's implicit mystery was in the end i'm interested in how things intermingle and how things are created and you can show that nicely in a drawing those individual stamps and then use it in a recipe. just looking at her drawings is enough to make your mouth water and leave you longing to share a meal with good friends. this is tiresome this is the guy we've lost the spirit of sharing on so i guess that's where i'm coming from. you set the table invite guests and share something. that's got a bit lost with old cuisine where everyone has his own plate and must make do with what's on it it's so restricting. a chocolate both another installations not in that stuff mart the specialty ought to be allowed to depict this kind of
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decadence i have to use a lot of chocolate to show that i mean a lot of charm but it's an overabundance i work with that and sometimes it can be wasteful but there's also positive wastefulness and for me using this much chocolate is positively wasteful and i simply wanted to see it. as it doesn't use that much chocolate while working in her own kitchen yet it remains a sweet temptation. markoff i miss i love milk chocolate although i discipline myself while i'm working otherwise you just end up nibbling presents nashton what marcy pans another sweet treat she's pressed it into a silicon mold to form ahead its forms that moment i'm happy when the head emerges and it's all shiny when it's been well pressed then the omen the oil settles around the edges and it looks like it's been freshly lacquered i really like that.
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song you're tops off are works of art with of chocolate coating that sweet but much too good to eat. let's continue now with another trip for your remarks extra tour that's our segment where you are audience can send us your dream travel destinations and we'll take you there. this time we got a request from the city of costa rica dixie. wants to know more about austria a country that's almost ten thousand kilometers away one of the most beautiful corners of the alpine country is a town called dine it's often referred to as the poem of to roll and it certainly looks the part. hoof stein is a feast for the eyes especially on a lovely day like this one with
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a dusting of snow and clear blue skies. the old market square is home to the town's loveliest buildings luckily they were spared when a fire destroyed much of coastline in the eighteenth century. this is where visitors can also begin their ascent to the fortress many come just before twelve noon each day and there's a special treat in store. as the bell finishes tolling a concert begins it can be heard through much of. the
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music is coming from the so-called citizens tower. it's home to the world's largest freestanding organ locals call it the hero's organ each day the song the good comrade is played to honor all those who have fallen in wars throughout the world. the organ pipes are located at the top of the tower but the organist sits down below it's not an easy job since you can never practice without thousands of people listening in. so in the afternoon belongs to the heroes but the night. belongs to an entirely different kind of character. he's armed with a lantern and a woman called a how bird. he's stein's nightwatchman household level
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these days the night watchman is a tourist attraction but he used to serve an important function he'd warn the population if a fire broke out and keep an eye open for thieves not a job for the faint hearted. of the an off. night watchmen were pretty special people and they weren't much loved by the townspeople because they were always on the go after dark. in the towns ordinary citizens were rather scared of the dark fact that there were no street lights no lanterns it was really dark quiet time gray so the night watchman was the only one who really dead to go out at night. that is apart from the people who wanted to stay out drinking. people still like to do that here in the limo hope. it's the coin to street in kuta but also it's most infamous. is also the hour
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for example has been around for six hundred years or so and then there's a guest house there's also alcohol the little was known for its good beer back then today it's more of a wine bar. of course there were people who drank a lot and got into fights but in some towns the night watchman was more of a night police missed out and he kept the peace and order is sold. by night is quite a sight during the winter season visitors can accompany the night watchman on his rounds at least once a week it's a chance to visit some of the towns lesser known corners as well as here scary stories and interesting anecdotes and see could shine from a completely different perspective. the saying goes you can't teach an old dog new tricks but it turns out that all four legged friends are
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marketing geniuses and recent is marketing executives have come up with all sorts of innovative and crazy concepts to boost businesses but a recent study shows that dogs may hold the onset apparently canines keep the customer coming in fact they spend an average of eight euros more in shops that have a hairy help. this is bertie outwork. from notting hill spends the entire day at the house alone that belongs to his mistress crystal and crist. greets people that's what he loves doing all day long so he generally sits by the door and when the cell phone is busy with clients then he just walks around to each chair and he sort of gives everyone a bit of a cuddle. crystal's customers don't only drop by to get their hair done many enjoy seeing as well. so the dog helps build her customer base that can be an advantage
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for a small business. a recent study by american express shows that having dogs in britain is places of business increased turnover by the equivalent of some sixty eight million euros a year. i come here to see anyway even if i don't have my hair cut so i go fast and say hello to. bertie's career is just getting started bulldog huxley has become an instagram influence. the remote business people in britain are using dogs to improve their image on social media. he also appears as a must for the new book shop. people following you for for his personality for what he's up to and then by that they end up becoming interested in his business where he lives what he does eventually walk through the
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door. honey james is a business psychologist she's not surprised by the study's findings. the research by american express looking at the effects of having a pet in a small shop i think is really interesting because it confirms what we probably in charitably know. which is that pets are not only good for our health but they can be good for all well particularly if you have them in a small business environment where customers are going to be drawn in to interact with the dollar goal come in and it's a really good icebreaker. sometimes yes sometimes no florist cari cooks loves having her dogs at work but not all of her customers are as happy as she is about getting on the greeting from a four legged friend. when they come in here we always say we've got two dogs and a few will run and greet you which probably isn't the best big if you are afraid that
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if i come with you cannot be hopefully overcome some people face some people will just run out the show but it's very. cold and not just man's best friend they're also finding work colleagues. at b.t.n. panda madness for attention. this allows them to generate free advertising the study says the likelihood that customers will post something about a shop on social media goes up twenty two percent if there's a dog in the place. like huxley on definitely good for business. before we go we just have time to introduce this week's prize draw as it's a new year we'd like to know which resolutions you've made for twenty eighteen just head to our website d.w. dot com slash lifestyle to share what you intend to achieve in the coming twelve
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months and you can get the year off to a great start by winning a year of mike's wrist watch like this one. for today finale. next time on your own max speed rider recasting holtz races down mt. speeds of one hundred kilometers an hour speed riding is a cross between snowboarding and paragliding and requires a lot of. sense and spectacular images that speed riding next time on.
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the fast pace of life in the digital noise. just as the lowdown on the web showing
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